Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Remembering Our 57th President


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    1. Good to his family. Pleasant in appearance. Has a good, well-modulated speaking voice. Might be nice to have lunch or dinner with on occasion, but he was a LOUSY president, Jersey.

      He MAY have meant well –– but then again he MAY have been promoting an agenda designed to minimize our prestige, deplete us of much of our wealth, destroy most of the advantages we've managed to accrue for ourselves as a people, and ultimately to hand us over to a One World Government almost certain to be patterned after the Marxian-Authoritarian-Dictatorial-Tyrannical-Coercive-Bullying-Falsely Egalitarian LEFTIST tradition.

      The JOKE on ALL of us, of course, is that the RINOS who make up the bulk of the Republicans in congress are not-so-surreptitiously promoting the SAME rotten One World agenda.

      The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and almost everyone in congress –– with the probable exception of the Freedom Caucus –– are in it together.

      It's a de facto conspiracy against the best interests of the American public.

    2. I don't know about "Marxian-Authoritarian-Dictatorial-Tyrannical-Coercive-Bullying-Falsely Egalitarian LEFTIST tradition," but I do know Obama served two terms, with a popular majority each time, and guided us through some very tough times, including the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and a horrible quagmire in the Middle East, with 6 years of his terms spent with an utterly anti-everything congress. He is already remembered rather fondly and is considered an average to above-average President in general. After Trump, the ways things are going so far, he's going to like FDR, Lincoln, and Washington combined!


    3. Jersey wins the thread.

    4. Pistophus Gynicus AmericusMarch 10, 2017 at 5:30 AM

      Upvote for Jersey!

    5. Thank you for staying polite, Jersey. You and I will probably never agree about the virtue of Barak Hussein Obama –– of the lack of it ––, but we can and WILL remain friends in spite of our differences.

  2. But why are we rehashing Obama, who is now OLD NEWS, thank God?

    Shouldn't we be talking about the GOP's first bumbling, lackluster, eminently unsatisfactory effort to replace Obamacare?

    That certainly is TOPIC-A at this moment.

  3. We are "rehashing " because Oblabber is up to his floppy ears on this wiretapping thing, and they are trying to make Trump look foolish over it!
    It's quite clear, and very damning just based on public info released so far Just imagine the horrors that Obabble and his henchmen, or should I say "thugs" are desperately trying to cover up.

    1. Bashing poor Barry-O doesn't do anything to help President Trump, and it does nothing to advance the Conservative Agenda, so why do it? It's CHILDISH –– strictly Junior High..

    2. It's Everyone's OpinionMarch 9, 2017 at 11:50 AM

      "strictly Junior High."

      That's the level of maturity of Trump's followers.

    3. The majority of Americans miss Obama. Given the times and challenges (especially economic) he did a very competent job managing the mess that was left him.

      Yes, he was a decent and honorable man on every level.

    4. No one will ever use the words "decent" and "honorable" to describe Trump. His fans know this. And they know Barack Obama is both decent and honorable, two traits normal citizens look for in their president. But Trump's supporters are not normal people.

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      ~ Apologies to Ted Weems

    6. I must admit it was comedy at its best watching the 0bama blunders. Kudos Lisa!

    7. Moonbats miss their hero Zero!

  4. Good bye, Barack. It's so pitiful when someone doesn't know when it's time to leave. But your time was a long time ago, and you missed the boat,....again!

    1. Bashing Barack is so boring.
      It soon will have most of us snoring.

      No one could say it is a crime,
      But it sure is a WASTE of TIME!

  5. What Do YOU Think of
    Paul Ryan's Three-Stage Plan to
    Replace Obamacare?

    The GOP Freedom Caucus ain't much for it.

    Do you have any BETTER ideas?
    If so, let's hear 'em.

    1. I call Ryan's three-stage plan SHIT, PISS and CORRUPTONS! That's what i think of it and of him.

    2. Here's my better idea: Put FT and the rest of the crazy far right Trump ass-licker on Ryan's plan and leave us sane Americans alone.

    3. You have nothing to gain
      With your claim to be sane.
      It is arrantly bogus,
      And designed to befog us.
      What you claim to know
      Proves your mind didn't grow
      Past the primitive stage
      Of infantile rage,
      So you haven't the brain
      To stay out of the rain!

    4. Dervish, Quackobyrd, Nursie PooPoo and Pookie Toot Toot, drag your carcasses out of your basements and show yourselves, you cowards!

    5. djtThinke: Do you have any BETTER ideas? If so, let's hear 'em.

      Single payer. Medicare for all.

  6. One provision of the new TrumpCare is that any lottery winners will no longer receive Medicare. That makes sense, but will mean nothing to saving money from a rotten program like the ACA. Just another joke Republican provision since the reality of those collecting Medicare after a lottery win is one in 100 million. Just like Republican cries of voter fraud is one in 100 million. Republicans have a talent for picking priorities that will not help at all.
    It also makes sense that rich people should not get, or need a Social Security check, but that's not a provision of Ryan's new redo of Social Security.
    We could save more money by cutting the luxury benefits all Congresspeople receive, but don't count on Republicans cutting that sacred cow.

    1. The ACA s not entirely "rotten." It has been a great blessing to the millions who never had access to health insurance before, or who had reached their lifetime benefits cap, as happened to a friend of mine who is cancer patient. HE would have DIED if Obamacare hadn't kicked in at just the right time to keep his treatments going.

      The trouble with the ACA is –– like all Marx-inspired Utopian Schemes –– it robs Peter to pay Paul.

      And it has robbed many people of the comfort of being able to choose which doctor, which surged, which hospital and which laboratory they want to use. In addition the ACA has RAISED TAXES on the Middle Class, raised the average DEDUCTIBLES to the point where the policy is almost unusable, except for CATASTROPHIC "Major Medical" situations, and it has done absolutely NOTHNG to keep costs down.

      So what you think of Obamacare depends entirely on your socio-economic status. It DOES help the "poor," but it DEGRADES and DIMINISHES the quality of medical care for the Middle Class.

      There HAS to be a better way to deal with this problem and Single Payer is NOT it.

    2. "raised the average DEDUCTIBLES to the point where the policy is almost unusable, except for CATASTROPHIC"

      If the deductible is over $5,000 it's of little use to 80% of Americans (especially the poor) and some have a higher deductible. What was your friends deductible?
      The cost of drugs is the most expensive part of medical for most, especially seniors on Medicare.
      This is about profit for medical and pharmaceutical companies, if not single payer then what? Price caps?
      I would agree with liberals who say, some things are to necessary to leave to the greed of capitalists. I consider health care one of those things.
      TrumpCare just about kills Medicare which is t6he last resort of health care for the poorest. Why are the poor the first to be kicked off health insurance?

    3. "TrumpCare just about kills Medicare"

      Should have said Medicaid not Medicare.

    4. djtThinke: The trouble with the ACA is –– like all Marx-inspired Utopian Schemes –– it robs Peter to pay Paul.

      That's the way insurance works. Most people pay in more than they get back. There is much more "robbing" going on when it comes to HC company CEO salaries. The Republican Healthcare bill - from what I've heard - likely is not going to pass. BTW, remember how Republican whined about the ACA being "shoved down people's throats"? Well, looks like almost nobody was consulted on the Republican plan. But Republicans are masters of hypocrisy.

      Luke AKA TOM: Just like Republican cries of voter fraud is one in 100 million.

      Yes, although when I point out that Republicans "fix" to this non-problem is to disenfranchise voters (and that is how Trump "won"), you call me a nutjob. Or "nut job", as you (incorrectly) spell it.

      As for kicking the poor off healthcare insurance, you knew that's what would happen when you decided not to vote (thus helping Trump get elected). And there is the fact that you rooted for Trump. So, no, I don't think you get to complain. Despite what you wrote on your blog.

    5. It's not possible to have a serious discussion with a delusional lying idiot whose last post said Trump is the ant-Christ, which you have denied MANY times when I pointed out when you said it before.

    6. I'll deny this idiotic lie of yours every time I see it.

    7. The ant-Christ? Well, who knew.

    8. Who knew that Dervish had an Auntie Christ?

      Just about everybody who knows Dervish. Her full name is Chris Stein, but they all call her "CHRIST!," because like most typical Jewish mothers she's a nagging bitch.

    9. Hey Anonymous @ 5:54 AM March 10

      Dr. Mengele is calling, he's missing his excrement smear.

    10. A picture of Luke "I'm rooting for Trump" Spencer's truck. This explains why he says I lie about Trump. Although I have never claimed that Trump is the antchrist. I reject the idea of an insect savior completely.

    11. From Dervishes latest post:

      "At the direction of Satan himself (no less)? My takeaway being that I must continue blogging and fighting against the evil forces that helped Trump to steal the White House and become another illegitimate president."

      "Though a much more evil one. Possibly the antichrist?? [1-2]. The extent to which his followers have been duped by this immoral man (who thinks sexual assault is something he is entitled to) convince me more and more each day that this could be a very real possibility (check out this insane rant by one of his more deluded supporters and you'll see what I mean)."

      It was nice of you Dervish to likn to the long explanation why Trump IS the anti-Christ according to you. Thanks AGAIN for allowing your own words to prove you a liar.

    12. HEY DERVISH? Are you and your moonbat butt bois trying to cast spells against Donald Trump? If I were you, I wouldn't mess around with the occult. Satan has a way of cashing in when you least expect it at the worst possible time for yourself. This is your only warning.

    13. Yes, anyone reading that story* would come to the conclusion that I was recounting events that actually transpired. Anyway, I used 2 question marks this time, which you ignore of course. Or maybe you don't understand the meaning of a question mark. Proof that Luke is a moron who can't read. I have NEVER said I believe Trump is the antiChrist, liar. I've also never "messed around" with the occult. But idiots will believe what they want. Like Luke writing he's rooting for Trump meaning he's not rooting for Trump. (*story in this case being "a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel").

    14. They are your own words coward liar!
      If you were just kidding why have you repeated that Trump is the anti-Christ so MANY times over the months and on so MANY different blogs? Get back to writing your delusional garbage. Do you have evidence yet that the voting machines were hacked, or are you still claiming the election was stolen by some idiot conspiracy theory?

    15. Luke, tag off to Tom. You're becoming a bore.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. I don't know where you're getting this "kidding" bullshit from. I'm not kidding. I'm asking a question. Hence the question mark. God, you are stupid. Further proof of your stupidity is your insistence that the only way the election could be stolen is via voting machine hacking. Something I've NEVER brought up. If you prevent people from voting (or casting regular ballots) there is no need for hacking. Idiot. Interstate Crosscheck isn't a theory. It exists and people were removed from the voting rolls because their names were in the database. But you know this. You make up lies about me saying the election was hacked because you're a liar. A liar who rooted for Trump. Those are YOUR words, asshole!! Luke: I'm rooting for Trump.

    18. You are so full of shit and lies no one ever knows what you are talking about, just like your buddy Plucky.
      @00,000 votes would not have changed the election and that number is made up by you and your delusional conspiracy theories.

    19. The 200k provisional ballots not counted is the number ADMITTED by the states. As the article I linked to reports. But even *if* those votes would not have swung the election to Hillary, there is still the fact that the Republicans cheated! Cheating disqualifies the "winner" regardless of how the election would have turned out sans cheating. But you clearly believe cheating is GREAT. I mean, you did say that you rooted for Trump.

      FYI, "Plucky" and I are not buddies. He's never commented on my blog. He's never (to my recollection) responded to a comment I've made on any other blog. Two people realizing you are a full-of-shit lying troll with many sockpuppets does not make them "buddies". According to your "buddy list" (the one you removed from your blog) FreeThinke and I are buddies (Luke: One thing these lying plagiarists have in common, is they are all buddies...).

      BTW, you don't know what I'm talking about a lot of the time because you are stupid. For example, you obviously do not know the difference between a declarative statement and a question.

    20. He has replied to you on this blog, LIAR!
      Since you speak nonsense and lies we can only go by your words, which I quoted, LIAR!
      No you are not buddies, I guess that's why you attack my blog TOGETHER!
      No one knows what you are talking about you are so full of lying shit!
      Now get back to your blog and write more about how Trump is the anti-Christ HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    21. So you were not kidding, as you just said, so you are obviously serious about Trump being the anti-Christ. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    22. You go out of your way to make enemies. It is obviously your goal to get as many people as possible to dislike you. It is a sign of success for a troll like yourself. You being a jackass to people and them commenting on your blog as a result (which you call "attacking") does not make them buddies.

      Re "He has replied to you on this blog"... he replied to YOU. I don't recall him specifically addressing anything I've written. Except maybe to agree about you being an idiot. But that is obvious to all. Quote me where Ducky referred to me as a "buddy" and I'll issue an apology.

      As for writing MORE about how Trump is the Antichrist, that would be impossible, since I have yet to write anything AT ALL about how Trump is the Antichrist.

      Regarding going by "your words", I go by YOUR words. QUOTE ~ Luke: "I'm rooting for Trump". BTW, I've never seen anyone write that they didn't know what I was talking about. Just you. But (as previously noted) that is because you are stupid.

    23. Luke AKA TOM: ...so you are obviously serious about Trump being the anti-Christ.

      How could I possibly be serious about something I don't believe? Moron.

    24. Dervish, I will give you the benefit of the doubt this time about messing with the occult. Since you say you haven't, I say good for you. I'll just leave that warning up for others who might be thinking about it. Mystere and I found out about some spell casting activities going on from a liberal friend who was planning to mess with the occult. Mystere warned him and some of the dude's friends not to get sucked into it. This guy hated Trump with a passion and wanted to curse him with evil spells. We know several people who have messed with the occult, and gotten messed up, plus one who took her own life 19 to 20 years later.

    25. Dervish - Caught in another obvious lie.
      If you don't believe it why keep saying it? Why link to a full page that describes how Trump is the anti-Christ?
      No wonder misunderstand you, you can't keep your lies straight.
      Tell us again how you never sent me death threats, so I can post for the tenth time in your own words that you did admit sending me death threats.
      Like your post "Confirmed 100% Melania Trump is a Russian spy.
      You lie just like Trump and then try to excuse your lies with "Alternative Facts" just like Trump.

    26. I seriously doubt "evil spells" would have any effect on Trump. Given that Trump is an evil man, an "evil spell" might actually HELP him. Although the "result" would most likely be that absolutely nothing would happen.

      BTW, "19 to 20 years later" says to me there was no connection.

      Re Luke's BS "If you don't believe it why keep saying it?"... I can't "Keep" saying something I've never said. Not once. Idiot. The "confirmed 100 percent" was intended to signal to the reader that what follows was satire. That's in addition to the post being labeled as satire. If it was "confirmed 100 percent" she would be arrested. That you don't understand the concept of satire is not an "excuse" a "lie" or an "alternative fact". It is proof of your stupidity.

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    28. Whenever you get caught in a lie you claim it was satire HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      I guess your admitting to death threats was satire HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      I guess you claimi9ng Trump stole the election was satire HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      I guess satire is your alternative fact for reality HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      The only joke is your delusional mind HA HA HA HA HA HA
      The delusional mind that speaks everything in satire HA HA HA HA HA HA

    29. Says the liar who wrote on his blog "I'm rooting for Trump" but then claims anyone who quotes him is taking him "out of context". Ha ha ha ha ha.

      Look, asshole, I do not care if your tiny brain does not understand the concept of satire and fiction. I do not care if you read these posts then claim you "caught" me lying. I do not care if you lie and claim my serious posts are "satire" either. You're a lying troll who thinks he's found a brilliant way to attack his quarry, but I will continue to write what I want to write and not give a shit about asshole trolls and their asshole troll lies!

      Lies you persist in (no doubt) because you believe in following the Golden Rule so much (total bullshit).

      For the record, you have wished me death (multiple time) and you admitted sending me these death wishes. Whereas the comment you refer to was NOT an admission. Also, Trump did steal the election. None of the posts I have written on that subject are labeled "satire". But, even though you have proven you can't tell what is satire and what isn't, I will continue to write what I want to write.

      While laughing at your delusions, of course. Like the delusion that many other bloggers have plagiarized you and that you have "proven" it multiple times. But when called on this lie you make up BS about not doing someone else's "homework". Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Idiot.

    30. Assholes who send death threats should expect the same. You started all this asshole. I've only been blogging for 9 months and never heard of you before, yet, you attacked my blog, stole my posts, sent me thousands of vile emails, and got your buddies to do the same all because your retarded mind told you I was someone else. What a stupid jackass. You are friends with a proven Jew hater and supported his Jew hate statements. Anything you get from me is because you sent me your crap and you deserve anything you get. You are a butt fucking homo, a self declared drunk, an obvious fouled mouthed asshole, yet, you claim to be a Christian HA HA HA HA HA HA . The Golden Rule applies. I treat you as you have treated me and you deserve it.
      Now get back to your Christian HA HA HA HA HA HA blog with its multiple attack blogs attacking multiple people. Seems you are the same asshole to everyone, yet, you claim I was the only one trolling you, what a lying jackass. So enjoy your asshole, Jew hate, plagiarizing buddies and keep writing Trump is the anti-Christ (only an idiot who believes in invisible Gods in the sky could believe in an anti-Christ) Trump is Caligula, Trump's wife is a Russian spy (100% confirmed) as you have said, and of course Trump stole the election (without any proof) you are a bigger liar than Trump and from now on I will call you Trump.
      By Trump asshole liar.

    31. You are a delusional liar and a gay hating bigot. Which you've denied previously, but your remark regarding me being "a butt fucking homo" is proof of your hate-filled homophobia. And proof that you are Steve. Steve (You) sent me many similar hateful bigoted homophobic comments (100 percent proven). Which was YOU starting "this". Your trolling of my blog as TOM and as Steve, asshole.

      As for Trump stealing the election, I presented the evidence, but instead of arguing against any of it, you lie and say I never gave any. Similar to your lie about that you "proved" anyone plagiarized you. Laughable. I should call you Trump. You (and not me) were the one who rooted for him.

      YOU are the asshole liar. YOU attacked my blog first. I'd never heard of "Luke" before. You are the same asshole to everyone, as everyone on your enemies list knows (as it is also a list of blogs you troll).

    32. Total bullshit since I am not TOM or any of these others you claim I am. YOU started this asshole and you have proven you are an asshole to all not just me. It's not an enemies list Trump Dervish it is a list of those proven to have stolen my posts. You evidence of Trump stealing the election is not fact but delusions in your sick mind Trump Dervish. Seems you can dish it out but you can't take it just like your name sake Trump Dervish. YOU made up these sock puppets just as you make up parody hate blogs of Will, Dmarks, me, and many others. Go get butt fucked by your boyfriend RN Trump Dervish.

    33. Except that nobody ever stole any of your posts. I write my own material and DO NOT WANT to claim anyone else's writing as mine. ESPECIALLY yours. This is the "total bullshit". As you have never proven anyone stole anything from you. You only claim that you've "already" proven they did. Which is laughable and proof positive you are a deluded idiot.

      And you haven't even looked at my evidence. Blogger reports ZERO incoming linkage. HOW did you determine that it is nothing but "delusions in your sick mind" when you've never looked at it? You can't. YOU are the one with the sick mind, as your trolling me as Steve proves. I am not "claiming" you trolled me as Steve, BTW. I proved it. Which was easy, since you're using the same account now. The "Steve" ID# and the "Luke" ID# are an exact match. Which you will (of course) deny. But you continually deny the obvious with idiotic delusional lies. Because you are Luke "I'm rooting for Trump" Spencer. A hate filled homophobic troll with delusions of persecution ("blog attacking" that never happened). Attacking of any of your blogs (Stay A While or Words and Music), that is. YOU did plenty of attacking of other people's blogs, asshole.

    34. This blog proves my posts were stolen, they ended up on this blog most often. A blog you are on daily. I did prove it, but you claim you never saw my comment, big surprise Trump Dervish.
      Oh because I never read your mentally retarded posts I don't know the evidence. Besides I left a comment on you blog two days ago, so you are caught in another lie Trump Dervish. You proved nothing except your expertise at creating fake ID's and multiple sock puppets Trump Dervish. My Google account is Luke Smith, Trump Dervish. You think I'm rooting for Trump proves me a liar, except in the same sentence I said why, which you seem to omit from your lie Trump Dervish. I have over 1,000 vile emails from you and multiple death threats from you to prove you attacked my blog, not to mention your own confession that you did Trump Dervish. HA HA HA HA HA HA YOU LOSE AGAIN CHRISTIAN, DRUNK, HOMO!!!

    35. Re "they ended up on this blog most often"... placed there by you (there are several instances where you, using your Luke ID, repost them here) and your sockpuppets. It's all you! So, in other words, you are the one "stealing" your material.

      Re: "except in the same sentence I said why"... this is an ADMISSION that you rooted for him. Yes, you did it because you hate Liberals so much and wanted to see them suffer (along with MANY other Americans). I quoted you IN FULL previously and noted how this makes you and EVEN BIGGER asshole than if you rooted for him because you were a rube who thought he would "make America great again".

      Re: "I have over 1,000 vile emails from you and multiple death threats from you"... what I sent (I admit no death threats) was in REACTION to you trolling me FOR YEARS (as Luke, but firstly as Steve, a FACT that I have PROVEN).

      Re: this "confession" you refer to. YOU confessed to sending me death wishes on this blog. And you also outed yourself as Steve - with your ugly homophobic comments. That is the real Luke. A hate-filled homophobic troll. PROVEN by your own words, asshole.

      For the record, I don't happen to be gay (although I am not filled with hate for gay people, like you). I do not drink. At all. You said I was drunk and I went along with your idiocy as a joke. "Homo" as an insult? YOU LOSE!! Proof you are not a "Liberal" of any kind! Liberals are tolerant of people who are different than them, asshole! It's a Conservative thing to hate people for being born gay.

      BTW, Luke Spencer submitted comments to my Google+ page TWICE. And both times the "comments" were posts from your idiotic blog. That is how I deduced that your name (or the name you set up, at least) is Luke Spencer. If you're "Luke Smith", link to the G+ account.

      I know you read some of my "mentally retarded posts" (use of "retard" as an insult indicating a hatred for mentally challenged people) because you refer to content from posts that is contained within the post (not just the title). Such as your reference to me writing that I was abducted by aliens. Caught you lying, asshole. You're probably one of my most loyal readers (given the FACT that you've been reading my blog for 5 years or so).

    36. Trump Dervish, Lisa could tell you if all those posters are coming from the same place, person, but that would ruin all her fun.
      Those are YOUR sock puppets. YOUR traits are exactly the same. Just like your parody blog of me is the same as your parody blogs of everyone else but you claim you did not write it HA HA HA HA HA HA HA You are mentally retarded to think you are getting away with something when it's obvious it's you. I don't hate the mentally challenged, I hate people who claim to be intelligent but act like a 5 year old, like you. Drunks (YOU said in one of your filthy rant comments to my blog you were drunk while leaving your 500 comments one mourning-YOUR WORDS AGAIN LIAR) like you who sit up all night drunk writing insults to strangers. Sorry Trump Dervish I only even knew you existed less than a year ago, but your egotistical self importance is funny. The gay thing is sensitive to you, which tells me it's true! Just like you are sensitive to the Jew hate allegation, but you defended RN's Jew hate in a two paragraph rant and RN has never denied his sic comment and it's still on his blog Trump Dervish liar!I could go on but everyone here knows what kind of scum you are Trump Dervish!

    37. What bothers me is that you say you're a Liberal and you say you're opposed to Trump (despite rooting for him), yet you are filled with hate for Liberals (people who actually opposed Trump/never rooted for him) and filled with hate for gay people. And you are filled with hate for most Americans (you rooted for Trump because you wanted Liberals to suffer, even though that would result in suffering for most other non-wealthy people). It bothers me that you have trolled me for years yet continue to deny it (100 percent proven that you trolled me as Steve) and feign outrage because I (after you opened a blog years after you quit blogging at Stay A While) decided to give you a taste of your own medecine. You absolutely did deserve the comments I sent you (as I wrote in the comment you incorrectly refer to as an admission), ASSHOLE!

      But I could care less if you think I'm gay. I care as much about that as I'd care if you thought I was red-headed or left-handed. Because I don't hate gay people and I don't think being called gay is a terrible. Unlike you - you hate-filled bigot! BTW, a hate-filled bigot like you has ABSOLUTELY NO MORAL AUTHORITY to criticize others for supposed bigotry (RN and his one idiotic comment that I have NEVER defended).

      Also, you lying piece of shit, a believer in the Golden Rule wouldn't laugh when someone posts about the death of a loved and then write that you can't wait for them to die. As you have done. Because you are a hate-filled mentally ill troll with delusions of persecution (nobody plagiarized you) and delusions of grandeur (refer to yourself as a "great writer"). What a sad, pathetic asshole you must be - to go through life hating everyone and only deriving joy from trolling your imagined enemies and wishing them death.

      The "drunk" thing was in reaction to YOUR WORDS. You said I was drunk and I went along with it as a joke. As I've said multiple times. "I hate people who claim to be intelligent" is projection. You're the one who brags about being a good writer and laughs at others for misspellings (and guesses that they didn't graduate high school). You are the one who submits filthy rants to the blogs of others (the list on your sidebar you removed that listed all the people you hate). A list that is as long as it was (despite you blogging as "Luke" for less than a year) because your list of enemies was developed over several years (when you blogged as "TOM" and imagined/lied that people were "attacking" Stay A While).

    38. Like everything else about you your reading comprehension is zero. TOM clearly posted the vile comments he got on his blog and identified those who sent those comments. Just proof of another lie by you Trump Dervish
      Liberals and their idiocy is the reason Trump won which I wrote and clearly defined on my blog, it's not my fault you continue to lie about what I write and I have proven you lied about my writing MANY times. Proof that you lied once again Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the one who said you were drunk. Now you want to say that was a joke, that's hilarious!!! Satire, right? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA So again you want to explain away all your retarded words and statements by claiming they were jokes. YOU are a joke!!!
      The Golden Rule simply states that you treat others as they treat you. I have treated you MUCH better than you have treated me and I never joked about someone's death which, as usual, you claim without proof. All I have to do is post your own words Trump Dervish liar.
      Another sign you are delusional. It bothers you someone has trolled you for years, but it was not me, so I hope it really bothers you, idiot HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      You have yet to prove I am 8 other people you claim I am, that is just another one of your Trump Dervish lies.
      You are the one obsessed Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the one that creates parody blogs full of lies for multiple people (Will, Demarks, Me, and others) that you hate Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the proven hate filled liar Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the one who sits up til early mourning sending death threats, vile comments, making up sock puppet ID's, spending hours making up fake blogs about those you hate Trump Dervish.
      You are obviously mentally unstable and I would feel sorry for you except you are such a lying asshole I'm totally OK with treating you like shit Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the one who won't let it go Trump Dervish.
      YOU are the one who ALWAYS has to have the last word Trump Dervish a true sign of obsession and mental retardation.
      YOU are the one who writes a hate blog and all anyone has to do for that proof is read your delusional blog Trump Dervish.
      YOUR own words prove you the lying asshole that you are and I thank you for that Trump Dervish.
      Now on with your lies Trump Dervish asshole and supplying laughs to all who read your satire lies.

    39. A believer in the Golden Rule who has not idea what the Golden Rule says. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. The Golden Rule does not "simply state that you treat others as they treat you". It is "treat others as you wish to be treated". But you don't adhere to either the right or wrong definition. You follow your own wrong definition, which is "I can be a total ass to people if I PRETEND they were an ass to me first".

      It makes complete sense, however, that someone as filled with hate as you are would re-define the Golden Rule the way you have. And it makes sense that someone as filled with hate as you are would root for Trump" if for no other reason than to shove it down the throats of these mean, hate filled, crazy liberals who think attacking with hate is the only way to win an election".

      A statement which is complete BS. Also projection. It is you who is mean, hate filled and crazy. Proven by your own words, in addition to your years of lying and trolling (forcing Sue to shut down her blog, your many disgusting homophobic Steve comments, etc). You are truly one sick f*cker. A fact many bloggers would agree with me on (your imagined enemies which you had listed on your sidebar).

      Re: "I never joked about someone's death which, as usual, you claim without proof"... I was referring to your comment "Another Nazi Jew hater bites the dust. Can't wait for your turn". But you KNEW that is the comment I meant. Proof that when Luke says "as usual, you claim without proof" he is LYING. Thank you for proving me right about you, scumbag.

    40. So where is your proof that I am Sue liar? Caught in yet another lie Trump Dervish! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      Yes, the golden rule, you guys send me death threats and I joke about a dead Nazi Jew hater YOU LOSE AGAIN TRUMP DERVISH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    41. You are not Sue. But you have spoofed Sue several times on this blog. A guess (one that is likely accurate). Unlike my assertion that you are Steve. Which is a fact I have proven with 100 percent certitude. In any case, you have said that I am TOM and I am Sue. Where is your proof? Let me guess, you've already proven it multiple times. And you're not going to do it again for someone who isn't paying attention. Just like your BULLSHIT about people plagiarizing you. Ha ha ha ha ha.

      It is so easy to catch you lying. Like I JUST did (re: "I never joked about someone's death which, as usual, you claim without proof"). Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You lose, Luke "I'm rooting for Trump".

  7. Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review and a Constitutional Law Professor. Yeah, he's stupid. Assholes.

    So sad rightards still need to slam to Obama to deflect from the sheer idiocy of Trump, a narcissistic psychopath and Bush, a dry drunk. Both the most incompetent Presidents in history.

    1. Hi-diddle-dee-dee

      A shithead’s life for me
In my silk hat and a silver cane
I prance around in the pouring rain


      I am so very gay

      It's great to be a celebrity
Loathed, despised but oh so free

      To swill down quarts of Commie pee
A shithead's life for me.

I never wipe my bum
Encrusted always with hard brown scum
I'll stink out loud till Kingdom come

      I piss in my pants while swilling rum
A shithead's life for me.


      A shithead’s life for me
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I never wipe my bum.
I’m stupid, ugly, –– a burned out whore
I ride around in a coach and four
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A shithead’s life for me!

      Hi diddle dee dee
      A shithead's life for me!
In my silk hat and my silver cane
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      Hi diddle dee doo

      I sleep till after two
I tickle twats with a big cigar

      I tour the world in a private car
I eat Alinsky’s anal tar
A shithead's life for me! WHEEEE!

    2. You're bound to get some kind of infection if you don't wipe, FT.

    3. Kudos, FreeThinke! Pookie Toot Toot is reeling from the spanking!

    4. Nobody using the name "Pookie Toot Toot" has commented on this thread. I doubt anyone using the name "Pookie Toot Toot" exists. So (in other words) NOBODY is "reeling from the spanking". Not that I saw any "spanking" take place. Not of a commenter MMSC imagined or anyone else. FT admitted he pisses his pants and never wipes after pooping. If anyone was "spanked" I think he spanked himself. If "spanking" is making someone (in this case himself) look bad.

    5. Dervish, Mystere and I have nicknamed Lester Liberalmann aka This One "Pookie Toot Toot" so that we could refrain from spewing profanities against him. He kept trolling at The Political Jungle, irritating Jenn, so Mystere found a way to deal with him in a funny way. It lightened the mood up, and we carried it over to other conservative sites he trolls. Lester uses multiple IDs he steals off Facebook and other social media, but Mystere and I can smell his stench. Are you jealous that John Burdick has a nickname, Dervish? Mystere or I can go to the Prison Name Generator and find you a new name, if you want. How about Coq Squeezer, Dervish? Shall we call you Coq Squeezer? How about it?


    7. I'd prefer to not be included in your gay fantasies of men you don't know grabbing you by the "coq". Not that there is something wrong with that. I just don't happen to be gay. Also, I'm not down with online sexual harassment.

      I have no knowledge of these accusations you make against "Lester Liberalman" (a cool nickname, IMO). I suspect he would deny them, however.

    8. You are just down with sending people death threats as you did to me multiple time asshole Trump Dervish

    9. Surprising you don't attack rattrapper for his gay fantasies, given the fact that you are a homophobic bigot. A hate-filled asshole who has sent me many death wishes. Which you admitted on this blog. Your feigned outrage over these supposed "death threats" is total BS, btw. Since me comment-bombing your blog came after your years of trolling me with hate-filled disgusting homophobic comments (as Steve). So FU, Luke "I'm rooting for Trump" Spencer.

    10. No where on your post does it say satire, Trump Dervish liar. Proven a liar AGAIN don't you get embarrassed proving yourself to be as big a liar as Trump. Trump Dervish?

    11. Luke "I'm rooting for Trump" Spencer: No where on your post does it say satire.

      People write satire all the time and don't point out "Hey, this is satire". It's supposed to be self-evident. These writers don't worry about morons thinking what they write is meant to be taken literally. Anyway, I did lable my post as satire. Here. So much for your "proven a liar". That's just a phrase you've decided to use in order to avoid admitting you were wrong. Because you are so stupid that you can't recognize satire. Or you are so stupid that you think you can lie and people will believe you (that I wrote my post intending people to take it literally). I'm not sure which of the two it is. Either way you're a moron.

    12. Satire, another name for alternative facts like the Onion and of course this satire writing is notorious for being fake so it fits you well Trump Dervish liar.

    13. Do you send emails to the Onion editors accusing them of being liars, Luke?

  8. Remember when Obama “rolled his eyes” about the wiretap claim and ripped into Trump’s failing presidency instead?

    Remember when the democrats would just, not, stop, accusing Trump of being connected to the Russians...and they even lied about Attorney General Sessions lying during his testimony...and there seemed to be no end in sight because the democrats in the press...who stated there was no evidence, continued to push the story....even though they stated there was no evidence for it.....

    And then Trump tweeted.....and the democrats in the press said.....hummmmmmm.....yeah...never mind...since now the story was directly pointing to an awkward fact....that the democrat press stories were all pointing to Obama wiretapping the campaign staff of the opposition party during an election...something that would make Watergate look like Fast and Furious coverage....

    And the press realized....hey, Obama may be in trouble here......

    Remember that....?
    Remember when the headline of the Dail News was “HE’S NUTS”!
    And the Trump/Russian stories and the Sessions lied stories...have ended..

    Let’s be honest Who knows what kind of communications may have occurred between Chucie Schumer and Russia’s leader himself? Even President Trump himself hasn’t yet physically met with Vladimir Putin. Ah, Ha, but Chuckie Schumer did. Why was that? Why? Was it a clandestine meet in plain sight? What messages were passed? Can you tell me? Does anyone really know? And if they did know, who they say so?

    Nancy Pelosi said she hadn’t met with any Russians. Despite her there being at the Russian Hill in San Francisco, where she had dinner with a bunch of Russians, and sat right across the table from the Russian Ambassador! . Was Nancy Pelosi a liar? Yes, apparently she was.

    Yet you read: those all ignorant name calling comments that are put here by some of those leftist dimwits . The same dimwits that go up and down these facebook pages and leave these vulgar, and nasty comments as if they knew what the hell HE was talking about!

    1. Hey looksie, Minnesota Farts be back!


  9. Shaw's nemesis JoanMarch 9, 2017 at 8:14 AM

    Loretta Lynch had to play a big part in this whole shanagan to enable Obama’s desire to wiretap Donald Trump. Nothing is done at the FISA Court without her sign off on the request.

    1. You're onto something Joan. It'll be a cat and mouse game to see if Loretta gets politically lynched by her dirty deeds.

  10. More Proof That You can’t keep a good thing down!

    A little over a month after Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, her company has seen sales numbers skyrocket to a whooping 365 Percent.
    Despite the Nordstrom setback, Ivanka Trump's brand continues to push onward and upward!
    Also Ivanka ’s perfume sales on Amazon, who also carries her clothing line, this goes to show that you can’t punish the first daughter just because you don’t agree with her father.
    She's gonna make an excellent FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT.

    Eat Your Hearts Out!

    1. It was quite amusing watching the Nasties choking and gagging when they heard Ivanka Trump's clothing line and perfume sales skyrocketed when their bumbling boycott backfired.

    2. Real women wear Lauren and Dior.

    3. Gretchen Spinnrade said

      No no NO, Anon! Only DRAG QUEENS and JAPS wear Dior and Lauren nowadays. But Ivanka is strictly Middle-Class. People of real quality only wear gunny sacks made from homespun.

    4. Quackobyrd hides behind his anonymous KKK sheets to quack out a racist retort. Take your Klan sheet off and come out, you coward.

  11. This country is getting to feels like a Twilight Zone episode, with a new “DAY” twice every month. Last week it was “Immigrants Day” and yesterday it was “A DAY WITHOUT WOMEN”!, And we Americans are having ANOTHER one of those IDIOTIC “Marches”, “Protests”, “Strikes” , Day’s Without Days”, “Not My President’s day” “Immigrants day” and whatever the hell you IDIOTS want to call it this time!
    I think this one is called “A DAY WITHOUT WOMEN” which also includes a day without school! This is really a great or Stupid thing to certainly am not! Don’t those “women wearing those dumb “Pussy Hats look ridiculous ... they look ridiculous, because they ARE ridiculous.

    Did you know that somewhere in some hidden place in the City of Bayonne, New Jersey there’s a place in some dim basement where 75 elderly ladies sit day after day knitting “Pink Pussy Hats” with the slogan “PINK PUSSY’S MATTER” on the front on these hats, awaiting the next Women’s march!

    Talking about holiday’s I had heard last year that Obama was actually planning to issue an executive order changing the name of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday to “Celebrate Immigrants Day”, but since then I had also heard that was not true... However, it was stupid enough to actually believe.
    But why not call it like it really is, why don’t the Libs just say that they want another protest day against Donald Trump.

    Like I said once before, It would be nice if " Women's Day" wasn't actually just a way to create an opportunity for liberal women to promote their objection to abortion and spread propaganda about their hatred for Trump and Republican's, and for real women.
    If anyone is waiting for Whoopi Goldberg to show up wearing a pink “Pussy”Hat,” I’m afraid that your gonna have a long wait, because I heard that she’s on a slow Banana boat to China.

    Now Stay alert, Trump supporters, please don’t let these parading Pussy hat wearers, put you to sleep.
    They still can’t accept that the Ultimate Nasty Woman lost and the man that they all said “will Never be president” became the president!


    B&G Foods INC. the purveyor of that yummy breakfast food Cream of Wheat has announced in order to honor Barack Obama it will replace the present likeness of the beloved Rastus presently on the product box with a likeness of Obama. Its also rumored Uncle Bens Rice will follow suit and put Obamas likeness on their packaging.

    1. You're as funny as a turd in a punch bowl.

    2. I suspect that Cream Of Wheat retort came from Quackobyrd.

    3. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! Did mystere strike a nerve , Dodobyrd? MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY!

    4. Sounds like something Rusty would write. Or Radical Racist. These two being the most racist of all who comment on this blog.

    5. Yeah, it appears that Rusty Chucklenuts took a dixie. Hasn't been around for ages.

      Racist crud under fresh sock puppet screen names is a good bet for Rusty's new persona.

    6. Quackobyrd fixates on Rusty's genitals again! Quackobyrd must be hanging out at some queer brothel called Herbie's somewhere out in Boston? Are Barney and Herbie plucking your tailfeathers? Don't answer that, Quackobyrd!

    7. Ducky only guesses that Rusty's nuts are something to chuckle at. Me, I'd look away. Meanwhile Mystere fixates on grabbing coq. Like djt grabbing pussy, Mystere apparently thinks sexual assault is great.

  13. The 57 states was a call out to his moslem buddies re: "The 57 states of islam".

    1. OHIO FOR DUMMIESMarch 9, 2017 at 6:28 PM

      Is stupidity your specialty or is it your regular operational mode?

    2. One more time. WTF is LES?

    3. Debunked by Snopes: The actual intent behind Senator Obama's misstatement is easy to discern... He was trying to express the thought that in all the time he had spent on the campaign trail so far in 2007-08, he had visited all (48) of the states in the continental U.S. save for one (i.e., "one left to go", excluding Alaska and Hawaii), but in his weariness he slipped up and started off with "fifty" instead of "forty" (Note the long pause in the video clip between the words "fifty" and "seven").

      Trump, on the other hand, talks about "Two Corinthians" AKA 2nd Corinthians, talks about how he can sexually assault women because he's famous, has cheated on all his wives... and he gets the evangelical vote!

    4. Kid is not the brightest bulb in the string.

    5. Dog,

      And I guess when he said he was going to play robin hood he misspoke, take from the middle class and give to the poor and rich. At least he kept his word.
      Do you recall when he said to the russian ambassador that after the election he will have more freedom to negotiate with them. Maybe he meant that he will approve -H- sale of uranium rights for a large check.
      Granted, DJT has had questionable morals but still has not come close to reaching the level of William BJ Clinton

    6. Once again, Dervish Sandbaggerz makes up an excuse for 0bama's epic blubberings.

    7. Wow, it's mystere and his meat slappers fresh from a command performance of Tiny Bubbles at Herbie's Ramrod Room.

      Still waiting for the moron to post something with substantive content.

    8. Poor Dodobyrd! Dodobyrd and his buttbois quack off at Barney Frank's male brothel Herbie's Ramrod Room. Tell us, Dodobyrd, how can one be in some queer club in Boston Massachussetts when we were hanging out at a Southern California beach with our hot ladies, and blogging, using some open WiFi?

    9. Quackobyrd resorts to his infantile queer fixations when he gets tarred and feathered.

  14. For all its toil and torment, broken dreams and betrayed ideals life is always worth living –– even at the worst of times. Let us try not to waste our precious time in fruitless argumentation over trivial details, bitter denunciation, mockery, too much idle speculation, or wanton dissipation.

    Shelley here reminds us of what we all must face sooner or later –– and of the heartbreak felt by those left behind when all opportunity to love and make amends becomes forever lost.

    __ The Cold Earth Slept Below __

    The cold earth slept below;
    ____ Above the cold sky shone;
    ______ And all around,
    ______ With a chilling sound,
    From caves of ice and fields of snow
    The breath of night like death did flow
    ______ Beneath the sinking moon.

    The wintry hedge was black;
    ____ The green grass was not seen;
    ______ The birds did rest
    ______ On the bare thorn’s breast,
    Whose roots, beside the pathway track,
    Had bound their folds o’er many a crack
    ______ Which the frost had made between.

    Thine eyes glow’d in the glare
    ____ Of the moon’s dying light;
    ______ As a fen-fire’s beam
    ______ On a sluggish stream
    Gleams dimly—so the moon shone there,
    And it yellow’d the strings of thy tangled hair,
    ______ That shook in the wind of night.

    The moon made thy lips pale, beloved;
    ____ The wind made thy bosom chill;
    ______ The night did shed
    ______ On thy dear head
    Its frozen dew, and thou didst lie
    Where the bitter breath of the naked sky
    ______ Might visit thee at will.

    ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

  15. Candice AlexanderMarch 10, 2017 at 5:59 AM

    Could Hillary Clinton really be serious about running for the mayor of New York City? Could New York City stand another crook? Well, why not NYC is used to having a pathological liar and a total incompetent, wackjob as a Mayor right now!
    But according to what I have been reading, Hillary actually believes that by 2020 the country will be sick of Donald Trump and ready to turn to a “seasoned, mature leader” (her words) rather than someone younger and less experienced. She will be 73 years old in 2020.

    After several months of lying low. lying in bed with her bottle of Vodka and licking her wounds, and blaming everyone from the FBI Director to the Russians. But now Hillary claims to be “reenergized.” She’sbeen out on the town Broadway shows, and she’s been seen dinning in New York’s finest restaurants. She has even made amends with her “Gal Pal” Huma.
    She’s throughly convinced that, sooner than later, the voters will come to their senses and realize they made a horrible mistake by putting Donald Trump in the White House instead of her.
    But none of this surprises me, Hillary was always a delusional person who refuses to admit the truth or existence of reality.
    Is Hillary already Toast? Well, it’s sure starting to look that way. Hillary is and always has been a hideous candidate, even for a Democrat! How can anyone take a cheating Lying evil women like her serious? She’s a lot more dangerous than Donald Trumps Hair!
    The Hildabeast is in some deluded state of greatness seems to think the American public is buying her lies such as landing in Bosnia under fire, and the list goes on and on and on... The democrats are NOT drinking plain old Kool-Aid, anymore. Now, their drinking Hillary's Douche Water. Because it takes an extra level of stupidity to look past the LYING, the STEALING, and the INFLUENCE PEDDLING

    She "claims' to be fighting for women. What women?
    The ones who her husband raped? The ones who let him stick cigars in them? The ones she should have had the character and spine to stand up to by dumping that sexual predator of a husband over? The ones that were taken advantage of because they were young & stupid?
    And yet some of brain-dead progressives can't wait to vote for her because you're dumb enough to believe she believes the nonsense, and the LIES that she spouts.
    She placed her own power hungry ambitions ahead of ANY moral choices. It shows that unethical conduct is tolerated in YOUR hypocritical party. Scandals are becoming a trend in YOUR hypocritical party. Hillary is not changing anybodies mind, except those who are looking for more Free Stuff, or her Hypocrisy about forgiving student debt, or Free tuition, or some new “freebie”giveaway, or who are used to buying crap from Snake-Oil salesmen.
    And these are the same folks that call Trump names, and make fun out of his hair!
    His Hair? Give us a frikken break!
    Deal with it, the Hildabeast is toast. And hopefully so is her Lying Daughter.

    But in the end, the Better Person Won. The People have spoken. The Constitution is STILL in operation, thank God. so GOOD-BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE to Hillary, Bill, Huma, Obama and Michelle, and the rest of that Shady Bunch like, Loretta Lynch, James Comey,and
    Donna ‘My conscience is very clear Brazile.
    Don't let the door hit you all in the Rear-End! Us ‘DEPLORABLE’S are THRILLED to see you and your ILK Stepping Down!

    1. Since Hillary lost, technically, and Obama is now a private citizen, Bill is ancient history, and Huma irrelevant, why not focus on Trump?

      Tell us ALL the wonderful things about him and all the GREAT things he is working on to Make America Great "Again".

      Oh. that's right, you can't.

      Carry on...


    2. Hoop-dee-doo, hoop-dee-doo

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      Hoop-dee-doo, hoop-dee-dee

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      When there's a trombone playin'
Ah, ha, ha, ha
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      Oh, it really is a riddle how he plays a tune so sweet

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Rain may fall and snow may come

      Nothin's gonna stop us from

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    3. Nursie Poo Poo, be very careful of what you say. My team is watching and making note of your retorts on the blogosphere. You've been warned.

    4. Oh, Nursie Poo Poo? You rang? You ask what Donald Trump has done so far? He's delivering on his promises.

    5. I WILL say what I say. End of fucking story. Don't like it? Tough. Cause I don't give a shit at all about you OR your threats. They don't mean shit.

      Have at it jackass.

    6. Your team? You mean the meat spankers.
      I've heard a rumor that they're the worst rhythm section on the budget Holiday Inn circuit.

    7. Hmmm…what's that in your beak, Quackobyrd? A piece of coq? Is that a piece of coq you ate last night at "Herbie's", Quackobyrd? Did the coq taste good, Quackobyrd? Do you want more coq, Quackobyrd? How was the dip? Is Herbie's dip as good as Herbie's coq? I hear Herbie's specialty is coq, Quackobyrd. Cluck cluck, Quackobyrd!

    8. Looks like Swooshie Poo Poo opened the door, eh Mystere? And Dodobyrd keeps giving the team plenty of free ammunition for blog posts.

  16. Are you growing as sick and tired, of all Obama’s conspiracy theories as I am?
    Trump conspired with the Russians, Trump fixed the election, Trump cheated with the vote counting, Trump did everything but brought today’s snow storm!
    It’s like monkeys in a cage slinging poop, they throw it out and just hope that something sticks!

    But what if a Secretary of State sold her influence for hundreds of millions of dollars and then laundered the money through a "nonprofit" corporation she had set up? What if FBI files containing personal/confidential information on political opponents were illegally sent to the White House? What if the IRS really did discriminate against conservative organizations? What if tax cheat Marc Rich was pardoned in exchange for a "contribution" of $100 million? What if the former Secretary of State deliberately violated national security protocols by conducting government business through a secret private server and then destroying its contents in violation of a subpoena? What if federal employees are illegally leaking confidential information to the press for the sole purpose of undermining the President's authority? And what if the opposing political party stabbed the leading candidate in the primaries in his back, so that SHE could get the nomination? And what if a Secretary of State lied her behind off and 4 American were slaughtered, including a United States Ambassador! Year what if!
    And what if the sitting President went ahead and Wire-Tapped the opposing Parties Candidates’ office and his phones and only God knows what else?
    But what if that sitting President says it never happened. And that President Trump’s claim of having been wiretapped is completely false? Who do we believe? The new president of the Flat-Out Liar -In -Chief?
    Somebody apparently got wiretap permits from a FISA court…and somebody engaged in the wiretapping and cyber surveillance of Donald Trump and his advisors since late last October…and those six agencies sought, and received permission to share any information they gleaned with sixteen intel agencies.

    That sitting President had to know all about it and furthermore…it’s a pretty damn good bet that he, himself, ordered it from start to finish.
    All of this surveillance was done, supposedly, under the guise of spying on the Russians, so as to provide cover for the sitting President’s regime but they made a crucial error in their handling of it. So therefore the Russians MUST have done it! And Guess what they found? Absolutely NOTHING!
    Talk about interfering with an election and committing high crimes and misdemeanors....WOW!!!!

    1. Chew On Candice AlexanderMarch 10, 2017 at 12:18 PM

      You're boring and you also smell bad.

    2. 0bama continues being the worst President ever. He follows the Jimmuh The Peanuthead Cartuh moves by meddling and sabotaging Donald Trump's efforts just like Peanuthead did to Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr.

  17. After eight years of stagnation and social discord, America has finally found a resurgence and its economic potential has finally been unleashed.

    We Americans should be congratulated in overcoming a hypnotic lull of fatalism, eight years of failed leadership amd a failure to keep all those “Hope and Change” promises, and engineering a renaissance of the dynamic country it once was.
    It is now very clear that electing a "community organizer" for nothing else but his color was a complete mistake
    In his book he wrote about Jeremiah Wright's influence on his life. Even went as far as to say he was like a father. Yet, when the scandal about him came out, Obama threw him under the bus and denied going to the church very often and put forward the notion that their relationship was limited. That after everyone knows it was Wright who used his influence that elevated Obama's rise in Chicago's political machine. Indeed, one could make the argument that without Wright - Obama may have never garnered the attention that catapulted him into the white house. Is this what you would call honorable?

  18. Trump exposed the Obamunist attempt to "wiretap" his campaign....all the Leftists laughed....and were outraged that he targeted their Messiah, and guess what! Trump was correct with respect to his being surveilled by the Obama administration.

  19. Zero evidence given. None exists. More bullshit from The great Bullshitter.

    1. ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      ___ Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
      All mimsy were the borogoves,
      ___ And the mome raths outgrabe.

      “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
      ___ The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
      Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
      ___ The frumious Bandersnatch!”

      He took his vorpal sword in hand;
      ___ Long time the manxome foe he sought—
      So rested he by the Tumtum tree
      ___ And stood awhile in thought.

      And, as in uffish thought he stood,
      ___ The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
      Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
      ___ And burbled as it came!

      One, two! One, two! And through and through
      ___ The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
      He left it dead, and with its head
      ___ He went galumphing back.

      “And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
      ___ Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
      O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
      ___ He chortled in his joy.

      ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      ___ Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
      All mimsy were the borogoves,
      ___ And the mome raths outgrabe.

      ~ Lewis Carroll (1832–1898) - from Through the Looking Glass

    2. The democrats have said that there is no voter fraud and our elections are valid. Now they have millions of Russians voting and stealing the election from princess -H-. Which is it?

      The obsession with DJT and the MS is laughable. I have yet to watch a national news cast that doesn't start out with President Trump said/tweeted/wrote or something to attack him.
      Flipping channels last night Matthews was in a rant about -H- lost and dJT and the russians stole the election.
      If their obsession against DJT wasn't so pathetic it would be laughable.

    3. Well Skud aren't you aware that the dems are the party of all that is good and know what's best? So if you don't support them then you are automatically all that is bad?

    4. Poor Chrissie Matthews! He feels a boot shoved up his scrotum these days!

    5. Thomas Jefferson StarshipMarch 10, 2017 at 7:11 PM

      "Now they have millions of Russians voting and stealing the election from princess -H-. Which is it?"

      No one said that Sparky. You been eating too many peyotes or sniffing your own farts.

      But it's true that the Ruskies do love Trump's fat white ass.

    6. HI D0D0BYRD! Nice try trying to disguise yourself! Thomas Jefferson Starship? Is that all you can come up with? Got tired of getting tarred and feathered? Come on, Ducky, you dodobird! You're wearing a thin disguise that we can see through.

    7. Mysterious Cat NapperMarch 13, 2017 at 2:07 PM

      STFU you boggy headed sack of twaddle.

    8. ***********QUACKO CLUCKS!****************

      Went to Lisa's the other night,
      All the players in plain sight…
      Punching the keyboard and being discreet
      Putting my thoughts out on the street.

      {"Quack-quack!" ))=Bfffffffft-ffffffft! "Quack-quack!" ))=Bfffffffffft-ffffffffffft!

      All of a sudden it began to smell,
      Time to ring the fire bell.
      Libturds begin to push their luck,
      Looky here: it's the Quacko schmuh-uuuuh-uuuuh-uuuuck!

      {****))=FFFFFFFTTTTT! "Aaaaaaaaaaaah! The liberal aroma! I'm gonna pass more choom gas! Ahahahaha!"****))=FFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT!}

      Quacko is a schmuck,
      Nursie's a lying huck!
      Dervish's a dumb coot,
      And Pookie Toot Toot?

      QUACKO? NURSIE? Dervish? Lester?

      {******))=FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!!******* "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
      That feels real good! I'm full of choom gas! HEHEHEHEHE!"*****))=ffffffffffttttt!}

      (With apologies to Rick Dees)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Good riddance, 0bama! Close the door and stay out!

  22. Trump is taking a dump
    upon all the less fortunate

    As he moans, grunts, and farts
    shit runs down, engulfing them

    Trump cares not a wit for them
    for him their plight inconsequential

    The swamp he has not drained
    filling it with his cronies and SR's

    Boastful and full of lies
    he takes credit when not due him

    A white nationalist he is
    now cavorting w/white supremacists

    Bigotry and xenophobia are his stock
    he works to destroy America's promise

    Making American Great Again he claims
    all the while he destroys the dream

    Watch the Man Child sweating
    as he brings America to her knees

  23. Obammy is on his way to jail and he can take Lynchie with him.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Kay, I had you mistaken for an old troll who used a similar name. So I am sorry for that mistake. The troll I used to see was Kay In Maine, who was a regular vile troll on The Political Jungle. She always angered Jenn, the blog owner. Some of the liberal trolls have migrated over here after Jenn shut her blog down.

  24. The statue of a “fearless” defiant little girl that was placed in front of Wall Street's
    Bull with hands on her hips, may have been symbolic to some of the “Pussy Hat” wearers, but was as meaningful as Michelle Obama’s sign that had the “hashtag: “Bring Back Our Girls”! What she was expressing was the 250 or so young schoolgirls that were kidnaped from a School, by Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria..
    Yes, she meant well, but did VERY little, as everyone knew it would. Perhaps it gained awareness that we supported her effort, but perhaps the only thing that they would have understood would have been a troop of UN forces, or a Delta Force, or other Special Forces from a International group to help, but I can’t remember anyone that offered to help.
    By the way, about 220 of them are still missing, a few of them had escaped.
    But the American Gals are up in arms over that statue of the Little Defiant Girl staring at the Big Bad Wall Street Bull! So you go girls! Fight, Fight, Fight! Let the establishment (meaning Donald Trump) who are "ashamed" of feminism continue to work those low paying, pink hats, and slave jobs. It doesn’t make any difference to these uniformed protesters that America happens to leads the world in women in Executive and Board Positions, or that we have millions of women int positions such as Attorneys, Judges, Politicians, Doctors, Professors, and we could have had a Women President if the Democrats ran someone who was decent! , As long as one person is still holding out a candle for the kidnaped girls, we haven’t failed!

    The Wall Street Bull is a fixture of Wall Street because it's a symbol of the stock markets, and Capitalism (and eye-catching) and has nothing to do with politics. The 'fearless girl' statue, on the other hand, is political grandstanding and has no place there.
    All these protests, and marches are stupid. This is not about Women’s Rights at all. It’s all about a bunch of sore-losers who are pissed off that their Hillary LOST! These Women need to get over themselves. American women are treated with kid gloves in our society. There is no such thing as a pay gap. That's a myth. And many of them have an unbelievably high quality of life. They get more time off work, more time with family and children, more time to do non-work related activities, etc... So they get to have a life and smell the roses instead of this habitual complaining.
    Even Michelle Obama complained about Waking up Every Morning In A House Built By Slaves! Well if Madonna had her way, that would have been corrected!
    That was even better than “For the First Time In MY Adult Life I Am Proud Of My Country”!
    It's beyond pathetic! Somebody needs to tell these idiots that it was the REPUBLICANS that fought for women's suffrage, and Civil Rights against the will of the Democrats.
    Check it out, the KKK, Black Panthers, Slavery, Suppression of Women's and Black voters for years after the Civil War. Were all the product of the corrupt Democrat Party.

  25. Shaw's nemesis JoanMarch 11, 2017 at 6:44 AM

    Its not enough that Samantha Bee, the liberal idiot has a stupid late nigh show, that I don’t watch, but I have to see that lame-Brained Imbecile, 10 times a night doing her dim-witted commercials on the shows that I do watch. .
    To top it off, her comment that Trump’s election is on par with Slavery and the Holocaust, was the straw that broke the Camels back!

    1. This morning, I read that she's being attacked for making some comment about "Nazi haircuts", and referring that to Republicans and one of the pictures she used was of some fellow at the who has brain cancer - hence the haircut.
      Now, I don't give and rat's behind what this woman says BUT
      Wasn't Donald Trump soundly attacked for "mocking disabled people"?
      And I read that she apologized and the show also donated $1000.00 toward this young man's treatment.
      Was that good enough for everyone? Well I don’t think so. You can’t take back your words after you’re called out on it.

      The young man in question didn’t like her apology. He thinks it was a "half apology." She said “I'm sorry this young man has cancer”. Cancer sucks. Of course, all this attention has driven his GoFundMe donations into the stratosphere. Good for that!

      And another suggestion: Let's quit giving this woman so much free publicity. I've never watched her show, and I never will

  26. One of Hillary's Many Theme Songs

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    Sonny, put your money on my hiney bun!

  27. Don Rock Headway said: "Let's quit giving this woman so much free publicity."

    But that's exactly what you did genius. Never heard of her until you gave her so much free publicity! Thank you. Now I'm a fan!!!!

    1. Oh look! A sock puppet comes out of Swooshie Poo Poo and Quackobyrd's tenderloins! Which one of you stinkbombs wants to take credit for it? You just gave my team some bonus ammunition for one of our blog sites.

    2. You never heard of Samantha Bee? Just goes to show what a MORON you ar.
      And a Trumpster as well.!

    3. Trump is being set up for impeachment and Pence wants his place. If Obama, Clintons, Soros are not arrested now and their funds frozen there’s going to be a revolution in May."

    4. For the record, the comment above that links to theleftinme is the troll Luke spoofing Sue again. Sue, one of the troll Luke's first victims. Sue no longer blogs because Luke trolled her until she shut down her blog. She does not blog and she does not comment here.

    5. That is a total lie Trump Dervish. Please prove it. You can't just like all your other lies about me, or anyone.
      By the way Trump Dervish liar, no where on your post does it say satire. aught in another lie Trump Dervish.

    6. Thanks So Much FredMarch 13, 2017 at 6:44 AM

      STFU Luke, you weapons grade plum.

  28. RN has a man bun.

  29. Anonymous eats man buns.


  30. See the Mooch-helle Ubunga story opened on the silver screen yesterday? Look for "Skull Island"!

    1. Are you intentionally trying to make white rural Americans look bad?


    2. It's what he excels at Jersey. He is apparently quite proud of it.

    3. Do you suck Mooch-helle's hair covered cock?

    4. That her ten inch CLIT, dum dum.

    5. Swooshie Poo Poo has no sense of humor.

    6. It Looks like calling the First Lady a hooker did not work at all, not even one little bit! In fact after 8 years of seeing that floppy assed, of seeing that blabber mouth complaining about how much she hates America and how horrible America is to everyone but white people the NEW First Lady is a breath of fresh air

    7. What Trump's 3rd trophy wife is, I think many would classify as a kind of prostitute. Although gold digging is a much more profitable form of hooking.

    8. What happened to Rusty Chucklenuts, Redass?

    9. What happened to Rusty Chucklenuts, Redass?

      He got lost exploring Radical's cavernous anus.

    10. Wow! Douchey Sandbaggerz is playing with Quackobyrd's coq! Cluck off, liberal clowns!

  31. Patricia Ochuwa Aipoh Said:
    “I keep trying to tell black women that the reason they feel compelled to walk around half naked, showing their bodies and see nothing wrong with it is because it was beaten and forced upon them during slavery. You are doing EXACTLY what your slave masters FORCED you to do all those many years ago! Before we were put on those slave ships, we never expose our bodies. The slave masters use this as a tactic to shame us, to break us, to get us to submit. With shackles on our feet and whips on our backs, we had no choice. Now we walk around half naked because we are BROKEN and we have NO shame. We have forgotten that we were LADIES and NOT thots and bad bitches. We have forgotten that our bodies were meant only for our husbands and not for strange men to lust, use and abuse......Remember YOUR history and COVER YOURSELVES!”


    THIS IS 2017, NOT 250 YEARS AGO!


  32. RN a nothing but a scumwad. as he has shown himself to be lower than a Rats ass when it comes to kissing up to Shaw whatsherface! I've been another blog where “RN” got banned, but I see pop up like an unwanted wart calling himself Steve/Tom/ Like/ Lester or whatever else floats his boat trying to discredit Republicans and Donald Trump.
    Communists, and Jew Haters often frequently play games like that. Call him whatever you wish but the fact remains that he is a Communist.

    1. Shut up TOM! You numpty lavvy heid.


    2. __ WINDPOWER __
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      ~ Herr Gegenfahrt WIndgassen

  33. You know, as well as I do, that as soon as any liberal feels that they’re losing any argument, they start calling their target…a racist. Well all we have to do is to read that POS's blog called Progressive Eruptions, and you'll find that what I have said above it as true as truth can be.

  34. Am Sonntag Morgen, zierlich angetan,
    wohl weiß ich, wo du da bist hingegangen,
    und manche Leute waren, die dich sah'n,
    und kamen dann zu mir, dich zu verklagen.
    Als sie mir's sagten, hab' ich laut gelacht,
    Und in der Kammer dann geweint [zu]1 Nacht.
    Als sie mir's sagten, fing ich an zu singen,
    Um einsam dann die Hände wund zu ringen.

    ~ Paul Heyse (1830-1914)

    On Sunday morning, so elegantly attired
    Well do I know where thou went,
    And there were many people who saw thee
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    When they told me, I laughed out loud,
    But later in my bedchamber, I wept all night.
    When they told me, I started to sing,
    But later, once alone, I wrung my hands till the skin was torn to shreds.

    ~ Freely translated from the GERMAN by FT

  35. It looks like posting those crude, stupid, and idiotic, nude pictures of our First Lady by those Sore-Losing Leftist IDIOT’S did not work, and neither did the name calling of Donald Trump’s 10 year old Son. As anyone with any decency, and a half of a brain outside of the pathetic name-calling left already knew.
    The Republican family values seem to Trump the liberal family values. At least we even know which bathroom to use!
    The name-calling Liberal here on Facebook thought that he had something on Trump, but he evidently was too stupid to realize that it was he who actually had no morals, and this subject actually proves it.
    And talking about “morals” or lack of them, if you noticed the left never mentions any of Bill Clinton’s past !

    I’ve taken the opportunity to post a piece from a recent article By Thomas Lifson, to back up my point!
    “Driven by blind rage over the failure of voters to elect Hillary Clinton, the left's establishment has targeted anyone related to Donald Trump (even his 10-year-old son, Barron) for abuse. It is one thing to FABRICATE videos to show his father Fred as a racist – after all, he's a dead white male and can't defend himself.

    But in taking on Melania Trump for abuse, the left has committed a grave error. This will not end well for them. Carl Bernstein's son, who writes for the New York Times, has already suffered for accusing her of being a "hooker" at a public event and has apologized".

  36. Well, TOMMY-boy, payback's a beeyotch! You dobbers had fun talkin' trash about "Moooshell." We're gonna kelep talking about the trashy Trump 3rd wifey cuz she's a liar a plagiarist, and a hooker, but a very high priced hooker. just ask the Russians she did.

    1. Shitty Gang Bang, Shitty Shitty Gang Bang

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      High Shitty, low Shitty
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      On Shitty Shitty we depend.

      ________ The End ________

    “To the victor goes the spoils.”
    In Other Words.........ALL Presidents do what President Trump did. Clinton did, Bush did, and the Leftist President Poster Child and Original “First Black President” had done the same thing, firing the exact same number as Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton, and George Bush. So it turns out trump was correct, every president does this. They are political appointees. They serve at the pleasure of the president.

    It seems that Leftists just wait for anything to happen in order to complain. Facts don’t matter when you’re waging a useless argument..in fact this should have been done on January 21st!.You don't need a valid reason, or for that matter, you don’t need any reason, to fire them.

    The statement gained prominence when during a Congressional debate in 1831, New York senator, William L. Marcy used the phrase to accurately describe the spoils system of appointing government workers.
    As we are learning today, each time a new administration comes into power thousands of public servants are discharged and members of the victorious political party take over their jobs.

    However, the Left remember only the history that fits their narrative. And they are at it again. Leftists lament the “business as usual” act of dismissing previous administration staff. As most people have learned, Attorney General Jeff Sessions requested the resignations of Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice.

    1. Excellent post Tom

    2. Illegitimi non carborundum

      Right, Luke?

    3. Mysterious Rat RapperMarch 13, 2017 at 2:05 PM


      March 12, 2017 at 3:28 PM

      Excellent post Tom"

      TOM talking to himself.

    4. Mysterious Rat Rapper is not affiliated with mystere, Rattrapper, Mystere's Moonbat Slayer Club, Rattrapper's My Fox Trappings, and their affiliated blogs.

      Mysterious Rat Rapper is a stinky liberal troll known as Ducky's Here, Rational Nation USA, Dervish Sanders and their affiliates at Boston Piggy and its sister blogs.


  38. A few words about the Leftist Sore-losers who makes nasty and vulgar comments about Donald Trump!
    And I’m not only talking about those pathetic “Celebrities” on “The View,” who invite people these as guests and then Ambush them, like that Ugly Hyaena Woopie Goldberg, or Joy Behar or on “Saturday Night Live”, or even those Disgusting Idiots on those Women’s “Marches’.
    But this time I’m talking about those disgraceful, disgusting idiots, who think it’s cool to make fun of a 10 year old child, ot the President’s children, only because they are more successful then these imbeciles are. I'm getting fed up with all this, and I’m not going to take the High Road and not talk about it.
    These are sick people who find joy in saying such horrible things about a 10 year old child but then again these are the same people who enjoyed going after Sarah Palin's child with Down syndrome. I just don't know what can make these people that miserable. Only because they don’t agree with their father! This is so low the word to describe it hasn't even been made up yet.
    It’s no wonder that you can’t get to many Good People to run for the Presidency, who would want to? Is this what they call Progressive Tolerance? Adults bullying the 10 yr. old son of our new President, and boycotting his Daughter’s line of clothing in the stores?
    It looks like the left can't control it's psychopathic impulses any more.

    1. Yes, but the worst part of it is the the Left manages to goad too many in the Right to responding in kind.

      That is ANOTHER of the myriad ways Leftists grab control of a once-vibrant culture, wrestle it to the ground, then STOMP all over it. They are wily, unprincipled bastards who are past masters at fighting dirty. Most of US are Babes in the Woods by comparison.

    2. You'd be hard pressed to point to any significant derision of Palin's Down Syndrome child. Just didn't happen.

      Funny you mention Palin and Trump together. It was Palin who dropped the bar so low that Trump actually became acceptable,
      She's a complete idiot for sure but her role in fringe right politics is underestimated.

  39. Most of US are Babes in the Woods by comparison.

    No that's a hilarious one FreeThinke!

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  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Daily Headlines
    IN THE NEWS Wife of Liberal DC Lawyer Earning 1.5 Million Arrested For Welfare and Food Stamp Fraud
    BySteven H AhlePosted on March 12, 2017
    Sponsored by Revcontent
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    Helen Agbapuruonwu, mother of four, collected food stamps and Medicaid benefits from 2010 to 2016. The problem is that while she was collecting $100,000 in benefits over 6 or 7 years, her husband, a DC lawyer was making 1.5 million dollars a year. Her husband went to law school at Ohio State thanks to a grant from Paul and Daisy Soros.

    Helen Agbapuruonwu “fraudulently obtained public assistance in excess of $100,000 under false pretenses” police allege, and she has been charged “with felony welfare fraud and document forgery,” according to a police report.

    Fidelis Agbapuruonwu, who immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria in the 1990s, worked as an associate at Mayer Brown in D.C., according to his LinkedIn profile. A spokesman for Mayer Brown told NBC 4 that Agbapuruonwu no longer works there. Agbapuruonwu received a Paul & Daisy Soros ( does that name sound familiar). Scholarship for New Americans, which he used to pay for law school at Ohio State University.

  42. Oh yeah, one day I’m a 'Right Wing Nazi', the next day I’m am 'Anti-American, or Anti Women, and even a “Racist” because I’ve made jokes about the idiots that took part in the ridiculous charade also known as the “Women’s March” I guess that's the price you pay for disagreeing with Liberals/Progressives/Democrats and Crybabies on some issues. If you're not all-in on their agendas, you're a Bad, Bad Person.' It's a very simplistic and hateful mentality. But like i said, I’m good with pissing both Progressives and Liberals.

  43. STFU you right wing Anti-American Nazi!

  44. Why are Progressives are so fixated on their mentor Adolph Hitler?

  45. Barack Obama - the first President of California. Mark my word.