Thursday, June 15, 2017

This is the Left for you

) Tim Kaine asked for blood on the streets.
2) Loretta Lynch wanted bloodshed and violence against Republicans.
3) Obama asked his supporters to rise up.
4) CNN announced who would take over the gov if all elected Republicans were KILLED during Trump's inauguration.
5) A New York play shows the killing of Trump.
6) Snoop Dog kills Trump in a video.
7) Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump in a photo shoot.
8) Madonna - "I've thought a lot about blowing up the WH"
9) Robert De Niro - "I'd like to punch him in the face"
10) Joss Whedon, Avengers director - "I want a Rhino to F* Paul Ryan to death"
11) David Simon, creator of The Wire - "Pick up a G*d* brick" if Trump fires Robert Mueller.
12) Mickey Rourke, the wrestler actor - "He can suck my F* D*ck" and threatens to beat Trump with baseball bat.
13) Lea DeLaria, actress, threatens to "take out Republicans and Independents with baseball bat" after Trump win.
14) YG, rapper, threatens Trump with 'F* Donald Trump' song.
15) Marilyn Manson kills Trump in music video.
16) Everlast, rapper, warns Trump - "I will punch you in your F*ing face"
17) Larry Wilmore jokes about suffocating Trump with "pillow they used to kill Scalia"
18) Stephan Colbert's Late Show puts Stephen Miller's head on a spike.
19) Sarah Silverman suggests military could help 'overthrow' Trump.
20)Kathy Griffin promised to beat up Baron Trump (who is 11 years old)
21) Juan Thompson threatened to blow up a Jewish community center.
22) Jeremy Christian, the Portland Killer and a Bernie voter killed two.
23) The Huffington Post asked for Trump's execution - on June 11th, Jason Fuller said in his article that impeachment is no longer enough and that Trump must face justice.


    According to reports, not long before the FBI ended its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, former FBI Director James Comey had a “frosty exchange” with Obama Administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    In a report published by Circa, it is alleged that Comey privately informed a few insiders about the exchange with Lynch. He confronted her regarding her infamous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton in June 2016, prompting his suspicions of her interference with an ongoing investigation.

  2. Now, now Lisa....you know the dems are the party of acceptance and inclusion.

    In all actuality these fucking idiots have lost any grip they had on reality.

  3. Replies
    1. You're a sick stinky liberal twirp, Quackobyrd!

    2. Hey, Eddie, saw your Facebook photos.

      I see Weight Watchers in your future.

    3. He's a Quack... period ..

    4. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=QuLvXGt2ILA&itct=CBAQpDAYAiITCPSd24mtwtQCFQsGfwodTScC4zIHcmVsYXRlZEiprcbRmdSF2Gc%3D

      Oh my, Ducky's Here! You're still fixated on this Eddie thingy? Have at it, Quackobyrd! You seem to enjoy getting smacked down and stinkfaced by the regulars here. Which one do you identify with, Booker T or Michael Cole? Do you like sniffing men's cracks and getting laughed at or drinking the puke and getting laughed at?

    5. Definitely Booker T.

      Steve Cropper, Al Jackson and (what's not to like) "Duck" Dunn.
      Now that was a band that Eddie and the meat spankers couldn't hope to equal.

      Your fascination with sniffing butt cracks strikes me as projection, Eddie.

    6. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! WOW! You really are a Dunderheaded Dodobyrd! You could have zipped your beak but you quacked out a confession! By admitting you relate to Booker T, you admitted you like sniffing men's rear ends, Dodobyrd. You could have escaped humiliating yourself publicly by not quacking a thing, but you chose to make a big dopey dodobird of yourself. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! That was quite rich. Rattrapper out!

    7. By admitting you relate to Booker T, you admitted you like sniffing men's rear ends, Dodobyrd.
      You really are an idiot, aren't you?

    8. Boy, Dodobyrd, you are a braindead Dunderhead! Mystere trapped you and you swallowed the bait. Mystere's been nice to you by not calling you some profane name while others like Radical Redneck and Rusty Shackleford slapped you around. What was that name Radical Redneck recently called you? Oh wait… was it Jizz Gurgler? You know, Mystere got a hold of me when he saw Redneck slapping you around. We laughed at you, but decided to play nice and not rub it in your face. By the way, what was Rikishi's dinner when he passed gas while you were giving him a personal colonoscopy? Did you taste some coq while you stuck your beak up his crack?

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  5. That's the left for you. Ignorant, hateful, violent, refuse to respect America's laws and contructs. Like 3 yr old brats right? Right. How many times need it be said.

    1. Dr. Heimlich Von WeinerspeigelJune 15, 2017 at 6:58 PM

      Until dimwits, not unlike yourself, finally get it.

    2. Get what? We already know how sick-the left has always been and has hit fever pitch

    3. Dr. Heimlich Von WeinerspeigelJune 16, 2017 at 5:08 AM

      Brilliant response. Really rightwing stuff.

    4. and it's so true you unhinged loons. 1 week before the shooting Bernie with his 3 homes was saying we have to fight in the streets.
      Remember Hillary and Obama with their "Summer of Rage" BS?

    5. Look at it this way kid ... years of right wing whack jobs reading doomsday novels about the collapse of the republic, stocking up on .223 ammo and MRE's, and running "bug out" drills on Uncle Bubba's 40 acres in the middle of nowhere are finally going to pay off!!!

      If you're intellectually honest, you don't spend 8 years calling for gun owners to take up 2nd amendment remedies against "tyrants" and then blame liberals when some nut follows through.

  6. Come out of the Swoosh Zone, Nursie Poo Poo!

    1. Have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. But, we'll be sure to visit your weblog.

    2. http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/publishing-personal-and-private-information

      HEY DODOBYRD? You need to pay attention to the laws. There's already a cache taken of this. And since you posted something to some of mystere's blogs, your IP address is marked. Be sure to tell your buttlover Pookie Toot Toot about this too. You just cooked your gander.

    3. When did your Facebook page become private information, dodo?

  7. You wingnuts go nothin' so STFU.

    Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant


    1. Hi Pookie Toot Toot! Are you back for another beatdown now that Mike spanked you publicly behind the woodshed? Who cares what Teddy said? Nugent is Nugent, stinkyboy. Nugent says wild things to shock everybody. But Teddy's also a patriot who knows where his freedom comes from, mental midget.