Friday, June 2, 2017

The Looniness continues

Trying to figure out the worldly outrage for what was a voluntary "agreement". We will continue to be one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world and the rest of the world can go right on doing their thing......the ONLY thing that has changed is that the U. S. taxpayer is not paying to clean up other countries' pollution. If the ONLY change is the billions of dollars, how did we suddenly become responsible for destroying the earth? Get real....
Dan McMoran


  1. It's obvious you and Don know nothing about the history of pollution and who has been the biggest polluter in the world in the last 150 years. Denying science is the trait of a stupid person. Just as cutting taxes when we are 20 trillion in debt is the trait of a stupid person. Just pass those debts onto another generation like a selfish spoiled child. Wreck things and then move on, just like a child. Trump has the correct answer to everything and doesn't have to listen to anyone else because he is the smartest guy on Earth? Brainwashed just like a North Korean citizen

  2. Mexican Word of the day!


    Kathy Griffin BEHEADED to the unemployed agency!!!

  3. Good To Be Right!June 2, 2017 at 12:42 PM

    Kathy Griffin, YOU and your Cheap excuse for an Attorney who is nothing but a lousy Ambulance Chaser is not going to get you off the hook for the Lousy, Disgusting, Disrespectful stunt that you performed .
    In fact this staged performance with your shit Stained poor excuse for an Attorney has made it worse by her spouting all those so called quotes by others.
    The two of you looked and sounded like FOOLS!
    Talking about others and the Russians, or the First lady was nothing but more Cheap shots. I don’t case about how many “Older White Guys” you delt with.
    And don’t insult our Military by telling us that you were in “War Zones”

    Yes, she made a discussion, and she made her own bed, now she will have to sleep in it. I personally hope that you NEVER get a job again before any American Audience.
    So get the HELL off of my screen and take that POS attorney with you.
    PS You Did Say One Thing Right Today, when you said “Everyone Hates You”

    1. Ultimately, if you got mad at Kathy Griffin and didn’t say shit about Ted Nugent, you’re a hypocrite. Griffin was fired for her actions, but Nugent “threatened to kill the president, and he got invited to the White House.

    2. Poor Lester Liberalmann! Pookie Toot Toot felt Trump's boot kicking his NADS when Trump spanked KG for committing a vile act. Pookie Toot Toot was jacking off on the monkey bars but lost control and landed on his NADS when Kathy Griffin started bawling over getting spanked by Trump.

  4. No, Kathy, this is called 'consequences of your actions' and being called out for such a disrespectful, anti-American, pathetic act.

    This is another example of a liberal snowflake doing something, getting massive blowback for the action, and trying to flip it around and make themselves the 'VICTIM'
    It seems like these days you just can't make this liberal sore loser shut up., she deserves everything that is coming... Kathy, Your going to need a better Attorney that that POS Gloria Alfred's spawn to defend a mindless POS like you!

  5. The corkscrew turnsJune 2, 2017 at 12:59 PM

    Yada, Yada, Yada... KABOOM


  6. Good To Be Right!June 2, 2017 at 1:39 PM

    It was indeed a pleasure listening to President Trump speak about pulling out of the Paris Accord yesterday. I thing that he did an excellent job explaining WHY he’s taken America out of the Paris Accord. Of course, the Liberal gang, and the Sad sacks over at CNN are dwelling on the fact that “America is now in alliance with Nicaragua and Syria.” Yeah right! , I’m sure Trump pulled out so he could make nice with Nicaragua and Syria, right? Like thats going to happen!

    I particularly liked the part when he invited Democrats to put a better deal together and until then, I feel there should be no deal.
    And the Big Shots over in Europe were so quick to say “ NO NEGOTIATIONS” !
    Well OK, the, so then there’s NO Deal. Lets see who’s going to step up and pay the share that we were paying?
    It’s about time that we had a President with some guts and who wants to level the playing field. We have been suckers long enough. Lets hope that Trump can maintain his incredible stamina as he continues to honor his campaign promises and with “draining the swamp”.
    And John Kerry’s said “he’s made us an ecological PARRIAH in the world……….the worst in our LIFETIME!”
    Did they say that when John Kerry and Barack Obama STABBED Isreal in their back at the UN? Did they say that about India or China? JUST SUCK IT UP Kerry, you are IRRELEVANT now!
    And isn’t it strange, that if Trump did such a “bad” thing why did the MARKETS CLOSIE AT NEW RECORD HIGHS AFTER HIS SPEECH?

  7. As usual you have a simplistic understanding of the issue mired in falsehoods.

    The irony is Trump's action will hurt red his dumbfuck supporters in states primarily. Both in the effects of climate change and the many jobs in clean energy which will be lost. With solar energy, China already took the lead which the US once had. Their economy will surge because of our shortsightedness and ours will suffer. 190 countires belong to this Paris Agreement. Even North Korea. Corporations like Exxon have signed on as well.

    Only two major countries do not belong to the Paris Agreement; Nicaragua and Syria. Both because it does NOT go far enough. Climate change is fast becoming a matter of national security. Much of the upheaval in Syria is due to water shortages. And it's only going to spread. Get ready, fool.


    8 things Trump said about the Paris Climate Agreement that are total BS

  8. Mario Fortunato seems to think that because
    Ted Nugent said some “nasty things about Obama’ then it’s excusable for Kathy Griffin. to do those despicable thing to Donald Trump in response .

    Well I’m sorry Mario, it just don’t work that way! I and nobody else that I know of excused Ted Nugent, and nobody else I know is going to excuse Kathy Griffin for what she did NO MATTER WHO she digs up to stand with her and spout those lies and those Vulgar “Jokes”. That excuse is nothing but loony Lefty reasoning, so I’m not falling for that! Besides, I don’t ever remember Ted Nugent ever crying or playing the victim allover the place.
    So take you sorry assed, Photo-shopped pastures and saying and stick em! Any time you depict the death of a president, be it George Bush, or Obama, or Donald Trump, like Kathy Griffin did, you are a deplorable, despicable person. Even more so if that garbage you posted reaches the eyes of an innocent child. It doesn't matter who does it. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior, and it certainly isn’t funny..

    What Griffin did was disgusting, and I can't see ANY grounds for anyone to defend her. My question is. How does her comparing Ted Nugent's act excuse her?

    Her disgusting behavior is what it is, DISGUSTING.. Donald Trump Is still the President of the United States of America.

    1. Kathy Griffin held up a head that looked like Donald Trump and she got fired from CNN. Ted Nugent threatened to kill a president, he got invited to the White House. Idiot.

  9. Yes Kathy Griffin is a comedian who has always been lacking, always had to try the shock to get any attention. Kathy Griffin thinks like so many celebrities in Hollywood that they are untouchable. Guess what, the majority of the public are sick of the narcissistic attitude! You are not above the law. You put out your hate message and try to wrap it up like comedic humor and it's just awful. Anyone who thinks what she did needs help. Free speech? Please! Shame on you and now your money hungry attorney trying to make you seem credible!
    More proof that these Stinking Hollywood asswipes are just that Stupid, shameless asswipes.

  10. To the leftists, no matter what their assault or transgression are , it is ALWAYS someone else's fault. And the latest expression that really piss’s me off is Old Rich White Men”

    Of course, the victims are now the Real Bullies, well Welcome to the Logic of the Left.
    Well, this one is easy. Why is it the Rich, Old WHITE Man’s fault? Don’t Black Men, or Black Women ever do anything wrong? - especially ex-drug dealing rappers, or the Black Lives Matter bunch - who are anti White, anti Police, and anti just about everything that isn’t Black !
    How about what w Snoopy Dog did when he depicted Shooting Donald Trump? Whatever happened there? Why did he get a pass, and you Libs constantly bring up Ted Nugent? Where’s the difference? There isn’t any! I’m really curious about that!
    Kathy Griffen posed like an ISIS puke, and Snoppy posed like a Gangster puke. In both cases, the "victim" was Donald Trump, not either of those two idiots!
    And Kathy Griffin just doesn't want any consequences for her actions. But she should be held accountable for her actions that was bullying, these wasn’t any “Bullying” from President Trump!
    And why did Snoopy get away with killing a president in a video?.I no longer accept apologies from anyone for their outrageous behavior. There's no remorse. Their actions are intentional. So don’t tell me that “It Was Only A Joke” Lots of luck saving Kathy Griffin's career with THAT argument.
    And as for Kathy bringing in that Sleezy Attorney and the both of them trying to make things right with that old Freedom of Speech argument, ...when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!!!
    Only her lefty fanbase are stupid enough to believe that whopper. Her non-apology apology is only digging her a deeper hole:
    In other words, she's blaming Trump, and Trumps family for all the trouble she's gotten herself into..

  11. So you found a picture of Melania with her clothes on. Good for you! Yes, isn't she so classy...


    1. More classy than your G--Damn America hating president and the rest of the democrat klan members

    2. Unlike the simian you revered before her, Melania walks on her hind legs.

    3. Sorry, I forgot. You're one of the Obama was 'America hating, secret Muslim, out to destroy Democracy losers.' Yet you never give tangible proof or evidence.

    4. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-XmO6U0v5QSs/WTSy4aCbMaI/AAAAAAAAL4E/KHTuCyedvV0k-1HxjXZfb1gRzrgyKJb-ACHM/lace3f-3-web.jpg

      Pookie Toot Toot, Nursie Poo Poo, Quackobyrd, Dervish Sandbaggerz and Boston Piggy Shenehneh have teamed up for a fashion show. WARNING: Have eyebleach on hand. You'll probably need it.

  12. The picture is exactly what it is.

  13. I agree with what Hillary needs to come to terms with, despite the emails, the Bengazi shit, etc....she lost first time out to an unknown black guy, she almost lost to a 80 year old progressive jew...what more proof does she need to realize, people just don't like her? I know I don't, never have and never will. She needs to just go away and get off the blame game shit. Just another example of why I can't wait for somebody old rich white guy. to kick the shit out of the Liberals .and take Pelosi, Klintoon, Waters, Pocahontass and that sorry ass negro with you!!

  14. President Trump is chopping Obama's legacy into pieces and there isn't one damn thing any democrat can do about it. Just think DJT killed off the last of the Bush dynasty, sent Hillary out to pasture and is relegating Obama into a footnote of future history books.

    1. When will Trump voters realize they’ve been had? This historian has some answers

    2. Raw sewage, mental midget?