Saturday, June 3, 2017

What To Do In The Event of a Terror Attack

1- Say This has nothing to do with Islam and does not represent Islam
2-claim to be The religion of peace
3-It's payback for the west being in the. Middle East
4-The perpetrator was mentally ill
5-It was a 'Lone wold attack'
6-it's just part of living in a big city
7-claim Christians do these things too
8-Those who object are racist bigots
9-change Facebook profile to the flag of inflicted country
10-claim muslims are the real victims
11-wait for the next Islamic Terrorist attack to happen
12-Go back to #1. Repeat as needed.


  1. Yes, keep making this about religion. Fool.

    1. Go to #1 repeat as needed.

    2. Pookie Toot Toot, your mama will look better wearing a hijab…

      Oh, put some underwear on your face while you're at it Pookie Toot Toot. Otherwise, the Syracuse PD will put you in prison for indecent exposure.

  2. ISLAM is a CANCER.

    Like any form of the dread disease it must be treated with AGGRESSIVE ATTACKS ––








Anyone who does not believe this is an IMBECILE.

CANCER cannot be dealt with DIPLOMATICALLY.


    The morons who do not believe this, and would self-righteously defend the indefensible sit IMMERSED, HAMSTRUNG, and DROWNING in MYRIAD bits of DATA, as always, instead of getting to the ROOT, DIGGING it OUT, and BURN ING it.


Any attempt to be "REASONABLE" about the dire THREAT ISLAM poses to DECENT PEOPLE everywhere in the WORLD is a complete WASTE of TIME and ENERGY.


When it is clearly a KILL or BE KILLED situation, only a FOOL would FAIL to mount as strong and vicious a COUNTERATTACK as may be mustered.


If the WEST is to SURVIVE, __ I-S-L-A-M __ M-U-S-T __ D-I-E.

    And the mush-brained APOLOGISTS for ISLAM must be OSTRACIZED and EXILED.


  3. There is only ONE sensible solution to ALL forms of Islamic Aggression. and that is a UTILITARIAN solution –– a FINAL Solution:




    Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)


    However illegal, impolitic, inadvisable, unconstitutional, un-American, immoral or impracticable others claim it to be we should maintain a position of absolute intolerance for a Muslim Presence in OUR world.

    When the Handwriting on the Wall sends a clear, uncompromising message, and STILL we fail to heed its stern warning, we DESERVE to be ECLIPSED.

    FACE IT: Either it's DIDADIN or BE DAMNED.

  4. You have to ask yourself about the voters in London electing a Muslim mayor. But wait! America elected a Muslim sympathizing president; TWICE.

    1. Yep! The West very clearly has been brainwashed by LEFTISTS and unimaginative legalistic dunderheads into into adopting a SUICIDE MODE.

    2. The Londoners continue to keep that Muslim terrorist in control. Those dunderheads better wake up before Sharia Law turns them into slaves.

  5. Some people feel they have license to be offensive or controversial and occasionally they get called on it.

    I don't see the need to protest march, or ban the idiots or to write on twitter about the outrage- I simply change the channel when I see people (scum) like Bill Maher or Kathy Griffin on the channel..

  6. Dr. Heimlich Von WeinerspeigelJune 4, 2017 at 7:19 AM

    Religion is like an opioid addiction. It ultimately controls you. Not usually for the good.

    Note above rant as an example.

    1. Kinda like "climate change" worshippers.

  7. I guess that Kathy Griffin didn't expect such a massive rejection from everyone but the kitchen sink. …

    I guess she thought she would be applauded and lauded for her stupid and not funny dtunt! And to add to her stupidity, she broke the cardinal rule, You just don’t attack a candidate’s children. So now she finds herself in a pickle that she might never recover from... Dhr got herself Fired from her her CNN job, many, many prominent democrats, liberals, and progressives have been condemning her, And then she decides to go on the apology tour along with a well known sleaze ball attorney claiming that shes the victim and is asking for forgiveness.
    Unfortunately, she apparently looks at what she did as just a comedy antic and that everyone is going overboard on it. So she hires an attorney who's known as a media whore the daughter of another progressive media-whore Gloria Allred, to hold a press conference. She now claims that President Trump is deliberately destroying her career – as if she didn't do it to herself.
    And now she's an unemployed jackass. Soon to be a irrelevant unemployed jackass.

  8. London’s New Muslim Mayor is Warning President Trump: "Let In Muslims Or They Will Attack America"!
    That sounds like the Mayor of London is threatening is! Does he have a private hotline to ISIS.?
    So let's look st the facts! The British have millions of Muslins in Britain and Britain ha been under seige and has had two Islamic Terrorist attacks in the past 10 days, and who knows know when the next one will happen. So what is the Mayor talking about? Why is Britain getting attacked....why is France getting attacked when they've let a shit load of Muslins in?
    The Progressive Muslim Mayor is devoid of logic being a Leftist, but being a Muslim himself his comments sound like he's threatening America.
    Big mistake there Sonny Boy, soon you might be on your knees begging President Trump for help. As you don't seem to know what the hell your doing !

  9. Replies
    1. Be nice to Quackobyrd, Speedy G! He's stiff from getting Tarred And Feathered and can't shake his tailfeathers right now. Pookie Toot Toot got constipated and couldn't pass Quackobyrd out when his head got stuck.

  10. As far as Kathy Griffin is concerned, what she should have done, once she saw the backlash, coming was to immediately apologize. She would have been forgiven. But no, the dumb bitch hires a lawyer and bashed Trump more.

    1. Of all lawyers, she hired the bimbo from Ambulance Chaser Gloria Allred's tenderloinz. The Bloomer is even dumber than her mama and just as crooked.

  11. A group of up to 5,000 Canadian citizens marched on Canada’s capital on Saturday in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s conservative agenda and against the liberal agenda of their own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

    The marchers gathered to protest the country’s spiraling tax rate, its recent attacks on free speech, and the government’s wild over-spending, Daily Caller reported.

    Event organizer Mike Waine, who called his march the “Million Deplorable March” in emulation of the name Hillary Clinton made up for Donald Trump’s supporters, said he is annoyed that PM Trudeau gets a free pass from the Canadian media.

    Waine said:

    Nothing was being done about this corrupt government… Trudeau stepped out-of-bounds with waving the pot leaf in front of the nose of the tokers and his nice friendly-looking smile won him the housewives. So now we’re in a situation where we have a complete moron at the helm and he’s spending more than we can afford. He’s destroying our country with carbon taxes, he’s destroying small business.

    Waine praised President Trump for taking the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord and slammed the Canadian media for refusing to report accurately how badly Trudeau’s liberal policies are working.

    1. Petey Trudeau's braindead boy Justin is even dumber than he is. Pete and Justin will be the 2 worst Prime Ministers Canada has ever had.

  12. Shaw's nemesis JoanJune 5, 2017 at 6:35 AM

    Maxine Waters Physically Attacks A Liberal Reporter For His Comment About Obama

    by Donald June 4, 2017 11:08 pm

    Maxine Waters has gone so crazy she is even willing to physically attack liberal reporters when they suggest something she doesn’t like. She spends her days and nights talking about how she wants to get President Trump impeached. Michael Tracy, a reporter from the very liberal youtube channel, The Young Turks was attacked for his question.

    The reporter simply asked if Obama made a mistake when he “forge[d] military cooperation with Russia in Syria.” This was enough to set her off. “Look, you and I have a different agenda, young man. I’m out to impeach this President – get that straight. I’m out to impeach the President. I’m not gonna be diverted by people who are Obama haters,” said Waters before shoving him.

    The cameraman Ty, expressed his opinion on the incident. “I think that was the wrong way to handle what she did, regardless of how you feel about Barack. I think Barack is ‘Black Jesus’ too, but still, you can’t do that,” said Ty.

    “Michael Tracy wrote some tweets about the incident. Rep. Maxine Waters just shoved me and angrily stormed off as I asked her questions

    1. That Maxine Waters shoved Michael Tracey is fake news. That she "physically attacked" him (as Joan/Donald says above) is faker news.

    2. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! Dunderhead Dervish trolls for his stinky buttface Mad Maxine! Do us a yuge favor, Dunderhead Dervish: put on some underwear over your face, and tell your stinky buttboys to do the same. Otherwise, we'll need plenty of eye bleach to unsee indecent exposure of the unknown kind. Follow this link at your own risk: MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! Rattrapper out!

  13. Note to Shaw

    The media Russia LIE, OR SHOULD I SAY EXCUSE has been going for over 6 months without one piece of evidence. No telling how long this latest lie will run, and no telling how many gullible fools believe the crap that you post on your blog. But Keep dreaming, maybe in 7 ½ years Trump won’t be President any longer.

    And by the way, your DUMB pictures only make YOU look DUMBER that you already are.

  14. Shaw KenaweJune 5, 2017 at 10:22 AM
    the mentality of those that elected Lord Dampnut.
    As I've said many times, there's no hope for them. They are terminally doomed. But as a result of their monumental stupidity, we all are suffering with the baboon they supported.

  15. Shaw KenaweJune 5, 2017 at 7:46 AM
    "We wound up with this president because millions of Republicans could not prioritize character, decency, and overall fitness to serve over their mundane and frankly petty partisan wish list (28 percent top marginal tax rate!
    This is the truth and why so many Americans deeply resent Republican voters right now. Republicans can no longer pretend that they are the morally superior party or the party of family values. That ended when the put Trump in office.

    1. We elected Trump-because of the arrogant snot nose we had the last eight years and didn't want another 8 years of that we would have gotten with the phony witch Hillary

    2. What exaclty of the last 8 years do you oppose? Could it be saved the economy from a depression with the stimulus (which the GOP cut in half), showed economic growth each month since the Stimulus, saved the auto industry, unemployment down to 4%, lowest deficit spending in 50 years, cut deficit by two thirds, cut spending, GDP is up, more jobs created, record stock market numbers. Gas prices below $2.00. Most of the debt increases rolled over from the Bush administration which absolutely tanked the economy world wide. And the GOP has done nothing but defeat Jobs Bills and every Bill to help Vets. Oh, and 20 million more have insurance and the rate which are going up and nothing compared to the rate of increase before Obamacare.

    3. Muh muh my! Muh muh my! Lester Liberalmann got banned again? Are you trying to bypass the ban by going as "this one" Pookie Toot Toot? You can do better than that, can't you Johnny Burdick? WAIT, WAIT! MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! I hear your hoochie mama calling for you: { "OH LESTER, YOU FORGOT YOUR UNDERWEAR MASK! Come back and put it on, you little stinker, you! How many times do I have to bail you out of jail, JOHNLESTER, you little stinkface?" } Hey Pookie Toot Toot, put on a hijab before you end up in jail again for indecent exposure. Your hoochie mama's squeaky shrieks will blow out a sane person's ear drums. Muh muh my! Muh muh my! Rattrapper out!


  16. Every time Kathy Griffin tries to justify her insane beheading of sitting US President, she sinks further. Only a Liberal can come up with something so twisted, violent, and hateful and still feel entitled to victimhood.

    1. Kathy Griffin held up a head that looked like Donald Trump and she got fired from CNN. Ted Nugent threatened to kill a president, he got invited to the White House. Idiots.

  17. ISIS loves the hate for Islam as exhibited on this board. They would likely be willing to pay people like FreeThinke if so many were not already promulgating their hate for free. FreeThinke is an unwitting ISIS ally. Trump is the #1 unwitting ISIS Ally.

    1. Are you always such a DUMB ASS. Or is it only when you're awake?

    2. Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me!

    3. Dunderhead Dervish is a buttboy for ISIS.

    4. Dervish Sandbaggerz is a STINKY ISIS buttboy.

    5. This is the last blog that allows Dervish to comment. Let him alone.

    6. Lisa's been very generous allowing Derwood to comment.

    7. Correction to the troll's comment above: This is the last blog that allows Luke to comment. I comment on several other people's blogs. BTW, check out Luke's blog - there is nothing there except one post dedicated to his hate for me. He even changed the title of his blog to reflect his hate for me.

    8. Yes, I have had a new blog for months and Trump Dervish is going nuts because he can't find it to post his hate comments. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      Just like the thousands of hate comments and multiple death threats he posted on my own blog.
      So it's Trump Dervish blog now. Check out all of Trump Dervish's 10 hate blogs.

    9. I thought that is what you SHOULD have done initially, moron! Created your blog and then STOPPED trolling me! But you couldn't help yourself, of course.

      That I'm "going nuts" is just one of your many delusions. You leave me alone, and I will leave you alone. That would be GREAT as far as I am concerned. But I doubt you will.

      BTW, at the top of YOUR hate blog you mention that Shaw published a comment of mine! PROOF that you are a pathological liar (like Trump). Shaw's blog being just one of the several blogs I comment on.

      According to you, I have 10 hate blogs and I think you are "10 other guys". Ha ha ha ha ha. What an idiot. He thinks that me pushing back against his years of trolling is "hate". Because HE is the victim! Sorry, Luke/Steve. Nobody buys your bullshit.

    10. Everyone has read your bullshit so they know you are lying. HA HA HA HA HA HA
      I asked you a long time ago to leave me alone and I didn't post a comment on your blog for months, so go fuck yourself lying Trump Dervish!

    11. Right, after you changed the name on your account to "Luke" from "Steve" it was quite a while before you started harassing me again. What's your point?

      Anyway, liar, I asked YOU to leave ME alone and YOU said no. I said stop sending me your garbage posts "so you don't have to steal it" and you REFUSED, asshole! YOU go fuck YOURSELF, lying Trump Luke!

    12. It's right there on my comment section. You said you would not stop harassing me. Your own words prove you a liar again Trump Dervish! I'm not Steve. I'm not 3 TOM's. I don't post anonymous, or under other names. To bad you can't say the same lying Trump Dervish. I just started my blog last Summer. Now get back to calling for Trump's murder.

    13. You ARE Steve, asshole. The account numbers are the same. A FACT that Shaw also noticed. Your LAME excuse at the time was "Thanks, now I know who stole my ID two weeks ago". Ha ha ha ha ha. Idiot.

      I asked you to leave me alone months ago (stop sending me your posts as comments with the BULLSHIT accusation of "plagiarism" attached). You said NO. You think that I should have said yes when you asked me to leave you alone (just recently)? Think again, asshole! Like I said, I only follow (your version of) the Golden Rule. If I find this secret blog of yours I will harass you there too.

      BTW, You report to the FBI that I call for Trump's murder? "I would be irresponsible not to report you" was what you wrote regarding the death threats you imagined I sent you. Would it not be irresponsible for you to not report your delusions about me calling for Trump's murder to the FBI?

      Proof that you are a delusional liar. You keep telling me you've called the police and the FBI to report me, tell me "good luck" in dealing with them, yet I've yet to be contacted by anyone. I'm thinking you only IMAGINED you called anyone. Because you're fucking nuts! A good description for someone who trolls enemies he imagines "attacked" his blogs (Stay A While + Words and Music) unprovoked.

    14. WOW! Talk about delusions!
      Your headline says you want Trump assassinated.

      "I Want Donald J. Trump Dead. Either By Natural Causes Or Assassination."


      I never had a blog by the name Stay A While.
      I no longer have a blog by the name Words and Music. That blog is now called Dervish Sanders and His Hate Blogs.
      I also have a new blog, which I started a month ago, that I shall not name.
      I had to start a new blog because of your harassing my blog "Words and Music" by sending thousands of vile comments and multiple death threats, which you admitted to and I have posted that admittance on this blog many times.


      You will not get to my new blog and my old blog is now devoted to exposing your hate and murder threats.

      YOU are the one who is nuts! Proven by your own words. You call for the murder of the president of the United States, You said you wanted me dead. You sent comments that went on for paragraphs and days talking about murder, including my murder.

      Any one can report you given your current public headline. I hope they do. I just enjoy driving you crazy and watching your psychotic anger expose yourself for what you are. ENJOY!

      Now get back to your hate blog(s) (one of many you write) and continue to demand the assassination of the president of the United States.

    15. I cannot "continue to demand the assassination of the president of the United States" as I have never demanded this even once. I already proved - and you admitted - that you republished multiple posts from your old blog (Stay A While) on your current blog (Words and Music, now renamed to reflect your psychotic anger and delusions regarding me).

      And, as anyone can see, I won. I got you to move your blog after mere months. I, on the other hand, endured your trolling for years. You can dish it out, but you surely can not take it, asshole!

    16. I found Luke's new blog. It is located here:

    17. I could not admit republishing anything from my blog Stay A While since I never had a blog CALLED Stay A While. Please prove it lying Trump Dervish.
      You can't win if I'm publishing a new blog without your hate harassment and having moved because of your hate harassment only proves me correct, that you are nothing but a hate driven, criminal troll.
      Ah yes, one of your "jermac" hate blogs. Everyone read it and see the kind of hate Trump Dervish's mind conjures up. Thanks for proving me correct AGAIN by your own words Trump Dervish. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      Creating hate filled blogs is what Trump Dervish means by "taking it" and laughingly trying to make people think I wrote that crap. Anyone reading those blogs knows they come from your sick mind. And why would I let you comment on those blogs if they were mine? Why is it only you and Ducky can comment on those blogs? Keep the proof coming Trump Dervish HA HA HA HA HA

    18. What I meant by "taking it" was your trolling of my blog for years as TOM and Steve, asshole! If I made a "hate blog" for you it would only be because you deserve it.

      Also, I agree that "Luke" never had a blog called Stay A While. But TOM did. And "TOM" is your ID. I've laid out the evidence (such as you putting Stay A While posts on Words and Music) and it's SOLID.

      As for you being Steve, this is a PROVEN fact. Something Shaw noted in the post I linked to above. As did everyone who replied. Nobody disagreed with the TRUTH Shaw revealed, which is that the name on your account used to be Steve. You will (of course) continue to deny it. But you know it is true, asshole!!! You trolled me with UGLY homophobic comments for a long time. Long before you started Words and Music. And, as per YOUR definition of the Golden Rule, you deserved EVERY comment I sent you - and MORE!! FAR MORE!

      If I do find your new blog I will resume harassing you there. That said, I'm not expecting I will and I am NOT "going crazy" trying to find it. That's a delusion of yours that allows you to THINK that you've won.

    19. What a fucking criminal troll LOSER!!!

    20. Ha ha ha ha ha. You have nothing but insults because you know what I wrote is TRUE! Shaw, RN, Pamela and Flying Junior know that you used to go by the name "Steve" and are a horrible, vile and nasty blog troll (as per Shaw's commentary) which is why you targeted those people with your hate attacks. Go away and stay gone, asshole! You lost! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

    21. I agree with Mr. Sanders. Good for him for sticking it to the blog troll Luke. Or is his name TOM? Or perhaps it is Steve? Who knows? What is known (thanks to the detective work of Mr. Sanders) is that Luke (what he currently calls himself) has been trolling for around 5 years (possibly longer). The dude obviously loves trolling. Watch out, Sanders... I seriously doubt he's done with you. He might lie low for awhile and come back under another name (like when he changed his name from "Steve" to "Luke"). Anyway, kudos for exposing this scumbag.

    22. Gee I wonder who that was?
      Thanks for showing everyone how deeply sick and hate filled you are Dervish Trump, AGAIN.

    23. Of course you think if someone agrees with me, it must be me. Because nobody else knows what a lying asshole troll you are. No, wait, MANY people know that about Luke Trump.

    24. You are so delusional you think you are fooling people and they believe your lies. HA HA HA HA
      Like people actually believe I wrote your hate blogs> HA HA HA HA HA
      That's why you keep proving you are lying with your own words. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
      Only your sick lying mind could do such things lying Dervish Trump. HA HA HA HA HA HA

    25. *You* are so delusional you think you are fooling people and they believe your lies. HA HA HA HA. 2 commenters in this thread both believe you are the author of YOUR hate blogs!

      You keep proving you are lying with your own words. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Only *your* sick lying mind could do such things lying Luke Trump. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  18. Dr. Heimlich Von WeinerspeigelJune 6, 2017 at 1:25 AM

    This board's obsession with Shaw is amusing. Certainly confirms the validity of her views.

    Well said Dervish Sanders. Truth however is often very difficult for some folks grasp.

  19. Shaw's nemesis JoanJune 6, 2017 at 5:24 AM

    Hey Brainstorm!
    Wake up, your always calling Donald Trump the laughing stock !
    Yet YOU and your PROGRESSIVE ILK praise the likes of Hillary Klintoon, and Susan Rice, and morons like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and the rest of that old Gang of Knuckle Heads . No Trump is not the "Laughing Stock"!
    The laughing stock is the bung of Lying idiots who are responsible for Benghazi! , the laughing stock is Crook who lost the election with the lowest amount of states won since 1994. The laughing stock are the people who think that the amount of votes won y population is actually the winner. And the laughing stock is people, who think that the voters are nothing but stupid racists. There's a whole middle of this country that sees this stupid Protesting stuff, with all these Pussy Hats and Hollywood Vulgar speakers are trying to act like they know what their doing . Or a few Black Lives Matter wise asses acting tough and cool. These are the jackasses who are the Laughing stock. The same people who want the transgenders using all the Bathrooms and that nonsense, are Laughing stock! The same people who watch campus students loose their mind when someone they disagrees with them comes to speak. Or Liberal Comedians holding up the head of our President and tv shows making fun of all this ridiculousness, and thinking it's funny,they are the Laughing stock. Watch the news or the late night TV shows with Alec Baldwin , and Tina Fey, or Steven Colbert, thats the current stupidity being demonstrated y the talentless clowns prop are watching these days. And by our college kids who are supposed to be receiving higher education. We are producing an generation of morons, and that's not a laughing matter. Maybe You just haven't noticed it yet.
    But that's what we should be concerned about .... not the dumb, and stupid childish pranks we see every night on these dumb TV shows. Like who could make our President look more stupid then the next guy.

    1. It's 'you're,' genius. Sorry couldn't get past your first sentence.

  20. After eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama, it's very refreshing to have a President like Donald J. Trump, We had eight Long and miserable years where we were at the brink of collapse, and disaster Under the progressive socialist democrats where our enemies, both foreign and domestic were literally walking all over us.
    But thank heavens we now have a serious candidate who will indeed MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
    A President that ALL America could respect;
    a President who understands and respects the Constitution;
    a President with American core values;
    a President of knowledge and experience in governing;
    a President with a demonstrated ability to lead;
    a President who says what they mean and means what they say;
    not so much a novelty ego-driven celebrity with name recognition and a personal fortune; but a President who will put our nation before himself , ideology, or his party?

    1. Would love to see you be specific about your criticisms of Obama-with facts, not silly assed conjecture. You can't.

  21. Comey will NOT testify taht President Trump asked him to Obstruct the Investigation, and in other Breaking news... Comey is being sued for covering up Obama's spying campaign!

  22. Sadie Turmatt LupowickiJune 7, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    And then she decides to go on the apology tour along with a well known sleaze ball attorney claiming that shes the victim and is asking for forgiveness.
    Unfortunately, she apparently looks at what she did as just a comedy antic and that everyone is going overboard on it. So she hires an attorney who's known as a media whore the daughter of another progressive media-whore Gloria Allred, to hold a press conference. She now claims that President Trump is deliberately destroying her career – as if she didn't do it to herself.

  23. KG is nothing more than a village idiot for George Soreass. Her braindead ambulance chasing lawyer, the spawn of Gloryhole Allred's tenderloinz made some serious blunders when she ran her piehole off. Bloomer's retorts dug KG's hole even deeper, much to our delight. Something tells me the Bloomer must have gotten dropped on her head when she came flying out of Gloryhole's birth canal. Bloomer threw salt on KG's self inflicted wounds, much to the amusement of the public. Muh muh my! Muh muh my! Rattrapper out!

  24. Lorenzo di MacaroniJune 8, 2017 at 4:55 PM

    "We elected Trump-because of the arrogant snot nose we had the last eight years"

    So you opted for a bloated fat-faced lying asshole? Brilliant!

    "and didn't want another 8 years of that we would have gotten with the phony witch Hillary"

    Hillary can't be a real witch if she's "the phony witch Hillary."

    That's the problem with you dopes you can't even get insults right when you're trying to be insulting. No wonder you're all in love with Trump. Your minds are as scrambled as his.