Monday, January 7, 2019

Senior NBC Reporter Resigns

This news isn’t picking up traction because the opposition media won’t report on anything but negative news about President Trump.

NBC Senior Reporter William Arkin is leaving NBC over their infatuation with being anti-Trump and how that direction has distracted journalists from revealing real stories that need to be told to the American people.
Honestly, that’s a huge move for someone working at one of the Democrat National Committee Defense networks. The opposition media reports over 90 percent negative news to Trump on a daily basis. You would think more news journalists would have gotten tired of this “attack at all costs” strategy implemented by these companies.
Arkin’s farewell letter blasted NBC of peddling “ho-hum reporting” that “essentially condones” endless American military presence in the Middle East and other regions of the world. He also slammed the network for not informing the American people of the “the failures of the generals and national security leaders,” essentially becoming “a defender of the government against Trump” and a “cheerleader for open and subtle threat-mongering.”


  1. I would hope this marks the start of a Great Unravellng of a profoundly evil phenomenon:

    "The News" long ago became nothing but a vicious propaganda machine for the obsessive-compulsive dissemination of seditious anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, pro-Marxist filth.

    If one rat has found the wisdom and the courage to desert this flotilla of Pirate Ships, it might signal the beginning of the DEFEAT –– at long last –– of the FAKE NEWS ARMADA that has been bent on conquering and destroying our precious nation since the end of World War Two.

    I take it as a Hopeful and Encouraging Sign at the beginnung of a new Year.

    1. It isn't encouraging at all that people actually believe the nonsense you repeat in your comment.

    2. Big Chungas? That's what you're calling Franco now?

    3. Nope. That's what I'm calling you, Doc.

    4. No one but utter FOOLS call ME anything but BRILLIANT.

      FJ is anything BUT a fool.

  2. HOLD____THE____PHONE____!

    NEWSFLASH! Something IMPORTANT has come in that MUST be dealt with RIGHT AWAY:

    Congress needs to launch full scale federal investigation into the growing spate of accusations that President Trump is in fact a MOTHERFUCKER.

    There is a crying need need to find whatever evidence may be left that could prove that Mr. Trump actually DID fuck his mother

    The machinery that moves the nation will be held in abeyance until we do,

    It's very important to secure the future health and strength of this nation to uncover the TRUTH when accusations like this get widely disseminated in the channels of public communication.

    DID Mr. Trump FUCK his MOTHER, or DIDNT HE?

    Ony the lady in question could know for sure, and she's long gone, but it's VITALLY important that we at least do everythng in our power to TRY to disover the FACTS in this case.

    IS Presiden Trump a MOTHERFUCKER, or is that just an idle rumor generated by the ever-turning wheels of the Enemedia's Propaganda Mill?

    Inquiring minds MUST know.

    Please pray that the TRUTH about the president's alleged MOTHERFUCKING will be revealed soon. We can't possibly go on with the naton's busiess until we KNOW one way or the other.

    I think everyone on both sides of the aisle would agree that we CAN'T allow a MOTHERFUCKER to continue serving as our president.

    It would be MOST unseemly!

    1. Unseemly is all the niggers and Spics Drumpf brings in to do his slave labor. He fucks them too!

      All to remind them that they don't match up to the exalted white (SPIT*) people.

    2. Oh relax, FreeThinke(LMAO)™, the m'fer shoutout was nothing more than a slap to let you and the other neo-fascists know that change is coming.

    3. Yep,that Ducky is one insightful motherfucker

    4. Yes, but it's of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE that we KNOW for SURE that Presiden Trump tally DID fuck his mother.

      One an allegation of THAT magnitude is made it is IMPERATIVE either to PROVE or DISPROVE it.


    ____ WARRIOR CLOWNS ____

    The crowds stopped roaring

    And vacated the arena long ago.

    The spectacle had reached the point

    Where it no longer titillated,
No longer shocked, depressed,

    Annoyed or inspired
Even the faintest semblance

    Of empathy, interest or concern.


Evening shadows lengthen
Darkening the tarmac;

    The sky purples, t hen blackens;

    There is no moon tonight.

    She has taken refuge ––

    Along with the stars ––

    Behind a thick blanket 

    Of lowering thunderclouds.

    And still

    The weary gladiators fight on ––
Unaware that the sweet Release ––

    The blessed Relief ––

    The Peace ––

    The JOY ––

    Of DEATH

Can never overtake

    Thrusting in futility
In the vast emptiness

    Of Cyberspace.

    Their Agony shall be

    ~ FreeThinke

  4. Anyone else watch the speech?

    Was Lord Dampnut medicated or what?
    What a leader.

  5. Replies
    1. They ARE embalmed, Rusty. Bth hve been de for years. What you see on TV are just skillfully made life-like ROBOTS that have been programmed to emit relentless anti-Republican, anti-Trump propaganda without thought or reason.

      We are being giverment more and more these days largely by highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art MACHINES equipped with Artifical Intelligence.These machnes hve ll been desgned and programmed by committed Marxist-Globalist elites, so they functiin entirely as part of The Enemy.

      President Trump may be one of the very last AUTHENTIC human beings left in Corridors of Power.

  6. Sorry, they looked like

    Mom and Dad are disapointed.

    1. They looked like DRACULA and VAMPIRE. Both members of The Living Dead.

    2. Nah. Chuck and Nacy and Robert have Trump's raisins in a vice and Lord Dampnut and the American people know it. You 30 percenters are a lost cause. Who cares what you think.

  7. Good grief, Chick and Nancy went on national TV stoned out of their minds

    1. Lord Dampnut sure seemed medicated. Xanax and booze?

      If you wondered why he had never given a WH address before this, you got your answer last night. Reading an off the cuff Stephen Miller rant and droning like a drunk sure did the nation proud.

      Even the Republican commentators were ripping him a new one.
      Stick a fork in him.

    2. Poor Ducky was watching the wrong show on his 19" black and white Philco

    3. Oh GEE! I thought he was still watching his old Sylvaniawith HALOLIGHT. Remembr that?

      Where is Roxanne today?

  8. Aw...poor tRump. So much negative news. If Obama had a scandal every day like Trump has, he'd have been exiled. Trump's days are numbered.

  9. Keep wishing and hoping....its the only thing sustaining you poor baby

    1. We don't havfta wish and hope. The guy who crushed Enron, John Gotti, and the Gambino family is on top of the corrupt Trump family and its scam artist, Don the Con. God Bless You, Robert Mueller.

  10. _____ Sail On, O Ship of State ______

    What the truth might be no one can find.
    Hopeless is the quest on either side
    Invested as they are in staying blind
    To anything that points to Power denied.

    Entrenched in battle lines made to endure,
    Weapons drawn and ready to attack.
    A motivating force that’s quite impure
    Twists logic into seeing white as black.

    Examining our leaders’ feet of clay
    Removes us from confronting our own flaws,
    While they decisive action can delay
    On how to rid the Nation’s Face of yaws.

    Electing pugilists who throw the fight
    Scorches angels’ wings, yet sheds no light.

    ~ FreeThinke

    This sonnet was penned twenty-two years ago in reference to the Clintons‘ Whitewater woes, but obviously the basic sentiments apply to the way politics is conducted all the time. Proof once more that "The more things change, the more they remain the same.” - FT


    Do reread The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

    Also reacquaint yourself with Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. –– the shorter and probably the pithiest of all his plays

    From these two highly disparate sources, –– though each is far reoved from the times in which we live –– you would be sure to get a much greater understanding of the current political climate.

    "Collected "facts" don't matter much. They never have, because they can too easuly be twisted and manipulated to "prove" just about anything those who bandy them about WANT OTHERS to BELIEVE –– usually for selfish or nefarious reasons,.

    So in the end it it is only the SPIRIT behind both the machinations and the good deeds that matters, and the two seemingly unrelated sources given above exemplify the "Zetrgeisr" or Guidung Mentality of OUR times fr better than any chronicle hat purports to interpret current events.

    You'd have to read both Alice and Julius with honest curiosity to ferret it out for yourselves of course, but if you make the effort, you would be sure to discover that "Thre more thungs change, the more they remain the same."


  12. When these illegals are brought in by truck loads they are not taken to Hollywood to live where these celebrities hypocrites live. They are dumped in poor black neighborhoods where honest folks are struggling to make a living.

    The schools in these Black neighborhoods are being pumped with illegals who don’t speak English making it even harder for the failing schools to keep up.
    Black people cant get jobs unless they are bi-lingual & can speak Spanish... in America!

    Meanwhile elites #nancypelosi & #chuckschumer live in walled compounds & their kids attend elite private schools.

    So they are ok with a wide open border because it doesn’t affect their lives. Black & Hispanic communities are already poor & they are being over run by illegal immigrants

  13. A wonderful demonstration of just why this nation is so fucked up is this thread.

    1. Yes, but ONLY because YOU and other members of Satan's Choir continue to INFEST this place, Drozzletail

    2. Au contraire Mr. Franco. Satan's Choir (not not there is such a choir) consists of the Trumpian riff raff.

  14. What's really fucked up is that yellow polyester shirt in the photo...stay out of Value Village

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ca va sans dire, Rusty.

      That goes without saying.

    3. "What's really fucked up is that yellow polyester shirt in the photo...stay out of Value Village."

      We can always count on The Rust to make in insightful comments on men's fashion choices. It's vewy important to him and close to his, erm, y'know, cockles.

      Tell us more, Rust, about your opinion on velvet crotch snuggers. We're all ears, Honey!

    4. Why Ray, we didn't know you were light in the loafers...not that there's anything wrong with that

  15. Leftists always show stunning opacity
    Whenthey think they're possessed of sagacity.
    We'll examine their mind,
    All we will find
    Is a great lack of mental capacity!

    ~ Ann Imus in Mourning

  16. Looks like Mitch McConnell told Pelosi to "get that weak shit out of here!"

    Old Mitch refuses to allow the Senate to vote on the house resolution to open the government.

    Sorry Madame Secretary

  17. Yeah. The Rust crowing about "weak shit" when Trump's polling in the 30s. He couldn't get a majority of Americans to piss down his throat if his lungs were on fire.

    Sing Brother Cohen! Sing!

  18. Hey Cranston? Are you a spawn of the late Senator Alan Cranston? You spew out the same garbage he'd be puking up if he were alive today.

  19. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY! What was in Nasty and Chuckie's moonbat hooch? Were the drinking some Dervish Sanders Tennessee Moonbat Hooch? It must have had Dervy's special ingredient made from goat pee. MUH MUH MY! MUH MUH MY!

  20. WOOHOO! I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Dervish and Lester Liberalmann aka Pookie Toot Toot have been naughty little dog turds. Hmmm, looks like Dervish has been spiking Nancy's hooch with his favorite elixir. You shouldn't lace Nancy and Chuckie's moonbat hooch with goat pee, Dervish. It adds to their stupidity they display to the public.

    1. We know. The rancid stench that overcame the forum announced your arrival..