Friday, September 2, 2022

The look of Crazy

This is an absolute disgrace of a human being. Time to call it a day Joe. 


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    1. Oh look! uptheEndo used his crayons to draw a picture of his favorite part of the male anatomy. He is so proud he posted a link so everyone can see.

    2. 🔺Dervish shows his queer fixation on men's private parts, especially those from Boofing Bobby Hunter Bidet's sloppy paintings.🔺

    3. By the way, whatever is dangling looks like a tail in the so called "Biden Masterpiece." Assface Dervish shows his perversion in his retorts.

    4. Hunter Biden's weiner makes uptheEndo "bigly horny". He made the comment with the account he uses to fake my identity... But it was uptheEndo projecting his gayness onto me. Because he is in the closet and won't admit (even to himself) that men's ding dongs give him "tingles up his tenderloins".

  2. I'm so proud of my speech last night. It was the best speech ever that I gave to America. My fellow Americans are so proud of me, as I lead this nation by the purest form of Truth and inspiration for the rest of the world. I couldn't be more prouder of last night. It was the best moment of my life, ever, other than marrying Jill and having 3 kids to raise...

    1. Stick a Fork Up Your Dumb Ass

    2. I am a self proclaimed coffee addict and Executive Director of a non profit missions agency working primarily in the Mexican cities of Guadalajara and Ensenada. Bulbophyll Bassoon got to Chris Matthews and Brian Stelter... I want my🍦🍦now!

    3. Got some Good-N-Plenty, Mike & Ike or other Theater snacks? Stock up for the political circus show coming your way, guys!

    4. 🔺Boofing Assface Dervish's hemmoroids are acting up.🔺

      It must be painful when he needs to take a number 2, after he got the monkey pox from his boyfriends.

  3. Catturd started trending #PedoHitler on Twitter. Twitter got so shaken up, and throttled it.

    1. Trump gave the Thursday night speech that started the PedoHitler tags? Who knew?

    2. Catturd = fake Qanon/Rattrapper's favorite snack.

    3. 🔺🔺🔺Dervish tells us what his favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner is.🔺🔺🔺

    4. Bullshit. Rattrapper/FakeQanon aka uptheEndo loves cat turds. He gobbles up the poops whenever Catturd takes a dump in his litterbox.

    5. Angry much, Flingo og-Assface Dervish Sanders? Your new favorite snack is cat poop? Who knew?

    6. I'm angry about lots of things. Your stupidity isn't one of the things. Your stupidity is your problem.

      YOU (not me) link to Catturd bullshit on your remaining WordPress blog. YOU (not me) are the bigly Catturd fan.

    7. You are nowhere near me. You're huffing your own farts again.

  4. I can remember a number of times that leftist Democrats such as Joe Biden had spoke about a SO CALLED “very real threat to America and to free and fair elections.”
    However you cannot compare that January 6th, event, which was nothing but a convoluted false-“ insurrection operation.
    The indictment is that you lefties are claiming it was worse than Pearl Harbor or 911. Is Absolute Lunacy!.
    And you numbskulls Progressives think you can get away with blaming Trump, and all Trump Supporters for something we had absolutely nothing to do with.
    That is the very definition of LUNACY!

    1. Suck one, brainwashed traitor.

    2. Hi ya, Pookie Toot Toot! Did Mike give you a super beat down again at his blog site? Is that why you came back here?

    3. Just checking to see what low life's are up to since Mike is so easily pwned. Are you still under the misguided belief that MAGATS want Asians like you in this country? Wake up, fool.

  5. MYERSTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Larry Mitko voted for Donald Trump in 2016. But the Republican from Beaver County in western Pennsylvania says he has no plans to back his party's nominee for Senate, Dr. Mehmet Oz — “no way, no how.”

    Mitko doesn’t feel like he knows the celebrity heart surgeon, who only narrowly won his May primary with Trump's backing. Instead, Mitko plans to vote for Oz's Democratic rival, John Fetterman, a name he's been familiar with since Fetterman’s days as mayor of nearby Braddock.
    “Dr. Oz hasn’t showed me one thing to get me to vote for him,” he said. “I won’t vote for someone I don’t know.

    But he DOES know John Fetterman,, and that alone should make him waht to vote for John Fettermans opponent! In MY HUMBLE OPINION, In this clear case, I would want to vote for anyone who is for John Fettermans OPPOSITE POSITION

    1. Nobody calls him that. After the election he will Senator Fetterman. The losing Carpetbagger Oz will still be called a QUACK.

      FYI, any comments from me attacking Oz for his ethnicity are FAKE. Also made by uptheEndo aka Rattrapper (Edward Endo) a Hitler-admirering hate-filled racist bigot who laughably claims he is a Christian.

    2. 🔺🔺🔺OH LOOK! Boofing Assface Sanders showed up! He must have gotten sobered up after his shroom and boofing orgy during the Bidet Blubberings. Boofing Assface Dervish loved every minute of PedoHitler's Infamous Nazi Diatribe on national TV. Assface Dervish kept screaming "WHITE POWER WHITE POWER" as PedoHitler Bidet snarled and grunted on tv, blabbing out the Democrat's planned blitzkrieg.

    3. Uh oh! Flingo confessed to making ethnic slurs against Dr. Mehmet Oz. Apparently he hates Turkish White people because they're not Anglo Saxon whites, like his boy Hitler.

    4. "Quack" isn't an ethnic slur, moron. I don't care about Memhet Oz's ethnic background, asshole. You are the racist who loves ethnic slurs and is a bigly Hitler fan ("Adolf Schittler" is YOUR account).

      Scientific American: Dr. Oz Shouldn’t Be a Senator -- or a Doctor. His brand of misinformation has already tarnished medicine. In the halls of Congress, he’d do much worse. While holding a medical license, Mehmet Oz, widely known as Dr. Oz, has long pushed misleading, science-free and unproven alternative therapies such as homeopathy, as well as fad diets, detoxes and cleanses. Some of these things have been potentially harmful, including hydroxychloroquine, which he once touted would be beneficial in the treatment or prevention of COVID. This assertion has been thoroughly debunked.

    5. Ich habe nur geackert und mein Tanga-Höschen verschmutzt!

    6. 🔺🔺🔺Assface Dervish goes on another midnight drinking binge.🔺🔺🔺

    7. 🔺🔺🔺Dervish has gone on a snorting binge again.🔺🔺🔺

    8. Ich habe heute ein paar großartige Zauberer auf meinem Grill gebraten. Ich war hungrig nach Hot Dogs heute.

  6. There’s only two ways to read that horrible Speech that Biden gave on Thursday. Either Joe Biden is so far gone that he literally can't even remember what he said twelve hours earlier...or his handlers woke up the next morning and realized how badly that speech came across and told Joe to walk it back.

    Neither is a good look for Joey, or this Administration but at this point why would anyone expect anything different from them? Whoever thought it was a good idea and thought that blood TED background would look AWESOME should be looking for a NEW job this morning!

    1. That background was God letting the fools expose themselves for what they really are: Satan's puppets.

    2. The imbecile Qanon (aka uptheEndo) is a puppet of Satan.

    3. 🔺Boofing Assface Dervish Sanders is a high priest of Satan.🔺

    4. Rattrapper aka fake Qanon aka uptheEndo keeps proving himself to be demonically possessed.

    5. Ah, hier bist du, Genosse Derwisch! Eure Gebete an Satan waren heard!😃😃😃😃😃 Eure Gebete sind sehr brillant. Möge Joe Biden das Vierte Reich holen! WEIßE MACHT! WEIßE MACHT!


    7. ☝️stupidity authored by the bigly comment faker Rattrapper aka uptheEndo☝️

      The red background was a message from God letting us know that trumpturds are Satan's puppets. Red being the republiturd color.

    8. 🔺🔺🔺Assface Dervish blushing after going off in his super drunken stupor

      Assface Dervish rips another loud fart with his baseless accusations and racist retorts.

  7. Biden went on National TV telling the country that “MAGA Republicans” are traitors to the nation and intent on destroying democracy, but exactly which of the American citizens is it his job is to he vilifying - and casting as the enemy?

    It seems that they are Republicans who are strongly opposed to the far-left policies of the Democrat Party - and are engaged politically.
    Well exactly what is wrong with being opposed to his Socialist policies, and positions?
    Although we Republicans, do not agree with his Bills, Political Ideas, Policies, etc.
    We don’t go anywhere Burning down Buildings, Businesses, Looting Stores, Tearing down Statues, or ant of that Diy Activities that his followers seem to enjoy.

    1. Joe Bidens großartige Rede gab mir ein starkes Kribbeln in meinem Rumpf.

    2. Assface Dervish said "Joe Bidens großartige Rede gab mir ein starkes Kribbeln in meinem Rumpf."

      It translates to "Joe Biden's bigly speech gave me a super bigly tingle up my rump."

      Proof that Assface Dervish is dumber than rocks! Stay off the sauerkraut, schnitzels and the Tennessee Moonbat Hooch, Boofing Dervish.

    3. The above two comments are proof that Assface uptheEndo (aka fake Qanon aka Rattrapper aka Edward Endo) is dumber than a box of rocks. I did not write a comment in German. I have never written a comment in German. That was you, an imbecile who laughably believes he is brilliant.

    4. 🔺🔺🔺OH LOOK! Assface Dervish got lucid after binge gurgling, and realized he said something while in a super drunken stupor (or is that his normal state of mind). And he goes on his blame Mystere game as his tired old excuse as usual. How unoriginal does it get?🔺🔺🔺

    5. uptheEndo denies the obvious yet again. As usual. How unoriginal does it get?

    6. Assface Dervish can't hide much longer. Everyone knows what he really thinks.

    7. Assface uptheEndo can't hide behind his many IDs. Everyone knows it is really him.

    8. 🔺🔺🔺🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🔺🔺🔺

      Assface Dervish just earned 10 Pinnochio noses. Assface Dervish's daddy is known as the Father Of Lies.

    9. The truth doesn't earn any Pinocchio noses.

    10. Of course the truth doesn't earn any Pinocchio noses. That's why no one else gets any Pinocchio noses here. Your constant lying got you 10 Pinocchio noses, Boofing Assface Dervish Sanders.

    11. Rattrapper (an uptheEndo sock puppet) lies constantly. uptheEndo gets all the Pinocchio noses 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    12. Chronic liar Dervish Sanders is a son of Satan. He sticks his Pinnochio nose up men's stink holes to cause them to pass gas in his face.

    13. You are the chronic liar who loves it when gas is passed in your face, uptheEndo.

  8. Thursday’s address to the nation by Joe Biden had all the earmarks of the Nazi’s rising to power in the 1930’s, including the Bloody Red backdrop with soldiers. The only thing missing was the swastikas. Though Biden himself probably had no idea what he was doing and saying with his DISGUSTING portrayal of ‘Maga Republicans” as threats to our democracy. It was surely reminiscent of Hitler’s political speeches. Whoever aut Thursday’s address to the nation by Joe Biden had all the earmarks of rising Nazi power in the 1930’s. The maudlin backdrop with soldiers was missing only the circular banners with swastikas. Though Biden himself had no idea what he was doing and saying, his portrayal of ‘Maga Republicans” as threats to democracy was eerily reminiscent of Hitler’s enabling act outlawing all other political parties. The collective committee's that author Bidens’ propaganda pronouncements used him as a vessel trying to smear more than half the country as traitors to democratic ideals misusing free speech to undermine freedom. It belied the chilling plans of Washington elites to usurp the voices of the people in opposition to its planned domination and removal of middle-class America. hored Biden’s propaganda used him trying to smear more than half the country as traitors to democracy. It screamed of chilling plans of Washington’s Left to Shut the voices of the people in opposition to its planned domination and the removal of anyone in America who dared to oppose him!

  9. Biden's Speech Last Night Was A Disgrace. It was purely a theatrical show of Hitleresque proportions, with Biden's loud yelling and hand gestures. All staged in front of the Hall of Independence in Philadelphia with two Marines from the Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.
    What a disgraceful and abominable misuse of these two fine young Marines who had to render a Salute to this traitorous demented criminal and his evil wife.
    The Speech was a vicious partisan attack on over 100 million Americans that support conservatism the traditional Judeo-Christian values this nation was founded on.
    CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny said "There’s nothing unusual or wrong with a President delivering a political speech — it’s inherent in the job description — but doing it against a backdrop of two Marines standing at attention and the Marine Corps Band is a break with White House traditions."
    The real "Threat to America" is NOT from the MAGA Republicans-Conservatives. It is from the 'Woke' Liberal leftist Fascist scum that want to TAKE AWAY your 1st Amendment Rights, your 2nd Amendment Rights, have OPEN BORDERS where massive number of dangerous illegals flow into this nation, massive amounts of deadly narcotics, Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl flood this country and killing tens of thousands of our youth.
    The weakening and destruction of the moral fiber of our military with sick vile CRT and LBGT teachings, the teaching and brainwashing of 4, 5 and 6 year old children that they are not the gender God gave them at birth and now allowing Hospitals, Medical Facilities to perform life changing mutilating transgender surgeries on minors. Pedophile Drag Queens being brought into Public Schools, Public Libraries reading books like Johnny has two Daddies to indoctrinate young children into the demonic LBGT lifestyles. And now even Drag Queen shows on military bases !
    Biden speaks about the soul of America being at stake ? He had better think about his own soul and all the liberal Democrats, their souls which are headed to eternal damnation, to the 'Lake of Fire', for their support of the works of the Devil, Abortion, LBGT filth, NO CASH BAIL, Defund the Police and coddle the criminals.
    This is the government our Founding Fathers warned us about.

    1. JoeJoe RobbingIt Bidet put a curse on his whole bloodline with the dirty deeds he did. While I hope his grandkids will wise up and reverse the curse, Satan is gloating with glee. Bidet's boy Bobo is burning in hell, screaming for someone to reach out to his dad and stepmother to avoid the doom he put himself into. The daughter who died in the accident in 1972 is in Heaven, hoping that her living brother gets off drugs, changes his way and gets out of his old life, knowing his time is very short and coming up fast. The daughter is hoping her step sister Ashley gets help and cleans up her act as well.

    2. Assface Dervish issues a thinly veiled internet threat against his enemies again. Not very smart, for God Almighty sees everything and and laughs at you, Flingo. You've already doomed yourself, Assface Dervish. No need to cast pearls in front of you.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. FakeQanon/Rattrapper aka uptheEndo regularly threatens Democrats with mass executions and eternal torment. He prays to his master Satan to make it so. Though in his (tiny) and deluded mind he prays to God. Satan gloats with glee in regards to how he has fooled uptheEndo into giving up his soul.

      fyi, the "threats" from me exist only in your delusions. I only speculate. Judgement belongs to God. However (in my opinion) uptheEndo is obliviously cruising down the highway to Hell at a high rate of speed.

      Our legitimate (and fantastic) President Joe Biden is working hard for the American people. God will welcome Joe Biden with open arms into the kingdom of Heaven (when the time comes).

      The fake prophets you listen to have sold their souls to Satan for earthly riches. That Lamb phony is currently bigly regretting his decision to serve Satan and his minion, the horrible Orange Turd.

    5. Joe Biden got possessed by the demons who invaded Hitler's carcass during the 1930s to 1945 when Hitler took his own life and ended up on a meat hook in Hell.

      Flingo Og-Assface Dervish Sanders is a demon possessed jizz gurgle.

    6. "Flingo Og-Assface Dervish Sanders" is an uptheEndo delusion. No such person exists. "Joseph RobbingIt Bidet" does not exist either. He is a delusion brought on by your mental illness and listening to bullshit spewed by fake pastors telling Satanic lies.

      uptheEndo is going to end up hanging from a meathook in Hell. As is the Orange Turd he worships. As well as the fake pastors who lie about being prophets.

      As for gurgling jizz, you're the one constantly raving about "white gravy".

    7. 🔺🔺🔺Boofing Assface Dervish Sanders just passed judgement upon himself. He better hope he doesn't end up on the meat hook in Hell. Quite odd he acknowledges there is such a punishment in Hell, even when he accuses the prophets of God as being false prophets who tell nothing but 100% lies. Assface Dervish has proven he's a puppet of Satan.🔺🔺🔺

    8. uptheEndo: "...he accuses the prophets of God as being false prophets".

      The "prophets" you listen to are false and therefore are NOT prophets of God. They work for Satan to lead the gullible (like you) astray. For their work they have been rewarded with earthly riches :(

  10. On Thursday evening when the “UNITY” President spoke his body was blocking the blue background of the flag behind him. The blue background represents UNITY. The only part of the flag visible was the red background that represents blood!
    He has broken the Olth that he swore to the American people at his Inauguration

  11. If punctuality is a white cultural value then is lateness a Black value? If “pulling oneself up by their bootstraps” is too white, conversely victimhood and dependency must be the established norm for the less pale among us. If earning one’s good fortune through one’s own merits is white privilege, then of course any non-white person could never hope to attain success and must be given handouts since they’re incapable of anything else. In short, the only conclusion then is the white race OWNS success! Yeah, totally not racist….

    While we’re at it, here are some more “inclusive”, “culturally competent” things I’ve heard:

    Slavery made it impossible for black families to have a traditional nuclear family structure and is the cause of rampant familial instability.

    It’s the weight of historical oppression by the white race that’s the true cause of substance abuse, domestic violence and broken homes in communities of color, not an individual’s choice to terrorize their family.

    We have to hire someone because of their race, not their credentials, as a white person would get the job otherwise.

    A lifestyle of crime is a legitimate way communities of color can get out of poverty so we can’t judge and prosecute those crimes.

    Traditional academic grading and expecting punctuality are incongruent with non-white cultural norms.

    Common courtesies and appropriate behavior in the workplace or the classroom is a white norm that ought to be deconstructed.

    Meritocracy is a “myth”, the idea that hard work yields success is a white idea.

    Welfare programs are a staple for communities of color since of course, “systemic racism”.

    It’s racist to ask for voter ID’s as people of color don’t have access to identification papers such as a passport, drivers license, social security card etc. nor can they access the internet.

    Professionalism is a white norm that excludes minorities.

    And what does all this teach minority youth? You’re incapable. You’re incapable of having a stable family. You’re incapable of building a safe community. You’re incapable of reaching your dreams through your own hard work. You’re incapable of developing values like dependability, integrity, resiliency, honesty, etc. You can’t get those grades unless they’re scaled down to “your level”. You can’t take accountability for how your choices affect you and others. The only reason you got the job was because they need a minority quota. You can’t imagine a lifestyle that doesn’t involve government handouts. The only way to succeed is if others lower the bar for you. Why? Because you aren’t white.

    I ask you, what could be more bigoted than that?

  12. Did he Mention
    China N0
    Crime NO
    Inflation NO
    The Border Crisis NO
    The Black Live, and Antifa Riots, and Looting. No

    January 6th YES Twice
    MAGA insurrection YES Three Times
    Trump YES Four Times
    Conservative "extremists" YES Seven Times
    MAGA Yes Thirteen Times

  13. Replies
    1. Minus is bigly talented at sniffing out bullshit 💩💩

    2. Assface Dervish is fixated on fecal matter. Assface flings poo, then licks his hands off.

    3. Assface uptheEndo is fixated on fecal matter. Assface flings poo, then licks his hands off. Why he admires a moron who calls himself "Catturd". And bows down to worship a horrible Orange Turd who threatens to overthrow democracy.

    4. Projecting yourself again, Flingo Og-Dervish Sanders? Is orange the color of Biden's panties after he takes dumps in them publicly? After all, you bend over to sniff and worship them daily as if it were a golden god. And your new favorite snack is cat turds? You need serious mental help.

    5. Rattrapper aka uptheEndo wears his sister's bra and panties.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Is it Possible to Inoculate tour kids against becoming a Democrat?

  16. According to Joe Biden, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times there may be a Republican LURKING in the dark behind you they are a threat to your very existence they’re extremist that call for violence and they are Semi-Fascists among other terrible things like Extremist, and Domestic Terrorist who are a threat to America’s Democracy.... . If you see anyone who fits this description take cover, and run away immediately.
    Be very careful of those MAGA people, they want $1.87 Gas, and many other ridiculous demands.

    1. Biden, as with most white progressive supremacists, can't stand the "working man's gaze". It makes them feel like they're they're naked, and the dog is watching them.

    2. Assface Dervish Sanders agrees with everything Bidet is doing and wants more of it being done to America. Assface Dervish believes only lefties should be free to do what they want.

    3. Wrong. I agree with what our fantastic President Joe Biden is doing and want more of it to be done FOR America.

      Assface uptheEndo agrees with everything the Orange Turd is doing and wants more of it being done TO America. Assface uptheEndo believes only trumpturds should be free to do what they want.

    4. 🔺🔺🔺OH LOOK! Assface Dervish admits he wants the absolutely terrible Dictator JoeJoe The Jackal Bidet to keep inflicting the damage he is doing to America.🔺🔺🔺

    5. 🔺🔺🔺OH LOOK! Assface uptheEndo admits he wants the absolutely terrible Dictator donny The Orange Turd Jackal tRump to keep inflicting the damage he is doing to America🔺🔺🔺

    6. Is that all YOU got, Flingo? (Flingo = Rattrapper aka uptheEndo).

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. If We Don't Wise Up as A REPUBLIC For Witch it Stands,One Nation Under Father God, and do it soon... We Will Lose Our Republic and Once it's Gone,its Gone,Welcome to The United States China,it's a Shame and True That You Don't Realize What You Had,Until it's Gone and ALL Your FREEDOMS That you Once Had,Are Gone as Well,Welcome to NEW Socialists COUNTRY That Was Once A Great, and Blessed Nation

  18. When Jim Comey held his July 2016 press briefing on Hillary Clinton’s emails, his conclusion was this: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”
    Opinion: Potomac Watch
    WSJ Opinion Potomac Watch
    The FBI's Mar-a-Lago Raid Affidavit

    In other words, Hillary Clinton could have been indicted but wasn’t. That ended the Clinton email saga as a legal matter—with a lecture but without a prosecution. As we wrote at the time, this was an outrageous usurpation by the FBI director, whose role was to investigate and turn the evidence over to a U.S. Attorney or the Attorney General to decide on prosecution.

    He was letting the Democratic Justice Department off the hook from having to make its own judgment. Attorney General Loretta Lynch let Mr. Comey’s judgment stand. After his press statement, Mrs. Clinton was free to continue her run for the White House, and the press declared the issue put to rest.

    We criticized that decision at the time, but for better or worse Mr. Comey and the Obama Justice Department had set the Clinton Standard for treating a prominent politician who mishandles classified documents. Lesser public officials might have been prosecuted, or at least sanctioned, and some were. But from then on any such prosecution for comparable alleged offenses has to be made in light of the Comey-Lynch-Clinton precedent.

    All of this bears on the current furor over Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago. If Mrs. Clinton wasn’t prosecuted, is there a different standard for Mr. Trump?

    Mrs. Clinton was obliged to follow all the typical classification rules that apply to government officials. As Mr. Comey said in his 2016 press statement, Mrs. Clinton falsely claimed that she had turned over all work-related emails to State, but the FBI found “several thousand” work-related emails that weren’t turned over.

    He also said Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers hadn’t even read her emails when deciding what to turn in. They relied on “header information” and search terms, and then “cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude complete forensic recovery.” Recall that she also deliberately used private personal servers on which she conducted government business.

    All of this sounds similar to the behavior the FBI says in its affidavit that it suspects of Mr. Trump, who may not have turned over all the documents the National Archives and FBI wanted. One complicating legal difference is that Mr. Trump operates under the Presidential Records Act (PRA), whose language assumes there will be some give and take between the Archives and a former President over documents.

    We don’t know everything about the documents Mr. Trump retained, how he handled them, what he told the FBI and other facts that are still hidden by the redactions in the affidavit. New details may emerge that differ in significant ways from Mrs. Clinton’s behavior.

    But that isn’t evident so far, and Mr. Trump’s lawyers will surely argue that under the PRA he has some right to hold documents, even many that are classified, for some period of time or some personal purpose.

    All of this has to weigh on Merrick Garland as the Attorney General considers whether to indict Mr. Trump for his handling of classified documents. We didn’t like the Clinton Standard but we didn’t establish it. A Democratic Justice Department did, and in a case with enormous political consequences.

    If Mr. Garland can’t make a compelling case that Mr. Trump’s transgressions are greater than Mrs. Clinton’s, with enough clear and convincing evidence to warrant a criminal charge, the better judgment is not to prosecute and put the country through the trauma of a political trial that half of America will suspect is a case of unequal justice.

  19. Imagine being an American and allowing this BS by our President to go on with no uprising,

  20. The newest Prices in some popular Restaurants for a name brand drink is now $16.00! I don’t want to hear anything about Biden’s inflation, This same drink was $12.00 last month.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I won’t patronize ANY Restaurant that charges that.

    1. Coca Cola is about to take a turn and fall severely into a mess that it won't recover from. And one of those in the management that set the thing in motion a while back was Valerie Owens, Bidet's little sissy.

    2. uptheEndo is praying to Satan for bad things to happen to Coca Cola. But Coca Cola is NOT about to take a turn and fall severely into a mess that it won't recover from.

    3. Assface Dervish baselessly accuses Mystere of praying to Satan. Uh no, Mystere doesn't pray to Satan; you do, Assface Dervish.

      Coca Cola's upper management has been screwing with the public with their stock investments. Coca Cola is about to take a serious fall that they won't ever recover from, as they sabotaged their competitors and cheated them in many buyouts. That's what is going to catch up and make them fall. YOU WAIT, ASSFACE DERVISH. The prophets have told only a small part of this: that the company will fall and never fully recover.

      RC Cola tastes better than Coke! And so does Pepsi!

    4. Coca-Cola Stock Looks Unstoppable. Coca-Cola has shown its value by vastly outperforming the broader market in a challenging year for stocks. ... Coca-Cola has increased its dividend payout for 60 years in a row, making it a Dividend King. 8/4/2022.

      RC and Pepsi do NOT taste better than Coca Cola. I don't know what sabotaging or cheating of competitors you are talking about.

    5. Assface Dervish, you only look at the short term results. Prophets get the warning from God. Valerie Biden-Owens made some crooked deals as one of the Board Of Director members of Coca Cola. When Coca Cola takes a huge tumble in the near future, it will not recover. Oh don't worry, Assface Dervish, you will still find Coca Cola at your liquor store in Paris Tennessee. It just won't be as competitive as it once was, as other independent companies will have a huge (or as you say "biglierly") cash infusion from the lawsuits they win against Coca Cola.

      And store brand colas will have a bigger share of the market. Aldi had a Cola that is way cheaper and better tasting than that highly overpriced Coca Cola.

      Pepsi and RC will get a bigger share of the soda market when Coca Cola gets into trouble sometime soon. And you can thank Valerie Biden-Owens for the upcoming debacle looming in the tall grass for that.

      Oh... I do drink Coca Cola on occasion, rarely now, but IF it's on sale for less than a store brand, I might pick some up. But it's almost always way overpriced when not on special. And 7Up tastes better than Sprite.

    6. 60 years in a row isn't "short term", moron. Apparently uptheEndo thinks profits give him stock tips. Are you going to short Coca-Cola, uptheEndo?

      BTW, "profits" are fake prophets who sold their souls to Satan for earthly riches. uptheEndo sold his soul for lies he likes.

      No link to a story explaining wtf you are talking about. Valerie Biden-Owens, as far as I can tell, has never been on the Coca Cola Board Of Directors. Apparently Missy Owens (her daughter) worked for Coca Cola (though not as a member of the board of directors). Maybe you're confused. Due to being an imbecile.

      Pepsi is the worst tasting of the three cola brands you named, btw.

      I visited a liquor store once in the past 20 years. I say this is projection (again) and that you are a bigly boozer. I have never written "biglierly". "Biglierly" is not a word.

    7. I don't drink liquor of any kind, Assface Dervish. I don't like the smell of alcohol. And I've seen stupid people getting busted for doing drugs and booze.

      Liquor stores sell soda and snacks too. 7 Eleven has soda machines if you want to buy something like a 44 ounce ice cold soda on a hot day while driving somewhere.

      Pepsi tastes better than Coca Cola. A number of fast food places sell Pepsi in their soda fountains such as Burger King, Der Wienerschnitzel, Wendys, Jack In The Box and In-N-Out Burgers. (But at the In-N-Out, more people go for their pink lemonade over sodas.)

      I do avoid Shasta, as they started adding artificial sweeteners to their regular sodas around 2014, without alerting anyone. One night, I bought a bottle, and it tasted a bit off. It had sucralose in its ingredients. I stopped buying Shasta ever since, as they continue that practice to this day. Before they started using fake sweeteners in their regular drinks, they were fine.

      As for prophets, you're afraid of true prophets because you mess with the occult. You make dangerous false accusations in hopes of hiding the truth from anyone you can sucker into following your cult. I'm an independent thinker who believes in the gifts of the Bible, and I dare to follow God, even when things seem bumpy at times. Biden's fruits are rotten to the core, and his Hitleresque display last week is that of Satan.

    8. Rattrapper aka uptheEndo has been fooled into following Satan. He only thinks he follows God. If he followed God he would know the self-proclaimed "prophets" he listens to are phonies. donald tRump is a minion of Satan.

  21. I want to encourage every red bloody American celebrating Labor Day to enjoy this great national holiday! When you barbecue your MAGA burgers, MAGA chicken, MAGA steaks or MAGA shrimps, remember how hard we fought to build back better and put America back on course. I am so proud of every one of you doing your fair share for your future. Today, I had the best breakfast tacos Jill ever made for me.

    1. Go stick it where the Sun don’t shine!

    2. Did you here that, Assface Dervish? Did you here what Roc told you to do?

    3. He told you, uptheEndo. The fake Joe Biden account is yours.

    4. 🔺🔺🔺Assface Dervish makes another baseless accusation.🔺🔺🔺

      Assface Dervish is the king of vile retorts.

    5. I state the OBVIOUS. Rattrapper aka Assface uptheEndo is the king of vile retorts and a bigly comment faking scumbag. uptheEndo's comment faking lead to him losing many WordPress blogs for violating their TOS.

      uptheEndo is a bigly liar. On his blog uptheEndo claims he is dedicated to "truth and logic". WHAT A JOKE! uptheEndo dedicates himself to lies and illogic.

    6. 🔺Flingo Og-Assface Dervish Sanders is afraid of me, Mystere, Porky Da Baddass and Donkey's Revenge. He knows any one of us could expose his lies and take his hate sites down if one of us decides to go nuclear on him. We've been merciful, and just continue to laugh at him instead. What's the fun if we don't let him make a "bigly" clown of himself?

    7. "Dervish Sanders is afraid of me" = the bigliest LOL ever.

  22. donald tRump bowed to the Saudi king. And he helped MBS cover up the murder of an American journalist. The Saudi king certainly never bowed to tRump. The Branco cartoon at the top of this blog is delusional. Antonio F. Branco is a lying trumpturd.

    1. Another great find, FJ! Dervish cleaned off Joey's behind, 😆 😆 😆!

    2. Another Minus non sequitur. He replied to my comment about the Branco cartoon, implying that whatever he was linking to would refute what I wrote (which was that the Saudi King never bowed to dotard donald).

      But it was only stupidity about not enough people (apparently) showing up at a President Biden event. To which I say -- I don't give a crap. It isn't as if he PLANNED for a large crowd but few people showed up. LOL! @@

  23. November is just right around the corner, And it’s
    Time to Fight the Democratic-Socialist, Progressive Communists at the Polls by Electing Law-abiding Constitutional Conservatives.
    To a Democrat, everything that a Republicans Does is a Disaster that needs to be Investigated.
    The Democrats are at risk of losing their seats in November are distancing themselves from their party's national brand, hoping to appeal to voters with a more conservative law-and-order agenda, especially after they Idiotic, HORRIBLE, Anti American that the “BIG GUY” made last week.
    We should have known better when Joe Biden stood in front of the U.S. Capitol in the wake of the January 6th riots and delivered his Questionable Inaugural address. He called for unity, and Americans who saw a country in trouble welcomed it. Was his election Honest, well, I won’t go into that now, but I will say that his call for “Unity” was the biggest FARCE that we Americans had ever heard before.

    As far as Law, and Order, remember that it's the Progressive Communist Democrats and their Soros-funded Prosecutors that are refusing to prosecute Murderers, Rapists, and Hardcore Criminals Who Use Guns to Commit Felonies. While they preach “Gun Control”.
    It's the Progressive Communist Democrats who support No-bail policies and release Violent Criminals back into our streets where they are likely to commit more, and more Crimes. The Statistics Show it! The Records Prove it.

    It's the Progressive Communist Democratic Administration who surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, leaving Americans behind enemy lines and Afghan women to continue to be enslaved, and even raped.
    It's the Progressive Communist Democratic Administration who destroyed America's Energy Independence and Plunged the Nation into this inflation. The Bank of America again warns of a 'Recession shock' as Fed doubles down on inflation fight.
    It's the Progressive Communist Democrat President who has opened our Southern border to Millions of Illegal Aliens who are Storming our Boarders, allowing Criminals, Crazies, Terrorists, Drug Dealers, and ever people who are Diseased to roam freely in our Towns, and Cities, and Communities to use, and abuse our resources.

    They Detest. Hate, and Loathe, the fact that we have a thing called “Parental Rights” and they treat our Children’s Parents as Domestic Terrorists in School Board Meetings. And It's the Progressive Communist Democrats who make everything about Race, Color, and Gender, not their Competence.
    And so, we MUST hold these people accountable for the Destruction of America, and Vote them OUT And we must start this November,

  24. In my opinion RN is a Two Faced A-hole

    1. Is Nursie Poo Poo on one of his old hippie 'shroom binges again at Boston Piggy's dump again?

    2. I make Rattrapper so horny. Rattrapper loves it when I ream him up the endo.

    3. 🔺🔺🔺Dervish Sanders is playing with fire, writing a fake Nursie Poo Poo retort.🔺🔺🔺

      Even Rational Nation USA aka the real Nursie Poo Poo will see through that.

    4. Rational Nation is not "the real Nursie Poo Poo". You made up the infantile "Nursie Poo Poo". Whoever wrote the comment you refer to is likely one of your many gay lovers. There are probably hundreds of gay men who know you like it up the endo.

    5. Franco Aragosta made up the nickname Nursie Poo Poo. I continue using it in Franco's memory.

  25. My fellow Americans, we normal folk are at a point where we must ask ourselves if we're going to fight off our enemies or let our enemies win. Our enemies from within want to start a war against us and destroy our country. We have been building back better ever since 2021 and we must stay the course. So I propose to you that we find our enemies from within, round them all up, take control of them and all their assets, take them and all their family members out, and send a message to them that we're not to be messed with. We must exterminate the spread of their evil rebellious actions at all costs to Build Back Better. Even a tiny little bug must be wiped out before it grows and becomes a future threat.

    1. 🙌I agree 💯% we must do everything possible at all costs to Build Back Better by fighting off every one of the trumptards in America. Trumptards are the scourge of the earth that must be dealt with at all costs. If it means taking trumptards out by military force, then so be it. A dead trumptard is the best thing for America. 🙌

    2. ☝️an uptheEndo fake comment ☝️

      With your FAKE Joe Biden account YOU reveal YOUR desire to murder your political opponents, uptheEndo. You want to round up Democrats and murder them and their family members. Qanon crazies (mentally ill nutters like you) were convinced that there was going to be a military coup on the day Joe Biden was inagurated and instead he (and other prominent Democrats) were going to be hung.

      YOU (and your fellow trumpturds) and the ones who fantasize about political violence. PROVEN by your attempted insurrection. The Capitol Police all had guns, but they engaged the trumpturd scum in hand to hand combat. Only one trumpturd was shot and killed. When they could have justifiably killed more.

      trumpturds are violent and support violence. This explains why you always come to the defense of police officers who murder suspects (scumbags like Chauvin). Whereas Democrats are nonviolent and believe in Democracy. HRC supporters did not storm the Capitol and attempt a coup. Even though HRC won the popular vote!

    3. Also, "tard" is considered an offensive slur by mentally challenged persons and their allies. Why I call you trumpTURDS. But you are clearly prejudiced against mentally challenged people. Why YOU use the offensive slur "tard". You are a small-minded bigot who makes himself feel better by looking down on others. For voting Democratic. Also for being Black, gay, or mentally challenged.

    4. Nice try, Flingo! But you failed again. Keep playing the "blame Mystere" card for exposing yourself. Your Hitleresque mindset keeps showing through everything you say here.

      Neither Mystere, I, Donkey's Revenge or Porky wish death on ANYONE. God doesn't delight in death; your spiritual father Satan does. And you just described yourself in your retorts above. You set your own spiritual booby trap and tripped over it.

    5. You lie, Flingo. You posted a fanfic story on your blog about HRC being executed. Over your delusions about Democrats running child sex rings.

      Your Hitleresque mindset keeps showing through everything YOU say here. And Rattrapper Mystere, Donkey's Revenge and Porky are ALL you (an imbecile named Edward Endo).

    6. donald tRump put his horrible spawn (and Jared) in government positions. Jared used his position to "advise" dotard on how to give him bigly tax breaks.

      Hunter Biden will not receive a government job. All you have is evidence free speculation that people who bought Hunter's art will receive government favors. Why did the Saudis give Jared 2 billion dollars?

      If donald tRump sold government secrets he should be executed.

    7. Assface Dervish wishes in his choom pipe dreams that Donald Trump would be assassinated, as seen in an old screencap bio of his.

    8. uptheEndo must have been high on "choom" when he saw this "bio" that doesn't even exist. I've never posted a bio online.

  26. What a load of bullshit. Jan 6 was an attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected government and thereby END democracy. And the coup attempt is ONGOING. Republiturds are passing legislation to suppress and even THROW OUT the votes of citizens in individual states. If tRump runs in 2024 and "wins" it will be GAME OVER for the United States. We will no longer be a democratic republic.

    Joe Biden has done a FANTASTIC job as president and only has low poll numbers as a result of the ASSAULT coming from tRump-obedient rightturd media. It is the NONSTOP lies from the fake news and the obstruction of Joe Biden's agenda from Congressional Republicans (and 2 DINOs) that explain the low poll numbers. Joe Biden BEAT the Orange Turd in 2020 and should easily win re-election in 2024.

    Your side KNOWS this. Why you continue to threaten political violence if things don't go your way. If the Orange Turd is indicted for the THEFT of top secret government documents. Documents he has no "executive privilege" regarding and documents he did not declassify. If they were declassified we would all know what they were -- as someone would submitted a FOIA request and they'd have been turned over. And be available for public viewing.

    Remember the toady Lindsey Graham promised there were be rioting in the streets if the DOJ dares to indict tRump for BREAKING THE LAW and endangering national security. Why did the Saudis give Jared Kushner 2 BILLION dollars?? Possibly because he sold them government secrets? Why were EMPTY folders marked "top secret" found at Mar-A-Lardo?

  27. As for Thursday night’s horrific speech from a Senile, Corrupt, Incompetent, Delusional Fool. !
    Who called half the country fascists and the biggest danger to democracy.
    There has never been a more dangerous democrat party, “ President” and followers than this time in American history.
    The democrats are the true danger to this republic with Biden & his handlers weaponising the DOJ, the FBI and the IRS, the State Department & the Pentagon and other Services.
    All this, along the Fake White Privilege & White Supremacy they falsely accuse the opposition is to distract from the true fascists which are Biden and the New Democrat party, the Socialist party, and their activist followers, such as Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.
    They live by Deceit, Fascism, Fake News, and Propaganda.
    They don’t appreciate the GREAT country that they are living in.
    Let them try NOT STANDING for the National Anthem, in any other country or let them try calling the country “Racist”, or burning & looting or attacking the police, or throwing bricks, or Molotov Cocktails at them, or Rioting, and Tearing Down Statues in another country, just try it. They would be in a Cold, Jail Cell for 25 years.
    They have truly persecuted President Trump, his family and innocent Citizens and Patriotic followers of his, only because we are their opposition. This time we are " Semi Fascists" whatever the hell that means, and we are “Trumpies” ( that’s a new one).
    Biden calls us “MAGA” followers as if the word MAGA is a dirty word.
    Maga means keeping America Strong Economically & Militarily & Technologically. A strong America would deter the invasion of a Ukraine by the bully Russia. A strong America would stop China from trying to take over Taiwan. A strong America would stop Iran from exporting Terrorism & Chaos, and from obtaining a Nucular Bomb. .
    Maga means respect for the Law & Order. Maga means that the American Dream is alive & well & future generations can benefit from freedom of religion, freedom of speech & expression & all the other freedoms this country was founded on.
    The left is trying hard with propaganda & gaslighting to make MAGA sound racist & sinister & non inclusive of all people.
    They demonize the police & encourage the criminals. They smear the Law Abiding & Protect the Lawless Criminals .
    Parents are harassed for not wanting their little Children brainwashed by extremist school teachers & school boards.
    Maga is not against ILLEGAL Immigrants but it is for legal immigration. Maga is for equal opportunity but not for equal outcome & "equity" as the left tries to portray it.
    Maga is to afford people of all colors & races & sexual orientation or beliefs to live harmoniously with one another & respectful of all.
    They have the same corrupt news media, Hollywood , liberal celebrities and those Marxist University Professors and most Late Night Talk Show Hosts aiding them with their extreme methods & twisting of the truth, and accusing us of what they are doing.

    1. Joe Biden is a Senile, Corrupt, Incompetent, Delusional, Fool, that doesn’t know his ASS FROM HIS ELBOW!

  28. “Joe Biden has done a FANTASTIC job as president”!

    Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?


  29. I think that it’s time we told the Celebrities, and the Athletes of American just how LITTLE we think of them. And just how UNIMPORTANT they really are. It's high time they really knew just how little influence they have on our lives.
    And that we really need the Policemen, Firemen, Doctors, Teachers, Auto Mechanics, Plumbers, etc. that they would “Defund”. But do we really need any of these Holier then Thou, Sanctimonious, Football,or Basketball, Players, or these Self Centered, Unimportant Hollywood, and TV “Entertainers”?
    Do we really need LeBron James, or Michael Vick, Latrell Sprewell, Terrell Owens, or do we really need some of those Entertainers, Actors, and Actress’ than make us vomit like Alec Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, Robert de Niro, Kathy Griffin, Cher, Chelsea Handler, Rosie O’Donnell, Bill Maher,, Barbra Streisand,, Jane Fonda, Joy Behar, and Madonna, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
    Does America really need to see the outrageous idiotic Dumbass Snoopy Dog’s Trump assassination joke or Kathy Griffin’s disgusting Beheading stunt? I don’t think so. And aren’t you sick of Alec Baldwin’s stupidity on that dumb Saturday Night Show!, and his so called BS that he “Never Pulled That Trigger” and discharged a live round, killing Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. And why havn’t there been any charges filed in regard to that “Incident.”?

    Do you really want to spend your money watching a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar featuring a Trump-like actor being assassinated?
    And how about the real life event of Steve Scalise actually being VERY SERIOUSLY Shot at a Politicians Baseball game!
    And how about those stupid Academy Award shows that spend the night attacking President Trump? Do you call that Entertainment? Or is it a A Trump bashing bonanza?
    Do you think that Robert de Niro saying "F--k Trump" at last year’s Tony Awards, or Meryl Streep slamming the then-President-elect as a "bully" at the Golden Globes!.
    Is this the kind of “Entertainment” that American has dumbed down to? Is Hollywood only Out of Touch, or are they Out of their Minds!

    Clearly the Democratic Party has become the Party of Socialists, and Fascists! Where else do they have CLOSED DOOR HEARINGS, and exclude the accused from facing the accuser?
    And How about Biden's Speech last Thursday night, that Idiotic, Disgusting Nazi-like dangerous speech that was designed to Incite Conflict amoung us Americans The speech that show Biden to be the most divisive President in history!
    I’m calling it Biden's Nuremberg Speech because it was so similar to Hitler's Hate Mongering.
    That was a speech you would only hear from a Progressive Socialist
    you would never find a Conservative, or an Independents so repulsed a President as this one is.
    Never before have I seen a President nor any men for that matter that fits all the synonyms for a Putz, and Idiot, or a BUFFOON.

    What we have been seeing is the real Joe Biden! The truth is finally coming out

    1. #bidenbestpresident

      "The president did not shy away from the truth: The Republican Party ... has been taken over by an explicitly antidemocratic social and political movement collectively known as MAGA Republicans. ... It is the job of the president to speak frankly to the nation, even about uncomfortable truths. In his speech, Biden did not shirk from this duty".

  30. Sorry Joey, but people don't like your anti American garbage, your Lies, you brainwashed disgusting dissfunctional Moron. . The entire world of reality outside your bubble of baloney propaganda knows you are NUTS . I change the channel every time you are on the screen

    1. Sorry donny, but people don't like your anti American garbage or your lies. You are a deluded disgusting dissfunctional moron. The entire world of reality outside your bubble of baloney propaganda knows you are NUTS.


  31. -FJ wrote: "Trump can't even keep his OWN correspondence with Kim il? Wow."

    -FJ has been WRONG on almost everything during the Trump administration and the 2020 election. He was sure that the audits in Arizona and Wisconsin would prove Trump actually won those states. The audits did not.

    He even claimed the story about the 10-year old child who was denied an abortion was fake news!

    Trump's correspondence with Kim Jong Il belongs to the U.S., not Trump. He received it while he was IN OFFICE, not a private citizen.

    What don't people understand about that?

    1. I smell a pig pen... OH WAIT... 🔺🔺🔺Boston Piggy is here!🔺🔺🔺

      I thought I heard Shehnehneh oinking, grunting and squealing. My ears weren't playing tricks. 😄😄😄😄😄

      Time to cook some ham and bacon! Maybe I'll have some pork chops on the barbecue? 😄😄😄😄😄

    2. Warum hallo da Shaw Kenawe! Ich bin Adolf Schittler, ein geheimer Verehrer von Ihnen. Mein Freund Dervish Sanders beantwortet gerne Ihre Beiträge. Willkommen an Bord!

    3. Why hello there Shaw Kenawe! I'm Adolf Schittler, a secret admirer of yours. My friend Dervish Sanders enjoys replying to your posts. Welcome aboard!

      My apologies, Shaw Kenawe! I forget sometimes that not everyone speaks Deutche here.

    4. Shaw Kenawe doesn't comment here. People cut and paste her comments from elsewhere (if the above is a Shaw Kenawe comment).

      We are not friends, uptheEndo. And nobody here speaks German. You have been using Google translate for your "Adolph Schittler" comments and when you fake comments from me. Asshole.

    5. 🔺🔺🔺Flingo is seeing things and projecting his delusions again.🔺🔺🔺

      Mystere is not here. Adolf Schittler wrote a reply to Shaw Kenawe. Flingo is so delusional to the point he thinks Mystere considers him a friend? 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Flingo is so high on something, to the point he thinks Mystere would even think of calling him a friend? 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Dervish must be snorting some super rotten flatulence coming from the bowels of one of his stinky rotten boyfriends receiving a facial colonoscopy from Dervish.

    6. Mystere is not here.

      Rattrapper = Mystere.

      Flingo is so delusional...

      Yes. Flingo (you) is incredibly delusional.

    7. Flingo = Rattrapper (an uptheEndo Blogger account).

      I am not a fan of that farting guy (don't remember his name at the moment). YOU are. I had never heard of him until YOU brought him up.

      You are obviously a bigly fan. The are many pictures of him on your blog.

    8. 🔺Dervish is fixated on men's flatulence. He sees farting men in his mind and accuses others of posting pictures of farting men on their blogs.🔺

      Dervish fantasizes seeing Donald Trump's private parts in person, posts cartoons of him showering with others and posts pictures of naked wax statues in likeness of Donald Trump. Dervish slobbers over seeing such photos on his hate blog site.

    9. Rattrapper projects his perverse fantasies onto me. Sorry, uptheEndo, I don't share your perversions.

  32. In just the last year the GOP has voted against…
    Cheaper gas prices
    Lowering prescription drug prices
    Saving our planet from climate change
    Reproductive rights for women
    Helping sick veterans
    Renewing the Child Health Care act and Tax Credits
    Sensible gun laws to protect us from mass shooting
    Voting Rights Act
    Veteran and First Responder’s health care

    But they do like….
    Having a dictator speak at CPAC (Hungary's Viktor Orban)
    Supports overthrowing our democracy if an election does not go their way
    Changed laws to make voting harder.
    Supports Trump’s theft of classified and top secret documents
    Supports Trump’s idea for concentration camps
    Supports Trump’s idea to ‘federalize’ the National Guard to make his own police force.
    Supports Trump’s contention that his generals should follow him like ‘Hilter’s Generals.’
    Supports Tax increases for the wealthy
    Supports corporate loopholes so average American pay more in taxes and get less in infrastructure, schools and health care.
    Sides with Putin and Russia over the USA .

    While Biden…
    Oversees a thriving economy
    Reducing gas prices
    Record unemployment
    Wages are up
    Set a record by adding 6.6 MILLION jobs during his first year in office.
    Has reduced the deficit by half
    Our GDP is growing at nearly 6%. Under Trump it was 1%

    And Biden’s Bills will help average Americans more than Trump (which was nothing) did and will NOT raise taxes. NOTE: The GOP voted against all of this, against YOUR best interests. AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS.

  33. Highlights of The Recovery Act:
    Mounted a national vaccination program, contain COVID-19, and safely reopen schools
    Deliver immediate relief to working families bearing the brunt of this crisis bysending $1,400 per-person checks to households
    Support communities that are struggling in the wake of COVID-19 by providing support for the hardest-hit small businesses
    Provide expanded paid sick and family and medical leave.
    Expand emergency paid leave to include federal workers.
    Reimburse employers with less than 500 employees for the cost of this leave
    Help renters and small landlords make ends
    Deliver $5 billion in emergency assistance to help secure housing for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness
    Extend the 15 percent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit increase.

    Highlights of the Infrastructure Bill:
    Funding for roads and bridges
    Money for transit and rail
    Broadband upgrade for rural areas
    Upgrading airports, ports and waterways
    Electric vehicles
    Improving power and water systems
    Environmental remediation

    And guess what?
    Republicans who voted against Biden’s infrastructure bill are touting its projects anyway;

    Highlights of the The Inflation Reduction Act:
    1. Expands Medicare benefits: free vaccines (2023), $35/month insulin (2023) and caps out-of-pocket drug
    costs to an estimated $4,000 or less in 2024 and settling at $2,000 in 2025
    2. Lowers energy bills: cuts energy bills by $500 to $1,000 per year
    3. Makes historic climate investment: reduces carbon emissions by roughly 40% by 2030
    4. Lowers health care costs: saves the average enrollee $800/year in the ACA marketplace, allows Medicare to negotiate 100 drugs over the next decade, and requires drug companies to rebate back price increases higher than inflation. There's a cap on prescription drug costs for Medicare
    5. Creates manufacturing jobs: more than $60 billion invested will create millions of new domestic clean manufacturing jobs
    6. Invests in disadvantaged communities: cleaning up pollution and taking steps to reducing environmental
    injustice with $60 billion for environmental justice
    7. Closes tax loopholes used by wealthy: a 15% corporate minimum tax.
    8. Protects families and small business making $400,000 or less

  34. Like it or not, life was better under the "Big, Bad Orange Guy"
    Gas was Cheaper, the Stock Market was booming, the Wall was working, and the Country was Safer, there was much less Crime in our Cities, with the "Big, Bad Orange Guy" as our Leader

    1. Like it or not, life is better under the leadership of our fantastic President Joe Biden (see the 2 This One comments above).

    2. Die SS war der größte Schritt in der Geschichte der Menschheit.

    3. Dervish Hitler Sanders said "The SS was the biggest step in the history of mankind." Dervish shows his racist Nazi traits in his retorts.

  35. I would just like to say one more thing about that Horror that happened last Thursday night when “President” Joe Biden, the man that he himself called the would be “Unifier”, and “Uniter” of the United States delivered that DISGUSTING speech and said that we were in a battle tp defend the “Soul of the Nation”, (the Soul od the Nation?) WHAT THE HELL WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?..... was he talking about all the political unrest that HE and HIS party has caused? .
    It turned out that the real “UNREST “ was because of HIS entire speech. The speech that this country is STILL talking about. The same speech that we heard in the 1930's from a Animal KNOWN AS Der Fuhrer.
    Against a Disgusting Hollywood Red Backdrop Flanked by 2 Marines in what one might expect to see from an Communist regime like China or North Korea, Biden lashed out at MAGA Republicans, and Conservatives and pro-life Americans in the most anti-American and divisive political speech I’ve ever seen, or heard in this country in my en tire life. .
    To have two Marines in their dress uniforms standing in Independence Hall while the President is SCREAMING, and Slamming his fist against half of the American people. The American people who by definition are trying to make America great, right? This is the MAGA word that he throws around. He calls us semi-fascists
    And that’s not even addressing the sheer absurdity of President Biden calling conservatives “semi-fascis” (whatever the hell that means) while taking part in this disgusting diatribe against actual American citizens.
    Joey Biden used this speech to demean and vilify what he calls “MAGA Republicans”. Pardon me but I always thought that “MAGA” meant “Make America GREAT Again”, what in the world is wrong with that?
    In my humble opinion MAGA Republicans are a group of American Citizens that are determined to take this country back.
    Back to an America where there is a right to choose. A right to privacy. A right to speak freely, without being BANNED from ANYTHING!

  36. Putin is fighting Ukrainians. Brandon is fighting Americans.

  37. Our fantastic President Joe Biden tells the TRUTH. magaturds declare themselves the enemy when they (the ultimate sore losers) spread lies about the election being "stolen". No fraud was proven in court. Rudy Giuliani admitted that he could not prove there was any fraud. In court Rudy said "this is not a fraud case".

    That should have ended your sore loser temper tantrum, but it didn't. When VP Pence refused to implement Peter Navarro's Green Bay Sweep dotard donald ordered his anti-democratic minions to attack the Capitol to stop the vote count.

    The Vice President's role in counting the electoral college votes is ceremonial. Mike Pence had no authority to implement the Green Bay Sweep. He knew this, which is why he refused to cooperate with the Navarro coup attempt.

    Though Chuck Grassley would have. Why Secret Service agents loyal to dotard donald tried to spirit Pence away -- so Grassley could take over and implement the Green Bay Sweep coup.

    The Secret Service deleted their text messages to cover up their involvement in the coup.


  38. Everything Joe alias Xiden, aka “poopy pants, alias Potatohead touches turns to shit, here's a partial list:
    The Brits hold Poopy Pants in CONTEMPT for abandoning AFGHANISTAN
    The French pulled their ambassador for abandoning AFGHANISTAN
    He pissed off the Canadians by killing the KeystoneXL pipeline, that’s 500,000 bbls a day he killed.
    Xiden sold us out by approving the Nord Stream 2 pipeline giving Putin cash to modernize his military and invade Ukraine, and his “war on energy” keeps fuel costs high. That's why Xiden is "Putin's Whore".
    Hope he enjoys the $3,500,000 the Moscow Mayor's wife sent Hunter
    Hope he enjoys the $1,500,000,000 that China gave Hunter to "invest"
    Open borders is a catastrophe. Trump had it SOLVED. Now its infected migrants & fentanyl sent all over
    Runaway inflation would get worse if the dems pass their "BBB" bill. That will be Solyndra on steroids, not to mention the $200,000,000 for Nancy’s park in San Francisco.
    Xiden is ruining the US energy sector with his stupid EOs, he wants Russia to pump more oil?? WTF?
    Xiden is so dumb he can't even do fake press conferences to answer "ice cream" questions.
    Xiden is a gaffe machine, his brain is defective, and he has the nuclear football, WTF???
    Xiden surrendered AFG leaving Americans, $billions of equipment, and interpreters to be slaughtered
    Xiden’s DOJ sent the FBI after parents (aka domestic terrorists) who dare to ask questions at school board meetings.
    China just passed the US out with their new hypersonic missile.
    Stupid Joe wants to pay MIGRANTS $450,000 for breaking US immigration LAWS??????
    After promising we would have more than enough Covid testing kits, Joe LIED and FAILED.
    Xiden killed Israel’s EastMed gas pipeline to sell gas to the EU, Putin’s whore strikes again.
    Brandon, Xiden’s “war on energy” is pushing gas and diesel to unaffordable levels, causing “runaway inflation”.
    Xiden is letting RUSSIA negotiate the new IRAN agreement???? WTF!!!!!!
    I could go on and on, but you see Trump was at least 1,000,000x better as president than stupid Joe

    1. Poopy Pants = Joseph Robinet Biden Jr., a senile old bag who can't control his bowel movements in front of the Pope and the Dutchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowels.

    2. Poopy Pants = donald J tRump, a senile old bag who couldn't control his bowel movements back when he "acted" on The Apprentice (the "acting" consisted of The Apprentice producers cutting together footage to make it appear as if tRump was a knowledgeable/successful businessman).

    3. Assface Dervish shows his fixation and fetish for men's fecal matter.

    4. Assface Qanon and Assface Rattrapper are figures of Dervish's Satanic delusions. His Satanic fixation on Mystere has gotten out of hand.

    5. uptheEndo loves the delusions sent to him by Satan (via fake pastors). He will never give them up. Even after he finds himself condemned to the eternal BBQ for all eternity.

  39. plotting another of his sinister attacks” on Americans.
    Al Qaeda Chief & Bin Laden successor Ayman Zawahiri has been smoked once and for all to a PERMANENT END thanks to our brave American Troops. Iranian General Soleimani’s Life was finally over when Trump removed him from this earth! And Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in Afghanistan while hiding out at the home of an Afghan government official and Taliban member
    It also brings to light that it was Trump that made the deal with the Taliban to end the war with NO concessions. I guess that they thought their Al Qaeda friends were safe after we left. This wasn't a military operation, it was a total intelligence agency mission. Which shows that the Saudis still have connections with Al Qaeda, and the CIA has connections with the Saudis. So after 20 years of war, thousands of casualties, and hundreds of billions of dollars, we are right back to where we were in 1990's.
    But that didn’t come to be, thanks to the efforts of Joe Biden the Taliban is NOW in full control of Afghanistan, and Al Qaeda is operating freely there

    1. Thanks to the efforts of donald tRump the Taliban is NOW in full control of Afghanistan and Al Qaeda is operating freely there.

  40. It’s both EXTREMELY SINISTER and DANGEROUS in Biden’s attempting to cast all Republicans, and Conservatives who are Donald Trump supporters as enemies of democracy while simultaneously casting all of their leftist political policies as pro-democracy. The consequences of this could be very disastrous.
    The most blatant example occurred during Joe Biden’s prime-time “Soul of America” speech earlier this month—a speech that was meant to Divide the country Rather than Unite us.

  41. Pedro is a moron. If a deal with no concessions was brokered, the Biden administration would have kept the deal. donald tRump's "deal" was a complete surrender to the Taliban. Why the tRump administration ok'd the release of all the imprisoned Taliban leaders and drew down troop levels to very low numbers. To purposely sabotaged the Biden administration.

    The Biden administration would have either had to immediately send more troops and escalate fighting (for which they would be criticized) or withdraw under fire (for which they were criticized).

    It was the tRump admistration that put the incoming Biden administration in a NO WIN situation. The deaths of our soldiers, the Americans who were left behind, and the Afghanis who assisted us are all on donald tRump's head.

    The tRump administration should have been expediting the needed paperwork to get our people out. Instead the tRump administration SLOWED down these processes.

    The equipment (that tRump made no plans at all to bring back) was always going to be left behind. It was our gift (thank you gwb) to the government we installed. They were supposed to use it to fight the Taliban. This (of course) ended up not happening. Because, after dotard donald SURRENDERED to the Taliban, why should Afghani soldiers fight them to the death (knowing their families would also be murdered).

  42. And You are a Idiotic Name Calling Asshole who has NOTHING of substance to say except those Asinine remarks that you use try to defend the IDIOT- In Chief that is out of his FREAKING MIND, and must be replaced before this country is completely destroyed..

  43. Americans shouldn't be criticizing other countries armies when their own army’s DELUSIONAL Leader (. Joe Biden) got KICK OUT of Afghanistan and now their USELESS Senile President is starting to fail all over the rest of the world as well.
    we haven’t won a war since WWII.
    And NOW with this IDIOT in charge we can FORGET about winning anywhere.

  44. Using the baseball analogy, Joe Biden has just swung and missed the ball three times in August alone. Again, in baseball lingo, Joe has gone down swinging. He is out (of touch with Americans

  45. Darvish Sanders is a pathetic excrement spewing hack! He shy go back to the other ASSHOLES at the Progressive’s SHIT HOLE!

  46. Giuliani "admitted" NOTHING. It wasn't a fraud "case" because a fraud "case" means you have to prove the "intent" of the fraudster. Just because it wasn't a fraud "case" doesn't mean that Giuliani, or anyone else, believed that there "was no fraud", as you try to imply by his statement. Fraud is more difficult to prove in Court than malfeasance and mistakes being made.