A Family Lost Their Hero

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Giving Voice to What Matters

I attribute more black people coming out against this to FOX giving black conservatives a voice.
Except for the language, but he makes a good point

 If left up to the liberal media,we would never hear these voices,I can guarantee it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mr. Wonderful

There he goes again. Taking credit for something he didn’t do…..again.
Goes to NO for the 10th anniversary of Katrina and pats himself on the back for all that progress he made down there. Like without him nothing would have gotten done.
Just like all the progress he made for Superstorm Sandy. You know the storm where people were stranded not for days but weeks.
So what other successes does Obama pat himself on the back for? Oh yes ending the Iraq war and creating ISIS. Great job Barry . Oh but he did end the war in Afghanistan even though ewe are still there. Go figure.
Great economy he created even as more people have dropped out of the workforce and more people are living below the poverty line than ever before, especially the black communities.
Oh and most of all the wonderful healthcare law that hasn’t even fully taken effect yet and has risen premiums ,co pays and deductibles for so many and has limited access to good care.
Remember what we were told? We will see decreased costs and you can keep your plan and your doctor.  Has anyone seen that?
But hold on everyone the best is yet to come.
By the way looks like North Korea is on the verge of war with South Korea. Maybe Iran can step in and help.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Her Life Mattered

A 9-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday in Ferguson, Missouri, while she sat in bed doing her homework, her family says.

"I never in a million years thought that I'd be laying my daughter to rest," said James Bolden, 9-year-old Jamyla's father,
Jamyla's 34-year-old mother was also shot in the leg, but she has since been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
As of Wednesday night, police had no suspect in the attack, though investigators believe that the shots were fired from close range into the home, which is one block from West Florissant Ave., the center for protests in Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot and killed.

Will there be protests for his little girl? Does her life matter ? Who is going to stand up for her?
This is unacceptable and it should be unacceptable to this community .

I want to see the outcry and a movement for this tragedy. Because this is a true tragedy. Another "innocent" child killed just sitting doing her homework in her home where she is supposed to be safe.
I am sure we will hear nothing from the left wing media as to not "insult" the criminals.
This should be in the forefront and condemned otherwise this will continue. Expect to see more of this as cops are having their hands tied more and more.
What is wrong with our country? What happened to our priorities?
Take a good look at that little girl and ask yourself how you could not advocate for her life and the life of so many innocent children being killed in crime ridden neighborhoods.
Where is our president and the left on gun control now? This is not an isolated incident ,this is a way of life that we are turning a blind eye to and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Night's Debate

So who did you all like best in the debates last night? I think Fiorina,Rubio,Huckabee and even Ben Carson although he is no actor he is relate-able IMO.
Rubio was very professional,Huckabee knows how to make a point,Fiorna seemed like she was talking to the people not just making speeches and Carson is very smart and I think could do a great job of uniting the country. Yes he has to learn a few things but really how much on the job training did Obama get when you think about it? The real Ben Carson was the one from the prayer breakfast. He looked like the adult in the room.
There just wasn't enough time for each candidate and Megyn Kelly?  Really? Thanks for inciting the infighting. They may have just as well had George Stephanopolous moderate/instigate.
Oh and don't count out Trump just yet.

Saturday, August 1, 2015