Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Basher of the rich and the blatherer of "Fair Share" meeting with the millionaire tax evader.
I guess if the shoe fits

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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My friends just sent me this picture. They were right up

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trump Working For Hillary?

After weeks of facing accusations about his eligibility to be president, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is fighting back against billionaire Donald Trump with a conspiracy theory of his own.
Cruz seems to be trying to renew chatter that Trump is a plant meant to help Hillary Clinton win the election — or, at the least, that Trump is benefiting Clinton’s campaign.
The conspiracy theory that Trump is a Democratic plant — and perhaps not genuinely a Republican — began shortly after Trump announced his campaign. As an independent businessman, Trump had previously donated to Clinton’s Senate campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation. And long-time Trump observers say they have been surprised by the hard right turn he has taken in his presidential campaign.
Trump has explained his previous support of Democratic candidates as part of doing business in left-leaning New York, and has admitted that some of his positions on issues like abortion have evolved over the years. And as Trump has risen in the polls to become a serious challenger to Clinton, most of the talk that Trump and the Democrats were in cahoots seemed to die down.
But now Cruz appears ready to give it another spark.
Cruz began raising the issue Tuesday while questioning Trump’s “New York values” and his close association with liberals. In particular, Cruz questioned whether, on the issue of Cruz’s eligibility, Trump was getting advice from leading Democrats.
“It’s more than a little strange to see Donald Trump is relying on as authoritative a liberal left-wing judicial activist Harvard law professor who is a huge Hillary supporter,” said Cruz, referring to the fact that Trump has repeatedly cited professor Laurence Tribe on the issue of Cruz’s eligibility.
Tribe, a well-known liberal and supporter of Democratic candidates, has been called President Barack Obama’s legal mentor.
“It starts to make you think, gosh, why are Hillary’s strongest supporters backing Donald Trump? The past couple of elections we saw the Democrats thrilled that they got the nominee they wanted to run against in the general election,” Cruz said. “The Hillary folks are very eager to support Donald Trump.”
Source-Horn News

I pray this is not true. What do,you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Distaste Of The Union

So how many finger points do you think we will see tonite?  The Finger pointer in chief is going to either tell us how wonderful things are under him and/or he is going to lecture his detractors and try his darnedest to hold back on the anger.
Either way the only applause he should get is that this is his last SOTU speech.
Don't forget to count the "I's" "Me's" "My's" "Mine's"
I'd say bring out the popcorn but  think an alcoholic beverage will be more appropriate