Friday, July 3, 2015

Means Testing?

So Chris Christie is on the campaign trail now.
I like his raw honesty and I think he would make
a successful president. I would really like to see him
slim down though.

He is talking about Social Security with honesty.While
Bernie Sanders is talking about expanding it, of course
which is attractive to liberals,Christie is talking about
trying to save it,
which people don't want to hear but need to.
One idea he said was to limit the amount of subsidies
toward medicare and no SS payments to people
who retire with $200,000 or more yearly income.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

From a Friend From the UK

Bernie Sanders is going to put in a single payer system. Bad idea, as it will be inefficient and TOO EXPENSIVE.
I grew up in the UK, and the National Health service is bankrupt, they are now opening private hospitals, because there is often an 18 month waiting list to get a bed, or have an operation. You should know that the government cannot administer such a huge undertaking, I mean, just look at the post office, the VA and the DMV to see how bad they are.
I've lost two people as a direct result of socialized medicine. My uncle was diagnozed with a grumbling appendix, and the Dr said it neeeded removing before it burst. He was denied access to specialist, and patients can only see the Drs. to whom they are assigned, so no chance of a 2nd opinion.
Anyway, he waited 18 months for a hospital bed, and by the time he got in, and they checked him out, he had pancreatic cancer. Of course it was too late to operate...he died a couple of month later.
The second person had strange lumps behind his ear, he was told he was malingering, and told to go home. He had lymph cancer, (forgotten, the real term). He was also denied access to a specialist, he died of cancer, at 38, leaving 5 young kids. This is my experience but I have heard many more horror stories. Every European country has healthcare, yet they are all starting to open private alternatives, because the systems are overwhelmed and broke. The government is not capable of running a healthcare system...just looked at how screwed up the VA is. Also we have a far better cancer survival rate for cancer and transplants. They don't use the most up to date drugs, too expensive. At 65 you can no longer get a transplant, or even have a mammogram, not cost effective. It's a slippery slope, you do not need a single payer system, run by bureaucrats. They are not qualified to judge medical situations, yet they do. Be careful what you wish for; the free market works so much better. than a single payer, healthcare system.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Win For GW Bush

So GW Bush should get the credit on the ACA for appointing John Roberts,the Justice the left was adamantly against.

The Supreme Court Is a Political Branch, Not a Judicial One

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thank You Dr Carson

Once again Dr Carson has the uniting and healing words we need so much now.
He hits on so many points that divides us and words that can unite us.
After listening to what he said tonite, there is no doubt in my mind he always was and is still my #1 choice hands down.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ready For Hillary

I decided that I am ready for Hillary. After all what more of a prerequisite does one need other than being a woman and a democrat.  Let’s not forget a NY State Senator which  is a position that was not earned ,but just being well connected. Besides no one is more deserving ,so she thinks.
Another great accomplishment was being Secretary of State. Who better to schmooze the foreign leaders who donated to her “cause”.
She did a wonderful job as Sec of State. Especially when that 3 am phone call came during Benghazi. And let’s not forget all that beer drinking and partying she  did abroad.
So yes I am ready for Hillary,not because she is old,white and rich ,but because she is a woman and besides what other choice is there on the democratic side but old ,white, rich men?