Friday, August 11, 2017

The Hardest Working President

For people who voted for President Donald Trump as a rookie outsider, they are very happy that in 6 ½ months he killed TPP, killed Paris Accord, killed Cuban Deal, he created more religious freedom from the Fed Govt, he actually is reforming The VA (fired 500 people so far) and signed Congress passed bill holding VA employees accountable in the future, created smartphone app for Vets to make and cancel appointments (no more secret waiting list like in the past), created hotline direct to White House for complaints about the VA, liberated Mosul from ISIS working with Iraqi forces, worked out a cease fire in Southern Syria, privatizing air traffic control in order to try to make it cheaper and quicker, while addressing 52 Muslim countries he helped form a coalition of middle east countries against terrorism, Illegal immigration down 70% from this time last year, got Kate’s Law thru The House, the vetting system for people entering the country and tracking them is now being implemented 20 years after Congress approved it and finally developing a method of verifying that they leave, House Appropriations Committee approved $1.6 billion for border wall, Dow Jones on election night was 17,400 and today its 22,000, housing sales are going up and having lesser days on the market, US Manufacturing index at 33 year high, changed the Mexico City policy on abortion, donated his first Presidential paycheck of $100k to The National Parks, his second paycheck of $100k to Dept of Education, deregulated over bearing regulations on business and now if you want to add a regulation you have to take away two existing regulations, deregulating Obama job killing Climate change regulations, deregulated Fed Govt travel to allow for employees to use Uber, Lyft and other forms of alternative transportation to save funds, NAFTA has been agreed to be re-negotiated by Canada and Mexico, has put many countries on notice that one sided trade agreements are to be renegotiated as well, opened up China to US beef and natural gas, opened up India, So Korea and Poland to US natural gas too, has gotten some of the European countries to up their payments to NATO, picked an excellent Sec of Defense and Commerce, approved The Keystone Pipeline, approved the Dakota pipeline, got the CEO of Boeing and Lockheed Martin to publicly make statements about saving billions of dollars on contracts, slapped Canada with a tax for dumping lumber into the US illegally for decades, worked out a deal with trade over sugar with Mexico that had been causing problems also for decades, manufacturing and mining jobs are both on the rise finally, implementing policies to make it more economic to “buy American, hire American”, kicking MS13 gangs ass, sent Federal law enforcement in to south Chicago, cracking down on healthcare fraud, finally getting a Federal investigation into voter fraud in our elections, getting along with foreign leaders regardless of what liberal media says, stepping up protections for our countries law enforcement, reequipping the military, actually defeating ISIS and the ISIS Caliphate in Raqqa has been destroyed which was never even attacked by Obama, cutting funds to sanctuary cities, placed a freeze on Federal Govt hiring, set policies to create 1,300,000 new jobs so far with a labor participation rate of 63%, hourly wages up 2.5% which had been stagnant for 15 years, 2nd Qtr GDP at 2.6%, and has had many large companies announce major investments in the US(GM, Hyundai, Intel, WalMart, Bayer AG, Soft Bank, FoxConn, Mazda, Samsung, etc) gas prices keep dropping, he got Egypt to release the US citizen woman prisoner they had, he got N Korea to release that kid that came back in a coma, canceled Obama policy to allow men in women’s restrooms, signed 45 pieces of legislation into law, signed 50 Executive Order with 15 of them reversing horrible Obama EO’s, he is exposing the media as the true propagandist Democrat Party they are – single handely responsible for forever naming them “fake news”, even skipped their WH Correspondence Dinner, exposed the fake political polling system, stopped Hillary Clinton and the corrupt DNC and the pathological hating can’t get over losing an election Democrats (could you imagine if they had won?), forever correctly named the most corrupted city in America “the swamp” regardless if Democrat voters don’t see it, travel ban implemented and will be approved by Supreme Court in October and i really could go on and on... but most importantly....picked a judge for The Supreme Court that just wants to follow the law as written with the rumor of more judges retiring in near future. All of this in a short time, with minimal help from Congress.
He is going to pass the hardest of all legislation EVENTUALLY – healthcare - and he will sign this fall the biggest tax reform and tax cuts since 1986. All of this is going to happen.   
He is doing and or trying to do what he said he would do.
All while the elitist Democrat Party propagandist media is going 24/7 at him with fake Russia collusion as a major distraction to its zombies.
He is a rookie and an outsider and its only been 6 1/2 months and he will get even better and all the people who don’t realize the achievements or changes he has made and have been “distracted”  WILL BE BLOCKING TRAFFIC AGAIN WHEN HE IS RE ELECTED

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Another Story You Won't See in The Media

Right now Highest stock market ever,lowest unemployment in 17 years,wages rising,border secure.
Sounds good to me

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Outrage That Never Came

 Uarmed woman murdered by racist cop. Opportunistic democrats and left wing media can't score political points with this which is why they are mum

Minneapolis resident and bride-to-be, Justine Damond, had called the cops for help on Saturday night not realizing it was going to be a fatal decision. She trusted officers to protect her but was sent a Somali cop instead who saw an opportunity and took it. As Damond went up to the patrol car and spoke calmly through the officer’s open driver side window about an assault, Officer Mohamed Noor, who was in the passenger seat, reached across his partner and shot the 40-year-old woman in the abdomen, killing her on the spot with a single shot. 
Damnond didn’t pose a threat to the police officer and wasn’t combative, so when he shot and killed her without provocation through his patrol car door, there was a lot more questions than answers. The Somali-American cop and his partner both had their body cams turned off at the time of Noor’s crime.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We Lost A Friend Today

Sadly Jersey McJones lost his battle with cancer today.
Please keep his family in your prayers.
He will be missed. RIP Preston

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Does anyone doubt if the Russians asked the Hillary campaign to meet with them because they had dirt on Trump that they would refuse?