Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This Is Their Gal and They Will Own it Yet Again

It's all about theatrics. Seriously is she kidding with this? Feeling "Proud" yet?
So what if she has no accomplishments? She is a woman and she deserves the job.
After 8 years of a president with a paper thin resume' I guess what difference does it make?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vice President Julian Castro?

So if Hillary makes a 2016 run she is looking towards Julian Castro,the savior of the Hispanic Community. Did anyone else catch that?
Why is it the democrats self appoint themselves to certain groups in order to" save"them? Is Hillary going to "save" women? Here is the bigger question....Did Obama save the black community?  No need to answer that,we already know that one.
So here we go again with the democrats on the hunt, like the snakes that they are, slithering through the wilderness in the pursuit of victims.
It amazes me how whenever they swoop in to fix something, they make it worse just so they can keep on swooping and slithering.
Does anyone really believe they are sincere, I sure don't. They would rather win on enslaving people,as they have been doing for the last 60 years and none the better for it and does the country really need to go through more of same old tired campaign tactics of birth control, "reproductive rights" and "immigration"?
Are those really pressing issues or do the democrats just want to be the party of firsts. First Black President,First Woman President,First Hispanic VP. After all we have to make sure the republicans don't "one up" them
I just hope the republicans are smart and not fall into this trap again and keep hammering how a strong economy helps everyone , all groups. All Americans.
We are one country made up of various people's, not 5 different  countries.
Frankly if I hear more about victimization, it will put me over the edge,maybe literally.
Since when did race or gender become a qualification anyway?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Democrat Hate Exposed

Thank you dems for the mess you created.

Running Government Like A Business

So I am reading my local paper, while holding my nose, and came across a couple of
interesting things.

One local town ,who in part due to Andrew Cuomo’s(D) property tax caps are actually
becoming creative at spending less. Imagine that,being forced to live like the rest of us
in  the real world.

Instead of crying foul they have come up with some interesting ways to cut back.
One component is the highway dept with 140 workers who’s job is to pickup brush and leaves,will now operate out of the solid waste dept where there is money to pay for it. This transfer allows the town to lower the hwy tax 101.92 per household.

To cut more than 600,000 in recycling costs they  plan to partner with another township for single-stream recycling.

The budget also includes no salary increases for elected officials.
 Did I mention the town supervisor is a Republican?

And in other news Pennsylvania teachers and unions are all up in arms because the Dept of Education is asking them to pay 140.00 per month towards their health insurance, claiming it’s a “war” on teachers. Sound familiar?

Wow don’t we all wish that was all we had to pay?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben Carson 2016 Speaks With Chris Wallace

Let's not let the left make us lose hope. This is a great man with a great mind. If the liberals were able to throw all their support behind a community organizer ,there is definitely hope for a brain surgeon,especially one with more common sense in his one pinky than our current resident in his whole being.


Don't get discouraged. This is our time.