Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Destroying The Middle Class

Destroying the Middle Class is a Feature not a Bug

People need to grasp that the establishment of both political sides hates the Middle Class. The rise of Islamism in the West is an existential threat to the Middle Class, as is unchecked illegal immigration to America’s Middle Class.
The est wants to rule, they want it THEIR way. The poor vote for whomever promises the most redistribution from the Middle Class (where the money is simply because of its size). The rich vote whatever level of government they want. The poor don’t care about liberty or freedom – they can’t afford it. The rich have it – in spades today.
But – the Middle Class? We want our liberty, our freedom. We want the results of our labor. We want our property. We want to be left alone to prosper and help our kids prosper. We’re in the way of the political class.
Whom did Lenin, Stalin, Mao, PolPot kill by the tens of millions? Their Middle Classes. Who is now going extinct in Venezuela? The Middle Class. Who has lost about 1/3 of our wealth in America since 2008? The Middle Class. Whom does globalism harm most? The Middle Class.
Who vote Brexit? Trump? The Middle Class.
What do open borders do? Bring in illiterate poor workers at one end to destroy the American dream of ascending TO the Middle Class, and low-salary tech workers at the other to… displace the Middle Class.
Who is most endangered by terrorists as we shop, go to work, go to school? The Middle Class. Who loses their liberty in the increase in security required because of the actions of the established government’s across the West? The Middle Class. Whom do we expect to provide us this security? The same governments making our countries more dangerous.
What is the FOUNDATION of Western Civilization? The Middle Class.
Those in the center or left Middle Class have got to internalize that the establishment parties – both GOP and Dems in America, both traditional sides across the West – are purposefully annihilating their Middle Classes. The beginnings of this recognition elected Trump.
France today, for the first time in 60 years, did not advance either establishment candidate to the next round. But only LePen can save France. Only the destruction of the Western political establishments can save their Middle Classes – and the West.
-Alex Scipio

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The False Compassion Of Liberalism

A liberal commentator at CNN who complained that the problem with President Donald Trump's budget blueprint is that it lacks "compassion" for the poor, for children and for the disabled.
This woman went on to ask how anyone could defend a budget that would cut Meals on Wheels, after-school programs and special-education funding, because without the federal dollars, these vital services would go away.
This ideology — that government action is a sign of compassion — is upside-down and contrary to the  notion of "charity"
We all, as individuals, can and should act compassionately and charitably. We can volunteer our time, energy and dollars to help the underprivileged. We can feed the hungry, house the homeless. Most of us feel a moral and ethical responsibility to.
And we do more than the citizens of almost any other nation. International statistics show that Americans are the most charitable people in the world and the most likely to engage in volunteerism.
Whenever there is an international crisis — an earthquake, a flood, a war — Americans provide more assistance than the people of any other nation.
But government, by its nature, is not compassionate. It can't be. It is nothing other than a force. Government can only spend a dollar to help someone when it forcibly takes a dollar from someone else.
At its core, government welfare is predicated on a false compassion. This isn't to say that government should never take collective action to help people. But these actions are not based on  compassion but rather more "compulsion".

Arthur Brooks, the president of American Enterprise Institute, has noted in his book "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" that conservatives donate more than the self-proclaimed compassionate liberals.
The liberal creed seems to be: "We care so much about poor people, climate change, income inequality and protecting the environment (or whatever the cause of the day) that there is no limit to how much money should be taken out of other people's wallets to solve these problems."
Let's take Meals on Wheels. Is this a valuable program to get a nutritious lunch or dinner to infirmed senior citizens? Of course, yes.
Do we need the government to fund it? Of course not..Many tens of thousands of people donate their time and money every day for this worthy cause.
Why is there any need for government here? The program works fine on its own. Turning this sort of charitable task over to government only makes people act less charitably on their own. It leads to an "I gave at the office" mentality, which leads to less generosity.
It also subjects these programs to federal rules and regulations that could cripple them. Why must the federal government be funding after-school programs, or any school programs, for that matter?

 If every so-called "patriotic millionaire" would simply donate half of their wealth to serving others we could solve so many of the social problems in this country without a penny of new debt or taxes.
But instead they want it confiscated by the government from the hard working middle class.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hillary President Of California

Here are the facts:
Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her 19 and D.C.  62% to her
Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.  
Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821.  61.6% to 33.1%, exclusive of the other candidates.
Thus California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the Democrats and their media stooges. 
But deduct her California vote from her national vote leaving her with 54,978,783, and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total, leaving him with 57,113.976, he wins in a landslide in the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.
So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country, by a substantial margin.
This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the votes of any one populace state from overriding the votes of the others. 
Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised her strategy of “6 pathways to the White House”.  This meant ignoring California with its huge Democrat majority and going after the states that would give him the necessary electoral votes to win - FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI. 
At its lowest point since the civil war!  Could this mean the end of the Democrat Party?
When the afternoon of January 20, 2017 arrived, the Republican Party gained: 
1)  The Presidency.
2)  A majority of the House of Representatives. 
3)  A majority of the Senate. 
4)  Almost two-thirds of all the governors. 
5)  Total control of the statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the states. 
6)  And in the near future, Republicans will be able to add a majority of the Supreme Court. 
The above has never happened before in American history.
Think about this and let it sink in for a moment.
And it's all because of one reason:
Barack Obama forcing his extreme far-left agenda on an unwilling country by executive orders, left wing judges, and obsequious bureaucrats.

With the demand that we do away with the Electoral College and take the popular vote being pushed by the media, etc, all Americans need to know that the Electoral College is working exactly as our Founding Fathers intended.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017