Friday, March 27, 2015

MSNBC: Nothing Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims’ Like Country Music

Another intellectual comment from a left wing loon. I guess she prefers rap music where

 women are considered  "Ho's

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bowe Bergdahl, charged with desertion

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, Army officials said Wednesday, setting the stage for emotionally charged court proceedings in coming months.
Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s attorney, told The Washington Post that his client was handed a charge sheet Wednesday. Army officials said in a statement that Bergdahl has been charged with desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty and misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command, unit or place. His case has been referred to an Article 32 preliminary hearing, which is frequently compared to a grand jury proceeding in civilian court.
Remember this from Susan Rice?


Oh well

Monday, March 23, 2015

Economically, America's Worst President?

The recession ended four years ago, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.  So Obamanomics has had plenty of time to produce a solid recovery.  In fact, since the American historical record is the worse the recession, the stronger the recovery, Obama should have had an easy time producing a booming recovery by now.
Obama likes to tout that we are doing better now than at the worst of the recession.  But every recovery is better than the recession, by definition.  So that doesn’t mean much.
The right measure and comparison for Obama’s record is not to compare the recovery to the recession, but to compare Obama’s recovery with other recoveries from other recessions since the Great Depression.  By that measure, what is clear is that Obamanomics has produced the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression, worse than what every other President who has faced a recession has achieved since the Great Depression.-Forbes

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stephen A. Smith - Every Black American Should Vote GOP for One Election

I think I like his reasoning:

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith thinks that if, for one election, every black American voted Republican, it would send a message to both parties that the demographic is not under any one particular party’s control.
“What I dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican,” Smith said Tuesday afternoon at the Impact Symposium at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. His explanation:
From what I’ve read, Barry Goldwater is going against Lyndon B. Johnson. He’s your Republican candidate; he is completely against the civil rights movement. Lyndon B. Johnson was in favor of it — civil rights legislation. What happens is, he wins office, Barry Goldwater loses office, but there was a Senate, a Republican Senate, that pushed the votes to the president’s desk. It was the Democrats who were against civil rights legislation — the southern Dixiecrats. So because President Lyndon B. Johnson was a Democrat, black America assumed the Democrats were for it
Black folks in America are telling one party, “We don’t give a damn about you.” They’re telling the other party, “You’ve got our vote.” Therefore, you have labeled yourself “disenfranchised” because one party knows they’ve got you under their thumb. The other party knows they’ll never get you and nobody comes to address your interest.
During his impassioned monologue, Smith likened blacks voting for Republicans to customers “shopping around,” essentially asking shops to “cater to them” so that they will do business.
“We don’t do that with politics,” he lamented, “and then we blame white America for our disenfranchisement.”
In the 2012 election, 93% of black voters supported President Barack Obama, with just 6 percent casting their ballots for the losing Republican ticket. That disparity led the Republican Party to publish an autopsy report detailing ways it can try to win over more votes from minority groups.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Michelle Obama Celebrates Nowruz- Persian New Year - At White House

I am sure Valerie Jarrett's extended family and friends were in attendance.

Any reason to throw a party at American Tax Payer expense.

Doesn't this make you proud?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Side Order of Race With That Cappuccino? ...

Let's start with why don't you lower the prices of your coffee so that more minorities can afford it.

What do you think?