Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "Real" Truth of The Matter

In reading and hearing all the attacks in the media and the left wing blogs my only conclusion can be that the left doesn't want any other viewpoint except their own.
Now that the truth comes out about that loose canon in Arizona that he never listened to the news or talk radio they are trying to slither out of it gracefully. Sorry I say too late it's time for a public apology an its' time to stop the name calling and the lying about conservative talk radio.
It's called freedom of speech lefties and if you think by attacking it and calling it hate speech because it's of a different belief than yours then you are only making yourselves look the fool because people are getting tired of it quite frankly you have been exposed. So unless you have something nice to say....well you know the rest.


  1. They never want to listen to any opinion that differs than their own, even when the truth is staring them in their face. Instead they look for someone to blame, once again.

  2. They are so predicatable Tammy.They purposely push and when they get "push back" its' hate speech or it's racist because we won't accept unconditionally Obama's policies.
    I believe they used him for his race just so they can force radical policies down our throats and then call us racist for disagreeing because they knew darn well they would be unpopular.

  3. Jeepers Gal,

    Cain't help yah with the question 'bout "Who's Your Daddy", but I figger your's (or maybe your momma dun it) sure raised you up Right.

    I ain't as quick on the draw as the media thinks they gotta be in the ratings shoot out at the not so OK Corral.

    I have wondered alot about the rhetoric comin outta the big guns of the media that load up with blanks about the facts. So being Black and White, I will fire away straight from my hip to say, I don't much care if he was a right wing lugnut or a left wing hubcap.

    The guy's tires lost contact with the highway that runs down the road of sanity and he needs to be junked without any political recycling.

  4. For the past few days, I have been posting about this with other Conservative Posters, and the lefty/Progressive bloggers have been calling ME crazy for the posts I wrote until it came out that this LUNATIC had NO political beliefs but was a LUNATIC and nothing else but a LUNATIC .
    And the sheriff that thinks he is a political genius is nothing more than a phoney, fraud and a fake as well. Some Sleuth, he even failed to mention the fact that he himself had made over 10 visits to the Shooters home for Drug and Violence reasons. How come these Leftist idiots are so swift to either change or omit the facts when they are guilty. Why wasn’t there any mention of this sheriff’s ineptness, incompetence, and negligence off omitting facts? ...He sure knew how to put the blaming on people who were completely innocent , and somehow forgot to mention that the lunatic shooter had NO political persuasion.

  5. MOW-that was prety darn funny! I don't care what side he was on either but the bomb throwers on the left ,well you know....threw bombs.

    Mal-They are going to try and use this now for everything

  6. Lisa said...
    great post as usual Mal and love your comment Fran. I always come here for my dose of "Normal"

    No Lisa, you go "there" for your dose of dishonesty.

    The fictitious "Fran" stole comments from Hannity's blog from two different people: somone who calls him/herself "jeepers" and someone who calls him/herself "nunyadb."

    And you call that "normal?'

    We call it dishonest and cheating.

    But the person posing as "Fran" sees nothing wrong with deception and stealing other people's words and ideas.

    And people like you keep falling for the dishonesty and deception and even praise it.

  7. Dishonest? Deception? Stealing from others? These are the characteristics, and the traits of Messiah Obama.
    As for the the person (as you say) posing as "Fran". I don't give a hoot if she/he is "stealing other people's words and ideas" or Plagiarized or whatever. The fact is that what she wrote or "Copied" was true and factual and was very well written no matter who wrote it first.
    And come to think about it, didn't Obama do the exact same thing in one or two of HIS speeches? Wasn't HE guilty of quoting speeches from others including Martin Luther King, and John Kennedy and when he was asked about it, he said that they were if they were “JUST WORDS”.
    Hows that for "dishonesty and cheating"?
    Or do YOU call that NORMAL?

  8. Wow! My friend Sue over at "Hello Mr. President..." has been maintaining for a long time that "Lisa" is really "the malcontent."

    I guess Sue's been correct all along.

    I addressed my comment to Lisa, and only Lisa.

    And "the malcontent" answered?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  9. Shaw whoever "Fran" is wasn't the point of the comment, the point is what he/she wrote came from the heart,who's ever heart it was. Of course it didn't come from the liberal playbook of Superior intellect.
    I don't check who people are when I like what they write because I can barely get a commnet in being I don't have all that much time unlike some who are retired on a government pension some of us have to work for a living

  10. Not that I have to tell you but Mal is not me and visa versa. What do you think I am friggin Sybill or something?
    Now why are you bothering us when your dear leader wants us to move forward,whatever the hell that means.

  11. One more thing Shaw you don't have to "your friend Sue". We all know who Sue is.

  12. "Not that I have to tell you but Mal is not me and visa versa. What do you think I am friggin Sybill or something?"

    I addressed you, Lisa, and not "the malcontent."

    "the malcontent" jumped in and answered for "you." Just sayin'

    And it's instructive to understand your values--that stealing other people's ideas and words don't matter to you, it's the thought that counts.

    Try that in college and see how far it gets you. LOL!

  13. this isn't college. So what you never defend anyone on other blogs? I saw you do that many times.
    Stop nit picking at everything . I wish you would use those skills to nit pick this admin as much as you do your fellow Americans.

  14. Well, you certainly don't, do you, Lisa.

    You doth protest too much, m'dear.

  15. Relax Lisa, I think this is Hysterical.
    It was really funny when that bag of bile otherwise known as "Sue" called me "You" and now this other snot-rag has joined the mob.
    Let all of them Obama Zombies have a good time.
    I know that I am....

  16. See Lisa, aren't you happy that you started up your blog again, this is more hilarious than listening to Obama trying to make a speech without a teleprompter.

  17. I know Mal I should just let them wallow in their nastiness.
    They are comical MAL because they think they know what they are talking about. It is funny how one of them will lie and they all swear to it. I do see the entertainment value in that.

  18. Tru dat' Mal I will take it for what it is just good fun.

  19. I see Mal asked Fran to bring her ID to his blog next time she visits, That's because since she is "brand new" he needs time to make a blog and a profile!!! LOLOL!!

  20. or look what the what the cat dragged in,lol!!!!!! A rat!

  21. As usual, the malcontent completely misses the point. No one asked "Fran" for an ID. We simply pointed out that "Fran" is a fraud.

    The comment she posted at "the maldontent's" blog was stolen from two differnet commenters at Hannity's blogspot.

    malcontent willfully misunderstands and redirects his ire in the hopes no one notices that he and Lisa defend a cheat and a deceiver.

    Nice values you both have there.

    No is fooled.

    Oh, and "the malcontent" great schoolyard name-calling. They fit nicely with where you are in maturity.

  22. yes Mal, didn't your parents teach you to respect women? The name calling is so immature and not what a "real" Marine would stoop to...

  23. not what a "real" Marine would stoop to

    unlike the compassionate liberals we see unraveling before America's eyes. Thanks to Pelosi and Obama you can kiss your "has been" party goodbye because we know that moving forward means get out of the way and shut up while we create more bloated governmnet and create more and more debt on the backs of the people they "care" so much about.

  24. Sue said...

    yes Mal, didn't your parents teach you to respect women? The name calling is so immature and not what a "real" Marine would stoop to.

    Oh yes she did, but you and your "Friend" Ms. Snot Rag are NOT at all considered to be "women". And what the hell would you know about "Marines" all you liberal suckers are Military HATERS like your President is!

  25. Mal you make me laugh, you are such a hateful FRAUD!

  26. Sue said...
    Mal you make me laugh, you are such a hateful FRAUD!

    Sue, That made my day! I live to be hateful to people like you !

  27. Very interesting that I made the comment "Jeepers Fran..." and Mal mentions the need to bring an ID.

    How in the world did Mal know what I was talking about? I purposely made the comment a bit vague to see if "Fran" would respond but Mal jumps in knowing EXACTLY what I referring to - now how would Mal know that???

    I expect to get a typical "who cares" or "lefty" comment here. Surprise me Mal/Lisa and post something your daddy would be proud of.

  28. You give yourself much too much credit, As I don't even know what the hell you are talking about, nor do I care.

    I guess that we have another "Sleuth" here. By God the place is crawling with them.

  29. Ralphie - are you so stretched thin with your multiple IDs that you've forgotten what you wrote?

    When the plagiarism goes away the sleuths will follow...until then keep us on our toes with your Tom Foolery

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