Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Left Wing Racism


  1. The Left is the party of "Oh you're black, you couldn't possibly succeed without my help! Let me get that for you because I am a superior intellectual white person"!
    Racism at its best.

  2. isn't that the truth as long as they play the "victim" card it keeps people thinking they are victims instead of equals and that is just where they need them to be because they might,God Forbid...succeed.

  3. Let's look at facts instead of fiction.

    A majority of African-American voters, up to 98%, identify with the Democratic Party. Do you mean to imply that those millions of AAs are too stupid to understand that the Democrats, you so glibly put it, keep them dependent on them? Seriously. If you think that, you are admitting to a sort of patronizing that is stomach turning. You are essentially saying those millions of AA voters are too dumb to figure out for themselves that they're being played for victims?

    You're indicting a race of people as too dumb to determine which party represents their best interests?

    As for the photos of Bush and the chimps, you also have no understanding of what AAs in this oountry suffered for centuries. They were always compared to apes. It was a racial slur.

    White people have never been associated with primates.

    Comparing African Americans to gorillas, chimps, and monkeys has been used to dehumanize them throughout our sorry history.

    Mr. Bush is a member of the white race that used this slur against the minority AAs in this country.

    Your example and comparison doesn't work and shows you have no understanding of what our African American citizens suffered throughtout our shameful history.

  4. Oh Shaw spare me. Everyone knows what African Americans went through. You aren't the only one who knows even though you 'd like everyone to believe you are one of the knowledgeable people who understand it.
    When you use it to end a debate then you are the one abusing the term and for that you should be shameful. When people are against the health care bill you call them racists. When people don't want cap and trade you call them racists. When people are against Socialism you them racists. When people are against the admins quadrupling the debt you call them racist.

    Thank you as usual for your enlightenment.

  5. Wrong again, as usual, Lisa.

    You will not find me calling people who are anti-health care reform, anti-cap and trade [I've never even discussed this on my blog or on anyone's blog]racists. Nor do I believe people who call me a socialist are racist, just woefully uninformed.

    So you're making stuff up again, as is the habit of certain people on the right, say like Michele Bachmann, who ignorantly said the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery. She belongs to the conservatives, and that's your shame, not ours.

    It is interesting, though, that you completely disregarded my comment that points out your patronizing statements about the millions of African Americans who identify themselves as Democrats.

    You've implied that whole populations of people of color don't know what they're doing when they consciously choose one political party over another--a political party YOU dislike.

    If that isn't arrogant condescention, I don't know what is. And THAT attitude does border on a kind of racism, since it implies that these millions of people are too ignorant to understand what YOU believe is good for them.

    That, Lisa, was the mind-set of the plantation owners for whom many African-Americans' ancestors slaved.

  6. Shaw, once again your arrogance belies your ignorance. I have worked to educate many an individual on the policies and ideologies that represent political platforms. Many an African American realized they were actually less "left" than they thought they were. People tend to follow their parent's political leanings. Democrats have become the party that enslaves and weakens blacks. Educated people realize this.
    There is a great deal of ignorance. A great deal, indeed.
    You truly are a caricature, though, Shaw. A good laugh, if nothing else.

  7. that's what you said Shaw not me. So enlighten me what reason do African Americans vote democrat anyway beside the fact that the democrats "out-promise" things to them than republicans do
    And you imply that they not only should vote democrat but better vote democrat.
    What do the democrats do for them that they wouldn't have otherwise? I know freedom isn't one of them so don't even try that one.

    And he belongs to the democrats:

    and he can see Russia from his house!

  8. Hey DT you hit the nail on the head with that comment.
    They want to control thought. I will use Juan Williams as an example. He makes a comment that the lefties think he shouldn't and they treat him worse than if he had been a slave.
    Just because he works for FOX now they say he's "plowing for the man"
    Sounds like the left are the ones who have some kind of of "uncertainty" about it.
    It's their way or the highway. Yep just like slavery.

  9. also you will never hear them quote Thomas Sowell who is one of the more brilliant minds.
    They might have to admit that he's When they pick and choose like that it is revealing.

  10. and here's the thing, Shaw claims to be soooo smart yet she can't even see the irony behind this post.

  11. "People tend to follow their parent's political leanings."

    Does this statement imply that African-Americans affiliate themselves with the Democrats merely because their parents did?

    Don't you realize you're speaking of millions of people here? You make a blanket assertion backed up by no facts. Where is your evidence for that assumption?

    "Democrats have become the party that enslaves and weakens blacks."

    This statement is racist. By saying that, you imply that millions of African-Americans do NOT know that the Democratic Party [which by the way is made up of African-Americans as well as Asians, Latinos, and whites] is enslaving them. Would people deliberately stay with a party that enslaves them when they are free to leave and enroll as Republicans? They are free to associate with whichever party they believe serves their best interests.

    Your statement is illogical and indicts an entire population as dumb, weak, and unthinking.

    "Educated people realize this."

    This is even worse. If only "educated people realize this," you're implying that the millions of African-Americans who stay loyal to the Democrats are uneducated? Stupid?

    What could be more condescending and racist than that?

    Your attitude is the same as plantation owners was: You know best what is good for African-Americans, and they just don't know what they're doing.

    No wonder the GOP is anathema to free thinkers.

  12. Shaw I am still waiting for your response to what do democrats do for African American that the republicans don't?
    You know what is racist when liberal groups have to lower standards to pass tests to make it "fair" to African Americans. What are they implying when they do that,that they are not as smart as white people?

  13. "Shaw I am still waiting for your response to what do democrats do for African American that the republicans don't?"--Lisa

    Lisa, why don't you ask the millions of AAs that question? But let me clue you in: Our AA brothers and sisters overwhelmingly support the Democrats because they made a conscious decision that the Democratic Party is more in line with their values than is the GOP. Simple. I'm surprised you don't get that.

    Your friend who comments here as "Divine" made an astoundingly insensitive statement when she claims the Democratic Party "enslaves" African-Americans. That is ignorant.

    There is no "enslavement" when people are free to associate with whichever party they choose. When people are forced to stay in a party under penalty of punishment, THAT is enslavement. Her "enslavement" comment is racist, because it implies African-Americans have no control over their choices, when they most assuredly do. It is YOUR and DIVINE'S dislike of those choices that make both of you assume AAs don't know what's best for them. That is patronizing.

    African-Americans are as free as you and Divine to choose which political party they want to belong to. It is YOU and DIVINE who cannot reconcile that African-Americans freely choose to affiliate with the Democrats, so you decide that they're either too stupid, or "enslaved" and that's why they stay with the Democrats.

    If that isn't a sickeningly racist idea, I don't know what is.

    Also, Lisa, you disgusting claim that liberal groups lower their standards for AAs to pass is another instance of galloping racism.


  14. Then explain Shaw "the all knowing". You are the one who made the claim of AA people voting democrat why don't you explain what their values are compared to say everyone else?
    I didn't say liberal groups lower their tests I said that or what I meant was that certain jobs that require testing give AAs an edge of a lower grade to pass. Who's idea was it to do that? Don't you feel that is a form of racism or is it just that you feel the need to accuse me of it for bringing it up when it is indeed a fact.

  15. Shaw is clinically mentally unsound. I do not pick on sick people.

  16. Divine Theatre, we've been through this before on Kurt's blog.

    When people lack the ability to argue the merits of a subject, they go after those who are able to with ad hominem slurs.

    If you can't argue with ideas and facts, that's your problem, not mine.

    Calling me "clinically mentally unsound" and "sick" because you can't come up with a cogent argument, gives us an insight into your character.

    And it isn't attractive.

    PS. Your slur on my mental capacity is especially cruel, since my mother suffered from a mental illness and died as a result of her illness.

    You need to learn to use ideas as weapons, and not slurs, that's what adults do.

    Lisa, I'm not "all knowing." Those are your words, not mine.

    I don't have to explain what AA's values are since I cannot speak for the millions of citizens who have chosen to affiliate with the Democratic Party and NOT the GOP. Why don't you do the work and educate yourself on this issue, which apparently annoys you.

    Your second demand that I answer your question of testing scores for AA citizen is a hugely complicated issue that does not have a reasonable chance of being discussed here.

  17. Shaw don't pay attention to them , they are a cult. They have a alternate reality. Andrew Breitbart is a Journalist and the NAACP is a racist organization. Shirley Sharrod to them wasn't a victim , she's a terrorist. They're doubling down on the racism. They want Black people and Hispanics to do something violent so that they can justify their version of the "Final Solution". They are the children of the White Citizen Council . Now they are the Conservative Citizens Council. How many more little white girls born on 9/11 they have to kill until they see how sick they are?

    Who's the blame for the Foreclosure? Blacks and Hispanics buying McMansions.

    Everything from drugs, crime, AIDS, or the breakup of their girlfriend has been put on us. They must be paid to attrack minorities by the Koch family or others. Dr. Laura calls a black woman the N-word and Palin says to reload. i would if I called a Black person the n-word too. BTW, Laura got a raise and a promotion after that. Racism pays. So they can go to Jesse Lee Peterson telling them that Blacks are worthless and "Thank you for slavery".

    They will wake up, but when?

  18. "Your second demand that I answer your question of testing scores for AA citizen is a hugely complicated issue that does not have a reasonable chance of being discussed here"

    That's the Right's answer to everything, calling minorities stupid. They are trying to cause unrest, but we won't bite. Let people like Beck get someone else killed. Maybe a little old lady or more children, as long as they use the "Southern Stragety".

  19. Kid they have you right where they want you a victim. Maybe you should to look to the democrats for accusing people of racism when they aren't' and it's clear to me you never bothered to view those videos in the next post.
    I guess you might have to hold up a mirror and face your hate.
    Anyway calling minorities victims is equivalent to calling them stupid .
    The left's answer to to everything is calling conservatives racists.
    It's obviuous the democrats haven't done a thing for minorities because they keep voting for them and they still need Obama to pay their mortgage and put gas in their cars.

  20. Lisa,

    Do you actually read what you say?

    "Kid they have you right where they want you a victim."--Lisa

    "Anyway calling minorities victims is equivalent to calling them stupid ."--Lisa

    Explain, please.

    LISA: "It's obviuous the democrats haven't done a thing for minorities because they keep voting for them..."

    So, Lisa, the more the Democrats do nothing for minorities, they more they vote for them? In anyone's universe, that would be a definition of "stupid," wouldn't it. Do you not understand what you implied in what you just wrote?

    "...and they still need Obama to pay their mortgage and put gas in their cars"--Lisa

    What are you talking about here? The president of the United States pays minorities' mortgages and puts gas in their cars?

    Apparently, like Palin, you throw meaningless words together and set them out with the hope that no one pays close attention to their nonsense.

  21. As Shaw correctly pointed out, using the term "liberal racism" to describe the photo montage comparing George W. Bush to primates is false equivalency. Also, what exactly is "liberal racism"? To me, racism is racism regardless of one's political viewpoint.

    I often hear Republicans say the reason blacks vote Democrat is because Democratic politicians play the victim card. That's a simplistic theory which never raises an important question, which I'll get to later.

    Let me be clear in saying that the Democratic party isn't perfect. However, I feel they at least give a damn about black people. For one thing, the Republican party’s employing of “the Southern strategy” since at least the 1960s has alienated many blacks (me included)-

    I also feel that the Republican party loves to cozy up to big business to the detriment of the average American. Here are a few examples:

    * They voted against a job saving bill that was paid for:

    * Joe Barton apologizing to BP after the oil spill.

    * John Boehner once handed out checks to tobacco industry lobbyists... on the House floor!

    Have some Democratic politicians sold out and gotten into bed with big business too? Sure. However, Republicans have their clothes off and are under the sheets before the lights are off!

    Along with the above, I also don't like some of the other culture wars Republicans have waged against other groups (for example, Hispanics, Muslim Americans, and the GLBT community).

    For Republicans who accuse Democratic politicians of playing the victim card, here is the question I alluded to earlier along with another one:

    1. What are the Republicans' shortcomings which have driven a majority of blacks to the Democratic party?

    2. What are the Republicans doing to enlarge their so-called "big tent" and get more blacks to switch parties?

    Outside of cheap stunts such as billboards (see post link below), I haven't seen any real efforts by the Republican party to increase their black membership.

  22. Oh so now it's a contest to see who can have more of a Black Membership? The difference is republicans want all people to have equal opportunities although they may have not have the same tactics to communicate them but they don't classify people the way the Democrats do. That is just a way the democrats use it to secure votes for themselves . i think it's disingenuous because they have to play "games" and come up with gimmicks instead of addressing all people as a whole.
    So what is it that they need that all of us don't? That's what's wrong with this country always having to out people in categories.
    But i the end I think we all want the same thing for our families and the opportunity to achieve goals and to have pride in doing so.

  23. Lisa: I never said the parties are in a contest over who has more blacks. However, if a political party notices they have low representation among a particular group (be it women, minorities, young people, etc.) it makes perfect sense for the party to reach out to the group(s) in question. Also, I've heard conservative bloggers admit that the GOP needs to do a better job of reaching out to blacks. Some in fact seem rather obsessed and frustrated over the GOP's lack of black membership. If you feel that Democrats have resorted to underhanded tactics to secure the black vote, that's fine (although I disagree). However, I feel the GOP has played a role in this trend which is why I asked this question in my previous comment:

    * What are the Republicans' shortcomings which have driven a majority of blacks to the Democratic party?

    You say that Democrats indulge in games and gimmicks to get support. What do you call the "GOP is the New Black" billboard that I linked to in my previous comment? The group behind this billboard were also responsible for the misleading (if not flat out dishonest) billboard proclaiming that MLK was a Republican. Do you feel that these two billboards weren't stunts/gimmicks to win black support? If so, I'd love to hear you explain why.

    Also, if Republicans really want all people to have equal opportunities, explain why only 8 Republicans voted in support of the repeal of DADT?

    In your reply you asked: So what is it that they need that all of us don't?

    Can you clarify who you mean by "they" and "all of us"? I think I know what you mean, but I don't want to assume.

  24. They meaning minorites. What needs do they have that the rest of us don't.
    I think what that sign meant is maybe we are seeing more blac conservatives than befoe because as I just stated we all have the same needs and it is a good economy which benefits everyone. You can't always get everything you want you know. Governmnet is not supposed to fulfill all of our wish lists.

  25. We (minorities) don't have any needs that others don't. All we ask is for equal treatment. However, I know some conservatives who view us wanting "equal rights" as expecting special treatment and that isn't even close to the truth.

    It sounds as if you believe the tired and false right-wing talking point which accuses liberals/Democrats of wanting government to do everything for us. Although government shouldn't be intrusive or be expected to (as you say it) fulfill our wish lists, it does have it's place.

    If the group who put up the "GOP Is the New Black" billboard is trying to convey the message that we are seeing more black conservatives, I'm not sure where they are getting their stats. If there is data which suggests a significant growth in black membership of the GOP, I'd love to see it. Let me also add that being a conservative and being a Republican aren't necessarily the same thing. I know many blacks who have social conservative values, but still vote Democrat and I think the GOP has to take some responsibility for that. This brings me back to a question I have asked you twice, but have yet to receive an answer. So here it is again:

    What are the Republicans' shortcomings which have driven a majority of blacks to the Democratic party?