Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obama'a Job Growth

A glimpse into Obama's Amerika

I guess this is how Obama brings down the unemployment numbers.

h/t Jenn


  1. President Barack Obama was hit with more devastating jobs news on Friday, less than a week before he gives his heavily touted speech to Congress on getting unemployment down.

    No new net jobs were created in August according to Labor Department figures and the jobless rate remained the same at 9.1 percent.
    Job Growth Zero, Obama Policies Called 'Failure'

  2. The left is once again spreading lies and deception but of course this is their specialty.

    If reality didn't meet the expectations of their fantasy world, then all they have left is to lie about it.

  3. very true they have no message so like Media Matters they choose a target,freeze it and polarize it.

    1. I'm not quite as anti-Obama as you are, Lisa, but, I, too, am bothered by the influence of unions in American politics. One of the more troubling examples is the SEIU donating millions to the Obama campaign and then magically dozens of their chapters getting a waiver from Obamacare. It stinks and it would be nice if organizations like Media Matters occasionally looked at the transgressions of individuals on their "side".

  4. Will "take no prisoners" Hart said
    I'm not quite as anti-Obama as you are,

    Better think twice Mr. Hart.