Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Watch this and then answer this question. Who was it that divided the country?

Republicans or democrats?


  1. Today's conservative would be happy living under a bridge and cooking sparrows over a burn barrel so long as the people under the next bridge had fewer sparrows

  2. Right. Because telling the American people, as the mouth of the GOP, Limbaugh, did, that he hoped the new president would FAIL even before he was inaugurated, was such a unifying message, wasn't it? And having every single GOP legislator vote against every single policy the president proposes is also very unifying.

    Lisa, that one example of Pelosi pales, no, not pales, MEGA FAILS, in comparison to the wreckage the GOP has visited on the American people because they lost the 2008 election.

    BTW, haven't you noticed how revulsed even the GOP electorate is by the people who wish to be your nominee for president?

  3. I think both play a part, but the Dems are in overdrive with this sort of thing.

  4. And let's not forget the Democrat media.

  5. Not only would I vote for Santorum over Obama, But I'd vote for Daffy Duck before I voted for Obama.

  6. Shaw that bill was totally partisan.This administration is totally partisan. This administration has divided the country by playing partisanship. Not to mention thumbing their noses at the people ignoring the Tea Party and call the "astroturfers" and then supporting the OWS scum.
    I notice they don't seem to be supporting them too much these days now that this movement has been exposed to be nothing more than a bunch of s---stirring, frenzied up violent,stuck in an entitlement mind set group of thugs .
    What happened to all the support Obama and Pelosi were giving this movement? I guess they didn't realize it was going to turn into nothing more that a bunch of stuck in the sixties squatters .

  7. Ducky your wisdom is so enlightening. So glad you are able to sum the facts so well.

    Yeah Kid Obama gets state run media for free. Altough MSNBC meets with the White House regularly I hear.

  8. Lisa, Respectfully.. Rush calls it State Run Media. What happens if and when the Repubs or Tea Party get voted in?

    Is it still State Run Media? I think Not, and I'm quite sure Rush is smarter than that too. It's the "Democrat" Media.

    It's quite a "tell" on Rush that he doesn't give up on his "State" run media meme.

    Whaddya think?

  9. I called it state run media not because of Rush but because of seeing Obama on TV all the time and the media that goes out of their way to make him look good even when he isn't.
    Kid when the republicans were voted in thn it was the democrat media. I just like the sound of State Run Media. Ok well maybe just MSNBC is State Run,lol!!

  10. Meant to say *We'll* sort it out. The "well" gives whole different meaning.
    It's just something I throw out form time to time.

    Heard a joe biden clip "They're going to sort out the contraception thing with the Catholics, becuase they know it goes against their religious belief, but it will take about a year.? What the hell? What a pack of killer clowns.

    They are either going to ignore the church and state principle that they harp on to no end when they want to do something or they are Not going to cancel the think. How does that take a year? Maybe he thinks he can get the Pope to change the religion?

    And what about the muslims? Are they going to deal with all the muslim problems related to a woman's rights???? What a bunch of morons !

  11. Killer Clowns I love that name Kid fits them perfectly.
    Notice how they are the self appointed ones with all the wisdom and knowledge? They believe in abortion so the are the smart ones. They believe in freedom of religion unless it goes against their beliefs. See how intelligent they are?
    If you disagree with Barry you are a racist. They even have multiple definitions for one word. Oh and lets' not forget if you don't believe in socialism then you are nothing but a selfish bigot. They are just all so insightful.

  12. Lisa, I got so worked up, I actually made a post out of it.

    It is very disturbing that so many people either approve of them or simply are ignorant to the whole thing. These kids today are gonna be wondering what hit them. I'll be glad to tell them.

    And thanks :)