Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama's 9-9-9 Plan


  1. You don't have to be a partisan to appreciate the humor in that one (this, though I doubt that the liberal partisans will appreciate it period).

  2. Will they have no sense of humor ,but I do recall them blaming "Oil Men" in the White House when gas went to 2.37 a gallon and calling for investigations of that "high" price.
    Let's face it Obama comes out looking like rock star no matter what is going on. No matter what POV he takes on an issue the entire left and the media applaud whatever he says he usually takes 2-3 sides of every issue.

    1. Sue and her minions are going crazy over that admittedly idiotic comment by Limbaugh. Nothing, though, on the hate-filled anti-Catholic article in the Huffington Post....Must be nice to not have a moral compass and go on automatic pilot 24/7 like that. No frigging thinking required!

  3. Amen to your assessment of the media and Obama, Lisa........
    What's really creepy is remembering Obama has said he wants oil prices higher and his Energy Nut, Steven Chu, says they're not eager for prices to come down. You see, they're teaching Americans a lesson again, slapping us up one side and down the other to make us play their GREEN ENERGY way. Though that's not working. We are in SUCH DAMNED TROUBLE with this HIDEOUS PRESIDENT>

  4. We sure are Z, I can't believe people follow him so blindly. No mater what side of what issue he takes they are all on board 100% . It used to be borderline creepy,now it's just ....I don't know I just have no words for it.

    Thanks for stopping by again Will. I commented over there on the Limbaugh thing because they are so ridiculous and I can't help myself. Thy say it's okay that Bil Maher called Palin the "c" word because he's a comedian and that's what he does. Call me dense but I fail to see the humor in that.
    Pelosi called that woman to stir the pot and I say "woman" because she is 30 years old and apparently can't even pay for her own birth control. I guess I'd be afraid for her to have a baby because then she'd be demanding someone else take care of her baby.
    Did you hear her that she chose that school to help womwn be able to obtain contraception? Good Lord,I'm done stick a fork in me.

    1. Lisa, I challenge you to find evidence where Ms. Fluke says she can't afford her own birth control. This is a direct challenge. Find the link to her testimony where she says that.

      Unless you can, what you've written in the above comment is nothing more than a pile of bullpuckey, made up to make you look like you know what you're talking about. You don't know what you're talking about, because Ms. Fluke never said such a thing.

      Every time I challenge you to back up what you say with evidence, you FAIL.

      And that's because you just make shyte up.

    2. Lisa, I challenge you to find evidence where Ms. Fluke says she can't afford her own birth control.

      Chaw, her birth control bill is $0 minus some. Look at that homely toilet seat, she's had about as much opposite gendered sex as your "Queen of Nice" Rosie O'Dildo. What she has always been is a Trojan horse placed in a Catholic Institution to sabotage it from within.

      She's also a long time gender change loudmouth (for OBVIOUS reasons). Of course demanding that the productive superiour people pay for their deviancy.

  5. Then what's her gripe Ms Know it all? Maybe they should be more worried about having protected sex .
    Obama wants this and you know it. Nancy Pelosi dragged her into that hearing.
    I'd love to see this happen in the Islamic University of Minnesota. I bet none of those students would dare bring up the subject nor nor would Mr Hope N Change Mandate it for them. They probably get a waiver.
    Non denominational colleges don't have this problem.They are purposely doing it against Catholic institutions.
    You know it ,I know and just about everyone else knows it.

  6. The real issue here is Obama and the democrats are trying to make women think the the republicans want to make contraception illegal. You can tell by the way Stephanopolous brought it up in the debates like it was the most pressing issue.
    Unfortunately for the left they don't carry the whole narrative anymore and they hate when that happens.
    Yep it looks like the community organizer is organizing the whole country.

    1. This woman was smart enough to get into law school but not smart enough to know that a Jesuit university probably wasn't going to pay for her contraception (Mr. Limbaugh's idiotic comment got us all off message, apparently)? Duh! And what's with this no co-pay stuff. I have to pay a $15 co-pay for every prescription that I get (save, of course, for the occasional $4 generic at Walmart - yet another institution that the progressives despise) and Obama wants to make contraception TOTALLY "free" (as we all know, nothing is truly free)? Naaadon't think so!

  7. There you go Will you just said it. I have to pay copays for all my prescriptions as well and those are ones that are actually needed.

    1. The way that I see it, peeps, if Mr. Obama saw it in his heart to give his union buddies a waiver (a boatload of SEIU chapters got waivers from Obamacare), then he should be able to give one to the Catholic Church, too. It's only frigging fair, I'm thinking.......And, besides, anybody who cant' afford contraception can basically get it free at a clinic and, even if you don't qualify for it there, you can get it for $9 a month at Walmart. I mean, seriously, talk about a nonissue issue.

  8. Gome on folks......Ms.Fluke is a 30 year old law student at a catholic school.She knew going in its just what the schools policy was.I'm sure it was just an accident she showed up in front of that commettie

  9. Hey Rusty she is part of Obama's entitlement voting base. She's an known activist that Pelosi drug out from under a rock to stir the pot because she herself has become so irrelevant that she needs to continue her behind the scenes manipulation.
    You know what this is exactly what Obama wants e wants us fighting with each other so he can either have us ignore his failed policies or come out in defense of them. As per my above comment he is a rock star to the left no matter what he does,says,doesn't or or doesn't say.
    He's nothing more than a pop culture figure who the left gets all tingly over because they actually believe he cares about each and every one of them when in reality he is manipulating them with his phony charm.
    They act like little school children which is why young people ooh and ahh over him because they live in a fantasy word of rainbows and gum drops and to them Obama represents that. The 60's hippies who follow him are having flashbacks of hallucinations and free love.

  10. lol RR that is so typical of the vial coming from the insanity of Kay in sane

  11. Lisa, you've been challenged... give it your best, it shouldn't be too hard to put Madam Eva Peron in her place.

  12. Rush Limbaugh is entitled to his own opinion.
    This is still America, even with Obama in charge and it doesn't seem to be the America we all knew and Loved, but it still is...
    And in American we have something called "Freedom of Speech"

    In America we don't try to silence someone because we disagree with what he said.

    In American we don't letter write for his sponsors to stop advertising on their show so that he should lose his ratings and be fired.
    If that were true then this country would not be called the "Land of the Free"!

    People of all political persuasions have a right to their own ideas and to advocate those opinions on their own.
    We can always change the station or shut it off if we don't like it. WE don't and we should not call for them to be fired!
    If that were so then lets get rid of that Anti American Ass Hole Bill Maher.

    How would you liberals like that?
    How would Chaw along with her team of scumbags like that?,

  13. Like him or not, as far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, as an American citizen he has every right to speak his mind. He has the right to his beliefs and his political views and to speak out about them. He also has the right to mock public figures in an abusive fashion, just like Bill Maher, or David Letterman does and he has the right to be rude and make insulting comments about people if he so desires as long as they are not slanderous. This may not look like America since Obama is the president, but like it or not, it still is.

  14. Why doesn't it "look like America", Baconburger?

    Upset because a nigra is commander in chief?

  15. Ducky,Have you always been an asshole or is a more recent thing?

  16. There goes Ducky race baiting. The democrats are the biggest racists but they think they can hide it by calling everyone else racists.
    Ducky you know that's BS so why do you even bother?

    Liberals only want Rush off the air because he doesn't go along with their ideology,even though they don't really know what their ideology is,it's just words without an end result.

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  18. In the heads of the ding-bat left, especially those Obama zombie bottom feeders like Chaw Kenawe free speech means they can say what ever they want and Republicans and conservatives should shut up. Why worry about what Rush says? If you don't like what he says, don't listen to his show. There is no reason to flip out and come undone.

    You see, here in America, we have freedom of speech. Who knows just how long that's going to last if Obama gets re-elected, but up until then we can choose to listen to or not listen to anyone. The the founding fathers gave us that tight and no one not even OBUMMER is going to stop us. HBO has the right to air an idiot like Bill Maher who is king of insults and name-calling but I have the right not to watch his dumb show. He says insane things all the time, but I don't want him off the air. Because I, like every conservative I know, like free speech. But the liberals? Not so much.
    OK, so Rush admitted he that used the wrong words while talking about Sandra Fluke, and he knows it and he said he's sorry. If saying sorry is good enough for God, you'd think it would be for the Vermin in the left, MSNBC and Fluke. But no it's not, because they want Rush off the air because they're small and petty and they don't believe in free speech for conservatives and Republicans. They want to silence Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Santorum, as well as Rush and anyone else who may be a threat to Obama.
    But the lefty vermin like Chaw Kenawe expect conservatives to take their BS and remain silent. Well it's not going to happen, and the noise from the right about this is not going away.. No matter how many post this screwball progressive loose cannon Chaw Kenawe writes, or how many dumb names she gives to ALL the republican candidates.
    She can attack attack Limbaugh and conservatism all she wants to, but two can play that game as well as she and the leftist progressive insulting, condescending, IDIOTS that surround her. Rush is entitled to his opinions no matter that these bunch of hypocrite say or want. This is the Russian, or Cuban media, this is still the United States of America.

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  20. I'm betting that Shaw will out there like always name calling, bitching, swearing, complaining, whining, sniveling like a puppy with it's tail caught in a buzz saw. And blaming Obama's defeat on us racists.
    But then again let us not forget that Obama inherited this bad economy from Bush.
    Obama inherited two wars from Bush. And Poor Obama gets all the blame. I get so sick and tired of these idiot liberals and their complete lack of personal responsibility.
    But it's the the liberals who will be whining in November when obama packs up and goes home, and Madam Moocher will have to pay for her own vacations.

  21. I hope this isn't a prelude of things to come. Otherwise I may have to invest in a horse and buggy.

  22. I know scary isn' it Leticia?

  23. 65 percent of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling the price of gas.
    I think it would make some impact on voting preferences. However, I think that the majority of Blacks will be voting for Obama even if gas costs $50.00 per gallon.

  24. exactly Serpentdove. It's amazing how race trumps everything else. I always said Obama Bots would wait on line for a loaf of bread and then thank Obama for that loaf of bread.

  25. Hows this for the Pot calling the kettle black!

    Joe Biden tells people who paid $10,000 a plate for dinner that "Republicans are out of touch."

    1. Biden has a wealth of polling data about public preferences on substantive issues to back him up. That is substantive issues, as opposed to wedge-issue pandering and reactionary spasms.

  26. As Ronald Reagan said" Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

  27. My Dearest Lisa,
    Just in case your weren't aware of it, it was Ronald Reagan who was the ignorant one.

  28. Lisa, you shouldn't mention the words "Ronald Reagan" and "liberal" in the same sentence.

  29. "Progressive Eruption

    "Mar 14, 2012 02:16 PM
    My Dearest Lisa,
    Just in case your weren't aware of it, it was Ronald Reagan who was the ignorant one."

    Nice try moron. But the name of my blog is "Progressive EruptionS." You don't have the brains or the wits to do a funny parody. No surprise there.

    1. I think that there's more than enough idiocy to go around, Shaw. For instance, Paul Krugman recently compared John Boehner to Herbert Hoover. Anybody with even a semblance of historical knowledge would have known that Hoover wasn't a free-marketeer but a hard-core interventionist. He was a God damned frigging progressive (who FDR ran to the right of in the election of 1932), for Christ! I mean, doesn't Mr. Krugman even know that the progressive movement started in the Republican party? I knew it and Krugman didn't - that's scary.

    2. And there's more than enough dishonesty to go around, too. ..............Let me provide you an example here, too. Back in 2009, Rachel Maddow made a big fat deal over the fact that Dick Armey (admittedly, an asshole) and his group, Freedom Works, were opposing Mr. Obama's health-care bill. She also noted that Mr. Armey's law firm, DLA Piper, had done some work for a pharmaceutical firm called Medicine's Company. Her assertion (absent even a scintilla of evidence, mind, you) was that somehow the drug companies were calling the shots here and that Mr. Armey was more than likely shilling for them.........................................................................................Yeah, well, guess what here, Shaw - WRONG! Not only was Medicines Company not opposing the heath-care bill, they actually supported it to the tune of causing a breakup between Armey and the law firm. If Ms. Maddow had done even a modicum of research on this issue, she would have concluded that the health-care bill was actually a bonanza for the drug companies and that Mr. Armey's views on health-care reform were NOT those of his by then FORMER law firm and their big corporate client. Nope, Shaw, those folks were on President Obama's side. Go figure, huh?......Maddow created a story out of thin air, I guess is what I'm saying here.

    3. Says the condecending, cowardly POS who trolls conservative blogs, but cowardly scrubs all dissent from her Tiger Beat style lovefest to this disgraceful power-grasping potentate.

  30. Vets angry over American flag featuring Obama

    The wannabe dictator, Barack “President-for-life” Idi Amin Obama has the audacity to have the members of HIS political party place his image on the Nation’s Symbol, our “Stars and Stripes” that so many thousands have given their lives for in defense of the nation for which it stands, in the service of our nation in the military as well in the diplomatic corps, on the American flagged vessels rushing aid to disasters, on the Merchant Ships that under these colors were sunk providing aid to our allies and every American that has gone forth on expeditions or on charity work and lost their lives.

  31. well thanks to our vetereans for having it removed. Good Lord this is byeond sick. I bet inside this is the other flag they have hanging

  32. What a FREAKEN Arrogant, Narcissist we have for a leader!

  33. don't we though. One of the Obama campaign headquarters ha a Che' flag hanging up. I am telling you it's sick out there. They are like cockroaches hiding in every corner and crevice

  34. Sorry, Lisa, but I think that both sides have kind of jumped the shark on this thread. President Obama = Idi Amin?

  35. Will "take no prisoners said:
    Sorry, Lisa, but I think that both sides have kind of jumped the shark on this thread. President Obama = Idi Amin?

    And your point is?

    1. My point is that both sides of the blogosphere seem to engage in a lot of mean-spirited hyperbole (and, yes, for the record, I've defended Presidents Bush and Reagan against it, too) and that the resultant dialogue really seems to suffer from it. Idi Amin was an absolute genocidal madman. Mr. Obama, while certainly not the greatest President in history, is certainly not THAT.

  36. I said Che' he started out with good intentions. I am only comparing the idolization of him as being ridiculous.
    People still wear shirts with pics Of Che' on them,even in this country some people have this weird kind of ritualistic adoration for pop cult figures.

  37. Will, I think the point is that people are that angry and disappointed with Obama to call him Idi Amin. No, Obama is not a genocidal madman.So far :-)
    Sometimes people use hyperbole to make a point. Compare someone with Amin and you pretty much know that 'someone' isn't well liked!
    As for both sides of the blogosphere, I'm hoping you compared when Ted Kennedy died (seeing conservatives wishing his family well, admitting they didn't agree with him, but..) and when Tony SNow died and blogs had to shut down from the crash of people rejoicing.
    there are me. Are the Conservatives always sweet and accepting? NO, but, in comparison? WOW.

  38. Why yes Z, it is unimaginable to think that anyone on the right would celebrate the death of anyone, much less someone on the left...

    So what exactly was Andrew Breitbart talking about when he tweeted that Ted Kennedy was a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick” and "I'm more than willing to go off decorum to ensure THIS MAN is not beatified,”?.

    You reflexively defend the "right". Are you unable, like most here, to acknowledge any short comings of your side? i saw all over the conservative blogs, including yours, how the left was awful to denigrate breitbart on his death, and then muse about how conservatives would never do such a thing.

    Well apparently, they do, and it was Breitbart himself.

    Yes, the Dems made political hay on gas prices when Bush was in office... and it as wrong then as it is now.

    The larger questions, which no one on the right is even willing to discuss is how to lower those costs and why they are so high.

    We have more oil than ever in the pipeline. Supply is up and usage here in the US is down. based on supply side economics, the price should be down. But we have this issue with Iran and a general unease in the Middle East that is causing a lot of turmoil in the oil markets.

    Add that to the facts that oil is priced as an international commodity and China is using more oil and what are the options?

  39. Thanks Z that is so true. The left have been more vile and nasty from the likes of Bill Maher to Jeanine Garafolo and all of them who attacked peaceful America citizens of the Tea Party,when all they were doing was display their concern against what was going on in our country with spending,cap and trade,health care the whole thing.
    We have Bush coming out and making an announcement of how we were on the verge of collapse as if that weren't enough to scare the American people then Obama comes in with this radical agenda and we are supposed to just bend over and continue to take it? Anyone I ever met at these events were the nicest people and they were all quite worried and then you get Pelosi,Reid and Obama in all their arrogance ignoring the concerns of regular citizens and then then not stepping in when they were being called racists. Instead Pelosi called t Astroturfing when in fact none of these people ever protested before. I am so mad about that . I am so mad that bratty ass kids would drive by and give us the finger,or someone would yell nasty things without even understanding what the Tea Party was about. And we can thank the left wing Obama media for that. So I am blaming him personally ,you know the great speaker who made such a great speech to the Muslim world while ignoring his own citizens concerns.
    This is exactly what he wants I don't care what Dave,Shaw or any of these Obama-bots say or think. They are just too ignorant to admit the truth because they are too invested in this president. No Republican president would ever get a pass on half the crap this guy spews. He is such an ignoramus. I don't care if he's black,yellow ,white or pink. I can't even listen to his arrogant speeches mocking Republicans and any other group he can use to divide us even more.
    This isn't about oil or the economy or women. It's about Him. It always was all about him.
    He wants us to fight amongst ourselves otherwise the great speaker would come out and stop pointing fingers at certain people,instead of trying to bring us together. He can't do it because he's too much of an ideologue to sway from his ideology.
    Whenever he makes a speech the whole left and the media drools over it for a week.
    They can make fun of republicans all the want but they have more class in one pinky than this president had in his entire lifetime.

  40. Dave I am sure if a Republican did what Ted Kennedy did an a lefty came out and said the things Breibart said upon his death you would not be defending that Republican I can guarantee you that.

  41. "They can make fun of republicans all the want but they have more class in one pinky than this president had in his entire lifetime.' Besides Limbaugh, any examples?

  42. Frankly, I'm not surprised about The filthy things that the lefty said about Breitbart, but I am a bit shocked that they were so hypocritical that they said them after his death. And the fact that they did speak so badly about a person who had not even turned cold yet was not at all surprising. Yep, his body was still warm and we are seeing these lefty creatures coming out of the woodwork attacking him.
    They never seven spoke that badly about the bombthrower Bill Ayer, because he was palsy with Barack Obama.
    How come Obamas boot-lickers like the posters above never found any fault with Bill Ayers, or Rev Wright? And they ALL ran to the defense of that Commie Van Jones???

    Will the lefty Obama supporters find anything wrong with that Obama Documentary.

    Other than calling it his campaign the HOAX & CHANGE infomercial instead of a documentary the only thing missing was a laugh track.
    Good to see the usual despicable lefty suspects here defending their attacks on Mr. Breitbart, it only proves my point. It just doesn’t get much lower than this.

    Tell me why is it that Rush Limbaugh says something inappropriate and the Left refuses to accept his apology, but instead they start a stupid crusade to take him off the air. The idiot douche bags on the late night shows get away with anything and everything as long as they attack a republican.
    Maybe if I wish hard enough some of these obnoxious posters above would be vaporized.
    And to Dave Miller and your band of idiots need to do more than just fart to clear your head!

  43. Frankly Darling, I'm not surprised in the least, by the pure hate that is flowing from the mouths of the leftie swine with regard to Breitbart. It pretty much sums up the way that these people on the Left (aka human excrement) deal with people they don’t agree with Rush included.
    Rest in peace Andrew Breitbart you taught us how to be warriors, and you taught us well. We will continue to fight to take our country back from those who want it to turn into a Socialist nation. NO, WE AIN'T QUITTING
    Well won't allow it to.. The bunch of left-wing crackpots and lunatics may be celebrating his death Just another example of the complete lack of tolerance, compassion, diversity, and respect of others the typical traits of liberalism, by the bleeding heart hypocritical lefty a-holes. This shows just how evil the left wing nuts truly are. Just look up and down the lefty blogs and you'll see just how joyful they are over his death. These people who post this crap are loathsome crack-pots.
    The Left makes me sick.

  44. They can make fun of republicans all they want but they have more class in one pinky than this president had in his entire lifetime.' Besides Limbaugh, any examples?

    Yeah BB just listen to the president when he speaks to college kids because that's his crowd who he can say anything to and say it with a different tone than he normally does and they cheer his like a bunch of trained monkeys.
    He says drilling won't help us and they all cheer,then he says drilling went up under his admin. and they all cheer. Then he name calls people flat earthers and they all cheer.
    He says things like clinging to guns and religion,if they bring a knife you bring a gun to the fight.
    The man is partying it up on taxpayer money like it's 1999 and "you" cheer him.
    That's enough example for me. If it isn't enough for you then it's your bed to lie in.

    and another thing I wasn't referring to Limbaugh or that slut Bill Maher.

  45. Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

    The fearless citizen journalist who never let the lies of the left go unchallenged, understood the left. Like cockroaches, leftists do their best work in the dark, but when the lights come on, the bugs scatter. Breitbart was a great light. May his family and friends find comfort and peace in this time of sorrow.

    We will forever be grateful to all the work you've done on behalf of bringing America back to her greatness. The greatness lost when Obama was elected. When the Greatness was turned to Madness.
    It would be illogical and madness to reward absolute failure with a second term.He has damaged this country beyond belief. He has us well on the way to a 17 trillion $$$
    debt we can't pay. He has the Congress in disarray. He has alienated most of our greatest allies and moved the country into both religious and color disharmony. He has trampled on our Constitution. He is in the process of reducing our military into a shell of it's former self, and therefor putting us in danger of becoming a 2ned or even 3rd world nation. Yes, Obama deserves to honor of being known as the great divider.
    The only greatness he has earned is the great job he has done in destroying America.

  46. that's right Bacon those of the converted understand all too well how the left operates.
    Breibart and Horowitz. One of the Tea Party Leaders in our area's mother was a 60's radical and a member of the Weather Underground. She hated how unhinged and dissociated her mother became that she couldn't even carry on a normal conversation with her anymore,so in her mothers' honor she became a successful person and runs a very organized,and focused Tea Party Group unlike the OWS type she was raised on.