Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time for Change Indeed

Some of you may have see this but it's worth replay


  1. Yep, have seen it, but still worth watching again.

  2. My god you are stupid, sadly uninformed and quite the hater/racist. You are a Fox/Rush parrot.

    Your gun hero, Ted Nugent is a moron who publicly crapped his pants to get out of the draft. Is that what you call a patriot? Really?
    I tell you, I am going to miss being entertained nightly by the GOP clowns attacking each other. They are like little kids in a sandbox. So far, it has been a joke to watch how they can't find enough ugly remarks they can throw at each other.
    Despite the GOP's attempts to suppress the vote in the 2012 election by requiring ID, Obama will win big, very big.. I will vote for Obama because I think he is a good leader, he is intelligent and honest, and has the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY, in his heart. Funny how the loony wingnuts always throws the founding fathers in our faces when it serves them but when it comes to protecting the right to vote-one of their biggest causes-they throw them under the bus.
    And by the way, If the author of this blog is an example of your so-called Conservatives then thank God I’m a Liberal. Yes a Compassionate Liberal and Damn Proud of It

    1. Of course you believe that because he tells you he is looking out for you. But anyone living in the real world dealing with real issues knows that high gas prices,high food prices,high unemployment and increased health care are not re-election platforms.
      Only stupid people who are worse off than they were 4 years ago would agree that they need 4 more years of abuse.

  3. Wow, that opinion above just blows me away...guess I should be supporting Obama's reelection because otherwise I'm going to be called a bunch of mean names! *yawn*

    And you blogroll a Christian church? Ha. ha. Nice touch, plank in the eye..

  4. EzzZee said:

    "My god you are stupid, sadly uninformed and quite the hater/racist. You are a Fox/Rush parrot."

    Ah, the Tolerant, Compassionate, Liberals who preach "diversity and civility". Or should I say another Liberal Crack-pot has shown us what lairs they really are!

  5. Our Moderate Dave Miller and token Lib has said...
    “Silver, have you ever gone on a conservative blog and defended President Obama and his wife like you just did here?

    Unless and until more cogent bloggers like you and even RN, visit the raging conservative blogs and sites, the places like Lisa, Darth, Geeez, etc., and refute that President Obama is the most anti-American president in history, every issue will stay political.
    It is just my opinion, but the extremists have made a decision not to attack policies, but the man himself”

    Well Davie and the rest of you Nerds out there who can't find your ass with both hands,
    Us "Extremist" conservatives attack Obama because of his Socialist policies
    and want Obana with his Socialist agenda to fail because of his POLICIES, not because of his “Color” or the “Democratic Party” he claims to be part of, when we know that he is really a member of the socialist party. The lame-branes who think that they are going to get Free healthcare for all, Free quality education for all, a Four weeks vacation, a distribution of MY income to YOU. Some people hate President Obama because they strongly disagree with what they perceive as his socialist policy preferences and because of claims of President Obama's long-standing ties to extremist Marxist ideology. Not because of the reasons that you and your buddies in the Progressive corner say we do.
    Read my lips: NOTHING IS FREE!
    How great is “FREE” when your healthcare decisions are made by some gov’t hack who doesn’t know or care about you?
    When a Conservative or anyone else who doesn't support Obama, refers to him as a Socialist, they are made fun of by you people as if we are the clowns that you sheep are.
    You people are the arrogant and extremists. Not us as you stated on that Progressive slanted rag! Socialists truly are arrogant , they use the bias media to promote Obama’s Wall Street Occupiers thugs, the use them so that they can claim their own hands are clean.. They use people like those late night idiots Letterman and Bill Maher to make personal attacks on Sarah Palin and her family in order to put Obama into a second term. The liberals, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists, in Hollywood are all making Multi Millions of dollars yearly and no one ever attacks them. Wonder why? It’s easy, it’s because they are Marxists, Communists, and Socialists, that’s why!

  6. How great is “FREE” education when school administrators determine what you will study and what career you will have, and brain-wash you to think they way that they want you to think, for the rest of your life based on the abilities that they taught you. Who needs a vacation if you’re working only 30-hrs a week and all your needs are supplied by the government, and standing on bread lines for the rest of the week. ? How beneficial are labor laws that limit the opportunities for employment by squeezing the profits out of business through excessive taxation and regulation? What is fair about having your hard-earned income taken from you and given to someones else who did not earn it, but sits around smoking pot or crack the whole day long? The beauty of free-market capitalism is that people all people are rewarded according to their productivity and their will to work for what they get. . Yes, that means that some get rich and others do not, but everyone has opportunity to be what they want to be. No one tells you to be a garbage man because that's what they need at the time. Socialism leads to equality of misery, not prosperity, when did you ever see a wealthy or a well to do person in any communist nation? . Do you really believe that government can provide you with a lifestyle as we have here in America? Give me a break! The a-holes in Washington now can’t even balance a budget, so how are they going to balance your life?
    I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and the only ones that make any sense at all are the Republican ones who seek what is truly FREE! Without the handouts and redistribution of wealth. The Progressive's are pure Bull-Shit. As we see in the White House right now with our socialist president.

  7. how anybody can listen to THAT and say "I don't like rap" is beyond me....even if there were no words, I love that beat, don't you?
    But the words..? Sublime. There are such victims, and they're victims of the leftist lies and hollow promises.....
    When that changes, America will be back!

  8. I have to get back to everyone later. Had a busy weekend an no time to blog.

  9. Sorry z, the flow in that one is pretty choppy. Strictly amateur.

  10. Z-I like the beat too. I guess the ones who see it at racist must be in denial that the guy singing is black. I guess he must not be "real"

  11. Hey Mr. Gutsy! STOP using our troops for your photo OPS, and STOP pronouncing Paaaakistan and Talllllybomb like a Muslim.. Oh I forgot you are a Muslim.