Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Have No Life

Well at least I haven't for the past few weeks.
 I have been taking care of my mom for the past 2 weeks and have had little spare time. She is doing really great and on her way to recovery.
She had a bad infection in her toe ,it was really bad and was starting down her foot. But after a week in the hospital on an IV an now an IV at home(which they showed me how to administer,that gets done everyday her toe looks like it did before the infection)
She has 3 more weeks of the IV just to make sure. We share a home . We are upstairs and she is ground level so I am pretty much  up and down the stairs about 20x a day between her 3  meals a day ,her laundry,making her bed,cleaning,not to mention doctors appts and all this in between my full time job,so I am pretty spent at the end of the day.
Didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them.
Today was the first day I was out for more than 5 hours at my great nieces Christening. It was very lovely and relaxing.
I had my brother stay with her today.  Since I work from home it falls more on me. Of course I don't mind at all but I did have a couple of "moments" the last couple of weeks.
The good news is she is doing great and we expect her to be back to normal soon.


  1. Nothing is more grueling that caregiving. I know way too much about that in this household -- as you may be aware of. We're hoping for more improvement here as Mr. AOW will be getting more therapy soon.

  2. Yes I have heard your plight AOW. Thanks for stopping by and that Mr AOW has an angel in you.

  3. Very glad to hear she's doing better...you're a wonderful daughter! (i need to call Mom myself!) xxx

  4. Hey Lisa, sorry to hear of your mom's troubles. Glad she's feeling a little better