Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Post

I know you will enjoy it:



  1. That was BRILLIANT! I loved the explanation of Obama's 'forward' slogan! HA!

  2. Thanks for checking it out Brooke. I got a kick out of it too. He is really good. Kevin Jackson has been on FOX and CNN(of course not too warmly on CNN)But we know how that goes.

  3. Earlier today, Joe Biden said the following to a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia: We got a real clear picture of what they all value.
    Biden told his black audience that a Romney-Ryan administration
    ”They’re going to put y’all back in chains”.
    And that wasn’t the worse, that was not even close to Rock Bottom.
    You want to hear Rock bottom? In my eyes, Rick Bottom was back in November 2008 when the Main Stream Media and the Left managed to fool enough people to insert an anti-American, communist-sympathizing, bitter, friend-of-our-enemies into the Oval Office. The disgusting lies started from day 1 and are at the core of his so-called "presidency". These are bad people who know they are doing bad things. Claiming the GOP wants to reinstitute slavery is simply another day for them.
    And when Rep. Andre Carson, that the Tea party wants to see blacks hanging from trees.What Republican wants to see black people lynched into a tree? The fact that no liberal can name one proves Congressman Carson's statements are blatantly false, as they usually are.
    Just remember that the liberal onslaught hasn't even gotten luke warm yet, they still have over 3 months of it to go.
    I must of missed the history class that the " Racist Party" was the Democrats who had Bull Connor, George Wallace, Al Gore Senior, and the Grand Master of the KKK Robert Byrd.
    Joe Biden is a National disgrace but what's frightening is that he is still actually more qualified to be president than Obama. And these bleeding hearts have the GALL to disgrace a FINE Patriotic American like Paul Ryon.

    1. And the entire media aka-Obama's defense tam is out in full force yet again explaining what he really meant and how those mean rich white men Romney an Ryan are going to end Medicare as we know it.
      Well guess what Mr Obama and co., Medicare will no longer be what we know if at all if we don't do something unlike what you are doing cutting it for seniors who are on it now.
      And I will quote Reince Priebus "What dirty liars"