Saturday, August 25, 2012

This is Why I like Allen West

Because as much as the left tries to discredit him, he always proves he's smarter than them and he isn't afraid to prove it either. Now this gives me a tingle up "my" leg.



  1. There's a lot of great youtube of Allen out there. I like him, he says it as it is without tripping over himself trying to PC-edit everything.

    This is not a game. the muslims have been at it 700 years or more. They're not going to ever play nice with non-muslims.

    The democrats are full blown socialism and now with people like obama in there, Fascist, communist, mulsim activist. I'm not sure which one I hate more because they ALL are enslavers.

    Why are these kids today so Effing stupid.

    1. Why are these kids today so Effing stupid.

      Now there's the question of the day kid. Maybe because the Democrats play paddy cake with them so they can continue to further their destruction un-noticed.

      I just love the way West proved how knowledgeable he was to that morn who thought he was going to try and make him look dumb. It was brilliant wasn't it. Now he is one I would love to see debate Obama.

  2. Mr West knows what he's talking about. Lt Col retired? Gotta know haw to add at least. :)

    I'd LOVE to see a West/obama debate.

    In fact the only debate I'm planning to watch with high anticipation of splitting my sides is biden/Ryan.


  3. Yeah Eraserhead West has bothered to study the verse of the sword.
    The man is dumb enough to fit right in with you folks.

    By the way, other than flapping his mouth what has this ass hat accomplished?

  4. we like the way he flaps his mouth. At least he doesn't need the help of a tele-prompter. At least he loves this country unlike some people who despise it which fits right in with you fake Ducky.