Saturday, September 1, 2012

For all you Dog Lovers

Check out how amazing little Joey is doing. He's like a miracle:


Also one of the staff took him home for the weekend where he could get some rest out of the hopsital enviroment. They said he slept 8 hours right through, I hope they keep him: Check out his new digs for the weekend:


  1. Isn't it just awesome kid. I follow him on Facebook.He ran today wobbly but he di so well. He even has some furry friends who he just loves being around and he is a lap dog.

    1. Yes, he is doing really well. We were over at a friends last year who had a corgi that had the spinal disk problem where a piece breaks off and gets into the spinal cord. He was operated on and recovered but it took almost a year before he could keep from turning one of his back feet under when walking. This guy is doing really well.

    2. wow I love when people care for their animals when their are so many evil people who abuse them.
      I was hoping Michal Vick would make a donation. Maybe I should lobby him and his team.