Monday, February 4, 2013



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  2. Sorry. Forgive me. Hope to see you again.

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  5. So glad Obama is improving the lives of so many minorities. As a matter of fact since LBJ "instituted" welfare there used to 85% 2 parent households but they made it easier for them when the government took over the role as provider to slack on being responsible men. The democrats have done nothing to help,all they have done is made is worse and they blame whitey for it so you can go though lie blaming everyone else like Obama does instead of taking responsibility. The only thing Obama is educated in is socialism. I think more people, would have benefited from Herman Cain a self made successful man who anyone should be proud to emulate. instead you chose the Community Organizing Shit Stirrer.
    Like my friend Yvonne told me all the men in her bldg would only show up with their hand out when they knew the checks came in,then they would disappear till the next month.

  6. So QM was Malcolm X racist for calling his own race Chumps?

  7. Don't sow me that picture of Malcolm X and expect me to kiss your white ass and say that I'm sorry. Because I'm not sorry.
    Years ago, rabid racists hid under sheets. Now, they’re called The Tea Party!
    Remember when the Teabaggers held the nation hostage during the fiscal cliff in order to hurt the President? Remember when they were cheered on by their lunatic followers who were hoping that this President failed! These are the same people who spit in the face of legislators who were black in Washington DC two years ago.
    Republicans don’t just hate Obama because he is a Democrat. They hate him because he is a minority who represents the changing face of America. Republicans hate President Obama more than they love this great country.
    the same party who now have lost elections and hundreds of millions in backing losers who had no common sense to run a campaigns on issues instead of attacking women, Latinos, and the so-called takers. When they mention people are being paid off they’re talking about people like me, on social security and Medicare, who are bloodsucking the system dry..
    It’s people like Carl Rove, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, who are really just entertainers and making over a Million dollars per year..and the Billionaire Koch Brothers! They tell you these terrible things about the President because he’s a black man. These are the same group who call for President Obama’s birth certificate. They tell you that the have a platform but it’s a platform of hate toward middle class, women, minorities only resonates in a small section but it is loud and hateful. Their platform prohibits abortion and makes a fetus a citizen upon conception. That there is legal rape and non-legal rape, who may change electoral college votes because they can’t win popular vote.
    This is not the party of Lincoln..this is the party of Rush and Trump and Bachmann who embarrass themselves as they lose elections and ratings or their shows die out one by one they are fired from Faux News.
    If you all hated the Black President in 2008 and 2013 they sure as hell will hate the woman who will win the White House in 2016. She will name two SCOTUS judges and then that will give the GOP another reason to hate .There is just no reasoning with these angry old white men and women and their ill-informed spawn who make up the Tea- Party. And the RepubliKlans still can’t figure out why they are swiftly becoming the party of IRRELEVANCE.

  8. When they mention people are being paid off they’re talking about people like me, on social security and Medicare

    Gee, you don't say. Knock me over with a brick. Anyone else as shocked?

    who are bloodsucking the system dry..

    First accurate thing you've ever spewed. IOW you are a Useless Eater™

    Now get back to work - those streets won't walk themselves.

  9. So once again we were stabbed in the back by the Good Old Boy’s in the Senate with the help of that Grinning Chimp Joe Biden .
    The lefty morons who voted for this dynamic duo go to the voting booth with an intellectual deficiency! They probably spend more time watching Football Sunday than worrying about the Tax situation ..Because THEY ARE REALLY JUST PLAIN and SIMPLY STUPID! How many of these morons who voted for Obama and that Grinning Chimp Uncle Joe know that their payroll tax was going go up two percent in this so called deal? I’d bet NONE, all they care about it that the “Rich” guy, the guy who along with his wife make a big $250,000 is gonna pay more taxes!! Seriously, I can't believe how dumb you Liberals really are.
    Well, a pox on them and their spawn, and that includes, all of you Progressive IMBECILES, along with the Grinning Imbecile Biden, everyone that voted for these creeps and the House Speaker John Boehner as well. If "Mr. Speaker" wants to get reelected, he better turn his back on this travesty of this so called “deal”. And how about that stupid speech Obama made in front of that PLANTED crowd of Homeless idiots yesterday! If he wants to crow victory if everything goes his way, or blame Biden/McConnell if it goes the wrong way. After all he don’t have Bush to kick around anymore. What a farce him coming back to Washington after spending a week in Hawaii! He probably just misses the free booze in the White House cabinet. And what happened to Obama’s BIG spending? Where are the cuts?
    This entire so called process is a travesty. There was never a fiscal crisis. Never a so called “fiscal cliff” this was all a dram show. The entire Congress is made up mostly of self-serving spineless wimps, worried only about their re-election, and us stupid idiots keep putting the back time and time again,.. The entire lot of them should be replaced, but that’s never going to happen because the American voters really don’t care ot don’t listen. All they want is Free Cell-Phones, Food Stamps, Welfare checks, and the rest of those Goodies. .
    I am keeping close track on those Republicans who voted for this deal. I hope they enjoyed their time in office because our Tea Party movement will do everything possible to replace their heartless un-American ass’s. This isn’t sealed in concrete yet maybe their hope , please, please House Republicans: do NOT vote for this crappy deal. It is time to be responsible to your constitutes, because if you give in now, it will only get worse later.
    And Pshaw! These are the socialist and commies that got us into this mess by spending more than we took in, and by raiding social security and Medicare all for boosting their own political prestige and personal gain. Now we are supposed to fall in line and in lock-step to their late-night closed door agreement? I say no! Don’t do it House conservatives -- NO tax increases on anybody! Any putz can go in there at the 11th hour and raise taxes, where is your true courage? Any Joe American who loves his country can go in there and raise Capital Gains, and inheritance tax or estate tax’s! Where are the spending cuts? Why not cut Congressional and Executive perks by at least 50 percent? Why not make these politicians do what the rest of us have to do?

  10. Radical Redneck you are a racist pig
    People such as yourself have no place in a civilized society, go burn in hell where the rest of the KKK belongs .

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