Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Public Service Announcement


  1. I love it when a liberal can't defend their rubbish so they just quit answering or walk away, or they insult even more.

    I have one friend on Facebook that continually questions my political posts and when I prove her wrong, she never comes back to debate any further, lol!

  2. I do it too Andie being it has no meaning any more since the left maxed out their race cards,lol.

    I have that too Leticia. They don't even know what they are defending or why or they just defend blindly.

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  4. I have deleted my comment because I do not wish to be part of the liberal mud-slinging and name calling that I have found them doing around the blogisphere.
    Sorry Lisa.

  5. Interesting! AOW and Western Hero both posted on "racism" today, and elicited some lively response. And here you are doing it too.

    Must be something in the air. don't you think? ;-)

    1. FT-It's always in the air with the left and their fabricated outrage of racism because they have nothing else of substance to support their claims

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  7. It’s about time blacks join in with defending their rights, real God given American rights, not the free shit and slop the DemoRats offer them.
    The DNC has built a plantation especially for them where they've been made to feel at home. Obamaphones, EBT cards (Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards) for lap dances, the food stamp nation, a stream of constant messaging telling them how deprived they are and have been accompanied by a litany of cooing words telling them how the Dems are going to fix it make the hurt they've been told they feel at the hands of the 'White Devils' and the grievances they've been told they have go away. "Follow me and Ill set you free, and you won't have to lift a finger"
    No, no, no, don't you go payin any attention to that Ben Carson fella, he's just an ole Uncle Tom!. But think about what that Good Ole Guy Joe Biden told ya when he warned you about the Righties wanna put ya’ll back in chains”
    You’ve been busy fighting for your rights to vote, attend school, shop and dine and ride the bus with white, play sports, and lots of other things that radical right wingers have been trying to withhold for decades. So don’t cha let those Big Bad Righties set ya’ll back.