Monday, March 18, 2013

Says it All

h/t to Kid  http://rightwingcat.blogspot.com/2013/03/this-says-it-all.html?showComment=1363617150195#c3855400034911346


  • America is Capitalist and Greedy.  
    •  yet half the population is subsidized...
  •    Half the population is subsidized
    • yet they think they are victims 
  •   They Think they are victims
    • yet their representatives run the government
  •   Their Representatives run the government
    • yet the poor keep getting poorer
  •    The Poor keep getting poorer
    •  yet they have things people in other countries only dream of
  •   They have Things people in other countries only dream of
    •  yet they want America to be more like those other countries



    You know what? I’m sick to death of you idiots and your hateful bitching and moaning over every single goddamned thing this President does. He could sigh at your petulant screeching and you’d flip out that he’s using more than his fair share of oxygen. Do me a favor and please, please, PLEASE go see if you can get brain implants to fill the voids between your ears. Perhaps then the intelligent Republicans you’ve been so busy purging from your ranks can step in and take control of your party back, but I really doubt that...
    Some political commentators claim that George W. Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever. It would be more accurate to describe him as the second-worst president of the postwar era.
    Climbing to the nation’s highest office after overseeing more lethal injections than any other Texas governor in history, before or since, Bush soon made a name for himself by using the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives to reward his political friends, using the Department of Justice to punish his political enemies, and using the fear of international terrorism to radically expand executive power.
    The worst president by far was George W. Bush. He started 2 wars, allowed us to be attacked on 9/11, set international relations back 50 years, tortured prisoners, the Patriot Act, cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations that deregulated markets that helped lead to a great Republican recession. In fact in 8 years in office, I can’t think of anything positive to come out of his presidency.
    All the Republicans Governors try to steal this elections by trying to suppress the voters from coming out to vote, it back fired that made people come out even more. Obama won Romney lost, don’t try taking peoples rights away from them, they the people will fight……………….. get over it, STFU and don’t lose sleep over it Obama won, people stood in lines for three or more hours just so there voices could to be heard thats the America’s way of doing things, and there was no way Romney would have won this elections wishful thinking, go back to sleep and when you wake up put on Fox (Hannity) and laugh because he’s a joke, that will make your day.
    Comparing the worst man in history who committed mass murders to the President is hugely offensive and disgusting, but then again, that’s what you racists are!
    Republicans have grown to habitually blame everything on Barack Obama. The economy? Barack Obama. The deficit? Barack Obama. The fact that it’s 2013 and we still don’t have flying cars? Barack Obama, well, and maybe Bill Gates.
    They have grown so used to doing this that they cannot stop.

    1. yeah and the inner cities run by democrats the last 60 years are doing so well.
      Looks like LBJ got his wish of having those n---'s voting democrat for 200 years.

    2. Corky. You are a plagiarist and a coward. How dare you infest the internet with your whining, and plagiarized nonsense, boy?

  2. N's? Oh, great. I was temped to have sympathy for you because you're stupid. It's shitweasels like you that make me keep my AK in working order.

    1. actually RR he should stick his AK up there instead

  3. AYE AYE Hier Kapitän, now go stick your head up your ass.

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    1. Hey gimp, YOUR First Lady has never looked better!

      Wassamatter little boy, you are even more hostile and stooooooooooooopid than ever. Your pre-op tranny paramour Kayinsane finally get sent to the Goodyear tiled room she was so overdue for?

      Nothing even in the blog profile - you are as cowardly as you are stupid; as your are foul; as you are mindlessly hostile.

      Then again, the 15th of the month has passed and you've already blown you gubmint check. REALLY SUCKS to be you

      yer pink panties

      That sounds like you don't think that's a good thing. I thought being a sodomite was an especially enlightened status in your fringe wastrel universe. That's what I always see you vomiting elsewhere.

      Eat shit you ignorant fucking Redneck.

      Name the time and place and you can prove yourself to be the alpha male you pretend to be on these boards by saying just that to my face. And then next time you play with your feces you get a bonus - your remaining teeth inside. Kinda like the nuts in yo Cracker Jack box eh?

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  7. As you know I restarted my website, and did so under a different name.
    Yes, I decided to start over. But that has become under ridicule from the racists, bigots, and hypocrites of the right!

    Radical Redneck, as his name suggest is a mentally challenged boob who like the right-wing racists, calls ME a racist for pointing out THEIR non-white, non-Christian hating activity. And according to him and his followers like Lisa, that makes me a racist!
    Next the brain-dead loser insults my statement about the fall of capitalism! and responses with a yawn….. Well, Radical Redneck. I’m sorry that English is too complex for a mentally challenged lemming for you to understand. Maybe if I drew pictures like YOU do of our First Lady, your non-existent IQ would understand, but I’d doubt it.
    Only racists believe Obama is wrong” and “Being black is an impeccable offense….As farfetch as my claims sound, one is completely right! Those who call for President Obama’s impeachment are racists. He hasn’t done anything worth impeaching. They hate having a black president, and If these assholes think insulting me will stop me from stating the obvious, they’ve got another thing coming.
    Radical Redneck, or whatever this scum wants to call himself is a Grade-A racist asshole! An Un-American slime who would make the KKK proud of him, you know cause he’s a racist, a white supremacist neo-nazi scum.
    Obvious this racist hates President Obama. Does that make him a racist alone? No! But not seeing this man as the President of the United States is. referring to the President as the “Kenyan Usurper”, Radical Redneck is, bar none, and uneducated, racist, bigot, teabagging retard! And further proof is his fellow retarded, racist followers. I’m just mad that there are people as brain-dead and ignorant to history as he is!
    Serious question. Are you getting sick and tired of having your very intelligence insulted? I am! I am sick of having my intelligence insulted by the very same party that voted for Bush..TWICE! and thinks that an inanimate object can do a better job than Obama. That shows how retarded the right has become.
    It’s people like Radical Redneck the retard who is reverting out country back to 1950 times! People like him, most tea partiers, and most righties are racist. And I’m sick and tired of the pathetic “race card is expired” BS excuse. That is just the right’s new latest attempt of denying racism’s existence.
    Americans are fed up with the partisan antics of the GOP. This “party of no” has known all along that their agenda of cut, cut, cut is designed to kill as many jobs as possible and utterly wreck the American economy. It’s all part of their plan to sabotage the country and defeat Obama by any means they can devise. Their entire shtick so far has been to blame Obama for everything, bemoan the destruction of our country in the most vile and violent rhetoric imaginable, and duck any responsibility for their own record or to offer their own proposals.
    I’m as convinced that those who hate Obama are racist as the delusional right are convinced everything in America will be better when Obama is gone! This is what racism does, people!
    Never has there been more disrespect shown to the President and First Lady of the United States than under the current administration.
    It is pretty surreal. SSomething tells me there is going to be a LOT of play from the Obama administration to show how vile his opposition has become due to things like “racism”, “bigotry,” “anger” and “hatred”.
    So listen, you nincompoop racist scum, Obama is not a Marxist, you’re just a racist idiot, like the tea party defenders! This is what I got to say to you, you got shit-for-brains. You and your ilk are retarded and racist pigs and I’m not gonna sit here and let you bad-mouth me or my President and get away with it!

    1. Taking this awfully personal eh? Wassamatter, Barry, mooch and your parents all married by the same witch doctor back in Uganda?

    2. Hierdie gondie ist die domste gondie op aarde!

      Hey Cortney- didn't I warn you that if you kept shitting in peoples' blogs but not allowing comments in yours, I'd publish your phone number?

      I hope you've got money for a new GayT&T GondiePhone! :D

  8. The Question Man, maybe you should call the United Negro College Fund and get some help. They still are looking for a brain to save. It’s nice to see them doing something challenging!

    Shaw Kenawe, Keep talking. I always yawn when I'm waiting for someone to say something intelligent!

    And remember, you can wrap an old fish up in a piece of paper but it's still gonna stink.

    1. Dude- you need a new name. I had it first, as you can see. Since 2004.

    2. Dude, then it's about time you hung it out to dry!
      Like I give a crap!

  9. Radical Redneck is only telling the truth, Michelle Obama does have a big butt and Shaw Kenawe has a big mouth. So whats the problem?
    I personally enjoyed reading all these comments, and I do not see anything wrong with them because they happen to be true. Why is everyone afraid to call a "spade a spade”?
    I think that Radical Redneck has gone to a whole new level in my book. My conservative heart flutters when he speaks the truth, and says what everyone else is afraid to say.
    I think that we must hear what he has to say more ofter.
    You must agree that the Left uses Character Assassination on every conservative blog and blogger that they come in contact with, be it on their own blogs or on the blogs of others.
    Who cares about Mooshells fat ass? anyway? It’s like saying water is wet or grass is green…

    If you ate all them croissants, pastries, vodka, biscuits donuts,and caviar, you'd have a big ass too.

  10. Well, Doug, who fears science, you seem to know an awful lot about big asses. And perhaps that gives us an insight into your man-crush on R. Redneck.

    1. Another deep and witty rejoinder Ms Dunning-Kruger Effect.

      Take the hint: NOBODY is the least impressed with ANYTHING you have to spew. You are nothing more than a 5th rate parrot repeating tired talking points.

  11. Oh Radical, you're such a tease, you silly little swaffelen. If "NOBODY is the least impressed with ANYTHING" why do you continue to read and answer me?

  12. The Racist Right STILL doesn’t get it!

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