Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To FOX Bashers

All last week, FOX News was the most-watched cable channel, in addition to being the most-watched NEWS channel. CNN ranked a distant third. The moonbats at MSNBC fell to a pathetic 19th place. With faces suited for radio and script suited for a Baghdad Bob script, maybe MSNBC can hope to cut in on Comedy Central or the SYFY Channel. They definitely can't be trusted to report the news with their frequent and embarrassing selective edits!
h/t Uncle Sam's Misguided children


  1. On a similar note, I head nana pelosi has the lowest rating ever for a congressional "leader".

    So why are we so stuck with these communist dolts ?

    IN this case, idiots living in san fran elect the entity, and then the dems make her speaker, probably for laughs.

    I know that's not the intent of the voting system. The voting system and the electoral system has been mutilated and no longer serves the 'majority'. We're a broken country with at least two generations of people taught to be communist.

    1. I guess either people are that stupid or they have a similar agenda Kid.I hope it isn't the latter because I can live with stupid more.

  2. I. Wonder what the Obimmer library will look like?

    And will it feature video clips from Michael Jordan ,andJayz

  3. "To FOX Bashers "

    You talking about Shaw what's her face? Then say it!