Thursday, June 20, 2013

Irony or Ignorance?


  1. There is no "amusing irony". There are Republican sports stars, actors, musicians, talk show hosts and politicians, despite this deceptive image showing pictures of Democrats only until the last category is reached. BTW, Romney, the outsourcing innovator provided low paying jobs to people in other countries, not Americans, as the deceptive image suggests. As far as American jobs go, Romney destroyed far more of those than he created.

    1. And Obama created more leeches and put us more in debt. So who's screwing Americans?

  2. I am at a loss for words. That picture alone is distressing. It's the epitome of liberal thought.

  3. yea, in the best case, libtards can't break away from their idiotic fantasies. In more the reality case, they are lazy idiotic losers, given an inch a day by illegal alien presidente' and are now out of control like a massive school of retarded sharks. They've gotten a real taste of easy money, and they aren't letting go until they are forced to.

    I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to, when they realize how much their hero obama has screwed them. I ran into one recently. A young girl who doesn't have health insurance now, doesn't really need it, can't afford it, and has realized that in 2014, she's gonna be find $250 or more if she doesn't buy insurance she can't afford, and realizes, she's gonna be paying 250 a year for nothing and still not have insurance. LOL. She voted for obama so I reminded her she voted for this crap, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Man, I'm looking forward to all the libtard realization moments coming over the next few years. This I'm going to enjoy. It's almost going to be worth the money.

    1. I know me too kid def going to be worth it

  4. Kid, I think you need to take your own advice and go learn something. There is no such thing as a "libtard". BTW, I voted for Obama both times and I have had no realization that I made a mistake, nor will I ever. I'm VERY thankful Romney didn't get in.

  5. DS, You're either: 1)A DNC tool trolling the internet; 2)a loser sucking on the productive juices of the rest of us. Hint, it wont' last forever, or 3) one serious dumbass.

    And unless you are insulated from general society, such as the politicians and their very very good friends are, then pain is coming girl. That's actually good advice for you that you don't deserve, but I figure you're too damn stupid to make good use of it so what the hey, nothing lost.

    Come on back in about 5 years and let us know how things are going now ya hear?
    As stated, this game isn't red versus blue, but you're still on level one.

  6. None of the above, kid. I'm an informed voter who sees American is on the road to plutocracy and believes we should reverse course. You clearly disagree. No need for insults.

    Regarding the leeches Lisa mentions, I don't know that Obama created more of them. He did raise their taxes finally... despite the Repubs dragging their feet. Although not high enough.

    1. You're stale, unintelligent, and a bore. These are not insults they are observations by someone who has been around the block about a million more times than you. I'm actually trying to help you here if you'll open your eyes/mind.

      Any loser can cheer on socialism then hate it when it actually happens and blame it someone else. Which you will do. Do yourself a favor and email the above to yourself and read it every 10 years until you understand what's going on.

      Plutocracy? Good God. Here's an exercise for you:
      List the things you personally value that come from 'the rich'. Then list the things that YOU value that come from federal government. Note I said Federal.
      (Yes, I know we currently have Crony Capitalism, never the less)

      Here's my list:

      Things I value that come from Rich people:
      -food, water, shelter, environmental controls within my shelter (HVAC), clothes. entertainment, furniture, my car, my recreational vehicles, gasoline and/or electricity to run it. Pretty much Everything I use and value every freakin day.

      Things I value that come from the Federal Government:

      National Security - Currently NOT Provided by the occupying administration.

      I can't wait to see your list.

    2. DS PS, do you own Apple products? A survey question.

    3. DS, Where's your list honey? You're the genius here right ? Come on, tell me where you're going to get toilet paper when the rich people have been taxed out of existence. From the government? Put it in black and white for us DS.

    4. I didn't respond to your request for a "list" because your framing is BS. These things don't come from the rich. They're manufactured by poor and middle class workers in response to our demand for them (workers that should be located here in the US as opposed to overseas sweatshops, btw).

      These things wouldn't exist without consumer demand. The rich leaches skim off some profit, but without the demand that comes from us these things wouldn't get made. The way you're bowing and kissing the asses of the wealthy in your comment is pathetic. But I guess you're clear regarding who your masters are.

      If the rich people are "taxed out of existence" (a completely ludicrous concept, but I'll go with it for now) then middle class workers would step in and manufacture that toilet paper. I'd like to see significantly more worker-owned cooperatives. Then the profits would go to the workers (the people who actually who do the hard work) instead of the CEOs and investors (the people who don't do the work).

      For the record, I own zero Apple products. Also, I'm only a genius compared to you... but that is a very low bar.

    5. Wow... lol. Seriously, email this thread to yourself and read it every decade or so. hahahaa.

  7. Like kid said wiat till 5 years down he road. Look at what is happening with the countries that let the leeches take advantage . Thye are all forced to cut back. Wait until we have 30 million of them.

  8. 30 million rich leeches like Romney? I doubt that will happen.

  9. Woo-Hoo!

    God. Bless. Texas.

    Get 49 other states to get with it and we'll have a REAL country again.

  10. DS sounds like a cartoonish copy of that dullard state's witness at the (soon to be acquitted - yahoo!) Zimmerman trial.

    And to celebrate I will unload a dozen or two boxes of steel tipped into these excellent targets!

  11. Free george zimmerman
    Trayvon Martin made the choice to go back and teach the "Crazy Cracker Ass" a lesson for following him..That's where he made his fatal mistake. Am I the only one who seen the big gash on the back of this man's head? He sure did not do that to himself. Why is everybody trying this case in the media in an attempt to get this man locked up or even worse without a trial? Sounds like Trayvon was just being cockey and showing off because he had his Crazy, fresh mouthed, wise assed, girlfriend on his cell phone. We all have the right to defend ourselves and this is clearly a case about that.
    George Zimmerman was clearly defending himself. It's my feeling that Trayvon pursued George and George had no choice. Trayvon was not the pure and the little "13 year old" angel his family and their mouthpieces want to lead us to believe!!
    NONE of the prosecution's witnesses have proven a damn thing!
    And now that we know Treyvon was a racist, where is the liberal outrage?

    Liberal rule #1, only white people can be racists.

    WHO used Racist language Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin?

    Duh, does "Crazy Assed Cracker" come to mind"

  12. Yes (in the United States, at least) only White people can be racist. Because of our history of oppression of minorities. The N-word is a lot worse than "cracker", which I don't find offensive at all. It does not prove Trayvon was a racist (a ridiculous assertion). And Trayvon called George a "creepy cracker" not "crazy" (you're not even getting the facts right). Also, don't forget George profiled Trayvon and used a racial epithet to describe him (I believe he called him a "coon").

    Trayvon was the one being followed and he did not deserve to be murdered for it! George had a CLEAR choice to not use his gun (he shouldn't even have had it). If George goes free it will be a miscarriage of justice. You can't STALK someone and then claim self defense when the person you're stalking fights for their life. It's completely insane.

  13. Yes (in the United States, at least) only White people can be racist.

    Lisa, please, please, please tell me this is you creating a disgracefully idiotic cartoon character. Tell me this doesn't actually exist! The fringe characters on South Park aren't half the cartoon of this epic imbecile.

    In case this freak is real: listen dickhead, Michele Obama will walk on her hind legs before George Zimmerman gets convicted of anything. Once he's righteously freed he can go about suing the leftist shitbag media that reported deliberately fraudulent and edited material about him trying to get the negroes to kill him. Zimmerman will be a righteously free and rich man soon.

    Put that on Jerry Critter's 1" dick and suck it sweet cheeks!

  14. I'm a real person, but are you? Talking about Michelle Obama walking on her hind legs sounds very much to me like a cartoon version of a racist. Most racists realize racism is largely out of fashion now-a-days and they (at least) try to hide their racism... but not you! If you're a real person (and not a cartoon,) you MUST be a member or admirer of the KKK... am I right or am I right?

  15. Dervish Sanders

    I'm a real person, but are you? Talking about Michelle Obama walking on her hind legs sounds very much to me like a cartoon version of a racist.

    The last time I checked being a racist wasn't a crime in the USA, but who knows, maybe that changed since Dumbo was elected.

  16. Talking about Michelle Obama walking on her hind legs sounds very much to me like a cartoon version of a racist.

    Wow! You immediately associate a person's blackness with an inferiour animal! You are one foul racist fuck! You are 1,000 times worse than Paula Deen on her worst day! Wow!

    Most racists realize racism is largely out of fashion now-a-days and they (at least) try to hide their racism...

    Proving that you are a cartoon. If you weren't you'd at least try to hide your hideous self-loathing anti-white racism.

    Do you have a picture of the First Sasquatch's tail affixed to your ceiling (with Gorilla Glue™)?

    Zimmerman is going to walk. And soon after will be rich (almost as rich as I'm getting selling these)!

  17. Zimmerman did what anyone with an ounce of brains would have done.

    1. Crabby: It is hard to predict what happens when an out of control intoxicated drug felon is marauding about. It also must be pointed out what lousy parents Trayvon Martin had. He was a minor under their protection, but they had no problem with him impairing himself seeking out risky behavior as he engaged in drug-related crimes. If they had been doing their job, he wouldn't have been abusing drugs, which means a much less likelihood of dangerous behavior.

  18. Crazy Ass Cracker
    If this BIMBO is the best thing the state has then they are TOAST!!!!!

  19. Doppelganger, get your own schtick!

    Not cool!

  20. I wish that someone would explain the hysteria about Moochie. I just dońt get it. I guess that she is dressed in orange because she’s trying out her outfit for next Halloween. At least the world got to see her Arnold Schwarzenegger like biceps and those superbly toned arms that the Progressive Queen always blogs about. But I have to admit that The First Wookie looks well-attired on this trip, even if her Party Dress was horrendous. But then again, what do African’s know about fashion! She most likely picked it up at the local Salvation Army, after all she gots to keep in line with the locals and not look to much out of place, and sge can’t out-shine the First Lady of Africa Madam Thobeka Obamgie - Zumba . Or maybe it was designed by Omar the tent maker?

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  22. Lets face it, Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have been in that neighborhood in the first place, he may have a father who lived there, but he was up to NO good. So what happened here, a thug (Trayvon Martin) assaulted a guy on the streets, who defended himself.One less thug in this world..thank you Zimmerman

    But the truth is he was a thug, lived like a thug and you end up dying like one.

    And by the way, very little has been said about the fact that Treyvon was arrested the same week he died for burglary & drug charges!
    If you live by the sword you die by the sword. Not my rules!! We all have to live by these rules! Treyvon is/was not the innocent Lil boy the media try’s to portray & Rev Al Sharpton the Race Baiting Whore along with all the other “Black leaders” know this!! MLK would roll over in his grave if he could see what these so called Black leaders as well as the Media Whore’s are doing to the black community! And the spineless white and Black race baiter Senators as well. These clowns appear like teenage girls at a Britney Spears concert. And the rest of the the gimme gimme gimme type in the black community, and the Black TV analysts at the trial.
    MLK wanted to be recognized as a man! Not white nor black just a equal man!! He didn’t want everything given to the blacks by default just because they’re black!! He simply fought for the right to work & be treated as a equal human being!!
    As for Al Sharpton, remember, you can’t have a Circus without a Clown.

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  24. Dervish Sanders said
    ”Yes (in the United States, at least) only White people can be racist. Because of our history of oppression of minorities. The N-word is a lot worse than "cracker", which I don't find offensive at all. It does not prove Trayvon was a racist (a ridiculous assertion). And Trayvon called George a "creepy cracker" not "crazy" (you're not even getting the facts right). Also, don't forget George profiled Trayvon and used a racial epithet to describe him (I believe he called him a "coon").


    Alec Baldwin called a black photographer a “Crackhead” and a “Coon” earlier this year. And no one said a word about it. But when a young Punk Crack head like Trayvon Martin goes into a Gated Community looking for trouble, and winds up getting what he deserved the whole Liberal/Progressive bunch of block-heads get their panties all knotted up.

    Did you A-Holes get so uptight when your Posted Boy Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the “C word” as you did when Paula Deen used the “N” word THIRTY years ago?

    Did you A-Holes get so upset when Jamie Foxx said “ I save my wife and I get to kill all the white people in the MOVIE"

    Or when On Saturday Night Live, Jamie Foxx was talking to the audience about his new movie Django Unchained. he mentioned that he gets to “KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE… HOW GREAT IS THAT?”
    So put all that in your Holier Than Thou pipe and either smoke it of shove it up your ass.

    And that Fat Dumb-Ass idiot Rachel Jeantel, the State’s so called “Star Witness” who couldn't even read or write was trying to convince everyone that se was telling the truth? That was almost painful to watch. Especially when she said “creepy-ass cracker” wasn’t a racial term. How pitiful was that!
    I’ll tell you one thing.... Crazy Ass Cracker, is just as racist as Nappy headed ho
    So Dervish Sanders. do yourself a favor. Stop drinking those Star-buck's Lattes late at night, and all that other useless crap you buy in those so called Health stores, and put your kids in a private Christian school. You may feel better then.

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  26. You aren't George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman would not be saying such things while on trial! (if he even has internet access). Impersonation is a violation of Google Plus' Terms of Service.

    That Lisa nor Kid (the individual who objected when I said there are racists in the Tea Party) have not said a damn thing is telling. Have you stepped out Lisa or are you as much a racist as the commenters your blog has attracted?

  27. You idiot, of course he's not George Zommerman! Any Jerk even you should know that on the Internet PGA people do NOT use their real names, and make up fictions names .... Jack-ass.

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  29. LMAO, don't give that moron Devil -ish (aka Dervish Sanders) that much credit. He's a liberal brainless moron. To think that you were impersonating George Zimmerman is unreal. Anyway, That’s an irrelevant issue. But it only goes to show what a Jack-Ass Devil -ish is... Right? Almost as much as a Dumb-ass as Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s Fat "Retarded" Girlfriend.

  30. Hey Dervish Sanders idiot, feel free to lie about facts or the evidence, but just spew your typical liberal bullshit instead..
    We know what you want the outcome of the trial to be. It's well known that you feel there is never any justification for a white man to take a black man's life, but Geeeze you are blowing what's left of your credibility. Gotta love the consistency of the far left limpwristers. They live in a perpetual world of fantasy. Im laughing.....Zimmerman is a fucking hero to tens of millions of Americans!
    You know what? I am sick and tired of my brothers and sisters dying on the battlefield to protect Americans' right to say whatever assholes like you want to.

  31. Laughing my white ass off... Just another day at the left-wing racist office. Always playing the Race card or in some cases if the Liberal happens to be Black, the Uncle Tom.
    In order to debate liberals, we must first understand their mind set. Everything these “intellectuals” do or say comes directly form the Karl Marx handbook of debating.
    When they can’t prove their point, call their opponent a racist. Like I really give a Rats Ass what you say or call me. I call it like it is. Liberalism is sooo obvious.

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  33. Maybe Paula Deen should have said "Crazy Ass Cracker" instead of using the "N" word!

    So you wonder why people hate Liberals?
    The one thing about these boards that most baffles me is the incredible depth of hatred and contempt that liberal show towards people who are not of the same political persuasion as they are.

    I can't help laughing out loud whenever I think about that phrase " Crazy Ass Cracker" And how the media analysts, came to the defense of that Fat Lying Idiot. And actually saying "How refreshing it was to see a regular teenager be so honest"

    But no one seems to care that Paula Dean's life has been ruined for saying the N-word 30 years ago? What the hell is the matter with this country? Have we become so damned PC that we can't forgive a women who has spent her entire life devoted to being nice to everybody including Blacks! People need to lighten up and move on. Far worse things have been uttered by others who still have their jobs. Like Jamie Foxx and Spike Lee, and Harry Belefonte.How about when Jesse Jackson called New York "Hymietown"..

    The London Times ran an article in July of 2000 stating that There’s no doubt, Hillary Clinton called Paul Fray a “fucking Jew bastard.”
    It's total PC bullshit. They may as well just kill us all and be done with it.
    Firing someone for a word uttered over 30 years ago is past ridiculous in my opinion.

    What kind of a country are we becoming when we destroy someone for saying something 40 years ago? A very sick one.
    The Food Network and all her critics should be ashamed of themselves.
    Remember, Freedom of speech is about speech that isn't "liked". What is the need for it if it is liked?

  34. Is it ok, to defend a Fat Stupid Lying Disrespectful Wise Ass Idiot, who can't even read or write and who calls whites " Crazy Ass Crackers" and justifies it by saying it’s part of her culture. But just goes ahead and ruins the life of a women who has been around for 40 years and used a racial slur 30 years ago.
    " Crazy Ass Crackers" and justifies it by saying it’s part of her culture. I think this whole thing has been an witch hunt from day one.... The media has been in a lather to hang someone ever since Obama came into office. Racism not only still exists but it has increased...and when the American public wouldn't jump on the Obama band wagon to satisfy him, and they made Paula Deen their next, target.
    Did you people actually believe that Obama sleep through EVERY Racist Sermon that The Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave?

  35. Is that all that you liberal race baiters have? You are part of the same behavioral group who is lynch mobbing Paula Deen. This is one thing I would never do no matter what she has done I would not demonize a person. Many people in this blog who have accused me of being racist are just so silly... I am white you morons and my boyfriend for seven years is black.... my God I have learned one thing is that people love to hate... racist, bigot. Stereotype I mean, thank God I know who I am and that I am far from what you demonizers have made me out to be.. you come from the same mold. Fyi this isn't a term paper nor am I doing a thesis. Those who have defended Paula are the same boobs who would lynch her if her views were not the same as yours...Liberal ignorance seems to know no bounds. Alot of black people are racists but they get a free pass. Look at Chris Rock that guy's a bitter little racist ball of hate.
    Only white people face repercussions for their racist statements except for Alec Baldwin of course.

  36. I support Paula Deen. I found her apology more than satisfactory, she has bent over backwards to make amends but nothing she does will satisfy this hatful left. People are just looking for a reason to hate her.
    There are woman beaters for example Christ Brown who dosn’t even get a slap on the wrist from the public, druggies wanted to teach kids how to use drugs (Snoop Dog), and athletes getting DUI's out the wazzoo. And who does everyone vilify? A 66-year-old white woman who said the N word 30 years ago. The violent offenders get away without any repercussions.
    It’s unfortunate and scary that today trials are held in 24 hours in the court of the media, juries are those with a remote most likely those advertisers eye as in their cash demographic age range. Racism is a serious issue that as Americans we are still struggling to overcome, now we also are becoming victims of vigilante media hangings.
    When the Black Panthers put out a Bounty for George Zimmerman, our Attorney General Eric Holder did NOTHING! When Spike Lee published what he thought was George Zimmerman’s home address, again nothing happened. What did he think he would gain from doing that? Did he think that a lynch Mob would go get him? I’d bet that’s exactly what he thought. Sad.
    First of all, I think that Paula needs to stop apologizing this. This has gone way to far is all just beyond comprehension . This is so typical of the ignorant liberal crowd following politically correct mob to go after a little old lady who used the word referring to an attacker who put a gun to her head! while rappers make millions using the word while degrading women the likes that would make Larry Flynt blush as they say. This women is a victim of the radical Left and is now being traumatized all over again by these corrupt politically correct cowards. Blacks use the N word to bully whites "we can say it but you better never" not only that but they are free to use racial slurs against whites queen latifa and Jamie fox have made violent racial slurs towards whites. The hatred for whites is now palpable and impossible to ignore. Obama is not the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr but is actually fulfilling what KKK types throughout history said would happen to whites if blacks got into power.

  37. I guess Lisa is going to let all these horribly racist rants stand without a peep? Does she have any integrity? I'll keep checking back to see if she eventually responds or if she just moves on to a new post. This "OneSlickRacist" dude should be ashamed and embarrassed to be writing such things. FYI, the Left does not give a damn who you blame. The hard core racists like you are in the minority and your numbers are shrinking. Soon you'll be gone and the Left will win. It is only a matter of time. And Paula Deen got what she deserved. Her business is in tatters. I suggest she take her millions and retire in obscurity.

  38. "The left dost give a damn who thy blame"?
    Are you freaked kidding ? The left has been trying to LYNCH Zimmerman since day one, you stupid crack-pot!

    1. Feel free to comment on my blog Darth, but I didn't want your no content comment and picture on my Google Plus home page, so I deleted what you wrote and blocked you (from posting anything on my Google page, not from my blog). Thanks for understanding.

      Also, nobody on the Left wants to "lynch" GZ. He is on trial and "the Left" will accept the outcome of that trial, whatever it is. Although you can expect a lot of anger if he is freed, I certainly wouldn't condone anyone taking the law into their own hands and going after him. Some might consider doing that, but not "the Left" as a whole.

      A trial is justice, not a "lynching".

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  40. Be careful Lisa that Flying Jerkoff person is going to call that Sue Jerk--off on you ....

  41. Lets for one minute assume that George Zimmerman is found to be Not Guilty, then what? What can we expect? Wii the State of Florida go into a riot mode? Will the blacks tear sown and burn down their own neighborhoods as thet have know to do in the past? Will they pull innocent whites out of their cars and trucks as the did in the Rodny King riots? And will the police offer the white community and sort of protection from the hoodlums when that comes to be?
    They are saying right now that there will be riots in the streets and that good ols race baiting Black Leader Al Sharpton is already standing by. Fine, let them cause havoc in Liberal Black Neighborhoods, Then What? So they trash their own poor neighborhoods because an Hispanic Male defended himself against a Black Male who was going to kill him.
    Many of these people won't care about the facts, they don’t need any stinkin facts, they only need a reason to bust into a store and get some “Free Stuff” and tp just jgo crazy. If he isn’t convicted.
    Bit if he IS convicted there won't be people rioting and not because some agree, but they just don't act like fucking idiots when things don't go the way they believe they should
    Let's see how the Liberal media explains that dilemma should it happen. Will they blame it on the conservatives/Tea Party? You can bet your ass they will.

    The sad part is that they are too stupid to realize that this isn't Rodney King all over again. But they will be chomping at the bit to riot anyway in any case. After all, Free Stuff is Free Stuff.
    And their Black Uncle tom in the white house won't be coming to their aid in any case..
    The prosecution doesn’t have a case. None at all.
    The Blacks are only hopping for a miracle and leftist are idiots. Dumber then dog shit.
    I'm just going to sit back, laugh, and puke. Unarmed Boy with Skittles and Iced Tea MY ASS! And don’t give me that crap about “If he didn’t follow him then this wouldn’t have happened. The Bottom Line, is that Zimmerman is NOT on trial for “Following him”
    But trying to beat the hell out of someone armed with a gun will get you killed


  42. Wow.....WD/Dervishsanders/Col.Sanders has brought his act to this conservative blog? You will now get a dose of pure leftwing nut stupidity. He's been booted off 4 or 5 blogs in the past few months for his lies,profanity and just plain stupidity.

    1. Best thing to do with DS is let her live in this shithole they're creating for themselves. There is no reason to try to educate her. she's ignorant, unappreciative, knows everything - worst of the childish libtard population. she's either 12 or a college grad which amounts to the same thing these days.

      Outside of that's it is never a good idea to feed the monkeys on the internet imo. she's looking for both attention and the discipline she never got from her parents if you ask me. screw her, i don't have time for it anymore or the interest in particular. Let them learn the hard way which is the only way, again imo.

    2. Rusty is lying. The stupidity he speaks of is his own. Also, I have been banned from zero blogs for lies. A differing opinion is not a lie. Nor have I been kicked off any blogs due to profanity. I have been banned from 3 blogs, but they are all the blogs of Rusty and his lying friends.

      For the record I'm not a "she".

    3. Sorry, WD. You said: "A differing opinion is not a lie."

      An opinion that is untrue is still a lie.

      "Nor have I been kicked off any blogs due to profanity"

      It is true that I did not kick you off my blog for lying. But the profanity you used, alongside your insistence on talking about penis length, got you banned.

      "but they are all the blogs of Rusty and his lying friends."

      I don't think you have yet to be banned from a blog of any liar. And Rusty's friends? He doesn't even comment on RN. You martyr you...


  43. You've hit that nail on the head Kid. This monkey is a strange one indeed.

  44. If you read the Liberal media’s BS and the Progressives blogs, then as far a George Zimmerman is concerned, It's all over, folks. Tryavon Martin is being treated as if he were some sort of a God....This little “BOY” walking around with “Skiddles and Iced Tea” was just taling a little walk in the rain to get his daily exercise. When this Big Bad Wanna-be Cop “followed” him and attacked hi, and then just shot him because the poor little “Child” was Black.

    The Black community and so many others on the Liberal/Progressive blogs, and idiots like that walking Zombie Dervish Sanders have been treating George Zimmerman as though they know every detail about what happened and they KNOW he's guilty....when there hasn't been any proof yet that he WASN'T protecting himself. They won't even consider that maybe Martin DID backtrack and confront Zimmerman on his own. It all has to be that the white guy (which isn't WHITE!) went out to murder a black kid! If I was planning on murdering anyone, I wouldn't be calling the police to let them know where we were at and what was going on.....And if anyone still believes that story from that "Creepy-Ass Cracker" Lying Witness, them I think all is lost in this county.

    And no....us "Red Neck" white people will not be rioting. We'll just be shaking our heads if Zimmerman goes to prison because unless they come up with better evidence, the only reason he goes to prison is to keep the blacks from rioting. They're already threatening this. Have you heard of white's threatening to do this? I haven't... But I have been hearing quite a bit about how the Blacks in East L.A. and in the Gang Neighborhoods of Detroit, Harlem and other Black Neighborhoods will be Marching, rioting, and yes even RIOTING in the streets, burning down stores and breaking into them to get some Free Stuff. But what good will it do? Those towns/cities/Black Neighborhoods are already run down from the previous riots.
    The Black Leaders like Al Sharpton are already telling us that there will be riots! Well Fine, let them cause havoc in Liberal Run Neighborhoods, Then What? So they trash their own poor neighborhoods because an Hispanic Male defended himself against a Black Male who was going to kill him.
    And yes, absolutely, Martin was profiled by Zimmerman.. . He met the profile of a stranger acting suspiciously on private property where there was a recent history of criminal activity ALL by Young Black Youths! So why shouldn’t he be suspicious! .
    Let's see how MSNBC explains that dilemma should it happen. Will they blame it on the conservatives/Tea Party? You can bet on it.
    They don’t care about the facts, they will just go crazy

  45. I've been thinking about the George Zimmerman murder trial long and hard, and I've changed my mind. I still think he's guilty, but now I think the killing might very well be premeditated first degree murder. And, if that is the case, I'd say the death penalty would be appropriate. As a Progressive I'm generally opposed to the death penalty, but if my theory could be proven, I think in this specific case Zimmerman being sentenced to die would be completely justified.

    1. Dervish Sanders said "I've been thinking about the George Zimmerman murder trial long and hard"

      Not surprising, considering your obsession with penis length comments sent to blogs.

  46. Dervish Sanders said: " think the killing might very well be premeditated first degree murder".

    Before I just thought you were stupid, but now I think you have severe mental retardation


  47. Im really not one to ever say I told you so......buttttttttttttttt!

    Can you begin to understand why this mamaluke has been booted off of blog after blog?

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Rusty lies. I have not been "booted off of blog after blog".


  50. Hey WD A.K.A. mamaluke, how many blogs have you been booted off? Now,tell the truth....don't lie....tell how many.....tell why....don't make up silly shit....don't ask Thom Hartman....tell the honest truth.....don't link to some stupid comment.....just tell the truth....the truth shall set you free......

    1. Rusty: I know a lot of words... but I do not know what Marmaluke means. I know it is probably not a dopey cartoon dog. But I guess I admit that I don't want to crack open the dictionary on this one and replace the image.

  51. I'll answer your question Rusty (AKA, the blogger who is dumber than a box of rocks). The answer is three. Will, dmarks and RN. But they are all BS bannings. Also, these are all three buddies who stick together on such things. dmarks banned me over 1 comment he didn't like, then lied about me submitting comments that contained profanity. RN banned me because I argued with dmarks on his blog and did not comply when he demanded that I give dmarks the last word.

    But I don't know why I bother responding to you. Surely Rusty will say I've been banned from at least a dozen blogs, although he won't be able to cite any more than the three I "admit" to.

    Anyway this proves you lie. You said I have been booted off of blog after blog, but you really have no idea of the number or the reasons. Are you going to boot me off your blog? I assume no, since your blog (both of them) contain virtually zero content (one short and stupid post apiece). How sad. If you didn't want to write any posts why create even one blog, let alone two?

    1. "But they are all BS bannings."

      BS? Who wouldn't ban a person like you... you personally typed up dozens and dozens of comments in which you talked about nothing but penis length, and peppered it with spittle-flecking profanity. You even admitted doing this as part of a lesson on spam. Well, lesson learned. A mature individual would apologize for something like that. A clueless individual just doesn't get why they get banned for personally typing massive amounts of penis comments.

    2. Just you and Will. I'm not banned anywhere else. As for who is "spittle-flecking", that is obviously you. You are clearly rabidly mad that I've been telling the truth about you. But all dmarks can say in response is to keep repeating his same lies. Lies that will probably be believed here, as I wrote down the complete truth on my blog, but I doubt anyone here will read it (a post where I admit only the truth, so no admission of profanity use from me). Martyr complex? Looks like dmarks has one. Why else would he spend so much time following me around and lying his ass off about me? Is that someone who was mature do? I say no.

  52. Why did you delete your comment? Am I no longer banned?

    1. you were never banned. I didn't delete anything. I haven't been on for a while

  53. Someone has a martyr complex. I guess it is to some a suitable replacement for having a life.

  54. DS is a freaken trouble maker. If you read his/her blog you'll see where she slanders dozens of other bloggers . Especially Lisa.
    I say BAN the idiot!

  55. Getting back to the subject of the George Zimmerman trial.. I lay this George Zimmerman fiasco at the feet of Obama and the rest of his racist supporters, Michelle, Holder, Jarrett, Sharpton, Jackson, Matthews etc. relations between White and Black Americans have been set back 50 years since Obama was elected, TWICE!

    George Zimmerman will or should be found NOT guilty..
    If he's convicted, it's because our justice system are a bunch of cowards....afraid of all those mean black people that are going to protest and riot if Zimmerman is not found guilty..

  56. DS; if I were to read your post, I am sure I won't find any thruth in it. Penis-lenghtening spammers have no integrity, and you have admitted spoofing others' IDs to get around the bans. I let the latter go through: because, say, when you deceive and pretend you are Will Hart, you end up immitating a sensible person and thus making decent comments.

    As for why you got banned from Will's blog... your Hinkleyesque obsession demanding the murder of George W. Bush over imagined war crimes was proven by Will to be hypocritical. He used LBJ to prove the point. You blew a gasket.

    Who is the nut job here: a person who devotes time to personally type penis lengthening spam comments and also demands the murder of a former President..... or someone who bans such uncivilized ravings.

    Let the sane be the judge.

  57. I did not spoof Will to get around your ban. I spoofed Will once, repeated your insult about flushing (As Will I agreed with you) and then TOLD YOU. That is the only time that has happened (an ID spoof). I've never demanded the murder of GWb. I never "blew a gasket". I responded to his post calmly. That dmarks actually believes these things show who the real nutjob is. Not that I think I'll get any agreement here, but those are the facts.

    As for Lady Vet's comment about "getting back" to the Zimmerman trial... that wasn't the subject of Lisa's original post. This "getting back" is only a getting back to the topic switch of Radical Redneck. In any case, Zimmerman is guilty. He should go to jail.

    1. "Zimmerman is guilty". Yes, the armchair attorney has spoken! Ignore the legal experts... who needs due process and a jury. DS has spoken!

      But I am glad he has backed off from his repeated insistence that George W. Bush be murdered to punish him for actions that never occured. It was a shameful view for him to have. If I had ever thought that way as he did I would be ashamed too.

      Now, I wonder if DS still thinks Bin Laden should have been turned over to his fellow terrorists for "trial"...

    2. I was giving my opinion. It isn't a legal opinion (therefore I am not an "armchair attorney"). I never suggested dispensing with a trial. I am entitled to an opinion. Many here are voicing their opinions regarding Zimmerman's "innocence". I am not "backing off" murdering bush, as I never advocated it. I do still believe he should be charged with war crimes (war crimes that actually occurred). I never said bin Laden should be turned over to his "fellow terrorists" for a trial. dmarks should be ashamed for his continual lying. Actually, I think he should get professional help, as it appears he actually believes his lies.

  58. Nice to see DS run away from his previous demand that Bin Laden be tried according to terrorist "justice" by Saddam, Kadaffy, Assad, and other terrorist leaders in the OIC. Glad he changed.

    But he is still putting forth some incorrect/fib opinions. Such as the one about Bush being a war criminal. The International Criminal court has said Bush is not: repeatedly. They have rejected over 100 claims due to complete lack of evidence.

    I've not mind on Zimmerman's guilt. Unlike you, I rely on the facts. And unlike you, I respect my betters on legal matters.

  59. dmarks thinks he is being funny. I'm not running away from any previous position. My opinion on the matter remains the same. dmarks believes bush's decision to let bin Laden get away was the right one. I disagree. I think we should have taken any opportunity to get him into custody. Were you against the raid approved by Obama where we finally got him? I'm guessing yes, as you clearly were rooting for him to escape justice.

    The International criminal court declines bush war criminal cases for political reasons. They have never issued a statement indicating what they think regarding bush's guilt or innocence. You believing they have is pure fantasy. UN chief Kofi Annan said that, according to the UN charter the Iraq war was illegal.

    As for Zimmerman, you already said you thought they were both guilty. Although from your comment I'd say you attributed more guilt to Trayvon Martin because (according to you) he was on drugs and a "berserker". And the armchair attorney dmarks said Trayvon was a felon despite a lack of charges or conviction. So you can stuff this "betters" BS that you are transparently lying about (you don't believe it).

  60. Zimmerman wll walk, the pathologist proved his innocents ce today

  61. 1) Bush did not have a position to let Bin Laden go
    2) The proof of medical evidence is that Martin was engaging in drug abuse crimes (perhaps even felonies) which cause intoxication and loss of control. It is very reasonable to believe that this bad criminal behavior on Martin's part made the situation much much worse. I.e according to the medical examiner, Martin was already commiting crimes and was out of control.
    3) The ICC rejected claims that Bush was a war criminal based on evidence. Innocent until proven guilty. A court does not have to make a major declaration denouncing every crank claim. There is nothing more to it.
    4) Kofi Annan, a man whose family received large sums from Saddam as part of the oil for palaces scandal, was speaking off-the-cuff when he lied about the completely legal retaliation against Iraq. There is no UN resolution relevant to this. Anyone who knows about the UN knows it does not rule by people involved with it lying in interviews. There is a resolution process.
    5) its not me who "says" Martin was intoxicated and engaging in drug crimes. The ME said this. Sorry, that's the facts. I defer to the experts.

  62. wow you guys are having alot of fun here I see. The problem I have with the Zimmerman case is that the left and the left wing media turned it into a racial thing first by doctoring the 911 call that ABC purposely left out the part asking Zimmerman for a description making people that he just said he was black because he was racist and by calling him a "white Hispanic" WTH? I agree with LV regarding the race baiters in this country which have gotten worse since out Uniter in Chief became president. The most damning thing for the prosecution is when the cop said to Zimmerman that someone had the hole incident on video to see if he would cave and his answer wad "Thank God" Does that sound like he was guilty or the other way around? there is more black on black and black and white crime than there is white on black.
    So if Zimmerman was a white Hispanic shouldn't Obama then be a white African American? Which I don't believe he's American,that's just my gut feeling.
    By the way don't expect to see this in the news anytime soon

  63. Lisa: The message, and clearly a racist one, from so many of the leftists is that Trayvon Martin is to be given a free pass for being an assaultive, doped-up, out of control drug-abusing criminal just because he is black.

    1. and had he been killed by another black man we would never even know his name. Even Obama thinks he owns black people. The democrats truly are he racist nes thinking that without them black people can't survive

  64. A free pass for getting murdered? That doesn't even make sense. Typical dmarks gibberish. The racist message from dmarks is that the victim is guilty just because he's Black. There are no charges or convictions on Trayvon's record yet in dmarks' twisted mind he's a "felon".

  65. DS definitely comes in on the "ignorance" side. There's no where I criticized Martin for his race, or any hint that I saw his race as being a problem. Nice try... Well, not really. Can't even say you are phoning it in.

    He also outs himself yet again as a racist, by using Martins skin color as part of his criminal defense. When I am consistent in not caring what his race is

    "There are no charges or convictions on Trayvon's record..."

    The abuse of dangerous intoxicating drugs shortly before he went his rampage is found in his own phone. The medical examiner also found proof of this crime.

    Face it, the kid had lousy parents, who thought it was fine that he damaged his brain with illegal drugs and ran amok.

  66. As for whether or not he was murdered, the jury is still out. This is a lot different from the concrete medical proof of drug abuse that shows what a dangerous lowlife Martin is. Can't argue that.

    I will defer to my betters (the informed jurors) when the verdict is delivered. Not armchair cranks. Thing is, I don't find armchair crank as part of any state constitution, or the national one. But the jury... now THAT one is there.

  67. Trayvon had no charges or convictions on his record. What you wrote did not refute that fact. Your "concrete medical proof" was disallowed by the judge. Also, no "abuse" proven. Having marijuana in your system isn't proof of abuse. But dmarks comes in on the "ignorance" side. He decides Trayvon is an abuser, a dangerous lowlife, a felon, and he got what was coming to him because he "berserked" on George. All baseless conclusions jumped to by dmarks because of his marijuana use (and because of his skin color I suspect).

    Race DOES matter in a case where the murderer racially profiled the victim. But dmarks tries to sweep that aspect of the case under the rug to cover up his racism. dmarks has outed himself... as a racist and a liar. dmarks has already judged Trayvon guilty. His own words show that to be true. So he can lie about his "betters" and waiting for a verdict, but it's all total nonsense... and shows how much of a crank he is.

    You also lie about Trayvon's parents. There is zero proof they thought (or think) drug use is "fine".

    1. Every one of DS claims has been disproven many times before. No need to repeat the obvious. The only racial profiling by Zimmerman existed in the faked MSNBC tape. Only the weak minded get taken in by hoaxes.

    2. not that it is relevant to the case but does anyone remember that Trayon Martin was in the Morgue for 3 days before his father reported him missing? Sounds like he really was concerned about him.

    3. dmarks is trying to pull a fast one here. He can't refute the facts I gave concerning Trayvon not being a felon, a dangerous lowlife or an abuser so he misdirects with a reference to some audio played by MSNBC that I never mentioned. Only those with weak minds get taken in by hoaxsters like dmarks.


  68. Dervish Sanders you are delusional...Jere is the story spelled out for you, read it a,d weep
    George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.
    The “UNARMED BLACK “BOY” who was just walking around in the rain in a Gated Community with his “Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. At first Zimmerman was NOT charged with any crime as the Sheriff believed George Zimmerman’s story. But
    then came the racial firestorm! First by that Race Baiting Pimp Al Sharpton who threw the initial fuel on the fire, And then by that Saint King Samir Shabazz the head of New Black Panther’s. Who UNLAWFULLY put Zimmerman’s face on a “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE” poster and offered a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s “capture.”
    “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” leaflets for George Zimmerman.
    We saw that other Racist Pimp Spike Lee tweet and make public what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address.
    George Zimmerman and his family had received so many death threats that they had to go into hiding for months in fear for their lives.
    So with all the publicity from the Black community George Zimmerman was then Handcuffed and taken in and interrogated. The Sanford police and prosecutors concluded that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and had not committed a crime. So they let him go. Zimmerman told police that Trayvon Martin a Hooded 17 year old had been acting suspiciously that dark and rainy night, that he had followed Trayvon, and he had been knocked down and had his head smashed on the ground against a concrete sidewalk and, fearing for his life, pulled a licensed concealed handgun and shot him. And yes he was then brought before the Florida Grand Jury who called for his arrest. And eventually he was Arrested.

    Now as the whole world is watching the trial unfold and as every day passes and more information is released, we are learning more and more about what took place that rainy night and the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin who was “just walking with a can of Iced Tea and some Skittles”. And the death threats by the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton grabbing the news spotlight nightly and the Prosecution's lying witnesses. Especially that dumb Girl-friend of Trayvon Martin’s who was at first called the state’s most important and Star witness, that young Miami woman Rachel ‘Dee Dee Jeantel, the Beauty Queen who escaped from “The Biggest Looser”

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. We saw just how the justice system worked when the jury was stacked at the OJ trial. They didn’t bother to look at the facts then, why change?
    Lets go ahead and just hand him over to the Black Panthers, putting him in jail will amount to the same thing anyway. That’s evidently what Dervish Sanders wants..
    We all know that Liberals are such people of tolerance, just like Islam is the religion of peace! Sorry, but forgive me for not agreeing with ANYTHING that you say. But than again YOU voted for Barack Obama twice, that alone show how much intelligence you have!
    Now, back to the subject....Did Zimmerman kill Martin because of his race or was Martin the aggressor and Zimmerman legally defended himself with lethal force? Or does it even matter?
    And while we are at it, why don’t we hold a Public Stoning for Paula Deen. Lets not let her get away with using a racial slur 30 years ago. What the hell, we don’t need no Stinkin Southern White Women on our TV screens anyway! For God’s sake, she said “Nigga” we ain’t gonna let her get away with that, are we? I don’t give a Rat’s Ass where or when she grew up. Makes no friggen difference to me, she said “Nigga”! Period, Who care if it was 30 years ago? I don’t care if it was 60 years ago, she said it so let’s stone the bastard and lets put a burning tire around her as well.
    I don’t need to know her explication I don’t want my kids to be exposed to that culture of racism or homophobia and religious
    intolerance either! After all, this is 2013 and we GOT a Black President in the White House, that’s how far we have come, so lets no go back there into medieval times where people didn’t give a shit about each other..To put this in it’s proper perspective, Zimmerman was brutally attacked by some street thug who was most likely high on dope, and the question of the day is, will our divider-in-chief have a beer summit with some white or Hispanic guy ? Will he ask everyone to get along? Or will he say once again that the police acted "stupidly?"
    Or will he calm us all down by saying “lets not just to conclusions” But in any case, Dervish Sanders.... I know that facts are stubborn things, but seriously you are such an ignoramus!!

  71. I have no doubt that they have already organized a gang of thugs to picket, riot, and commit all kinds of illegal activities when the NOT GUILTY verdict comes in.
    Zimmerman will be Acquitted and he will and should be..

    And as for Dervish Sanders being an ignoramus, that is the understatement of the week, month, year!!

    I never said that she didn’t have a right to have an opinion. I just said that it was worthless. As it is with all the rest of the Race baiting assholes, who are waiting in the wings to riot..

  72. Pretty funny. DS refers to Zimmerman racial profiling (something with "evidence" only found in the fake NBC recording) . Now he runs from it. So, as it stands, there is absolutely no evidence of racial profiling by Zimmerman, and proof that Martin was a real bad kid (Martin's own racist phone callm and the medical proof of crime found).

  73. What's funny is that dmarks believes we should drug test shooting victims and if anything illegal is found in their system give the shooter a free pass. Also hilarious that dmarks claims I'm running from a "fake NBC recording" I never mentioned. Given how much of a joke dmarks' arguments are, why should I bother further debating him?

  74. Could it be that the true purpose of this "case", the real motivation behind the mediás crusade to lynch Zimmerman is this: the Racist bunch of Pigs such as Al Sharpton , the lawless Mob that calls themselves The Black Panthers and our Socialist President otherwise know as Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama, as well at that idiot and partial judge how should be throw out on her ass for her bias decisions. Just look at how this whol thing started! How can Dear Leader ever bring us our Socialist Utopia with all these racists sabotaging things, I ask you?

    It is tricky trying to psychoanalyze "progressives" since they make no sense, but I think this is pretty close to what has really been going on with the victimization of Trayvon Martin.
    Obama’s finger prints are all over this railroading. Its disgraceful and scary that an innocent man can be railroaded like this with the help of our Government. It’s very obvious that Eric Holder and maybe Obama himself is pulling the strings.. They’ll do anything they can to get some kind of conviction and prison time for Zimmerman they even tried child abuse... This whole trial is a joke the prosecution never had a case in the first place and they are trying every trick in the book to get this guy convicted..

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. George: Sharpton really is a terrible racist. He is famous for his appeal to the age-old Yellow Peril racist idea, when he organized an action to destroy the businesses and livlihoods of small business owners who had to be Asian-American.

    I do not connect Sharpton to Obama, however.

    "They’ll do anything they can to get some kind of conviction and prison time for Zimmerman they even tried child abuse"

    I wonder if such charges might be warranted against Travyon Martin's neglectful parents, who might have been unconcerned about his welfare, and allowed (encouraged?) him to damage impair his growing brain with illegal drugs and engage in related activity..

    As for the real Zimmerman, I have a major problem with him. The idea of neighborhood watch is not to be armed vigilantes. Just to watch.

    Sure, Martin was impaired and engaging in suspicious behavior... the type which might result in a bezerker rage if you get near him. But if you see someone like that, do you really need to get near him? Just call the cops and stay away. Especially if there are no lives in danger.

    I've always had major problems with Zimmerman... but discussions are typically about how Martin is some sort of angel just because he's black. I prefer to ignore the color of both men.

    But this is the OJ of our era....

  77. dmarks said..

    "I do not connect Sharpton to Obama, however."

    Well dmarks, my friemd:

    Please read this..
    A top judicial watchdog group believes the federal government may try to pursue George Zimmerman on civil rights violations if he is acquitted on murder and manslaughter charges in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    Is the " Federal Government" Not Obama, or is it!

    I think it is!
    Obama not only financed and organized the racial pimps but he´s also had direct contact with city officials,pressuring to bring charges against Zimmerman. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Judge was in his back pocket as well.

    1. I don't believe you Dude. The prosecution said Zimmerman profiled Trayvon criminally and not racially. I believe that is not correct, but that is what they said. So how the hell could the federal government prosecute for a "civil rights violation" when the prosecution said that isn't what happened? Sounds like conspiracy theory baloney to me.

      Also, I thought the FIX was in? According to the "George Zimmerman" who comments above Obama, Holder and the Judge are all conspiring to "lynch" poor George.

      dmarks, walking home and talking on the phone was only "suspicious" to George Zimmerman because Trayvon was BLACK. And my saying so has nothing at all to do with the tape you previously mentioned. I know you tried to spin it to seem as though I was talking about that tape, but I NEVER mentioned it. Zimmerman said the fu*cking punks and a**sholes "always get away with it". George Zimmerman was determined that Trayvon wasn't going to "get away with it". That is why he shot him, not because he was attacked (IMO).

      Personally I believe George drew his gun first and Trayvon fought for his life. Trayvon didn't want to run away and get shot in the back. The "you're going to die tonight" line was probably spoken by George Zimmerman.

      And Al Sharpton isn't a racist. He's a civil rights crusader who is standing up for a historically oppressed people. But because he's doing that while Black some call him racist. They only point out their own racism in my STRONG opinion.

      And dmarks ignored my comment about drug testing shooting victims for drugs. Obviously he said nothing because he agreed (he always responds when he disagrees). Marijuana use is only a misdemeanor and dmarks does not like that... which is why he approves of a back door death penalty and a free pass for the shooter if the VICTIM used drugs. dmarks goes in the opposite direction as states that have decriminalized marijuana use. If you use drugs (even casually) dmarks says it's OK to shoot you dead.


  78. "dmarks, walking home and talking on the phone was only "suspicious" to George Zimmerman because Trayvon was BLACK."

    Only if someone has a racist mindset like you. But so far there is absolutely no evidence of race being involved in any decision or anything by Zimmerman.... and there is indeed a huge dollop of evidence of racism from Martin (as per his racist smear on the phone).

    I am sticking to facts, not imagination.

    "And dmarks ignored my comment about drug testing shooting victims for drugs."

    It might or might be relevant in all cases. But it is in this case, because Martin was impaired during this encounter. It is also relevant to show how immoral and ill intention he was, as he had no problem engaging in crimes.

    "Marijuana use is only a misdemeanor and dmarks does not like that... "

    Abuse of controlled substances is a misdemeanor, or felony, depending on circumstances. Either way Martin was proven to be engaging in crime. His conspicuous and copious abuse is evidence that his abuse might have been felonious. And that is not imagination. And you are left defending and justifying his criminal activity.

    "If you use drugs (even casually) dmarks says it's OK to shoot you dead."

    No. If you are such an immoral and bad person that you engage in drug crimes and go outside in an impaired state, it is no one's fault but your own if there is a high risk of problems due to your own crime. no one forced Martin to engage in these crimes, and to roan the neighborhood in an impaired state... a danger to himself and others.

    As I have said before, no death penalty. Zimmerman should have left the scene, and the proper authorities could have come and gotten Martin to safety.

    "And Al Sharpton isn't a racist."

    This is a grossly uninformed statement by Dervish. He is not aware of Sharpton's crusade to destroy people's businesses and livlihoods just because they are Asian-Americans. Either that, or he knows about it, and he thinks that organized attempts to persecute people specifically for being of Chinese descent is not racist.

    "He's a civil rights crusader who is standing up for a historically oppressed people."

    'Historically oppressed' is a racist concept. Either an individual is oppressed or they aren't. Sharpton sure isn't oppressed, and he has been very good at standing up for his own bank account.

    "But because he's doing that while Black some call him racist. "

    No. Because he fights for racial discrimination, he is accurately called a racist. It has nothing to do with his skin color. Unlike you, I do give racists a free pass just for being a certain color. The discussion of Toure proved this difference.

    "They only point out their own racism in my STRONG opinion."

    An opinion that is incorrect is still a lie.

  79. Here is Sharpton, in all his glory. From a speech he made:

    "“[1] White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … [2] We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … [3] we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek [4] homos ever got around to it.”"

    1) This is racist and supremacist. At all points in history, some groups of blacks lived primitive lives while some groups of whites "built empires" and some groups of whites lived primitive lives while some groups of blacks "built empires". If he was thinking of Egypt specifically, ancient Egypt was built during most of its existince by Caucasian (Semitic) people.

    2) Most of Egypt was built by the above mentioned Caucasians. Some by black Africans. However, ALL of those was done before Donald Trump was an infant in his crib in 1946. My grandfather pounded a nail in the wall to hang a picture before Donald Trump knew what architecture was also. But you don't see me making an idiotic point about it like Sharpton does.

    3) Several great civilizations pre-dated Greeks: including the mostly Caucasian Egyptians mentioned above, the also caucasian Indians and Persians, and also the Chinese (East Asian race). I doubt Sharpton was thinking much when he was making his point, it makes no sense at all.

    4) As muddled as he is, and regardless of how Sharpton gets history wrong, it is quite clear he hates gay people.

  80. Dervish Sanders Said" "And Al Sharpton isn't a racist. He's a civil rights crusader who is standing up for a historically oppressed people. But because he's doing that while Black some call him racist. They only point out their own racism in my STRONG opinion."

    Is Al Sharpton REALLY a Race Baiter? Are your rally freaken kidding me?
    I'm sorry but It is difficult to imagine that anyone who is even slightly informed would say such a ridiculous thing!
    But then again, you are consistent in saying ridiculous things.
    Does Tawana Brawley come to mind?
    Does the riots where black youths looted stores,and beat Jews in the street and even KILLED one of them come to mind?
    Does the incident where one Asian American storekeeper was put out of business in Harlem come to mind?
    Try using Google, and gain a bit of knowledge for s change .

  81. Deb said: "Does the incident where one Asian American storekeeper was put out of business in Harlem come to mind? "

    Correct. Sharpton set out to do this. It's surprising Asian-Americans weren't murdered in the wake of Sharpton urging people to treat them badly.

    All the while, Sharpton's own bank account didn't suffer at all.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. In my mind as well as in many others George Zimmerman is innocent or should I say NOT GUILTY of the crime he is being tried for. . The evidence clearly shows this is true. The Prosecution’s case was so week that it’s almost a joke but this isn’t funny. Yet the liberal media and the liberal/progressive bloggers like this delusional UN-informed Dervish Sanders. And the Black community have already convicted him in their court of public opinion. The prosecution was grasping at straws and emotion in his summation. It is the prosecutions job to prove his case beyond a doubt. Especially when the illiterate nincompoop star witness for the prosecution Rachel Jeantel was proved to be to a retarded disaster, and was only able to speak in Ebonics !
    The Blacks/Liberals/progressives have turned Trayvon into a saint and a martyr.
    Just as I thought there already is a MOB of protesters yelling and screaming outside the court.
    We are a nation of Rule of the Mob filled with lawless people and led by lawless leaders like Al Sharpton and his band of thugs. Zimmerman is the victim of a racist witch hunt. He never would have been charged with a crime had it not been for vile race-baiters, like Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson. and aided by Barrack Hussein Obama, and Eric H. Holder
    Makes me wonder is a white person has a chance in this jury system!

  84. Deb said: "Makes me wonder is a white person has a chance in this jury system!"

    It happens the other way too, in cases where people use a person's black skin color to declare him Guilty! just as Zimmerman has done to him now.

    I will abide by the court and jury decision. No one knows this case better.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Lisa, for your information there is a lot of bad things said about you here.


  87. A large conglomeration of feral negroes has stomped and wailed down the street here clutching illiterate hand scrawled signs spewing "We are all Trayvon!"

    Does that mean they are all dead?

    Is Christmas now in July?

  88. Trayvon Martin has been portrayed by his supporters as an innocent youth armed with nothing more than a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea on the night he was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman
    We should bloody encourage victims of violence to defend themselves against “innocently” ground pounding and banging their heads into concrete, by any means, including shooting them if necessary. “profiling”, following, getting out of your car had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the aggressor was guilty of the above..
    And you people who will not let this verdict be, and wish to protest and riot over it, remember that the facts were proved, don’t forget about all of that! But satisfy your bias by just marching around like a mob of lynch happy hoodlums and scream until you get the verdict you want. This is how justice works, dammit! Get used to it, it works both ways. You can’t have it your way if you don’t like it. But if you march and howl in the streets until you get what you want then go a head. But don’t complain and cry about how the other side behaves. The prosecution was not only bad, but wrong. They had no case at all. Those pesky things we call “facts” and “evidence”, were all on Zimmermans side. But go ahead, try on your theory for size.

    Pinning some creepy-ass cracker to the ground and trying to murder him by repeatedly banging his head against the concrete, is not exactly what I’d call a innocent “boy” waling around with skittles and iced tea.
    And as for the Civil Tights violation that us liberal want the Justice Dept to file, let us not forget that a problem with a civil suit the defense can hammer Trayvon and all the evidence (the texting for guns, the drugs, suspension from school, punching the school bus driver, the stolen jewelry etc etc) that was not allowed in the criminal trial against George Zimmerman to paint a not-so-rosey picture of Trayvon, CAN BE ALLOWED in this one... so it might not be such a wise move after all.