Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Random Act of Journalism on Benghazi



  1. Hitlery ordered Stevens to Benghazi so he could prepare the site for the implementation of it becoming a full-blown diplomatic mission.

    When we take the Senate in November, I expect for there to be a Select Committee on Benghazi and on the IRS.

    I believe that Congress will appoint a Special Prosecutor once we secure the Senate and that many, many scum of the Earth dimocraps will be shitting in their panties..

    Obama is a liar. And so are all the Dimocraps, Libaturds, or ProgIdiots

    We all knew the White House was behind it, now there's no doubt of it.

    And dimocrap scum? They couldn't care less. The damage is done. They win and they don't care how they won, just that they won.

    Scumbags. All of them!

    These people need to go to prison. For all of eternity

    1. Good luck to us. 91 MILLION out of work and not looking and being paid. 97% blacks, and some % of those vote multiple times in swing states. Vote fraud in swing states. Union slugs. I know many who vote to keep the pay and bennies coming and they don't care about anything else.
      Good luck to us.

    2. Oh kid luck is def what we need. I pray for it constantly. The corruption is rampant. This admin has made me unable to stomach politicians any more

    3. I'm there Lisa. Trying to figure out how we can get to America 2.0.
      It won't be in my lifetime, but I try anyway.

  2. Well, after listening to that video, I'm not as enthusiastic as you are that leftwingers are finally seeing the truth, but it's close! So , they admit this isn't good, but it's the mean old GOP that's going to use this that bothers them the most; didn't you get that impression? Still, it's something. And for MSNBC to even get CLOSE to admitting their hero's not infallible and is a total loser is a good thing! :-)

    1. Yes Z. I guess something is better than nothing. Good observation they are more worried about the GOP using it. Facts don't seen to matter anymore


  3. We spent a week or more just watching all those Liberals going absolutely nuts because there was a story in the headlines about a senile old white guy ranting off about his Tramp girlfriend who want to trap him on a phone conversation calling Negro’s names.

    And when suddenly, out of the blue, a message from above appeared, a new government email directly that belatedly contradicts the message that Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and press secretary Jay Carney repeated, and repeated in the immediate aftermath of the attack in Benghazi, and incidentally was something that any sensible person already knew. If they had any brains in that thing called a head. It CONTRADICTS the White House and State Department's story that they “believed” a video led to what was thought to be a spontaneous attack. In that e-mail there is concrete evidence that “Her Thighness” Hillary deliberately and maliciously lied.. (what a shock)!
    And by the way, It only took the Lame Stream News ONLY 1 1/2 years to bring this out. Apparently there was much more important news to report, like Traffic Jams and Racial Remarks, so I guess that it’s only fair to cut them some slack.... Rigt your progressive MORON’S who have been making jokes about this for the past Year and a Half! And they are still either quite about it or denying it. You shameless IDIOT’S! Where are you now Ducky, Dave, Liberalmann, Progressive Witch? Where is your respect for the men who died?

    Say it loud and say it clear, OBAMA AND HILLARY LIED, AND PEOPLE DIED..

  4. I bet it isn't a joke to the families of our Ambassador and those Navy Seals. Not only tbe video but the fact that they asked for help and never got it and the weapons used were weapons the admin provided to tge rebels to take down Gadaffi. A Fast and Furious if you will

  5. At this point what difference does it make?

    Oh wait. If Nixon had tried this they would have set up the gallows on the white house lawn, Where was Obama when Ambassador Stevens was being tortured and murdered? Where was Obama when the other three brave hero's were trying to fight off Muslim fanatics intent on killing them?

    Where was Reggie Love that night? Killary and obama have blood on their hands but have no soul for it to affect.

  6. Obama's Achievement List
    record debt
    record deficits
    no budget
    killed NASA
    gas $4-5 gallon
    first ever credit downgrade
    Americans on a budget Obama sends GSA to Vegas and loses billion in Green Energy gambles.
    Good at Golf
    Good at taking Vacations.
    Great at Lying.

  7. Doesn't it just make you want to lose your cookies when Democrats whine about all these investigations are just a waste of taxpayers' money? Had the crooked Democrats been honest and forthcoming in the first place, there would not be the NEED to investigate. Frankly, I'm tired of being lied to by this regime. I'm to the point that, if Obama comes on the TV screen to speak, I turn the channel. Obama is not entertaining, and he's certainly not honest..

    We all know at this point that when it comes to this coverup there is little distinction between Hillary, Susan Rice, and more than likely Obama ( through his surrogates)!

    1. Obama can lie at will because knows he will not get scrutinized. He doesn't even care about lying. He does it with such ease . I just find it ironic how ridiculously compliant the media was in the Valerie Plame investigation. That was all fabricated and they knew it all along. Fiztgerald should have been disbarred.

  8. "AzygosMay 3, 2014 at 9:49 PM
    At this point what difference does it make?"

    At this point it makes a vas deferens.