Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From A Former UK citizen

We are a big country, which is exactly why Government healthcare will NEVER work, Too much bureaucracy, too many layers of administrators.  In the UK the system is overwhelmed and they are slowly privatizing. Their statistics on good cancer care outcomes are much lower than ours, mainly because the best drugs are deemed too expensive. All the wealthy Brits take out private insurance, so there's a two tier system. I've had two loved ones die, from bad diagnosis and lack of permission to visit a specialist. One waited 18 months for a hospital bed, for a supposed grumbling appendix, which turned out to be pancreatic cancer..he died in 4 months.  The other was called a malingerer, and actually had cancer of the lymph nodes, and he was denied access to a specialist, and he died at 38. Too many layers, too many hoops to jump through.  Obama care will destroy the best healthcare system in the world. Students will stop going into medicine, because of the mountains of regulations, and the lack of decent pay.  Drs will be stretched too thin, and the whole system will collapse.   Obama has pretty much managed to destroy our economy, so why not our healthcare too. He vowed to bring us down to the level of the rest of the world, and he's saddled us with Obama care, neutered our military, saddled  us with unsustainable debt, and made us a laughing stock world wide. Well done Democrats. 

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