Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just A Guy From the Neighborhood


  1. Good observation Lisa, that’s an perfect indication of the quality of the people in this White House, and the intellect and competence, of the Progressive Leftist, anti-American, idiots that write in the blogosphere..
    Actually there's some decent democrats still around, but it’s hard to find them..and surely NOT the leftists idiots that we see from day to day on these here Blogs, and if I may name a few, it would be Shaw, Octoassface, Dave Miller, Liberalmann, Ducky the Schumucky, and especially the dumb-ass Liberal jerk who mimics republicans on the progressive blog, and thinks that he is funny! And the blog author proudly give him the "Liberal" badge of honor, that is as worthless as obama’s Nobel Peace Prize! That was like getting free a car wash. if you fill up your gas tank at the gas station.
    A ham sandwich could have gotten a Nobel Prize those days, if you recall that this is the same Nobel Committee that awarded a Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, anti-Semite and veritable midwife to modern Islamofascist terrorism, and to Yassir Arafat, anti-Semite and... actual terrorist, so they've set the bar pretty low. The lefties were, and still are, getting all orgasmic over our first "black" President. I’m waiting for the Moochier to get the next one for holding up that Dumb-Assed cardboard Sign!
    It's been a familiar pattern since this idiot President Obama took office. Whenever anyone attacks, the president, you can count on a posse of progressive bloggers to ride to his rescue. Pick an issue, any issue, from the Affordable Care Act to Ukraine to the economy to controversies involving the Internal Revenue Service and yes, BENGHAZI,BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, and you'll find the same handful of idiotic voices again and again, on the Web giving obana cover while name-calling the opposition. And typically doing it with nasty remarks and sharp tongues.. I'm surprised it took decent. Serious people like you and , others like Free Thinke, Geeeez, and even AOW this long to address this.

    It's the progressive, leftists, the neo-communist faction of the American left, the really radical partisan, dishonest, anti-American, anti-Christian, supporters of the socialist faction that oppose’s the values that the United States holds true to our hearts. These are the people who I am afraid will be the downfall of this nation. Their hatred is aimed at anyone who oppose their narrow world view of revolution just for the sake of wreaking chaos across the globe. Yes, they back Barack because they know he is one of them although he is unable to be completely open and honest about it. You see it in his policies. The outrage and hate that emanates from these neo-communist bloggers is truly amazing.
    No other administration has ever had any partisan media supporting it. It was horrible all those years when the attacked everything and everyone who loved America, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and yes, even Fox New.
    I just can’t stand this whole bunch including Hillary who ranks right up there with Obama, Sharpton, Pelosi, Maxine Waters & Harry Reid , they ALL make me want to vomit when listening to or reading what they say. I avoid them like the plague. My stomach's health is less at risk that way. Thanks for being here and please continue.

    1. Awesome comment HH I can feel the passion coming from your writing. you absolutely nailed it here. Like Kid said below they will not realize what tools they have been until their "services" are no longer needed or until they find themselves in a situation we have been warning about for the last few years. Thanks for the great comment.

  2. These typical lefties make me sick as well. They just can’t stand to hear the truth when it shows the failures of this President. So what do they do?, The deny, deny, deny, and shoot down the messenger. They don’t care if the message comes from decent people, who respect honesty, and who know that Barack Hussein Obama is ruing this country, and sending us down the path of Socialism. I do not have to convince decent American people, they all can see this as well, they can see thru the Obama lies. So obviously they aren't as boneheaded as these progressive bloggers think! I submit, instead that they are the boneheaded ones, the progressive bloggers!
    It was so obvious that Barack Obama’s pal George Soros invested heavily in the attempt to socialize this one time Great nation of ours, and by the oppressive use of the IRS to target conservative groups, etc, etc. and etc. A tactic used by another radical community organizer Saul Alinsky. But apparently people like SHAW are either 100 percent for that, or she was in a coma during the election. Take your pick...
    Either way, this country is in a hopeless state right now. And their ridiculous, lies, and insults are getting to be boring. Hence the lack of interest in he blog lately. And i would have written this on HER blog but she now uses moderation and would have deleted this before it make the press...So fact check that!

    1. which is where the name Obama Zombies came from. Can you imagine if a Republican went around blaming and finger pointing the was this big baby does? The liberal blogs would be exploding.
      Look what they did to Sarah Palin. The media could have destroyed Obama too because there was more to go after, but they chose their guy for us.

  3. Shaw can stick her "Analysis”, her “Snopes and Fact Check.org” who are run and funded by Communists like George Soros ”, and her “Example’s” where the Sun don’t shine. And her Bold typing on blogs, is like shouting and is rude.. Whatever her reasoning may be, it is still considered to be extremely bad manners and is considered to be shouting.

    And YES! FactCheck.org, the site that she always seems to quote is an organization funded by the left-leaning liberal media’s attempt to control the news. ...

    The people behind alleged Liberal “Snopes and Fact Check. organizations ate lying through their teeth.

    It shows you the level of honesty people you can expect from our liberal friends.

    1. I notice that most conservative blogs get alot more commentors than the tired old left wing blogs who keep repeating the same old tired talking points. Even the liberal commentors comment on them because they are far more interesting than people kissing the feet of the Obamas

  4. Wow! "Shaw, Octoassface, Dave Miller, Liberalmann, Ducky the Schumucky,"
    What a list of evil, selfish, commie shitheads pushing the progressive, socialist, communist agenda forward....

  5. LOL, I see what you mean!!
    Today's, BIG Topic is....
    Suit and Tie in the 217
    "A Counter-Narrative on Black Male Students:

    At Central High School's Black History Month Celebration, the Central and Centennial High School African-American Clubs released a joint video countering the negative images of young African-American males in the media.

    Big freeken deal, just another way to known down another Conservative, Ann Counter, who has more brains in her ass than this blogger has in her demented head!

    1. so they needed to make a video to prove that? Gee hat would make anyone have negative images

  6. These liberal morons are just wishing and hoping that this all fades away, so they treat it (Benghazi) as if it’s all just another “Right Wing Conspiracy”
    And even now, they drag out The First Moocher to hold up a sign about the Nigerian Kidnaping, It’s all just a distraction from Benghazi! We witnessing another Obama “Wag the Dog” moment! Sound familia?
    Does anyone really believe that the video played a role in the attack? No, but that is a perception not based on any factual proof. Clearly the President and his miserable administration INCLUDING that a-hole lying Secretary of State of his knew all along that the video was NOT responsible for causing the attacks, or they would long ago have made that proof available a long time ago. They knew right from the Get-Go that the video was a means of side-tracking the public from the truth, and a way to present the Cover-Up.
    So what did they do! They put the fraud machine into high gear.
    1) Sent out Susan Rice to lie.
    2) Sent out Hillary to lie.
    3) Sent out Obama to lie in the Rose garden..
    And.. Bingo, Obama got re-elected.
    Mission Accomplished! And those moronic windbags aka progressive bloggers, either really believed it, or are attempting to get everyone else to believe it by their silly denials. And telling everyone that there's much bigger news out there like the traffic jam on the George Washington bridge, so that they could shift the news to discredit Chris Christy, and destroy any chance that he may have had to run for the presidency.
    And the SOB’s responsible for the cover up Obama, Rice and Hillary continued to lie, lie and lie..
    I don’t believe one word that they say, including Hillary Clinton faked concussion to get out of testifying on the Benghazi attack,
    The Obama administration has not one shred of integrity left . And yes, the majority of Americans realize that they have been scammed! The rest of them believe their own BS.

  7. Sarah Palin needs to get out there and call Hillary a quitter. That would drive the libs crazy,or crazier

  8. Why wait? I'll call her that, and worse ..