Thursday, June 12, 2014

Conservative Reviews on Hillary's Book/ Hysterical



  1. Did you see/hear her interview on NPR, a Liberal station? If this lying imitation of a women cant handle soft ball questions, what the hell is she gonna do when when it gets really tough?

    1. no but I heard about it,shocking


  2. Hillary’s book the Confessions of a Sociopath! she like so many others in this Lunatic world of Liberals are putting this country into a hole that we we will never climb out of, we have people in our own Congress and in our Senate calling us terrorists! What the hell is that? Harry Reid and Nancy Pullosee are domestic lunatics. . We have to house these illegal alien children, feed them and educate them, and give them free healthcare.. And WE AMERICAN’S are called foreign terrorist? So much for the Idiots in this administration. . I have to wonder if anyone in our Congress and in our Senate has had any family member in these war in Afghanistan and Iraq that they want to go back to that shit hole again.
    The world would be a better place if Obama went back to Chicago doing his “community organizing” and took his Mooching wife with him. We have been told so many lies in the past 5 years that we don’t even believe anything that this man says, no matter what!!
    And another thing, the progressive NUT’S who can’t seem to keep Sarah Palin off of their blogs should take heed about what she is saying. Unlike our “brilliant” president Obama, and I use that word in jest, she ( Sarah Palin ) believes in protecting our borders and maintaining our sovereignty and founding principles, something a true natural born Citizen president would do.
    She said the only way to solve the illegal immigration crisis is at the ballot box and sending a message, like voters in Virginia's seventh congressional district did by ousting pro-amnesty House Majority Leader Eric Cantor , by voting against elected officials who have enabled the Obama administration's lawlessness!
    Sarah Palin displays the courage that this president and the RINOs in Congress lack! Are we going to allow obama to completely destroy America, simply because he is black and we are afraid to stop him?

  3. Thank you Marge you said a commentfull. Truly is amazing how the progressives use tactics to destroy not the opposing ideas,but the person opposing them while ignoring the lunacy coming from their own side.

  4. Dinesh D'Souza strongly suspects that Mrs. Clinton is a lot more like Obama than she is her husband. I hope that he's wrong. I fear that he's right.

  5. Not sure if anyone is like Obama