Monday, July 14, 2014

The Democrat Party Has Become A Very Negative Force

Ain't that the truth. Thank you Jon Voight for using your microphone to represent our voices


  1. Well not really,I thought the same thing ,but was quoting what Jon Voight said

  2. May 16, 2014
    Democratic Party Still Seen More Favorably Than GOP
    Both parties face "upside down" net favorable ratings
    by Andrew Dugan
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans view the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party, even though both parties have a net unfavorable rating. Democratic Party favorable ratings have held steady since last June, while Republican favorables have increased slightly from their all-time low last year. Still, if the Republicans' current favorability ratings hold, they will be the lowest ever for either party in an election year.


    There will always exist a certain number of people who refuse to see what is in front of their nose. It is the GOP that is seen as a negative force and, therefore, the reason Americans hold them in such low esteem.

    In your safe little bubble, you pretend this is not true, and is all a liberal conspiracy to spread lies. But facts are stubborn things, and the fact is that Americans do not like what the GOP stands for.

    But Stay Calm and Carry On in Your Bubble.

    1. Shaw you should know better coming here, these people will beat you to a pulp.

    2. Hello Lester Shane. Beat me "to a pulp?" What you really mean is that most of the commenters here call people names and throw around juvenile insults that anyone can hear at children's playgrounds. That sort of thing is about as effective as two year olds throwing sand around their sandbox.

      Not one person here refuted what I posted," Democratic Party Still Seen More Favorably Than GOP."

      All these folks are capable of is calling people they don't like poopyheads.

      That's a characteristic of this group, and why more people favor Democrats than they do the GOP.

  3. well those of us who know the reason for it is because you have a bully in the WH always blasting the republicans. War on women,war on this one,war on that one. I do blame the republicans for not being able to counter the BS but when you only have 1 news outlet what do you expect?
    Even some democrats are starting to go against His Highness.
    Talk about living in a bubble. The president is the one who lives in a bubble amongst his rich friends and his ever so brainwashed young college students.

    He couldn't even visit the border while he was down there? Optics do matter you know.

  4. Well oh well, looks who's here , the Queen of the Moron's. Ms . Shaw.

    1. I knew that headline would get her

  5. Shaw,the FCFB....chief Obama jock sniffer.....

  6. Ahhhh.....Shaw the FCFB.the protector of the bystander president.....

    1. Yep he doesn't seem to like playing president,and playing he is

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  8. Well lets see now, just who elected this incompetent fool to the presidency, and twice yet, as it surely had nothing to do with competence, intelligence, experience nor maturity..

    Oh wait a minute , I completely forget about the progressives! And that answers my question!

  9. Lisa, I belong to Friends of Abe, as does Voigt, and I've had lunch with him and 30 other people, seen him at larger events, etc. At the luncheon, he had every single young person introduce himself and talk about their feelings. All are conservative. Rockers, actresses, comedians, writers, etc. One said she was scared to death that the restaurant's private dining room's doors could open and paparazzi would be there. This is the world our young people have been put in by the left. The Left is the only bunch I know who wants so so badly to stop free speech. The photogs would only be there to expose free thinking Conservatives who don't agree with the leftwingers.

    I mention this only to tell you how carefully Voigt responded to each of those young people....encouraging them, thanking them for coming, etc. Amazing guy.

    He is very concerned that we're losing so much good in America. Just read leftwinger's comments. How can we not be concerned? The LIES that Obama's saying...even the Wash. Post has revealed his lies frequently. The IRS, F&F, ...so MANY things are happening and the Left's sleeping through it because they get their goodies and that's good enough for them.
    Poor indoctrinated automatons.
    With the lies that REPUBLICANS DON'T CARE, and a dishonest media which promotes that, who blames the public for being wary of Republicans? How can they think otherwise?
    At my blog, I've done articles touting Ben Carson and had leftwingers come and call me RACIST. Honestly. I've had articles exposing the truth about Hobby Lobby, exposing the lies of Pelosi told about that situation, reminding folks that HL in no way is against all contraception (SURPRISE!) and I've been called "Anti WOman". I am a woman. I could go on and on, but you've seen it and brother, do you have it here.
    I'm so sorry about that. Keep it up. You're a brave woman.

  10. that's OK Z I m up to the challenge. I will keep it up as long as I am alive and breathing.
    I know I will never change people's minds like like Shaw, but I do like to keep exposing them until the people wake up and see it for what it really is. Shaw and I have been going at it for a few years now. So glad I started blogging again because it energizes me to keep up the fight.
    Now I I remember you saying you were a member of Friends of Abe and meeting Jon Voight. So glad to see there are a lot more Hollywood Conservatives than previously thought.
    Other than the die hard Obama lusters,I do believe many people are seeing what he is trying to do and they are not liking it one bit.

  11. Shaw Kenawe how can you be so Deaf, Dumb , and Blind?

  12. Apollo Oneida, it appears the D., D., and B. is you:

    "The Republican Party has recorded the lowest favorability rating for a political party ever measured by Gallup.

    The polling company found the GOP’s favorability rating had dropped 10 percent, from 38 percent last month to 28 percent last week, in the wake of the government shutdown over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

    The Democratic Party dropped from a 47 percent favorability rating to 43 percent over the same period.

    A record-high 62 percent of Americans view the GOP unfavorably, compared to 49 percent who view the Democratic Party negatively.

    About 25 percent view both parties unfavorably."

    The lovely lady who owns this blog erroneously stated that the Democratic Party has become a negative force, when in fact the American people believe the very opposite. They dislike the Republican Party more now than ever recorded.

    But the lovely lady who runs this place likes her "false facts" better than the truth.

    Stay Calm and Carry on in Your Bubble.

    Have a sparkling day.


  13. The lovely lady who owns this blog, does NOT believe all those lies and BS that thos president and his lying fat wife try to fool the American public with as you do.

    The lovely lady who owns this blog and her followers have a lot more sense than the ugly lady who comes here and insults her comentors, as well as the people who go your your filthy rag .that you call a blog and be insulted by the pigs that follow you.

  14. Very predictable redirect "Laura Goldfarb," or whoever you really are. You sound malcontented. You showed off your incredibly awesome powers of wit and intelligence.

    "Lying fat wife!" "Ugly lady!" "Filthy rag!" "...pigs that follow you!" Those are all so original and waggish! Ever think of writing for the Remedial Gazette?

    Oink! Oink!

  15. Thanks for proving my point!.. I hope you enjoyed my comment, and feel free to pass it on to any of your friends.

  16. whoever you really are.

    I don't know what kink of name Shaw Kenawe is, BUT my real name is Laura, believe it or not, who the heck cares what YOU nthink?

    1. Of course you're clapping.....Trained Seals, and Lunatic do it too..

    2. Shaw, you’re reaction is so wrong in so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. social networks has become the predator of this century. We never know who's really looking at our information, be it our picture, pictures of your Kids tagged with their names, birth dates, location, etc, if you do then you are providing identity thieves with all the information that they require for evil purposes...The internet is really great, but unfortunately, as you already know, or should know the internet has a dark-side as well. We hear about so many cases of kidnapping, rape, identity fraud, scams, and other evil things happening through the internet. so don’t do it on any websites, blogs, Facebook, or any other social media site, etc.
      But just in case you feel that you must post pictures of your children, for some reason or another, then you should at least remove personally identifying information such as their full names and birth dates from it.

  17. The FCFB gets very protective whenever someone says anything negative about our bystander president.

    It looks like Obama has checked out......he knows the senate will be gone in Nov.. Christ,no more Dingy Harry.

    Barry can spend his final two years playing golf and taking vacations with the clan.

    After this incompetent dolt how long will it be until America elects another black president? Been there....did that....got a tee-shirt....

  18. Shaw Kenawe Said the following Stupid reply!
    "Laura Goldfarb" is an ID stealer. Lisa gets a lot of these fakers on her blog.

    Great work sherlock holmes, I hope that google sent you a T-Shirt for all that work you must have done for the past 3 days. But sorry to burst your stupid little childish bubble, “A FAKE” I think NOT! Why an I a “Fake” because I went to google and looked for a picutre under the name of “Laura” That’s my name you stupid progressive idiot!
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    And to say that “Someone on another blog found out that "Laura Goldfarb" is an ID stealer.” Oh my Lord, what Bull-crap that is, Did you really think that anyone would believe that? LMAO.

    Have fun with it YOU IDIOTIC NARCISSISTIC MORON! And just remember that everyone on the internet thinks that you are as CRAZY as I think you are.
    And Thanks for sharing your insight on it. Behavior therapy is in order.

  19. Oh Laura, you're so cute. Of course you don't have to put up your own photo. Most intelligent people know that, and what they do is use a neutral photo of an object, a place or cartoon. Instead you stole a woman's photo. Were your not able to figure out how to do what every other blogger and commenter does? And that's why you stole Laura A. King's photo? Poor, poor, Laura Goldfarb! She couldn't do what every other blogger figured out a long time ago. So sad.