Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Poor Children


  1. Thank GOD for traffic violations. You wouldn't believe how many gang members with cars STUFFED with guns and ammo have been caught on L.A. streets only because of speeding, no registration, etc. Imagine how many are NOT caught?
    Scary stuff........I want to call attention to the Hispanic cop who nailed this guy and 2 Hispanic newswomen who are on OUR SIDE against these gangs. We need to remember that most immigrants are Americans and grateful to be so, don't you think, Lisa?
    Great find.

  2. Of course they are Z. Such a shame though that this an unfortunate by-product

  3. Just why should we let these disease and lice ridden “Children” into this country? They are ILLEGAL! What part of the word ILLEGAL don’t these bleeding heart Progressive imbeciles understand? They aren't our responsibility so why should we the taxpayers of this country take on this burden ? Why should we, the taxpayers of America have to pay for kids from another country? No matter where this inept lying POS puts them, he knows damn well that they're gonna grow up to be another bunch welfare bums and vote for the party of handouts. That's why he supports this invasion. Democrats turned the blacks into welfare slaves and now they get 90- 95% of the black vote and they want to do the same with these Mexican, Colombian, and other Central American children who are crossing the border’s illegally! They have already estimated these “Kids” to be at 52,000, so far this year! These children are minors and are the responsibility of the country they come from, and not ours. Has anyone thought of the fact that they don't know the language they have to be cared for, schooled, given medical care, etc, etc, and etc. Drugs are flowing into our nation like a river, and no one asks any question as to how they got here?
    Obama, wants to grant amnesty to everyone, just like his Aunt and Uncle and he wants the American people to pay the bills for Lawyers, Doctors, for Teachers, and everyone else. So they can gain permanent residency and become more DumbaRats While Obama lays on a Beach somewhere...
    I say load up these disease and lice ridden kids on a banana boat and send em back to wherever the hell they came from. They are not our responsibility.

    1. This is the new definition of immigration