Wednesday, October 22, 2014

But She is For Women


  1. Who knows what evil lurks in the shadows and in the spotlight on the hustings waiting to pounce and devour your peace of mind and your wealth?

    I know.

    It's }}}}}}}}}}}} HILLARY {{{{{{{{{{{{ aka "The Thing That Will Not Die."

    1. I see you're prepping for 2016 FT.

      Looking forward to the BS pilled higher and deeper cause when ya ain't got no real facts lay on the bull.

  2. lol FT and Ted Kennedy ,the woman killer ,was for Health care so he was a hero too.
    Sounds to me like they are all on one big guilt trip

  3. Before all the sock puppets start feeding let's take a look:


    Now notice this is:

    1. Old - it's always a slow news day at Lisa's
    2. From a Florida paper, probably not written by a commie.

    I realize that hard facts to a right winger are like garlic to Dracula but to dredge up something that never even gained traction when it was first tossed out as red meat to the fringe is desperate.

    Get current, Lisa. Couple shooters loose in the Canadian parliament building and I don't think it's a couple of bangers. Come on, do your readers a service and get on the story.

  4. I heard about that story already Ducky and we already know what group is responsible.
    If Hillary runs that is very important as to her character.
    Remember they went back to when Romney was 15

  5. Yeah, a partisan political firing is important.

    Why didn't this bobo report her to the bar if there were serious violations?
    Hint, this was nothing but a political move that didn't even cause a ripple during her first primaries. Ain't going to make a ripple in the next.

  6. Poor deluded Ducky.....this is only the beginning of the destruction of Hil.

    Rose Law Firm
    Vince Foster
    White Water
    Reset with Russia
    We were broke
    It was caused by a video
    And on and on

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Rusty don't be a sap.
      Look at everything out there working for a Hillary election.

      Ted Cruz

      Ben Carson

      Jeb Bush

      Booby Jindal

      Paul Ryan

      Rand Paul

      Mike Huckabee

      Rick "L'il Ricky Retardo" Santorum

      Fats Christie

      Marco Rubio

      Scott Walker

      Rick Perry (if he's not in rehab)

      Donald Trump

      ... and if we've all been good girls and boys Allen West

      This is also known as The Tribe That Rubs Poo in Its Hair.
      You've got problems.

    3. An impressive list.

      What I want to know (inquiring minds usually do) is what the hell has happened to what was once a respectable and respected party?

  7. A Paean to the Goddess of Peons 
    ____ (Who Ain't No Peony) _____

    Hail Hillary, head full of space,
    Ever lacking in charm and grace.

    Hillary, dear, how your red eye gleams
    Inspiring infants to have bad dreams,

    And adults to suffer much churning of guts
    And fears like the death of a thousand cuts

    Hillary! Hillary, full of disgrace
    Your surgically altered, still hideous face

    Inspires much loathing, disgust and dismay
    As does the sound of your Midwestern bray.

    Cursed art thou, and curs'd be the Brute
    Who married you once then produced ugly fruit

    As Queen of all that is anti-erotic,
    You favor, instead, what is cruel and despotic.

    Hillary, Goddess of Ethos Collective,
    I hate you so much, I've run out of invective.

    ~ Unhoo §;-o

  8. Hillary looked into the magic mirror, and this exchange ensued. 

    “Mirror, mirror in my hand, 
    Who's the fairest in the land?” 
    The mirror sighed, 
    And then replied, 
    "The men have got you beat hands down, 
    You wretched, rump-sprung, braying clown."

    ~ Anne Animus

  9. Ducky posts all those names with his liberal assumptions that Hillary and Obama are just sooooo great in comparison

    1. The nation's preference has been pretty clear in the last two elections.

      There ain't a real good market for crazy.

  10. Yeah well when offering up the free goods,what do you expect?

  11. Replies
    1. Deficits down like when Clinton was president with a republican congress

    2. Youse just soooo smart Lisa. Fingered that in no time.

      Now, did you read the article? Actually never mind, I have a good idea already.

  12. Aren't you proud Ducky that sheagrees with you Ducky?
    As she also does and her too

  13. The hildebeast is so evil that I'd rather have obama in the WH. It's a pathological liar, (worse than even obammy), criminal, communist, totally unbelievably incompetent, Zero value to anyone or anything. No Wonder the libtards love this evil beast.

    and it will probably get elected with the evidence provided by your residetn libtards Lisa and the fact that legions of evil doers have been scrubbing the internet of anything and everything reality based about this satan's butthole.

    Well, there is solace in knowing these adolescent POS"s will get what they deserve from the evil they support. I can't wait to hear them squeal..

    1. It really is amazing kid how the masses will blindly follow someone into the portals of hell. Some learn the hardway,see comment below

    2. And some never do learn. But of course you and Kid know know that right? Personal ecperience no doubt.

    3. Learn what? Not to vote for Obama?

    4. Forget it Lisa, it doesn't matter. Except it really does.

  14. Replies
    1. Now THAT is worth a whole Feature Article, Lisa. What an amazing turnaround! Really very encouraging.

      At first she appeared to be an absolute moron, but NOW she's dignified, articulate, even clever.

      "Sweet are the uses of Adversity!"

      Maybe things are not so hopeless after all?

  15. Its amazing the flying monkeys sent out by Boston Chubby have actually zero sense of humor......they take Chubby's orders so damn serious...

  16. Talking about women, do you prefer the Mooch dressed in her African garp ( outfit,) or dressed like a Washington Redskin linebacker

  17. Lisa's boot lickers chiming in right on cue.

  18. My gosh, even without that statement on your post, who could vote for her? Plenty will be coming out about the Clinton machine and we know all will be downplayed by the leftwing machine but I honestly think there are folks waking up. We can hope.
    See the insults above? You can smell the fear.
    Americans are so done with the corruption and scandal after scandal of the Obamas and they're waking up soon to the healthcare nightmare ("Wait, I thought my premiums would go down!!!", which I've heard SEVERAL times, and these folks haven't even become to sick to really experience the problems, as my agent foretells).......they're waking up.
    The fraud and lies could still work; that's the problem. We can't have people voting for a Republican and having the computer enter the vote for the Dem. It says much about the Left that they'll jeopardize dignity and American values for a fraudulent win. But, of course, they'll deny it.
    Odd that anything they don't like is KOCH BROS instigated, but we don't hear of the SOROS backing, do we.
    We're in big trouble in this country and some of us are trying so hard to bring back trust and honesty........I don't see that happening. Not really. Not after this administration.

    1. Why did you expect your premiums to be reduced?
      The Affordable Care Act still leaves health insurance under the control of private insurance companies and there is no attempt to control costs.

      Why would private insurers, who have an antitrust exemption, work to reduce premiums.
      This reminds me of the folks who capped malpractice awards and expected the monopoly which controls malpractice insurance ro lower premiums. They increased profits.

      You never learn.
      Never give a sucker an even break.
      --W. C. Fields

  19. Fear Z, likely not.

    What exactly is it that you consider fear?

    Why do you think anyone is fearful?

    Besides, when it comes to a possible Hillary presidency wouldn't it be the repubs and conservatives who would be fearful?

    Or are you so certain Dr. Carson or Rand Paul are going to win you're already counting your chickens?

    Me, i'm a third party underground guy. No horse in the race affiliated with either corrupt major party.

    But by all means keep being played by yours.

    1. Wrong, you are a horse.
      A horse's ASS.

    2. Why don't you go sit (or stand) in "FreeThinke"'s corral. You'd fit in nicely with the other zombies.

  20. yes Z fear is correct when people like Ducky and our wonderful media already pretty much call the elections before they even happen.
    I never saw such animosity for conservatives as we have now. Many who are much more logical and have some great ideas and accomplishments than the s--- stirrers in the democrat party, but all we get is the fear mongering from the left with these phony wars on women,the poor,gays,Hispanics,etc
    And these radicals who show up at protests who are way to the fringe left.
    All in support of the new democrat ,progressive,socialist party.
    It's pretty sickening

  21. Ducky has called 2016 for Hillary.......but,notice he hasn't said a word about the mid-terms coming up.....I wonder if the quacker would like to predict some of the senate races.

    1. I commented about the election at AOW's, a civilized blog.

      It's going to be extremely close and they won't repeal Obamacare so you lose either way.

    2. Duck,
      My blog is civilized? There are times when I don't think so!

      PS: This comment is not to be construed as meaning that your presence there makes my blog uncivilized from time to time.

      For what it's worth, I don't see that Obamacare will ever be repealed. Trimmed and/or tweaked via certain funding limitations, perhaps. I say this because, to my knowledge, no "safety net" once in place has ever been repealed. Am I wrong?

  22. Do you really think it matters who wins 2016.?

    Either way we're screwed. It's only a matter of degrees.

    Hard to top GWB/BHOPAL however.

  23. Hey towel boy....if you are so damn disgusted with America pack up your beard and move somewhere else.

  24. Feel free to pack up belongings get the hell out of America jackass.

    1. That's no way to that to a a White Man, BOY!

    2. Sybil, how about translating for this sock puppet or get him an editor.
      The guy is so dumb he has to be Radical Redneck.

  25. How clever JACKASS #2. Feel free to take your racist ass to a very short pier and take a very long walk off of it.


  26. RN I am sure you've been told this before but don't take everything so seriously. Don't you know when people are playing with you?

    1. Sybil. are you aware that Radical Redneck is going to be indicted?

      Good idea to have him lie low.

    2. Duck,
      Do you remember that 2006 troll "John Brown." Did he ever get indicted for what he did?

    3. Ducky get lost with yiur BS