Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Running Government Like A Business

So I am reading my local paper, while holding my nose, and came across a couple of
interesting things.

One local town ,who in part due to Andrew Cuomo’s(D) property tax caps are actually
becoming creative at spending less. Imagine that,being forced to live like the rest of us
in  the real world.

Instead of crying foul they have come up with some interesting ways to cut back.
One component is the highway dept with 140 workers who’s job is to pickup brush and leaves,will now operate out of the solid waste dept where there is money to pay for it. This transfer allows the town to lower the hwy tax 101.92 per household.

To cut more than 600,000 in recycling costs they  plan to partner with another township for single-stream recycling.

The budget also includes no salary increases for elected officials.
 Did I mention the town supervisor is a Republican?

And in other news Pennsylvania teachers and unions are all up in arms because the Dept of Education is asking them to pay 140.00 per month towards their health insurance, claiming it’s a “war” on teachers. Sound familiar?

Wow don’t we all wish that was all we had to pay?


  1. Things are heating up all over and I'm for it because libtards are stupid so we conservatives Will come out on top. Yea Baby

  2. so true kid their solution to everything is more spending and higher taxes. Yep always looking out for the middle class.

  3. $600,000 in recycling costs? We were all told that recycling is a money MAKER, not a money TAKER. Your township would be money ahead dumping that recycling project.

    Recycling is BS, as Penn and Teller would put it.

  4. But Fredd it's to save the Earth. Just like the higher the gas and electric prices right?
    Another way to help the middle class....not

    1. I'm all for saving the earth, since it's the only planet we have at the moment. But I'm not for idiocy in the process, and the older I get, the less patiently I suffer fools.

      I have a friend who farms, primarily corn and soybeans. He is a rabid recycler and environmentalist when he is not in his fields dumping all manner of pesticides, fertilizers etc. by the ton to increase yields.

      I can't seem to convey to him that he is arguably the biggest hypocrite in town: he will drive a mile out of his way in his 1-ton pick up truck that gets 5 miles a gallon to drop off an aluminum can to recycle.

      I don't get these liberal hypocrites. I never will.

    2. I know Fredd and I believe conservatives are the biggest stewards of the planet being many of them are fisherman,hunters and yes farmers

  5. $140 per month??!?! I'm paying almost $350 for my share. What's their beef?

  6. Exactly Glenn and you are also paying for theirs