Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Law Enforcement Has To Deal With


  1. WoW, that is one POWERFUL image, Lisa...and so important. But, see, they're supposed to do everything to perfection, aren't they (ridiculous).

    I came over also to share this link: http://news.yahoo.com/does-video-show-michael-brown-beating-old-man-173943869.html
    It's to do with that video we both thought might be bogus? Thought it would interest you. xx

    1. I went down to the demonstration

      The one in the middle yelled "Hey".
      Screw him. Felt like a wind of the old days.

      So the busted about 40 people for having the freaking nerve to question the authority of these guys.

      On the way home at the T stop the irony was I ran into a transit cop rousting a black man for absolutely no good reason.

      This is going to continue.
      Screw your sense of security.

    2. Thanks Z I thought it may have been a bit far fetchedd

    3. I ran into a transit cop rousting a black man for absolutely no good reason.

      Somebody's got to do it.

  2. Very salient statement made. There are times without a doubt that split second decisions must be made by law enforcement. It is always easy to make the decision from the comfort of your easy chair.

    When it's a 12 year child it is probably best to error to the side of caution yes?

  3. Replies
    1. Was the pellet gun pointed at Officer Butt Munch?

      He got there and executed a 12 year old boy.
      This combination of poor training and the myth that these mad dogs are protecting us is cracking.

    2. Tell that to the wives and families of all the cops killed by underage criminals with REAL guns.

  4. What you saw in that video was the cops pulling up and shooting him but what we didn't see or hear was them telling him to put down the gun ,that he was pointing at people, before they approached him.
    He may have been 12 but I am sure RN and Ducky you would run for the hills if you saw him.
    He was pointing it at other people doesn't have to be pointed at the cop

    1. That's because they shot him within two seconds of arriving.
      There was no time to tell him anything.

    2. Capt. Hindsight, with his life not on the line, questions the actions of the first responders. No surprises here.

  5. Believe as you wish Lisa. Your trite comment is irrelevant, aside from being conjecture.

    1. At Les Carpenter's soft, fallen ass
      Not one person would dare make a pass.
      It's flesh shriveled and sank
      And my God how it stank!
      What a burden for him 'twas, Alas!

  6. I saw a black cop slam an apparently mentally disturbed white man to the hard floor in Penn Station. The cop told him to leave the waiting area and as the guy left he told the cop F--you but it was obvious he wasn't all therebin the head
    As the guy was walking the cop came up behind him and grabbed him and body slammed him to the hard floor./

    1. Is your point that this unnecessary abuse was against a white, mentally ill, probably homeless man so the protests against the lack of accountability by the cops are misplaced?

  7. RN You believe what you want too

  8. Many years ago I edited a loop of the righteous Rodney King beatdown and added a Yakety Sax Benny Hill music soundtrack underneath. Precisely timed so the beats on the music matched the beats King got! LOL! It was great!

    Oh how we laughed and laughed and laughed! We were on the floor! Helpless!

    I'll try to find it and get it on YouTube. Guaranteed to go viral! Viral Baby!

    1. I bet you're proud you racist douchebag.

    2. As our Ducky, the proud leftist geek,
      Emits shriek, after shriek, after shriek
      In tones hyper-bilious
      And so supercilious
      He comes off as limp-wristedly weak!


    10-Year-Old Boy Charged with Homicide of 90-Year-Old Woman ...
    wnep.com/.../10/.../10-year-old-boy-charged-with-homicide-of-90-year-old- woman/‎

    Oct 13, 2014 ... DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP (OA) — State police charged a 10-year-old boy with criminal ... before he beat and killed the old woman, not now in prison… .... Charge the 17 years olds that almost killed Mrs. Budman as an ADULT ..... I'm not quite sure brutally killing your incapacitated grandmother is a bullshit reason ...

    'I killed that lady': 10-year-old | New York Post
    nypost.com/.../10/.../10-year-old-boy-charged-with-brutal-murder-of-90- year-old-woman/‎

    Oct 14, 2014 ... A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been charged with murder as an adult for beating to death a 90-year-old woman who told ... Wayne County DA says Tristen Kurilla getting recreation, TV and a call to his family today at jail.

    “I killed that lady:” Just 10 years old, Pennsylvania boy charged as ...
    fox6now.com/.../10/.../i-killed-that-lady-just-10-years-old-pennsylvania-boy- charged-as-an-adult-accused-of-murder/‎

    Oct 14, 2014 ... (CNN) — “I killed that lady,” the 10-year-old boy told a Pennsylvania state trooper ... Tristen and that he has some mental difficulties” and had been violent in the .... I dont think he should be in an adult prison but I do beleive he ...

    Cops: Pennsylvania boy kills 90-year-old woman - CNN.com

    Oct 14, 2014 ... A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy told police he killed a 90-year-old woman ... idea of what is going on"; Tristen Kurilla, 10, is charged with homicide as an adult ... Damascus Elementary School student out of jail, WBRE reported. ... some mental difficulties" and had been violent in the past, the affidavit said.

    Pa. boy, 10, charged with killing woman, 90: 'I was only trying to hurt ...
    Oct 14, 2014 ... Boy, 10, charged as adult in 90-year-old woman's beating death remains ..... A substantially higher percentage of violent prison inmates were ...

    No one yet has reported whether 10-year-old "Tristen" (sic) is black or white -- as if that couldn't possibly have any bearing on the case.

    Note the bleeding hearts are already out in full force claiming "Tristen" had mental problems. The next thing you know they will be claiming that HE, the poor little mixed up kid, is the "real" victim in this horrible crime.

    1. So let me get this straight.
      The fact that there are black criminals means it is legitimate for the cops as freaking agents of the state to commit murder with impunity?

      Take it on the road, FT.
      The issue is police conduct.

    2. The voice of reason is blowin in the wind Ducky, there is a counter agenda at work with FreeThinke, as well as the rest of the extreme partisan right.

      It's all about winning their agenda. Right or wrong is of marginal insignificance.

    3. It does seem a simple concept that the issue is police conduct, RN.

    4. Correction... marginal significance.

    5. Yes, and when a police conduct is unjustifiable violent action must be taken.

      However, we must NOT, in our desire to correct systemic problems vilify the police carte blanche. There are many more good cops than there are bad.

      As this post amply points out there are many times when decisions out of necessity must be made in an instant. I can't imagine the stress this puts on an officer. Can you?

    6. Blame all cops?


      In the context that they all operate without accountability, bad actor or not. Police are not vcal about a need for change.

    7. So all Black people are looters too Ducky?

    8. Stereotyping only flows one way in the Duck's universe.

    9. I know. Maybe I need to try and look at it from the duck's perspective? Complete fantasy.


  10. How long has your hate for the police festered in you Ducky?

    Was there some sort of experience that triggered your hate?

    1. When he was a teenager, an officer of the law repulsed his amorous advances, and ran him in on a morals charge. The incident so pricked his vanity he's never forgotten, and will never forgive. 'Tis the stuff of which leftists are made.

  11. When you have a society inundated with guns all over the place, you're going to have things like this happen. We're just too stupid to deal with the problem right now.


    1. But it isn't the GUNS per se, Jersey, it's several things:

      1. Stupidity of the Ghetto Gangstah Rap, Welfare Entitlement Culture

      2. Justifiable fear of black youths who have no sense, no sense of decency, no respect for anyone, and no proper sense of values. These are de facto savages living in a civilized society. Because of this, here is bound to be violent conflict.

      3. A general Lack of Respect for Law and Order. I dislike the police. I think too many are basically thugs given a stamp of approval by the state, but if I am stopped by a cop, -- and it HAS happened any number of times -- I quickly get cooperative and very friendly. Only an absolute fool talks back to a cop or tries to resist arrest.

      4. Failure to provide an educational system with REALISTIC aims, and teachers tough enough to deal with REALITY. We can't teach Jane Austen or Algebra to savages. Before they could possibly be "educated," they must first learn how to be civilized.

      I was successful in teaching children and teenagers from the ghetto. Mst of them were blind or partially sighted. Some suffered in addition from various degrees of mental retardation. I was able to get through to a significant number BECAUSE I taught in a boarding school for students with special needs. We had very small classes, lots of one on one contact in the form of private tutoring sessions. With the sad exception of a few very stupid, recalcitrant hippies our faculty was a close knit community of sincere individuals honestly dedicated to giving our student a better chance a achieving a more fulfilling life. You might be surprised at some of the results we got with a steady application of tough love -- a no-ninsense approach -- genuine expertise in our fields, and a great deal of patience.

      The "standard' approach to the disadvantaged, handicapped and mentally unstable is heartless and just doesn't work. In my case I did my best to get parents involved, and invited some of them to visit and talk to the students about what THEY knew, and what THEY thought was important.

      Just this simple recognition that well-meaning people from a radically different background have VALUE may not have gotten anyone into Harvard, but in some instances it did wonders in breaking down the barriers of hostility and distrust built by years of idiotic assumptions and misunderstanding.

      But all that was long ago before Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll, Heavy Metal and Gangstah Rap, militant disrespect for authority, and official policies aimed at Feeding and Placating the Beast took over completely.

      The movement toward destruction and disintegration had been underway before my experience, but it was still possible to reach youths from the ghetto then.

      I was sad when -- thanks to bullying, knowitall State Intervention -- it ended, and look back on it as one of the most fruitful and enjoyable experiences of my life.


  12. I didn't realize Ducky was from Haiti. Ducky must avoid the plunger section at Home Depot.

  13. Ducky is from Haiti?
    No wonder he has feathers growing out of his nose.

  14. Bottom Line: if your mugged, raped, have your property stolen from you. Or if your store or house is looted, call Al Shorpton, not the police.

  15. Just because Ducky shines shoes for a living, don't assume that he's black. Maybe it's just simply because he like people to have neat and shinny shoes.

    Many of you people visiting this blog don’t have neat and shinny shoes..Are we supposed to admire a man because of the condition of his shoes?

    Many Latinos and people of African descent have dirty shoes and some don’t even wear shoes at all.


    1. What's a "shinny" shoe?

      With that level of spelling I must assume:

      1. You aren't very bright.

      2. This is probably Rottweiler or Radical Redass.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Took the words of my mouth Lying. I blame white liberals most for not empowering black communitues instead of stoking the flames of hatred against the white slave masters of days long gone

  17. And the Liberals, and Democrats, who are the Obama, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with NY’s police Commissioner William Bratton supporters fully supported this Un-American lawlessness.. I don’t know how these people who call themselves Americans can lower themselfs to Democratic Party standards.
    I guess that Bill de Blasio, surrendered his mayoralty to Al Sharpton . Boy as they say “Payback is a Bitch”
    Progressive Mayors are not what New York City needs, not now, not ever!
    He’s sending the WRONG message to the law breaking THUGS as well as to the law-abiding citizens when his political buddies aren’t held accountable for lawbreaking.

    By having what they call a protest, a rally, a march, but what I call a town’s looting and burning, and where two officers were kicked down and kicked in their face, heads, etc., assaulted when a demonstrator was throwing a trash can at the police, when two police lieutenants tried to take him into custody and the two police lieutenants had to be sent to the hospital. This was on the Brooklyn Bridge, where more and more violence occurred in their “Peaceful” demonstrations.
    In fact they brought the Brooklyn bridge traffic to a stop, all in the name of a “racial protest”!

  18. Don't worry Ducky, you have a friend somewhere on these blogs, I heard that another commenter on these blogs is married to a "Black" “Colored,” “Negro”, “Afro-American” , Pardon me, but with all due respect,
    I mean a African American woman.
    Also My great-grandfather, Kunta Kinte, was born a slave, and his the son was also a slave, and his son a half- white became a “house slave.” To prevent his son being raised as a slave, when the “Massa” sent him, along with his mother, to Mexico, and he remained there as a free individual until age 13. He came back to the U.S., joined The Lone Ranger as a Tonto the Scout. The Lone Ranger, aka Kemosabe. To prove what Good Guys the White people are, The Lone Ranger then gave Tonto his Freedom.

  19. Today I am writing my congressman and telling him that because of his vote I am registering as an independent. I am tired of these Ass-Hole Liberals and these Obama ass-kissing Progressives Morons running this country.
    And to go directly to hell along with the millions of welfare cheaters we've been coddling for years. You know, the ones that are too LAZY, I mean “disabled” to work...

    Welcome to America, where every Welfare Queen and her 25 lazy “Husbands” use the system to feed their 15 kids. And Protest the Police.

    Where they spend trillion of taxpayer dollars so that they can legalize and coddle millions of illegal immigrants aka, illegal criminals. And tell us how good Obamacare is.

    Merry Christmas. To ALL.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. America has a race problem. As with any problem of consequence there are many sides, or slants to the narrative. With a problem rooted as far back in history as the race problem in the Untied States of America the issues are complex and the solution, if it is to be found, will require shedding old paradigms and beliefs held by many white folks. Like it or not this is the simple truth.
    I also am fed up with the racist a-hole white folks (Progressive’s) that give (the occupy types), along with the thugs who give Al Sharpton his ammunition.

    If the backwards cap fits, wear it.
    But this is what the Blacks when their not happy with the Courts verdict/verdicts .. they loot, steal, burn, and riot.
    We have these progressive racists with academic degrees teaching in classrooms who call themselves “Professors” , but are actually a bunch of anit American-Slobs who couldn’t get a real job. .Yes, our universities are a ship of fools who can only relate to their academic brethren to15-year-olds
    This crap has got to stop and the Democratic Party, along with the Bleeding Hearts have to stop inspiring it constantly, it is tearing the country apart, and NEVER, EVER doing anyone any good.

    Take the Rodney King case for example. Rodney King was a convicted felon, a no good lousy street thug who served two years in prison for assaulting and robbing a Korean store owner with an iron pipe.
    Racial tensions fanned by the verdict and the general feeling of disenfranchisement and distrust of police among LA's black population and a Black man who was one of the protesters attacked an innocent white truck driver named Reginald Denny, who himself became victimized during the chaos by being pulled out of the cab of his truck and nearly beaten to death, only because he was WHITE!.
    A concerned citizen filmed King's arrest after he led Police Officers in a dangerous high speed chase across L.A. The film showed white officers swinging clubs at Rodney and sent the film to the local T.V. station The National media picked up the video and it was shown over and over for months on prime time.
    And what do you think happened? The City of Los Angeles paid Rodney G. King $3.8 million in damages in compensation for his being beating by the police .
    Even though King's injuries were minimal the left wing powers insisted that the Officers be placed on trial for the most serious charge of attempted murder. When the Officers were found not guilty the media encouraged or seemed to justify violence. About 53 people were murdered and about 3,000 people were permanently injured in felonious assaults and millions of dollars in damage and looting while King pleaded "can't we all just get along"?
    No one wants to say it but the real danger to Black Americans is 'another Black'
    Payback is a bitch when the media runs the show. King finally ended his own life with a drug overdose a couple of years ago. GOOD RADIANCE TO A PIECE OF GARBAGE!

    In ending, I fear that people have to have a PERSONAL experience with Black America to cause an awakening, as George Zimmerman did.

  21. Knock yourself out imposter.

    What a POS.

  22. Replies
    1. Is that Sasha, or Malia? At that tender age it's hard to tell.

    2. What do you care?

      Maybe it's your mamma.

  23. Rational has to hold his head sideways over the toilet every morning, first tilted left, then right, then left again. If you see someone driving down the street with toilet paper sticking out of his ears, that's him. heheh Somehow I don't think you're spending enough time on the task though RN. What a rude little pissant you are. Lol. Honestly. I think you're about 3 years old and giving 3 year olds a bad name. lol. DO you think Anyone on this planet takes you seriously ? You and duck should get a room and stay there. lol

    1. Online Trading Academy wants the diploma back, genius.

    2. Gotta defend your butt buddy? Kneejerk. Mindless. At any cost.


  24. New York's Mayor, Comrade De Blasio has again spit in the face of New York Cities cops by using the word “allegedly’’ to describe the vicious mob attack on two New York City Police Lieutenants!
    Bill de Blasio, was called a 'total nincompoop' by the President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, for his handling of the situation. after he used the word “allegedly” to describe a mob assault by protesters on two police lieutenants.

    NYPD top brass are furious at de Blasio's implication that the beating may not have happened, claiming no such skepticism is ever shown when officers are accused of violence against civilians. De Blasio has been calling these protesters “peaceful since day one and has never used the word “violent” although many acts of violence has happened on an almost daily basis.

    He made the remarks after the two officers were assaulted by protesters during a demonstration on Brooklyn Bridge against recent police killings. The two Police Lieutenants were punched and kicked in their faces and heads when they went to arrest a professor when he tried to throw a garbage can on other cops from the upper level of the bridge.
    Once again DeBlasio's like Sharpton, went to great lengths to praise the protesters' 'peaceful' behavior
    Personally, I think that he IS A “total nincompoop” for calling this “Incident “alleged” They were punched and kicked in the heads, sending them to the HOSPITAL needing instant medical attention. What part of that is “alleged”?
    And personally I think that Liberals, especially Progressives Liberals, ARE DEFINITELY are GENUINELY NINCOMPOOPS!

    New York City has once again screwed up big time, by electing another Leftist Idiot to the Top Position of the City, as they did in the presidential election. .

    1. Hey Debonair Dud, which is worse, a minor assault on the police or executing an innocent unarmed kid in a stairway?

  25. There once was a fellow named Les
    Whose life was one helluva mess.
    He sat on the sidelines
    Deriding the guidelines
    By which others had gained success!

    1. Knock yourself out "freethinke". Other by far more capabkle than yourself determined my level of success based on merit of effort and results..

      I did very well thank you. How's that social security doing for you?

    2. Wow, that was a low blow, even for RN to say!

    3. The Social Security he paid into RN?

    4. I sit pretty. Oh so pretty
      On a great pile of dough I have earned
      While I pity --Yes I pity
      A poor creature whom this life has spurned.

    5. But, but, but Lisa. As an avowed free market virulent anti socialist he should be refusing every penny beyond what he put in plus compounded interest. Ask him if he plans on giving all money back to the people beyond that amount. I'm betting NO RESPONSE from him.

    6. For one sitting oh so pretty
      it is such a pity...
      His pile of cash and such
      has left him with such hate and stuff.

    7. every penny beyond what he put in plus compounded interest.

      What is the compounded interest on $250K invested in the 60s/70s/80s/90s... a couple of million$ ????

      Top/Max SSN payers don't get out half of what they put into it!

  26. Canardo loves sparking division

    His quips make a ragged incision

    All he does is belittle,

    Cares not one jot or tittle

    For amity –– only derision!

    Of his practice of Critical Theory

    I am sure we have all become leery.

    Incessant attacks

    Put a load on our backs

    That frays tempers and renders us weary.

    And yet the queer gadfly called Ducky,

    Who seems not to know he is lucky

    To live in The States,

    Our good luck he berates

    In manner that reeks of horse puckey!

    ~ FT

  27. I don’t know why this is surprising to anyone Comrade De Blasio (as the Dude so perfectly called him) is obviously a Progressive Communist. He is NOT a politician he has aligned himself against the police department and with the rioters and looters and is in Al Sharpton’s pocket...

  28. Twas the night before Christmas and in the White House,
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

    The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that a budget soon would be there.

    The daughters had visions of sweet candy canes,
    While Moochie Obama dreamed of veggies and grains.

    The president was sleeping — he dozed off without trying,
    As the NSA conducted all manner of spying.

    There was outrage over tapping Merkel's cell phone,
    But POTUS insisted it was all overblown.

    Justice went snooping on the journalistic trail,
    Seizing AP calls and snatching Fox News email.

    What a frustrating year since his re-election win,
    Blocked at every turn by House Republicans.

    Obama reached out with all the 'charm' he could muster,
    The GOP responded with a sequester and filibuster.

    Budget discussions sent America reeling,
    As both sides debated the nation's debt ceiling.

    Fingers of blame pointed all across town,
    When the government suffered a partial shutdown.

    Gun control failed despite shootings across the nation,
    And Congress left town without passing immigration.

    In Egypt, the 'coup' proved hard to define,
    While Syria's attacks clearly crossed a 'red line.'

    With Iran taking steps toward a nuclear state,
    POTUS pushed a deal that left Israelis irate.

    Even honoring Mandela, provided no break,
    Scandals over a selfie and a Castro handshake.

    Pete Souza captured it all, standing near Obama's side,
    And the press corps revolted when told, 'access denied.'

    All of a sudden, there arose such a clatter,
    Obama jumped up to see what was the matter.

    It was Kathleen Sebelius standing at the door,
    Her face — pale white. Her eyes — on the floor.

    Away to a desktop they flew like a flash,
    It was healthcare.gov — a serious crash.

    They tried logging on, but couldn't get through,
    Twas a bumpy, embarrassing, online debut.

    It was labeled a 'glitch,' a definite setback,
    Not even close to Amazon or Kayak.

    Obama grabbed a football, as if ready to spike it,
    Promising yet again: 'keep your plan if you like it.'

    How long will the Radical terrorism of today…..,
    go on….? ?
    My answer is as simple as this….,
    The Liberal Stupidity shall live on…..,
    As long as humankind and liberalism will exist…

    And I heard him exclaim, in a voice that was humbled:
    Merry Christmas to all! On health care, I fumbled!

    1. Bad sign talking to yourself, FT.

    2. An Entemann* lacking virility
      Is lapsing into sad senility.
      His faulty perception
      Creates self-deception
      That exposes his lack of ability.

      *Ente is the German word for duck

    3. йоуьре асшоле*

      *Ukrainian for you're an asshole.

  29. The cop who shot him was evaluated and they recommended he not carry a gun.

    "In the aftermath of the shooting, it was reported that Loehmann, in his previous job as a policeman in Independence, Ohio, had been deemed an emotionally unstable recruit and unfit for duty.[8]" Wikipedia.

    In a 911 call released by the police, a man said that “a guy” who appeared to be a juvenile was pointing a pistol at people and scaring them. The caller said twice that the gun was “probably fake.”

    “There is a guy with a pistol,” the caller said. “It’s probably fake, but he’s pointing it at everybody.”

    1. The "One" or the "Schmuck"? Easy question to answer, just read the above! LOL

  30. A fellow who deemed himself rational
    Made of his life a poor hash. And all
    He could do after that
    Was sit on his prat
    And bash those who still have their cash and all!

  31. There once was a bloke
    Who after taking a toke
    Decided to attempt
    Crossing the mote

    But much to his dismay
    Upon arriving at the stay
    He found the gators there
    Less tasty every day

    Delectable dishes
    Plentiful they may be
    None can compare
    With FreeThinke or me

    1. There once was an Objectivist Thinker
      Who acted the oblivious Stinker
      and when the day was done
      became an object of fun
      of an ugly Bostonian Code Pinker

    2. Once there was a Thersites
      fancied itself the fright
      In actual reality
      be was indeed quite the blight

  32. Let's not forget that the advice Obama gave protesters when he met with them:

    Barack Obama Tells Ferguson Extremists To ‘Stay The Course’
    When Obama met with the leaders of the Ferguson riots/protests in the White House and told them to “stay the course”

    1. Progressives are the Kings of playing the Race Card, My examples are ..Progressives treat blacks as victims in need of kid glove treatment and special favors, and will never let go of "Slavery"! Ask Charlie Rangel that!
      Charlie Rangel has made a career of Cheating, Lying, and giving Free Stuff to the Blacks. As long as the “Free Stuff” belonged to someone else.

      Progressives claim that Obamacare Opponents are Racists!
      Oprah’s “The Butler” Movie: Is Chock Full of Racist Lies.

      Admitted Communist Actor, Ed Asner Explains Hollywood's Silence on Obama/Syria: They "Don't Want to Feel Anti-Black"

      RACIST! Jamie Foxx said:
      "Every Single Thing in My Life is Built Around Race"

      The Idiot in Chief Calls the Tea Party Racist.
      Meanwhile, Under The Idiot in Chief: Violent Attacks on Whites Up 18%!
      And despite the damage Obozo has done to to this country and to the Blacks economically and politically, over 90% of the Blacks would still vote for him!
      After all, if he had a Son, he would look like Trayvon Martin!

      Leftist always seem to back the THUGS, the dirty street swine, the PROTESTERS, the trouble makers, and the criminals. They are the true racists and the hypocritical liars.
      Bottom Line! Race Relations Plummeted Ever Since Obama Took Office!!
      These Ignorant Progressive TWITS, who the hell do these people think elected Obama, if not the Whites?
      The NAACP is nothing more now than the Black KKK Mob. We all are quite aware of the Black Racism with the George Zimmerman lynch-mob-job they were trying to do to him, even before he has a TRIAL!.

      Remember the Black Panther's calling for the killing of CRACKER BABIES!
      So why did Black people vote for Obama in the first place?
      Some Republicans claim that black people, overwhelming, voted for Obama was because:

      Plain and Simple, Because of Racism. They voted for him because Obama's black (or half black) or whatever.. So despite decades of voting Democrat, this time they voted for Obama based on race.
      Free stuff. Obama promised a bunch of "free stuff" such as cell phones."Obama Phones"
      Free healthcare? Yes,I mean Obamacare!
      Free food stamps. .Free housing, Free Cars,Free abortions Free TV’s, Free everything!
      So, why did blacks vote for Barry??
      Real easy. Because he's the first black ever elected to POTUS. He's black and thats why they voted for him. Most of em could care less how the country runs. Its all about his half blackness.
      No big shocker, and no need to deny it. Unless of course you're a FREAKING IDIOT and a LIAR like most of these progressives are.

      When groups like the NAACP who should be celebrating an African-American becoming a US Senator no matter which party they belong to….instead they act like the biggest racists and bigots around if the person just happens to be a Republican! . The NAACP is nothing more than a Racist Hate Group
      And whatever happened to Presumed Innocent, until Found Guilty? Was George Zimmerman “Presumed Innocent”? NO! But Trayvon Martin was....

    2. The left always sides with thugs,the released senate report on what they call torture just for politcal purposes with no regard to the consequences. What a deceitful bunch of traitors the dems are

  33. There once was a Registered Nurse
    Who acted like an oblivious Angry, Bitter, a big whiny cry baby., Liberal Ass-Kissing Putz.




    You can fill in the blanks.


    These once was a person
    with nary an original thought
    Climbed on the bandwagon
    Of all those who were lost

    You really should find different role models cause the ones you mimmick certainly aren't the best.

    Have a fine day niw ta hear?

  35. There was once a cloddish rhymer
    with bad rhythm and an errant timer
    His betters he'd poke
    with an unfunny joke
    and some gestures more fit for a mimer

    1. When men are played by little boys
      All they can do is make a noise.
      The noise annoys, but has no power
      To nurse a bud into a flower.
      So every grown up much enjoys
      The sounds of boys breaking their toys.
      Watching fools their time misspend
      Produces laughter without end --
      Peals and gales of mirth incisive
      At the fools who wax derisive.

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    3. Щоб ти сказився!

  36. It (your views) concerns me not Thersites.

    Good Day...

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  39. It has been fun
    the jousting and all
    But the take time has drawn nigh
    to bid you goodbye

    With the wisdom of FreeTwinkies
    armed at my side
    I venture forth
    on an exciting new course

    If I return from time to time
    as I make a turn on the dime
    It will be to place a burr
    deep under your fur

    Cheerios and all that. Have a delightful Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas.

    Wishing you prosperity and serenity in the coming New Year!

  40. Pants Up, Don’t Loot!
    It is important to remember that not ALL black people are like those in Ferguson, MO and in New York City. Like those ghetto morons, who are burring down their own streets, looting, murdering, and punching the police who are only trying to protect the innocent citizens. No, there are a lot of upstanding, respectable black folks all around but these are certainly NOT IT! These are criminals, welfare queens and stupid "liberal" privileged white folks. Al Sharpton is only trying to make a martyr out of a terrible thug.
    These looters, and violent protestors, trouble makers should be arrested, and thrown in jail.
    Al Sharpton is doing more bad than good. He is making Black American’s look like, car jacking, burglarizing, drug dealing, mugging, and rioting gangsters. Just like the few who were resisting arrest in the first place.
    It’s the Black on Black crime that Mr. Sharpton should be going after. Statistics prove that Blacks are 12% of the population and commit 50% of the murders. There lies the problem. Quit pandering by minimizing the no guilty verdict, and get their act together.
    Respect the verdict. Where were all the riots and protesting when OJ Simpson was let off to be free when it was as clear as day that he KILLED 2 people. Were was Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers then? Did our Federal Government PAY to have MOBS out side on our streets protesting then? Did our President give his (wink-wink) bullshit speech then? Did Ron Goldman look like President Clinton’s Son then or did Nicole Brown Simpson look like Clinton’s Daughter?
    Would I shoot someone in my back yard if I thought they were going to cause trouble? Maybe, or maybe not. In the meantime I would call 911 and let them know there was going to be a shooting to investigate if they don't hurry. But that was me, and that wasn’t him. What he did when he was getting his head smashed into a concrete slab was JUSTIFIED... period. I would not go outside and confront my trespasser , unless I was really pissed. (More than Likely) If I did I would already have the gun pointed at him. No rolling around on the ground!

    But then again although Saint Trayvon Martin has been portrayed by his supporters as an innocent youth UNARMED “Teen” with nothing more than a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea on the night he was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. We all know differently. He was even thrown out of his own house by his own Mother that night.
    He was not the little unarmed teen as the circulated photo’s of him showed , he was Troubled, 6 foot, adult sized punk, with a bad attitude, most likely he was in that community selling drugs to other thugs.
    And the Liberal media ignored some of the most significant aspects of the tragic Martin-Zimmerman case, among them Martin's suspected involvement with burglary, PCP-like drug cocktails, and/or drug dealing.
    And the Race baiting jokers, like the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obama and the progressive idiots on these very bloggs, are the bigger part of the problem. They should be helping these parasites of society, not making excuses for them, or making heros out of them. .
    This has been an enormous waste of everyone's time. Just something else to bitch and moan about. Something else to be angry about. I don't care! Good luck George Zimmerman! I look forward to reading your book or your made for TV Movie if you live that long. Did you put your holster back on after you were acquitted. You need your gun now worse than ever! And by the way, I also thought that you were justified and that you should have been found NOT GUILTY, but then again I am not a Black bleeding heart Liberal.

    1. Wow just thanks for that. I wish more people understood or knew all that. Idiot leftists

    2. You read tha whole thing, Lisa?

  41. My New Year's Resolutions

    1. I resolve to lose 20 to 30 pounds this year.
    2. I resolve to have more sex with women and less with Men.
    3. I resolve to not being jealous about Free Thinke in one way or another.
    4. I resolve to always cuss slightly less than whomever I am with, so I can maintain an air of moral superiority.
    5. I resolve to never say, "I think the President is handling things very well." Only to stay on the Good side of Shaw Kenawe.
    6. I resolve to wholeheartedly endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. I adore Hillary, and I think Bill Clinton was the best president we've had in the last 30 years.
    7. I resolve to stop being such an Ass-Hole this year.
    8. I resolve to avoid any close contact with that looser Ducky this year, because the last time I feel that he gave me Crabs..
    9. I resolve to stop calling people "Sock Puppets"
    10. I resolve to take more baths .
    11. I resolve to put lotion on my elbows more often.
    12. I resolve to go to at least one restaurant other than MacDonald s.
    13. I resolve to avoid people who suck my toes
    14. I resolve to be as happy as I can, as often as I can and to stop whining .
    15. I resolve to make people like me.

    1. And I resolve to stop reading the SHIT you post every 5 minutes🐷

  42. Hey imposter, I knew I could count on your bullshit. Thanks for sharing yours with all.

    FO dumbass.

    1. I hate to agree with RN, but unless you are being impersonated by your target, it's bad form to impersonate others.

    2. "Lying Lester" is NOT an "impersonation. He she or it is a CARICATURE.

      Of course one could say that the "genuine" bald man in the tacky urine yellow shirt is ALREADY a caricature -- of HIMSELF, so perhaps you are at least technically correct.

      HOWEVER, Lying Lester's remarks are far more interesting and intelligent than the REAL caricature, and I go along with the fellow who said, "The only sin is to be boring."

      I'll leave you with this provocative thought:


    3. " He who fights with Monsters might take care lest he thereby become a Monster? " - Nietzsche

      Now either flip the avatar and paint a moustache on it, or fight my socks. Your choice.

  43. And always remember, your Figure is the LIMIT of form (Plato, "Meno") ;)

  44. The AM seems to have an anger issue. Typical for a socialist.

    1. AM is Farmer John/Thersites/Joe Conservative and who knows who else.