Sunday, January 18, 2015

The SOTU - No Thank You

Not sure I can stomach another SOTU address because we know what to expect.
Obama will patting himself on the back about his crappy economy unless he finally realizes it will turn off so many Americans who are struggling
Then he is going to brag about more people getting health insurance even though it is the working middle class who's rates and deductibles went up . Oh but he will solve that when he asks for higher taxes on the rich and a middle class tax cut. Just like the last tax cut that amounted to no more than 20.00 per week.
So what else? Oh yeah free college . So much for tax cuts.
The democrats always cooking up great ideas to spend your hard earned money.
Oh and let's not forget the most important thing he is good at,bashing republulicans.
Don't forget to count how many times he says "I","Me""My",or "Mine"
I will bet 24 times,any takers?


  1. I bet you're wrong and that he says it 30 times

  2. After gazing into my Crystal Ball for only three or four seconds, I saw Barack Hussein Obama’s reaffirming his usual Bull-Shit, lies, promises, and yes patting himself on his back for things that he claims that “HE” has done. I’ll take everything that he says with a grain of salt.. I admit that it’s not much of a prediction since he sure as hell has nothing else to say. Just more evidence that Obama is a Fraud, a Faker, and a Phoney. Since this president was in office he has been famous only for the promises he has broken.
    So, don’t expect anything spectacular to be said, unless it’s the same old, same old! Like the disputation of somebody else's wealth! He’ll tell us that Al-Qaeda, has been defeated and on the run. The “You didn't build that” asinine BS.
    Or maybe John Kerry will bring out some Old Timer from the 60's to sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
    And lets not forget passage of Obamacare in 2010, and the lies that came with it or that followed. Like “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period”. “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period”.
    We will lower your premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.”
    So the bottom line is to ignore the President's narcissistic pathology, only in this case, being he is a Lame Duck, he is more dangerous than ever. Foe example, his Immigration reform bill. And Amnesty, Deferred Action, and everything he's done on immigration is a violation of his oath and symbolic of a broken promise to the American people.
    I and many of you feel that Foreigners who break our laws aren't entitled to anything other than a swift kick deportation back home to where they came from.

    On only his second day in office Barack Hussein Obama signed an executive orders to suspend military tribunals of terror suspects, and to close all secret prisons and detention camps run by the CIA INCLUDING the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison. Now as a “Lame Duck” he has been releasing the prisoners from Gitmo including the most dangerous terrorist’s to return to the battle field and once again Kill Americans! Now figure that one out! .

    Barack Hussein Obama’s policies, will destroy this country! He should NOT grant amnesty to those who have no right to be here, and who have come here illegally. This country and its citizens owe these illegal’s nothing.
    If you enter the United States legally you respected and welcomed.
    But if you enter illegally or let your visa expire so that you can “stay here” that violates our immigration laws and earns your deportation. If anyone sneaks into Mexico for example and gets caught you think they get amnesty? NO, they either get thrown in jail or thrown out of the country. so why should we allow anyone to disrespect our laws and grant them the right to stay here?.
    We welcome immigrants who respect our laws into our midst. Anyone who violates our border is a criminal.
    But the Libs will love it. Like clockwork the Democratic side of the aisle will clap wildly at every opportunity, they will barely be able to contain themselves. while the Republican’s will rightfully sit on their hands.
    Yes, in deed, Barack Hussein Obama accomplished a great deal. The problem is, almost none of it was what the American people wanted

    So, will I even bother to watch this 3 Ring Circus? No way, I can’t stand looking at this lying President and the stooges who applaud him every 5 seconds. There’s not a chance I’m going watch him lie again and again for an hour.
    And I must wonder how many of these ass-hole Progressives will vote for him for a third term? I’ll bet that I know two or three of them.

    My friends, please share with us why you believe President Obama is incompetent? Maybe millions of people need to be enlightened by your comments..


  3. You're right. The SOTU speech won't be about the state of the union, and probably not much about any rational recommendations to the Congress. It will be ALL about Obama's favorite subject, HIMSELF AND HIS LIES, AND PLANS THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
    Let us not forget about Barack Obama has really accomplished a great deal.
    Obama has brought this nation to the brink of bankruptcy and to the very edge of fulfilling the Communist, Socialist, Marxist dream.

    The problem is, almost none of it was what the American people wanted. He operated from an Saul Alinsky checklist.

    We live in very unusual times. We are seeing the eroding of American morals and values, we not only see corruption in government , but we have a corrupt media and it seems as if the American public is more informed about Kim Kardashians love life, and the stupidity of Football players than of the nation’s serious problems. Amazingly, we find ourselves asking questions not only about the President’s place of birth but whether or not he is a communist, Marxist or socialist. Has any such allegations EVER arisen over any former American President? More importantly, however, has there ever been so many clear and convincing radical associations, friendships and appointments connected to any American president? I think not. So please Lisa, the next time, do me a favor and mention them. Or I will do it for you so the rest of us who aren't flaming PROGRESSIVE assholes can remember Jeremiah Wright, Saul David Alinsky, ACORN,George Soros, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. So that everyone can understand Obama’s real “accomplishments”.
    Birds of a feather flock together. Obama’s close friends, associates and staff all prove his political ideology.
    How ironic would it is that the nation’s first black president turns out to be a Marxist, socialist, communist or Islamic radical with an ideology and plan to destroy American capitalism.
    Anybody who thinks that someone could have a gone to church for 20 years and not remembered a thing, is obviously a complete moron.

    So I say to you Liberal assholes, Congratulations on believing the bullshit your party has spoon-feed you. It must be so nice not having to think for yourself and just do as you're told. And if other people's lives are ruined while you get your little hategasm on, then so what!!
    Keep telling yourself that the best way to show what a good American you are is to keep lying and attacking your fellow Americans for seeing the light while you Goose step along with the American Gestapo

    1. Thanks Anon .Liberals are destroying this country with their whiny BS ,more free crap and making excuses for everything this president does.
      What ever happened to the anti government 60's hippies?.Now they are just a bunch of old miserable communist Marxists
      Just look at these stupid protests we have been having.None of it for anything productive except a bunch of angry useless children who contribute nothing to society.
      Perfect word you wrote "Hategasm"
      At least the Tea Party was organized and actually got candidates to run and elected, all these brats are doing is giving this dictator wanna-be more power

    2. Lisa , if you're going to parrot right wing media (becasue you are a half wit who can't think for herself) at least be a current, you stupid twat.

  4. great rant and so true Ain't. About a month ago some guy stole a dump truck and drove it through Macy's window to steal the ATM machine at 3:00AM,a taxi driver saw this and reported it.
    When he had to make a statement he said that his contracting business is so bad because he can't compete with the illegal immigrants who are taking all the jobs.

  5. While Americans expected Obama to bring America a government bipartisanship and healing old social wounds in the country, he has in fact done just the opposite.
    And he will justifiably all of his failure’s by blaming Congress, Boehner, and Bush!

  6. his followers are perfect for him. He is the schoolyard bully they fall in behind because they think it actually means something.
    They are just an extension of his anger.

  7. Oh yeah, he really accomplished a lot. Shall we count the ways?
    He rammed Obamacare down our throats, he gave us those bailouts, the stimulus packages, a MASSIVE increase in foreign debt, the highest unemployment since the Great Depression, the bowing and apologizing tour, the of victory in Iraq. He put al Qaeda on the run and told us that the Terrorist Threat Was Gone, falsely described it as “decimated”, all of which was not true, Or didn’t he know about the fall of Mosul, perhaps he hasn’t read the morning paper yet?
    He managed to give the country the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, a rebirth of al-Qaeda, He gave us a Secretary of State who was a total zero, and lied through her teeth about Benghazi, and then another who should have been hanged for treason 40 years ago, but instead made America the laghing stock of the world when he dragged out a 70 year old Hippy to sig to the French because the dear Leader was playing golf instead of marching in a French rally with the rest of the world’s leaders! .

    He also put the biggest assortment of anti-America UN-lovers in cabinet posts, in ambassadorships, and in charge of the most important bureaucracies. Not content with those accomplishments he began purging loyal officers out of high-ranking positions in the military and replacing them with officers loyal to him.

    Oh yeah! Go Obama and go Hillary “Benghazi” Klinton?? the country needs more your kind.
    Obama NEVER takes responsibility for anything. Everything is ALWAYS someone else's fault, be it Bush’s or the Republican’s or whoever! It will be the same speech, different year. Same old rhetoric and failed policies- of course, it's not his fault!!

  8. No SOTU for me either.
    Been there heard it, can't take anymore of it.

  9. Oh yes Obama's loyal military. Where are all the libs crying about a militarized state ? They would be happy to purge the police force and replace it with loyal Obama henchmen

  10. The one good thing about Martin Luther King Day is that I could get a TV on sale today!
    Maybe we also add holidays honoring Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and all those American communists, singers, and entertainers!
    It is unfortunate there is not one minority leader who inspires people to be great but just blame others for their wows, like Al Sharpton.

  11. With all that hot air in the room Mooch-elle will have to wag her tag ferociously for relief!

  12. So the Snubbing of ‘Selma’ At The Oscars, Is once Again Blamed On Racism!
    Perhaps we need new categories -- Best actor of color in a sanctimonious rewrite of history depicting all white males as either reactionary hillbilly sadists
    I heard that this flick has gotten 2 nominations including the Best Picture, so why in the world would two Oscar nominations be called a 'snub'?
    Oh. Because of black people. Their not satisfied just getting there asses kissed all the time, they want to tell the rest of us how to vote, what to see, and what to believe.
    The attitude of today's black community, has gotten out of hand, if you dare to leave the Horror of “SLAVERY” out of a Hollywood production by Oprah, the you are nothing but a Republican Racist!
    I do not care who was nominated for the 2015 Oscars and I care even less about what the Rev. Al Sharpton has to say about the fact that this year no blacks were nominated in any category.
    The Oscars are about films, not race, but you wouldn’t know that from all the nonsense about the “all white” nominees this year. Back in 1998 the same thing occurred and maybe it had something to do with the films that year?
    I swear, this whole racist witch hunt is getting out of hand. I thought when we elected Obama, we were promised 'hope and change'? His presidency has only torn us apart. We all hate each other now. It sounds cliche, but can't we just all get along? No, because it seems as if when we elected Obama, be also got Al Sharpton, Oprah, The Moocher,The Black Panthers, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Charlie Rangel, and Hooey Louie and Phooey.
    Sharpton has shown a talent for getting involved in various events over the years claiming racial connotations; beginning with the lies he told about Tawana Brawley in the 1980s, alleging she was a victim of rape that led to a defamation suit he lost in 1998. Flash forward and you have a man whom The New York Times reports has “more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.”
    This is the same man who has been rubbing elbows lately with the President of the United States (!) and hailed as a civil rights icon at a recent fund-raising event by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. Obama hailed him for his “dedication to the righteous cause of perfecting our union”, whatever that means. As The Times reported, “Major corporations sponsored the lavish affair.”
    There is the stench of corruption surrounding Rev. Sharpton that speaks poorly of the high ranked politicians who lend him credibility and the corporations that help underwrite his blatant exploitation of racial events such as those in Ferguson, Missouri. It does not speak well of MSNBC that has provided him with a television show as a platform devoted to stirring up resentment among blacks.
    The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling,” Rev. Sharpton said “and while it is good that Selma was nominated for ‘Best Picture’, it’s ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shutout around voting while there is a racial shutout around the Oscar nominations.

  13. Continued:
    The Oscars are not about “diversity.” They are the result of the voting by some 6,000 members of the Motion Picture Academy. The Hollywood Reporter noted that 94% are white, 77% are male, and 86% are age 50 or older. The Academy, however, has demonstrated its support for black films and performers dating back to 1939 when Hattie McDaniel won a Supporting Actress Award for her role in ‘Gone with the Wind.’
    Could it be this movie weren't nominated because the actor/actress’s were just not very good for whatever reason?
    Does everything have to be racist?
    Soon, the Sun rising will be racist, and if the Moon happens to come up all white. that will be most assuredly be racist.
    I really don't understand why they are bitching about this, as the list of black actors and actresses who have either been nominated or won Oscars is rather impressive, and not at all slim, and includes Sidney Pointier, Louis Gosset Jr, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry, Morgan Freeman, Ethel Waters, Angela Bassett, Dorothy Dandridge , James Earl Jones , Will Smith, Forest Whitaker, Cuba Gooding, Jr. Jennifer Hudson, Ruby Dee, to name just a few.
    The attention the Oscars get is based on the films Hollywood produces, many of which can be forgettable. The award show is one of the most tedious shows on television bar none. Am I upset because one of my favorite actors and directors, Clint Eastwood, was left out of the director category? No. Am I miffed because Jennifer Aniston, another favorite of mine, did not receive an acting nomination? No. I am a fan, but whether they win a prize or not is of little importance to me, so who really cares?.
    I am at the point where every new film seems a re-run of every earlier one I ever saw, all about the same boring subject "Slavery". Others are merely cartoonish violence, with those stupid Action hero's like Captain Marvel or Batman, or Batman returns, or Batman 6-7-8-9- and 10. . . I am sure some good films are being made, but I no longer have much interest in films these days. Why go and get pissed off, when I can pick and choose the Bootlegged CD for $5.00
    As for “Selma”, I remember the actual event and that was dramatic enough. On top of that, I later personally met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and had a short chat with him. He was an extraordinary man. The film received a best picture nomination, but I am under the impression that it has not drawn much of an audience.

  14. Continued Part 3..
    I have reached an age where the analysis of every event in American life seems to come down to race, gender or some other factor often unrelated to what is occurring. We are too often a nation of unrelenting complainers unwilling to see what a great nation it is.
    I can only speak for myself when I say I am deeply offended by the antics of that clown Al Sharpton because he’s unhappy that this year’s Oscar nominees are “White.” Last time I checked, not paying your taxes! So STFU.
    Boy, this movie must've really sucked if the guilty white limousine liberals who make up the majority of Academy voters didn't see fit to give it across the board nominations, and they need a Race Pimp like Al Sharpton to moan and bitch about it. You see, Al was a bit worried that the Ferguson thing was dying down, so this was a lifesaver.
    Personally, I’m kind of glad that Selma got snubbed and as for Oprah, I wouldn’t watch that racist anyway. Whites are called names, cops get killed, blacks have been given a hand outs and all we hear about for 125 years is Slavery! Selma, 12 years a Slave, The Butler, The Maid, Malcolm X, Barber Shop, The Color Purple, Boyz n the Hood, and all that crap that Spike Lee put out, enough is enough move on already!
    So, here's my solution. Why don't black actors, directors, and black TV hustlers like Oprah create their own studios and make ONLY black films, and see how rich thy get from that endeavor. Then they can create their own award shows, and TV shows and broadcast them on the Black Entrainment Network. And they can simply cut out the White guy altogether since we're holding them back, and not voting for them because they’re Black and all. I'm sure guys like Chris Rock, Tyler Perry, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Z and Beyonce , Oprah, Harry Belafonte, and other Black Racists and Jamie Foxx would have no issue putting their money into such a venture.
    Oh, by the way, I will not be watching the Oscar awards. Or the State of the Union speech. Only because it is one of the most boring annual shows on television, so please don't accuse me of being a Racist. PLEASE! But if you do, SUE ME!

    1. I like your idea of black actirs creating their own studios,ect...
      I too am tired of the non issues the race baiters keep interjecting into American life.
      Why is it we are always told that living in the past will keep you from moving forward? I guess that only applies to white people

    2. Why is it we are always told that living in the past will keep you from moving forward? I guess that only applies to white people.

      WOW! You really said a mouthful there, Lisa.

      May I quote you?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. So the Movie “Selma” Got Snubbed at the Oscar Nominations, and The Usual Suspects Are Blaming Racism!

    Oh well. I guess that it Sucks to be Hollywood Critic these days Meanwhile some of us live in the REAL world and just don't give a crap. .And maybe Oprah can get her old pal, Barack Obama, to sign an executive order that forces the Oscar committee to nominate ALL Black films.
    This is why I never, NEVER, EVER, watch the Academy Awards!

    Or was it snubbed because it is no longer relevant, and people have had just about enough about the Old Days of Slavery!

    You know something! Screw them all, and especially Al Sharpton. I don't have to love, or even like a movie because there are Black actors in it, or if it's written or directed by a black either. I'll decide, not them.

    And I won't be watching the State of the Union speech either.

    1. I hate when white people fall all over black people to show they are accepting. That looks so phony and stupid

  17. Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times: Oh. Because of black people. Their not satisfied just getting there asses kissed all the time, they want to tell the rest of us how to vote, what to see, and what to believe.

    Hm, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    1. Especially if they are, in reality, Crab People...

      *snip* *snip* *snip* *snip* *snip* *snip* *snip* *snip*

  18. Hm, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    Humm, how original! And what a cutesy saying..

  19. With 2014 being the most disastrous year for a sitting or should I say "Golfing" President since Jimmy Carter in 1979. You have to wonder what issues and successes he will speak of come Tuesday night. Then it will be the seventh one in a row when Obama will not bring up the DEBT, HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT, STAGNANT OR WORSE GDP. And he has never brought up the over 90 Million People who Can't Find A Job! Do you think he will apologize for the embarrassing stunt like last week in France that John Kerry pulled a few days ago by dragging out that old hippy tp sing “You’ve got a friend” to the french ? Will he ever bring up any of the SCANDALS AND APOLOGIZE? And what about the success, or lack of OBAMA-CARE where we are all saving $2500.00 a year and loving the very affordable trips to the doctors who charge many of us just to sit in the waiting room. I’ll bet Obama says....Bin Laden’s still dead and GM is still alive.
    And how many times will the Mulatto Messiah blame his failed policies on the Republicans?
    And how long will it take before Joe Biden falls asleep?
    Go ahead and make your list of things Obama WILL NOT BRING UP in “The State Of The Union" speech. Come on, Let's have some fun

    1. That was hysterical Mista, I am still laughing over here.
      He won't bring up that everything he proposes he really could care less about. All he cares about is poking the republicans in the eye
      He is no public servant ,he just thinks it's a game

  20. King was a communist, a womanize who cheated on his wife frequently. He was a tremendous advocate for Negro self-sufficiency and a color blind society.
    One of King's closest friends, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, wrote a book in 1989 in which he talked about King's obsession with white prostitutes. King would often use church donations to have drunken sex parties, where he would hire two to three white prostitutes. This has also been reported by the FBI agents who monitored King.
    (See Snopes.com)

    So we honor his memory by not working, not going to school etc. These are strange times indeed.

  21. Sometimes you just cant make this shit up: Obama's czar on all things black the Rev.Al Sharpton has called for an "emergency meeting" pertaining to Hollywood. In his words the Rev.Al said "Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains,the higher you go the whiter it gets." Yep......this is what the country has evolved into....a tax dodging,race baiting lying con man has access to the oval office.

  22. Talking about Morons, anyone seen Rational Nation USSR?


  23. RN is out marching in an MLK parade with Ducky,Octo and they are taking turns pushing Boston Piggy's wagon.

    1. Let us know when you morons decide to disengage from your child's play.

  24. Many more than 24 Lisa. Why watch a non person lie like a lying sack whos arrogance is only exceeded by his ignorance, when we've all had an opportunity to do so every day for the last 8 years (counting campaign time.)

    I think the only people watching him now are either black and/or those inclined to masturbate while doing so.

    1. Real classy, not to mention oh so cerebral.

      And you call the President arrogant and ignorant?

      Carry on Kid, dimwits everywhere are depending on you.

    2. That's pretty vile even for Lisa's Smut Hut.

      You carry the low functional fringe right banner well, Teabag.

    3. I sure wish that I could be as classy as the Nurse and the Duck... :(

  25. One big orgy for sure kid. Group think and group sex

  26. Lisa, I thought you were working on the class thing. You just proved my understanding wrong.

    Oh well. I suppose some things are what they are.

  27. The fringe right reply is being given by the 'ol hog castrator herself, Joni Ernst.
    Are you really going to miss the Teabag's replacement for 'ol "Pray 'em Straight" Michele Bachmann, Lisa?


  29. Better than FGM by the crazies that O stands with


  30. Ahhhh Ducky......that's Col.Joni Ernst....she served,did you?

    1. Heh good Rusty,unlike Barry Sotoreo the closet muslim

    2. So that's it Chucklenuts? Enlisting makes you smart?

      Damn, you're stupid.

    3. Ducky, you aren't implying enlisting makes one stupid are you?

    4. No but I don't know what made Chucklenuts so dumb.

    5. It's a shame we all can'l be college boys like you....


      Some people aren't born sucking the silver spoon, or Uncle Sam's teat, depending upon your circumstances. They actually CHOOSE to earn a living! *Gasp!*


  31. Oh yea Ducky........please don't file any indictment for asking you a personal question........indictments from Ducky,thats funny...indictments,oh shit I'm laughing so hard.......oh Christ fucking indictments from Abbott and Costello....oh shit,thats a knee slapper...indictments.......

  32. Ducky stands with John Kerry and Jane Fonda-turds of a feather

  33. About the SOTU:

    When an anus swells, starts to spread open, and is about to expel a fusillade of foul smelling fecal matter, it's a good idea to get as far away from it and stay as far away from it as possible.

    TRANSLATION: I won't be watching.

  34. Me either FT. I tried last year but getting tired of the propoganda

  35. Actually Ducky...what it means is Joni Ernst fought and served so you could hide behind your keyboard and have the freedom to denigrate her....America,what a country.

    So I guess what it means Ducky is you are actually the stupid, cowardly one.

    1. Yeah, the Iraq war was about protecting freedom of speech.

      Bore me later.

      What's your highest education level, butthead, Ding Dong School?
      Damn your stupid.

    2. ...whereas the duck has been EXTENSIVELY edumacated.

      He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about making those little swirlies in Arabic calligraphy! IMPRESSIVE, I know!


  36. ......aren't you a brave little man Ducky........


  37. Hey duck.......maybe you can get Octo and file a couple indictments today.........hahahahahahahah...Abbott and Costello hahahahahh

  38. Some have grown tired of the government propaganda going back 40 years and going forward from there.


  39. ...more have grown tired of your stupid comments baldy.......

  40. Your brilliance is only exceeded by your flatulence RS.


  41. ......brilliance/flatulence........my goodness,you fit right in with Abbott and Costello........who's on first....


  42. .....well...looks like Duck ran away.....whenever the kitchen gets warm....he gone.
    .... he may be hiding behind the FCFB..her ass is big enough to shield all the flying monkeys.....


  43. ahhhh......poor little Ducky hides at his keyboard....really "Ding Dong School?" That's the best you have?

    Little rubber Ducky feels so secure hiding at his keyboard....he can hide there and denigrate the military that fought to give him that right. People realize he is the lowest of lowlifes...a true coward. All he has is snide sarcastic remarks,the poor little coward makes himself feel larger by trying to denigrate an army vet like Joni Ernst,I guess he's just a sad little man we should have compassion for.

    We know poor little rubber Ducky is just an insecure keyboard cowboy who has never been able to feel a part of the society he tries to bring down to his level.

    My guess would be if a Joni Ernst type was face to face with little rubber Ducky and said boo in a loud voice Ducky would jump,maybe do a little pee pee in his pants and run away.

  44. Ducky stands with John Kerry and Jane Fonda-turds of a feather. all three of them are complete assholes.

    Good observation Lisa!
    The burden of evil people is to be afraid to die. It is part of the punishment for living lives of evil.

  45. I also think that we could and should add Rational Nation USA to that list and make it a Foursome.

    1. Add me to any list you please. Clueless as the sock puppets at this blog are it will be par for the course when you're wrong. Again.

      Buh Bye

  46. Why should any of us be surprised about what happens in America these days?

    Ever since “Mr.” Obama came into office everything is Up is Down and Down is Up.

    A patriot like Condoleeza Rice was chased off of the Rutgers University campus, but a traitor like Jane Fonda who took photographs with COMMUNIST troops, and called American soldiers “WAR CRIMINALS.”was invited to speak and give the Keystone address at the Commencement Ceremony at UCLA! A perfect place for Hanoi Jane to spout off to the wimpy small minded numb-skull students.

    And Ms. Rice is far too smart and classy to have to put up with a clap trap bunch from any group of liberal anarchists
    Have I told you lately how much I hate (loathe) liberals ?

    I’m sorry to have to say so but American Universities have become a filthy establishment for the radical left. Jane Fonda is a traitor and to have her speak to our children in American Universities is a slap in the face to all Vets, especially those who served in Vietnam.

  47. I completely agree , our young people needs to hear more from folks like Condi Rice and often. We hear much to much from those leftist idiots like Joe Biden and Bill di baliso, Al Sharpton, etc.

  48. What to expect from the GOP’s “REBUTTAL” by the PIG Senator Ernst!

    Why would anyone watch a pig castrator spew pig crap all over the teevee?

    TRANSLATION: I won't be watching

    More Lies and the lying liars who tell them. It's a GOP tradition.

    You go Senator Ernst! We await your idiotic criticisms on the SOTU by President Obama, because we know that a person who's been a US Senator for less than 3 weeks has important and serious insights into the workings of the federal government. And you don't have to remind us about how good you are at castrating pigs, because you told us many times during your illustrious campaign that your castration experience would serve you well as a US Senator and give you the tools you need to represent your party. And don't sit too close to any of your male colleagues. For some reason, they get very nervous when you're near them. They may squeal with fright should you do so.

    Meanwhile, here are some other rebuttals to the SOTU by these amazing GOP super stars.

    Grunt. Grunt. Grunt. Grunt.

  49. Did y'all have a Happy James Earl Ray Day?

    1. Nice try Radical Redneck. He's too stupid to make cogent points himself so he posts filth in another's name to get them booted.

  50. that's because liberals are stoooooopid. They think with their emotions. Just look at those idiots from OWS. Nothing but a bunch of hyenas screaming "GIVE ME STUFF" 'GIVE ME STUFF' "EAT THE RICH"
    So typical of brainwashed children who think that communism will give them unicorns and rainbows.
    Meanwhile most of them are getting an Ivy League education courtesy of their rich families.

    1. You're a stupid Fox News wench. Losers like you are lured by the corporate right to hate those in need when in fact you're probably one paycheck away from them, while the wealthy loot you and your children's future.

  51. Notice it doesn't' matter about your past if you are a left wing radical extremist.As long as you can read off that TelePrompter .
    Oh and by the way keep your dogs away from BO. I hear he likes it with a little side of fava beans.

    1. Notice that BO likes to go after "income" vice "wealth." It's a sure sign of just "whos" pocket he's in.

  52. Yeah feeling a little spunky today

  53. If the Sen. Is a Pig, then the progressive asshole is a Pigs Ass

    1. Even for a drunk that made no sense.

      Are you writing in Gaelic, bobo?

  54. Hear that SOTU at all? This is what I heard "I Love Me"

  55. Let me guess Lisa, you loved Joni Earnst right?


  56. Actually liberals are so predictable.....when they are scared of a conservative woman they throw all caution to the wind trying to denigrate the person.

    Personally I thought Col.Ernst did very well on a major stage for the first time.People should realize she won a senate seat that had been solidly dem for 30 years.

    Should be interesting when Hillary has to campaign in Iowa and come up against Col.Ernst. Might be an actual war on woman.

    1. Yeah, she was really long on specifics.

      The same old boilerplate, "we're going to go all supply side on your ass and you fools will wonder why you're getting nowhere."

      It's the same every year.
      Let us know when the fringe right comes up with a useful idea.

  57. You failed to acknowledge my very accurate statement Lisa, but I'll let it pass.

    Actually Joni did a good job her first time on the
    national stage.

    Of course she was scripted and well rehearsed
    but such is always the case. She did better than
    Rubio and is likely going to be a rising star in the
    GOP Teapot.

    Substance was lacking but then again it usually
    is regardless of which party is doing the

    As for RS and his blather about liberals and them being scared of conservative women? Just more hyperbolic gratuitous BS.

    Um, lisa

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Well, I’m guessing that she wasn’t such a “Pig Faced Senator” after all
    And that the real Pig Faces are from Nancy Pig Face Pelosi to Dingy Harry Reid, to Barack “the Liar in Chief” Obama. The Three Jack Asses!

    Those progressive A-Holes just can’t get it right. But in reading HER blog, you’f think that this MORON was so wonderful. That b;log was nothing but a bunch of stupid talking points and ridiculous insults. If stupidity were a crime, most of the commenters on the Progressive blog would be serving a life term.

    As for the SOTU address, there was no big surprise there. the Dumocrap Party you saw were all the Dykes, Transgender’s, and Fruitcakes that we thought they were.

    Lets not forget that THIS is the President with the greatest economic crash since the Great Depression! How dumb can these idiots get?
    Personally, I thought that the rebuttal was better and much more truthful than the SOTU address.
    Unfortunately Obama has just about destroyed this country!
    And unfortunately, Obama has two more years left to finish destroying the country. His lies and his cover ups makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy..
    This is the same President who lied to Americans about the Affordable Care Act, telling them they could keep their insurance plans, their doctors!
    I could go on, but I think that you get the idea. This President has not done one thing to improve the plight of one American citizen who is not a member of the black community.
    But has done much to weaken the country. Personally I don’t care one iota about who was nominated for the Academy Awards and I care even less about what the “Reverend” Al Sharpton has to say about the fact that this year NO BLACKS were nominated in any category, or the "lack of diversity" in nominations. Maybe they just weren’t good enough, Case Closed!

    I expect to see Al Sharpton and his Motley Crew out there protesting with signs that say
    “Black Actors and Director’s matter”.
    Before we know it Obama will use executive actions to pass a quota system for nominating Black to the Award shows. Why not? He has violated the Constitution in just about every other way. .

    He can chastise us and the local Police Departments for being prejudicial towards minorities all he wants, and you can bet that he wants too. . However, when it comes to defending the civil rights of all the people, regardless of race, He remains to be very silent, much like that other race pimp Al Sharpton. He is dead set on the complete direction of the Constitution, Free Speech, and our Civil Liberties.
    Just say goodbye to the first and the second amendments and the entire Constitution.

    1. I think that Barack Hussein Obama should get an Academy Award for his role as the President of the United States

  60. Did anyone catch Ben Carson on CNN afterwords? Listening to him was like music to my ears after that hour and a half propaganda piece.

    1. Speaking of canned rehearsed propaganda.

    2. Carson is an accomplished neurosurgeon and scientist in the field of medicine, he is not ready for primetime national stage spotlight politics. Ultimately his own party will kick him to the curb after it has used him.

      He us a fine decent man. It bothers me to see him moving in the direction towards filthy politics.

  61. I think the fear driven emotionalism demonstrated by the fringe elements of the right wing (as personified by this weblog) is deserving of an Oscar for ... Most Outlandish Mentality By A Group Of Misfits...

    If you folks would ever present substantial arguments in support of your hyperbolic gratuitous rants you might be surprised at the number of more moderate and serious conservatives that would agree with so MN e of your concerns.

    It is not always what you say but how you say it. Presenting actual facts that are verifiable rather than sophistry and hyperbole would be a good start.

    BTW, you just might want to try practicing what you expect others to do, that is if your really serious. However I suspect you are not.

    Joni Earnst btw made an impressive delivery by comparison to Rubio or Jindal. Oh, and Rand Paul is correct last night when ge made his comment the GOP needs to open the party up to greater diversity and fresh new ideas.

  62. yeah unlike the 60 year old ideas of the democrats of race baiting,tax and spend, and "fairness"

    1. You're hooked Lisa. Your response is typical of those who accept what they want to hear without questioning so much as single premise.

      You might want to do some research.

      BTW, I agree, fairness is very subjective, equality of opportunity is not.

      A note on economic policy:

      You can tax so as to help cover government expenses to a reasonable degree or you can cut taxes dramatically and increase spending (both domestic
      and engage in foreign wars) at the same time.

      Which makes sense to you Lisa?

      As for race baiting? Lets just say there has been plenty of bait on the republican side as well.

  63. Sorry, but I didn't, I figured my bed was more important than to listen to the drivel from Obama and the applauds from the idiots on the left.

    Sorry...but I couldn't stomach another speech from that " Lying" president. Talk about a load of crap!

  64. I have to laugh to keep from crying, this is what the American people elected into the Presidency of the United States of America!
    Take Obama and throw in John Kerry, and Joe Biden and it's no wonder that we have become the laughing stock of the world. What a pathetic bunch.

    You know Lisa, I can understand their electing him the first time because it was historical ! No he wasn’t another stupid Walter Mondale or Dukakis or a dope like Al Gore or a Clown like John Kerry. He was young and cool and most of all he was black and liberal. And Americans wanted to make history.

    But the second time around? Oh God how stupid can the American voters get!

  65. If that rant is what pleases you and what you take as factual evidence of anything then you should now why conservatives (fiscal) with libertarian social attitudes are leaving the GOP Teacup Party.

    1. What rant
      Sounded like true facts to me.
      And btw, I thought you said bye-bye?
      Or was that another LIE!

    2. No, I said Buh Bye. There is a difference.

    3. At any rate Get the HELL out of here, your mother Boston Hagbag is calling you.

  66. I stand corrected the dems haven't been race baiting for 60 years because they "supposedly" stopped being racists when they decided to go after the black vote

    1. Sad Lisa, indeed it is very sad. I thought there was hope for you but you've drank too much of the poisoned kool aid.

    2. so you don't believe they race bait?

    3. Gross sweeping generalizations don't fly with thinking folks Lisa. You have a habit of making those kind of statements.

  67. That entire Speach was a bunch of Bull-shit combined with a pack of lies.
    The same CRAP we've been hearing for the past 7 years.

    1. But you gleefully accept the bullshit and lies the GOP and Fox Propaganda feeds you now do you?

      That is A okay, it is your god given right to buy whatever bullshit you want. So, cut everybody some slack and agree it is A okay for the other side to buy whatever they want and do it without your usual hyperbolic gratuitous whining tone.

    2. "God" is capitalized you no account douche.

  68. Replies
    1. Hey Racist Radical Redneck, fuck off. You are the biggest POS this side of hell. Of course it is your constitutional right to be racist ignorant, pathetic, lazy, useless, filthy, and a waste o perfectly good oxygen and you most certainly exercise it 24/7/365.

      Now, back to regular programing.

    2. Awwwww, somebody's angweeeee.

      You know, breathing in all the petroleum from your wardrobe is killing the rare and diminishing brain cells in your bulbous cranium.

    3. apparently linking to an incestuous story is also considered racist .
      And here I thought it was called marriage equality.

      RN again I will comment "You are too easy"

    4. It is sad thing Lisa. You could be SO much more of value. Yet you CHOOSE to entertain low life's over substance on your blog.

      Sad indeed.

    5. RRR: Nope, I enjoy OWNING YOU though. You are so pathetic.

    6. And dumb to boot. I think I'll keep playing off your ignorance.

      Buh Bye

    7. "Own"? Please tell me you are no older than 14 you pathetic turd. You and Chaw must be twins, certainly in mental age, with her Tiger Beat pure worship of than mendacious, sociopath bastard infecting the (once) White House.

      We certainly know you aint a fag - you are FAR too ugly!

    8. I OWN you Racist Radical Redneck. Games up, crawl back into your racist shit hole. That's an order!

    9. Sure little boy. And if mama gets the ol' Playstation fixed, you can OWN all those mean ol' Asteroids falling from above.

    10. Then why is it that YOU RN, keep returning here?

  69. Getting bitch slapped and kicked in the ass on a regular basis is what Lester calls stirring the pot.

    1. No Chucklenutz, what you fail to understand us it is ME who regularly does the bitch slapping.

      Carry on with your regular programming head sock puppet.

    2. ^This is your most pathetic "I know you are but what am I?"^

      Part 1,000,000 and counting. Dismally

  70. Hey Regestered Nurse USSR, I dare you to use that "Fuck" word over at Boston Bean Bag's blog.
    She'd whip your scrawny ass

    1. If necessary and appropriate I would and Shaw knows that. But since her blog is NOT full of jackasses like Racist Radical Redneck and others it is never necessary. But I'm quite confident YOU and the rest have NO idea why that is.

    2. Aww, isn't that sweet, spoken like a true Ass-Kisser.

  71. Somewhat Off-Topic, but I just had to get this off my chest.
    Does anyone think that freeing Islamic terrorists to return to the battlefield to fight against and possibly kill or maim our soldiers is not giving aid and comfort to the enemy?
    Does anyone think that the newly released terrorists captives by Barack Hussain Obama from Guantanamo Bay have not returned to the battlefield?
    Well this President thinks that releasing these Douchbags was a Good Thing.
    Among the things Obama will be remembered for will be his promise to close Gitmo and these releases of U.S. enemies. Guantanamo is an essential part of the war against terror and is run by trained professionals of the United States military who maintain the highest standards and treat these VICIOUS DANGEROUS PRISONERS with the respect.
    If you look back at all the State of the Union address’s in the past, you’ll see that Obama said that he would close Gitmo and he bragged about it in every SOTU address in the past six years.
    Well, believe it or not, Obama also about a year ago that al Qaeda was defeated and on the run. So now we have ISIS and Boko Haram, and now that some their affiliates who even taking credit for the attack in Paris last week, and maybe even on Charlie Hebdo!
    Remember that vicious attack on Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, the same Paris where Obama thought that is wasn’t necessary to send a High Ranking Official to their rally and march with all the other World leaders to show solidarity with the other million people including all those leaders from most of the world's major countries from all over the world who marched in solidarity with France over last week’s terrorist attacks that killed 17 people!! No other nations was AWOL and had to perform a Sideshow act with John Kerry and James Taylor. Was John Kerry expecting everyone to sing Kumbaya? I'm still confused about what the hell that was all about. It would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so damn embarrassing. strategy. This Kerry-Taylor act was the grandest display of asininity in the history of our country.
    Was the really the best International Diplomacy effort that this administration can muster? Remember when we were proud, and not ashamed of our country?
    Was there a plan B if that stupid act didn’t work? And who was going to apologize to France for us if John Kerry sent Bill Cosby?
    I pray every night that the next morning I will wake up in a sane world.

    We have a President who is more inclined to side with the Islamic terrorists than with Americans, after all didn’t he refuse to call the Fort Hood killings “workplace violence” despite the fact that the terrorist shooter was shouting “Allah Akbar” as he killed his victims, who were American soldiers.
    I am not a lawyer or authority on the Constitution, but it is hard not to think that Obama’s long list of lying to Americans doesn’t qualify him, if not for committing fraud on the American people. How about the way he sold ObamaCare to the public. “If you want to keep your Doctor” And “If you want to keep your Insurance Company” ALL LIES!
    I wonder just how many millions of people regretted voting for Romney after last night?
    We have a Progressive (Communist) Regime in power where treason has been committed, and they call that "Patriotism" these days!

    1. So, what are you really thinking? Assuming of course you engage in the practice from time to time.

    2. Pardon me but, i believe in never responding to bullshit.!

    3. So then, why do you write bullshit?

    4. ^Once again: "I know you are but what am I?" - part 1,000,000^

  72. Wooo Wee, last night's SOTU was terrific. President Obama really made an Ass out of himself, and he did it without help from that Buffoon, Blowhard John Kerry or James Taylor. A total display of idiocy, but It could have been worse. He could have brought Cat Stevens aka Yusef Islam.

    An anti-climax after a great SOTU speech by President Hussein Obama

  73. "Damn, RN USSR is being pummeled here like a bareback bottom at a Chicago bathhouse. I should know..."B Hussein Obama


  74. As Racist Radical Redneck continues to reinforce both his racism and ignorance.

    Continue on with your regularly scheduled programming. You're the face of the Teapot Party and they need you to get their message out.

    1. Tis a pity that your Mama never thought about having an abortion..

    2. Tis a pity you have but two functioning brain cells and you don't know how to use them.

    3. "I can't breathe" (because I'm laughing too fucking hard) LOL!


  75. By the way, Obama propaganda it a new high this morning, I just paid a visit to the douchebags liberal - progressive blog, where the Obama propaganda flows like water from a broken water main.
    When over half the population thinks the government, especially the President is as wonderful as Santa Claus, then reality no longer matters.
    They were all patting each other on theirs backs thinking that Obama’s SOTU speech was “Great”
    Mental stability has never been a factor for liberal voters.

    As for Mr. Obama, I think that among the many other things that Mr. Obama will be remembered for will be his releasing of our enemies that are (were) imprisoned in Gitmo.
    His freeing all of those terrorists to return to the battlefield is im my eyes giving aid and comfort to the enemy! I’m sorry but I just can not see it any other way. How can ANYONE ignore the evidence that we have a President who is more inclined to side with our terrorist enemies than with Americans?
    And notably missing from the contingent of world leaders in Paris was an American representative or our Dear leader who made that stupid decision not to join the other world leaders who marched in Paris to demonstrate a common cause in opposition to Islamic terrorism, less than one week after that terrorist attack in Paris. But instead, when the heat got to hot, how did we apologize? He sends in that old stupid looking clown, to serenade the French with his Commie buddy in solidary to sing “You’ve Got A Friend”. How stupid was that! I guess that Justin Bleiber must have been busy!
    Oh well, I guess that was better than sending a box of chocolates!!!
    Lets just Let's just hope we don't see Mr. Wonderful (John Kerry) dragging out Harry Belafonte the next time we screw-up with the Russians.

  76. ’Tis said Obama's polls are gaining,
But he is far from entertaining.

    The folk who find that jerk appealing

    Are much in need of mental healing.

    All that twixt his lips doth pass
Amounts to so much sewer gas.


And if the Democrats discover
    Their Black Knight’s a faithless lover,

    And a shameless mountebank,

    They only have themselves to thank,
For they saw fit the horn to toot
Of this haughty empty suit!

    ~ FreeThinke

  77. Replies
    1. The early estimates for director Clint Eastwood’s pro-War On Terror masterpiece “American Sniper” brought in around $40 million. Obviously our provincial box office gurus under-estimated the American people’s desire to see their warriors, wars, and country properly honored and honestly portrayed. In its wide-release debut, the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is estimated to hit $75 million. UPDATE: $80 million.

      Seventy-five million doesn’t just beat the previous January/Martin Luther King. Jr. weekend record, it obliterates the $41 million earned by “Ride Along” last year.

      On Friday alone, with a $28 – $30 million haul, “American Sniper,” will beat or nearly beat Clint’s own best 3-day weekend; his “Gran Torino” haul of $29.5 million.

      If that’s not enough, after bringing in $5.3 million, “Sniper” now holds the record for an R-rated movie’s late-night Thursday opening.

      Despite a also-ran Best Picture nomination and adding +56 theatres, producer Oprah Winfrey’s dishonest Civil Rights drama “Selma” lost -19% of its audience over last weekend.
      American sniper beats Selma at the box office, Selma ran a poor 5th...
      That’s by far the worst showing of any Best Picture nominee still in theaters.

      After a disastrous opening weekend, “Selma” could only dig up another $11.2 million over — of all things — the Martin Luther King, Jr. 4-day weekend.
      And for heaven's sake. LBJ was for the Civil rights bill and worked with MLK. For the movie to lie about it was just plain stupid. But what else is new?
      While LBJ was not a great president. He loved America not like Obama.. Obama is not only a terrible President he hates America. Obama is incompetent, stupid, and by any measure the single worst President ever elected in America’s history.

      If you want to see the true action of the way Blacks protest, don’t go by this picture, just look at the reality in New York City, Ferguson, and in Detroit. Yes, that’s progress for a progressive!
      These people are dedicated socialists, radicals. They would rather burn down their own house’s and kill each other in the streets, then go to school and lean what’s right and what’s wrong.
      “American Sniper” was a very moving that made you proud to be an American and that there are men like Chris Kyle willing to sacrifice so much for this nation. But, the ending got me mad. Mad as I watched the memorial and funeral precession and realized that worthless POS in the White House never sent a representative to the funeral of a man who gave so much to this nation but sent three to the service for a thug who attacked and tried to kill a police officer in Ferguson.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Shocking! A worthless old mendacious turd with zero credibility links a worthless, old mendacious rag with zero credibility. How's your fellow travelers' UVA gang rape epidemic story going there?

      I saw American Sniper, it was great. Hundreds of wasted ragheads kept me with a stiffy all day. And to your shrieking agony, there were almost NO Americans killed.

      But keep scraping the bottom for trash that's supposed to throw me off. You spend lots of time begging for the attention of someone who wouldn't cross the street if you were choking (on your dad's dick). At least you know who your superiors are.

      Near head back to the Boston Baboon's where she can try to take my boot mark off of your scrawny ass.

    4. Can you imagine how Dicky and Rhoid Nation USSR would worship Chris Kyle if he was an abortionist with that many kills?

    5. You are one very disturbed individual Radical Racist Redneck. Seriously, you need psychiatric intervention and soon; before you lose it and do something stupid and dangerous.

      Being proud to be an American is well and good, something we all should be. Being stupid, racist, and having your eyes closed to reality AND being proud of that like you apparently are is disgraceful.

      Get help soon for your own well being. Before your hate finally destroys you.

    6. I will give you minimal credit for finally responding with something besides "I know you are but what am I?"


      Remember, you are still inferiour. Carry on.


    7. So glad the cowards on the right their red meat for the week but as usual, they're delusional losers. I love how hypocritical the right is about hating Hollywood until they glorify a sick f*ck who never struggled personally with killing. He got what he deserved, in the end:

      7 big lies ‘American Sniper’ is telling America about Iraq and Chris Kyle


    8. We can make sure you appear (via the crosshairs) in the sequel to the great American Sniper

    9. Screw you "this one". You are irivevlent

  78. Oh so I guess if the pictures is about Blacks or Slaves that's better.
    This is exactly why people think you Libs are Ass - holes.

    1. subject/verb agreement got you stumped, Steve?

      You should enroll in The Radical Redass Grammar Academy.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. You really should get some help, your lies are becoming even more ridiculous even for a idiotic progressive like yourself.

    The Hollywood left is attacking the movie American Sniper because it is doing really, really well at the box office while SELMA bombed at the box office. It’s no wonder that the Director and leading Actor were snubbed. . .
    Over the weekend, multiple Academy members told “TheWrap” an on line Movie review site, that they had been passing around a recent article by Dennis Jett in The New Republic that attacks the film for making a hero out of Kyle, who said: “The enemy are savages and despicably evil,” and his “only regret is that I didn’t kill more.” Kyle made the statements in his best-selling book, “American Sniper,” on which the film is based.

    Let’s start with a fact heartbreaking to the Left: Not only is this fact not ignored in the film, it is the WHOLE POINT of the film.

    “American Sniper” is not “Selma” — “American Sniper” doesn’t lie.

    When director Clint Eastwood’s pro-War on Terror masterpiece starting breaking box office records, it became obvious that that lie wasn’t going to survive the weekend. So now the push is on to defame the subject of the film, American war hero Chris Kyle, as a murderer.

    The propaganda push isn’t subtle either. Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore came right out and declared Kyle a coward. Seth Rogen compared Eastwood’s film to Nazi propaganda. The Wrap’s Steve Pond fired the biggest salvo yet with an extensive piece about a backlash brewing among left-wing Academy members. Apparently, they are all passing around a New Republic article that defames Kyle as a “killer.”

    It should be noted that the author of the New Republic article, Dennis Jett, wrote his attack on “Sniper” before seeing the actual movie — and his ignorance shows.

    Here’s a juicy historical fact to chew on:

    While Kyle was risking his life over four tours of duty to protect his country and innocent Iraqi civilians from evil, savage terrorists, the American Left, and most especially the Hollywood Left, were using every weapon at their disposal to ensure untold millions of innocent Iraqis were fed into a terrorist/death squad meat grinder.

    The Left made no secret of this. At the height of the Iraq War, Democrats, the mainstream media, and Hollywood fought tooth and nail for America to pull prematurely out of Iraq. The very same people lying about Chris Kyle today are the very same people who demanded we abandon Iraq to the terrorists, and with it, 25 million innocent Iraqi civilians.

    To further this evil and sinister goal, Left-wing Hollywood went so far as to build bombs for al Qaeda. Not actual bombs. Worse, these were box office bombs — movies, the ultimate propaganda tool. More than a billion dollars was spent on more than a dozen box office bombs that portrayed America, our military, and our troops as either no better than terrorists, or worse than terrorists.
    In my opinion, Selma was pretty much a mediocre film, and that’s about all! Not even worthy of nomination!
    Yet people are complaining about blacks not being represented in the Oscars!
    It’s bad enough that Selma was nominated for best picture simply because it was a black movie!
    So for Pete’s sake let it go already, just because it’s Oprah (who in my opinion is one of the biggest racist’s on TV or in Hollywood, that doesn’t mean she automatically gets an Oscar.

    1. Interesting ramblings. I look forward to the sequels.

  81. I went out of my way to avoid Obama last night. I knew beforehand that what he said was not in the best interest of the country, nor true. Instead I went to the movies to see American Sniper. And I'm very glad that I did.

    1. Must be great to know these things in advance.

      Have you been able to use this gift to
      make millions in the market.

      BTW, American Sniper is on the go to list for this weekend.

    2. No need to "know anything in advance" those are things (Obama's SOTU and "Selma") I'd never want to see, or hear!

      You won't have to be a Rocket Scientist to know that!

    3. RN

      Not that hard to predict because we have five previous SOTU by him that have changed little. I have done a great job, I have killed bin laden, I have made the teliban run for cover. I have created millions of jobs. Raise taxes on the rich, give away more free stuff, climate change is the greatest threat to the world and I will blame everything that goes wrong on the republicans.

    4. scudrunner: It never is for those who have likely decided ahead of time what the outcome is going to be skudrunner.

      It is not that I disagree that this speech was essentially what all presidents do in the SOTU address, which is pat themselves and their administration on the back. All presidents worry about their legacy and put forward agendas they believe will move the country forward.

      It was in my view a nixed bag and I have a real problem with just how to pay for the free college, mandated 7 day sick leave, etc. But there was some "stuff" that made sense.

      I am not a Obama advocate and I didn't note for him in 2008 or 2012. But it does rankle me to hear (and read) all the bullshit said about him and his family without any justification and the unfounded allegations the extreme right loves to fabricate.

      Bluster with no muster results in little being accomplished, regardless of political affiliation or ideological proclivities.


  82. So little rubber Ducky,the coward of the county shows up once again to denigrate the very military that allows him to be a cowardly keyboard cowboy.
    Little rubber Ducky is indeed the very definition of a coward.

  83. wow Ducky the smoking gun. A review by the liberal Bible Rolling Stone Magazine. The only thing that rag is good for is papering the bottom of a litter box

    1. I beg your pardon, Lisa. My cats would never use their box if I lined it with THAT.

      They have more sense -- and better taste -- than any liberal DemoCat. ;-)

  84. I'm trying to imagine being stuck on a plane between Radical Redneck and Ducky's here. Now that would be some turbulence.

  85. Replies
    1. The fact that Lisa allows such racist filth on her site proves this blog is a nothing but a juvenille farce

    2. Says the dirthead who regularly calls all the Asians at Jenn's "chow" "slant" "ching-chong" and "coolie"

      Get lost shitstain. Get back to work - those jizz puddles on the peep show floors won't clean themselves.

    3. "Get back to work"?

      Creep like him don't work, they get Free Stuff.

    4. Radical Racist Redneck, I'm betting that link you provided above linked to a picture of your mamma.

    5. Sublime comeback! When are you headlining Vegas?

    6. Ah, Pissed off Irishman, you're probably a Ulster taig anyway.

  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. Obama says “The biggest challenge facing our country is climate change! Is he fricken kidding ?

    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than Muslim radical terrorists who want us all dead?
    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than 18 trillion in debt?
    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than ebola?
    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than high unemployment?
    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than Iranian, Russian, or Chinese aggression?
    Is “Climate Change” is more dangerous than a nuclear Iran?

    WTF is wrong with this guy?

    Whether man made “Climate Change” is real or not is another topic, lets just focus on the REAL priorities, and the REAL challenges facing our country.

    Come on all you dems, progressives and libs, do you agree with obama about these challenges facing our country? If you do that you all are even dumber than I originally thought you are. Even dumber than that a-hole women ( GloZell) who is sitting in a bathtub filled with cereal!

    The White Houseinvited several YouTube stars to interview President Obama two days after the State of the Union speech. GloZell Green the beauty who was sitting in a bathtub filled with cereal was one of them!

    This interview did as much for the dignity of the Office of the President as did the soiled blue dress of Monica Lewinsky did for Bill Clinton..

    And oh yeah, after the “interview, the Dumbass told Obama that she had a gift for his “First Wife” (meaning First Lady!)

    Hey all you Progressives, still have that same “Respect” for this guy? LMAO
    Was that the best "Black Youth" Obama could find to interview? Aren’t there any "Black Youths" around with any brains in their heads? I’m sure that there must be, and yet this is what they picked

  88. The left is attacking the movie American Sniper because it is doing very well at the box office while all the anti War on Terror movies, and Selma bombed at the box office..
    The strategy behind American Sniper was that only the enemy (evil savage terrorists) would remain in officially evacuated areas.

    Wow do you folks not understand about the nature of fighting an actual war.....do you think it is done with pixie dust and rainbows......
    I guess that Liberals are taking sides with the enemy, the ones who flew jets into the World Trade Center. I'm not surprised.

    If the progressives are wetting their beds over this movie then it must be doing something right.

    Nothing drives liberals batshit crazy out of their minds more than the honest truth. And as for Michael Moore that fat bag of COWARDLY HORSE CRAP, what else would I expect from him!

  89. I guess that Liberals are taking sides with the enemy, the ones who flew jets into the World Trade Center. I'm not surprised.

    Nothing more than gratuitous hyperbole.

    Do you people EVER have a grown up discussion on issues and potential solutions? Or is it just about attacking every who happens to have opinions that differ from your own?

    Rarely does the pack of screaming hyenas here ever offer anything but slash and burn. You all remind me of Lord of the Flies,

  90. If you don't like it you can alway go back under the rock from where you came from.

    1. Really I could not care one iota less one way or the other APOI. The more foolish the teapot brigade and loonies act the more irrelevant you actually become.

      Have at it.