Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bowe Bergdahl, charged with desertion

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, Army officials said Wednesday, setting the stage for emotionally charged court proceedings in coming months.
Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s attorney, told The Washington Post that his client was handed a charge sheet Wednesday. Army officials said in a statement that Bergdahl has been charged with desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty and misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command, unit or place. His case has been referred to an Article 32 preliminary hearing, which is frequently compared to a grand jury proceeding in civilian court.
Remember this from Susan Rice?


Oh well


  1. And we have to wonder why he had access to military computers for the last year.. Anyway, put this idiot away for life. Throw some libtards in with him.

  2. Good one Kid. I guess it is just more incompetence by this admin

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  4. call it whatever .I will call it a disgrace

  5. What, that he will face justice ss he should and in the proper forum?

  6. And that Obama and Rice made asses out of themselves

    1. That IS, of course THE most important aspect of this pathetic affair, Lisa.


  7. Rice...."he served with honor and distinction"

    Obama traded five of the worlds worst terrorist for a deserter who got five American soldiers killed trying to find him.

    Scandal? I don't know.

    Incompetence? Absolutly!

  8. Then we find out the letter signed by those 47 senators was posted on-line not mailed and the left called them traitors and Barry trades 5 Taliban Generals for a deserter while we were still at war and that wasn't treasonous?

    1. The most charitable interpretation of the president's decision in this case would be INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY.

      We might as well say the ELECTORATE is guilty of TREASON for putting BO in office. It's the same difference.


  9. In an interview yesterday Hillary Clinton said... How Bergdahl disappeared 'doesn't matter' Treason doesn't matter? But that could be a catchy new slogan for her though...... This is (almost) as bad as national security adviser Susan E. Rice, who said last summer that Sergeant Bergdahl had served “with honor and distinction”.
    The Real question here has never been weather or not we should have brought him back. The REAL question has ALWAYS been was the exchange of 5 Taliban top brass TERRORIST . I know you understand that but some of you Liberals seem to prefer the asinine lie that the administration took, especially the president.

    Remember, Nixon was forced to resign for erasing 30 minutes of tape. She still has a job after erasing tens of thousands of E mails.......Pitiful


  10. I want to say this loud and clear to the people on these boards, Lefties or Righties who are reading this blog...
    The Real question is, is one American scumbag worth five Taliban Terrorist Scumbags? How dare Obama make this trade to save this Taliban Terrorist Scumbag!
    And hey you progressives PAY ATTENTION, DAMMIT!

    It's time to show the people in Washington as well as the rest of the world especially our enemies who has power in this world. It’s the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not the President and his stooges.

    And to our Fighting Men and Women out there....Thank you for that, and May God continue to bless you.

  11. Even George Washington offered to trade Major Andre for the traitor, Benedict Arnold. The British refused. Andre was hanged. And Arnold went on to lead the British to several victories over the Americans. Had Lord Cornwalis heeded Arnold's advice at Yorktown, the British surrender may have been "indefinitely" postponed.

    1. Benjamin Franklin wrote that "Judas sold only one man, Arnold three millions". Was Bergdahl worth 5 enemy combatants? Had they radicalized him further... maybe.

    2. And yet Kenneth Roberts, author of A Rabble at Arms and other well-researched books of American Historical Fiction, gave a spirited and most convincing defense of Arnold. It portrayed him as more sinned against than sinning. Roberts, as surely you know, was anything but a Leftist-Revisionist.

      It's never a bad idea to question "received wisdom," as long as ego massage and self-aggrandizement are not your primary objectiveds.

    3. Hitler had "reasons" for invading Poland. The point is, should we still "consider" them? Or should their "acts" speak for themselves.

      Personally, I'm glad that Beau's back. I don't want him training the Taliban on American modus operandi, as Arnold did the Brits. Now, let's get on with hanging the traitor!

    4. PS - I wouldn't have "rescued" Beau. I would have targeted him for a drone strike.

    5. ...and those five former Gitmo prisoners should have "drowned" by now.


  12. Yes we all know you lefties supported this scumbag deserter... Conservative’s would never have supported a douchbag like him no matter want! . Lets not forget how these lefties treated our veterans coming back from the war in Vietnam. And how they still continually try to cut veterans benefits
    We know that Hillary Clinton will dismiss her screw ups, and there will be plenty screw ups, if she were to become President, she is a wishy washy lair at best, she is a and can't be trusted with real power.
    Furthermore, . I don't think she is electable, but that wont matter to the Democrats!!!!
    As you know we didn't think Obama was electable either after the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres thing. And we saw how that worked out, because there are way to many stupid loony bird lefties out there, on those progressive blogs.
    SO after the President Bush dealt with Islam the Democrats ran with a man with a Muslim name, whether or not he's a Muslim, and that’s still debatable.

  13. "... and that's still debatable." As it always will be in the cast iron shuttered minds of the neo con far right Tea Party.

    There is still time to build the Great American Worldwide Empire with American values decreed the law of the world. Best get cracking!

  14. Did all of you idiot lefties who are defending this scumbag take your stupid pills today?
    Bergdahl deserted his unit and went looking for the Taliban of his own free will. That decision cost the lives of six of his fellow soldiers.

    He should have been left there with his Taliban buddies where he could take his chances
    He volunteered... then dishonored himself, the consequences of which cost good men their lives.
    The facts are irrefutable. He's a traitor to this country!
    He's a deserter and a traitor to his country.

    These are the incontrovertible facts... he should receive a fair trial, sentenced, stripped of all rank, then executed. OR will the Dear leader hand him a full and unconditional presidential pardon? Hummm, can you understand that Rational Nation USA. I can guess (make that, I can TELL) that YOU never served this country. It’s very easy for a little PUNK like you to sit there behind your computer and spurt that toxic bullshit.
    You have made it clear, through your choice of words and/or the views which you have expressed, that you are truly ignorant of the concepts of war and or patriotism or devotion to one's country.

  15. Little punk? Truly ignorant? Idiot Lefties? Stupid pills? Good job at ad hominem TTS.

    A) I have not defended this individual.
    B) I am pleased he will face the appropriate military justice.
    C) My preference would be he face the balance of his life in solitary confinement with no human contact.

    Life forever alone with no place to go and no human contact must be hell. But I'm not the

    Ok, now for more assumptions and ad hominem from the extreme "right" which is wrong as often as not.

    1. Please return to that shit house progressive place that you crawled out of. You are NOT wanted or welcomed here.

    2. I'm the disinfectant charged with cleaning this cesspool up.

    3. Charged by who? Paid by who?

  16. An Open Letter to All You Lefties Out There Especially Those Asshole Who Call Themselves “Progressives”, “Libertarians”, “Dimocrates”, and “Liberals”.
    Are you all really as stupid as you sound?
    Do you want to know why? Because the whole COUNTRY is collapsing and you jerkoffs aka the scum of the earth dimocrap party are still hung. up on crap like Global Warning, and Gun Control.
    Well I have some wake up news for you... We have already had very strong “Gun Control” in just about every major city in America for the past 2-3 decades, and these are the very same places where the Murders are happening. BUT, by ILLEGAL Guns.
    So no matter how strong the Gun Control laws may be, you can not control Guns by ILLEGAL’S!!! More or stronger Gun Control laws are meaningless.

    You REALLY don't know what you're wishing for, because your to damn stupid to understand reality. Iran is one of America's and Israel's foremost enemies and the Islamic Republic has become one of the most serious threats to stability in the Middle East.

    Do you really know what happens when Countries like Iran are allowed to have Nuclear weapons? When the shit hits the fan, We will be their targets as well as Israel. So your Hatred for Prime Minster Netanyahu is unwarranted.
    Think about who you'd be fighting, genius!

    Think about just how little your Hero Obama is doing to prevent this, and how much help he is giving the enemy by allowing these talks to continue.
    Then you know what happens? The other side gets even more powerful and fights even harder.
    I would think that even Forest Gump would understand that.
    So stop being immature little bitches and join team America. And stop acting like little sheep that follows that jerkoff in the White House.
    THAT is what's called being a dedicated American. Not a little sissy-assed pee-pants little girl that runs away and cries when she can't get her way.
    Connect the dots, you fool ... connect the dots.
    You don’t accept what I posted , then you really are even more stupid then I already thought, and a scumbag as well. But..... You're a dimocrap, so what else is new

    1. Terrific rant. You are obviously a graduate of the Radical Redass & Rusty Chucklenuts School of Diction.

      Other distinguished low functional graduates include Debonair Dud, The Perpetually Drunken Irishman and Freethinke.

    2. If you have something constructive to say
      Please stay with us here, and fire away.
      But if you persist with these animadversions,
      You'll get nothing back but our heartfelt aspersions.

      ~ FreeThinke

  17. You vote republican PERIOD?

    And you have the audacity to call others stupid?

    You do like the kool aide?

    Iy Vey.

    1. Now THAT is what I call FUN FILTH!!!

      I Love Minorities
      I Hate Majorities
      I Love Our Enemies
      I Want the Reds to Please
      I Deify Disease
      I Hope No One's at Ease
      All People Should Have Fleas
      When Our Sad Species
      Kills Superiorities
      We'll Have Equalities
      Charting Our Destinies
      And No I Don't Mean to Tease
      These Are Sincerities
      Now, Will God Help Us, Please?

      ~ A Spontaneous Eruption by FreeThinke

    2. I THOUGHT you'd get a kick out of that, Thersites, -- and not a "dirty word" in it –– not that i wasn't tempted. };-)>

  18. Look at the Dummy Nurse calling the Pot Black

  19. As seen on Free Thinke's board:
    President Obama is a Jew-hater who is beloved by his fellow Jew-haters.

    He also hates whitey. Anyone who can't see that is blind.

  20. First of all let me make something crystal clear, there is NO Tea Party in the sense of a political party with its own candidates, and there never has been any.. What there is are Republicans who believe in the U.S. Constitution, who believe in and who want small government, fiscal prudence, strong national security, and all those other American values outlined in Ted Cruz’s speech.
    As Cruz said in an email about his announcement and has become completely disconnected from the values of real Americans. That’s why we are now more than $18 trillion in debt and continue to see the debt rise and rise, that’s why wages have stagnated, and why our foreign policy is an absolute mess, and why these little punks who ride on Camels are telling us what to do and what we can’t do. That’s why they are threatening us and scaring us so that we are afraid to take our kids to a Ball Game or the an amusement park, or why our wives are afraid to go shopping in the local mall.
    That pretty much sums up what Obama has delivered us, FEAR.
    Would you vote for a man who openly says he would repeal ObamaCare? That’s why we really, REALLY want to KEEP our Doctors, and our Insurance plans.
    Would you vote for a man who openly says he favors a fair tax and wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service?
    Actually the Communist Manifesto advocated a heavily progressive tax like we have now, but let's not let facts get in the way
    Would you vote for a man who opposes Obama’s efforts to offer illegal aliens amnesty and promises to secure the borders? And to give voting rights and drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The same illegal aliens who want to blow us up!
    Would you vote for a man who decries a federal government that wages an assault on our religious liberty?
    Would you vote for a man who wants a federal government that “works to defend the sanctity of human life” and would “uphold the sacrament of marriage”?
    Would you vote for a man who defends our Second Amendment rights and condemns the effort ban ammunition? And take our LEGAL Guns away from us!
    Would you vote for a man who condemns a federal government that seeks to dictate school curriculums and wants to repeal “every word of Common Core”?
    Would you vote for a man who would stand “unapologetically with the nation of Israel” and who sides with a Terrorist nation like Iran instead!?
    Would you vote for a man who has pledged that he would do everything he could to ensure that Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon, and then enters into secret talks with them?

  21. Would you vote for a man who openly says he would do everything he could to defeat radical Islamic terrorism? But does nothing about it. And plays Golf when they are beheading Americans!
    I am of course speaking of Sen. Ted Cruz who has announced his candidacy to be the presidential candidate of the Republican Party.
    I suspect that his announcement probably terrifies the Republican “Establishment” who have managed to serve up some good men, but poor candidates like John McCaine, to be President. But when Republican voters stayed home, we got Barack Obama in 2008 and AGAIN in 2012.
    Now they want to get the Party faithful to vote for Jeb Bush, but from my vantage point, the real base is ready to vote for anybody else, Sen. Cruz, and Gov. Walker, and Sen. Rubio come to mind.
    Does it surprise anyone that Cruz’s candidacy was instantly attacked, and not just by Democrats, but by a number of leading Republicans? The Liberals were expected to do this, they always do...
    The good news for GOP voters is that their field of candidates in 2016 is going to be deep, offering many varieties of conservative leadership” but ending with reservations about “his polarizing style” which was another way of saying he is not a wishy-washy centrist.
    We will hear more such dumb accusations and criticisms but it shouldn’t be any surprise when it comes from the Liberal Establishment, however lets not be the DUMMIES that they are trying to make us Socialists..
    Ted Cruz, you have my vote! Keep standing firm on your beliefs. Thank you for wanting to serve this great country. Ted has my vote! We NEED honesty and integrity above all else right now ... especially after the last 2 terms of "transparency"

    1. If you want toi do something about the debt.

      Oh, and get your "Real Americans" to stop fighting unfunded wars and lowering taxes simultaneously.

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    3. So what are the effects of unfunded welfare on the national debt? In 2014, federal spending reached $3.5 trillion and the deficit was $486 billion. Welfare vs. Defense Spending

    4. I don't mind reforming welfare or the social security net, it must be part of the equation. I wonder if there is room am amidst the hawks to consider the same with respect to the war machine.

    5. I suspect that it would depend. Do you think that Islam poses an "existential threat" to us? And would a nuclear Iran and/or Saudi Arabia make you feel differently?

    6. good point Brian. Maybe we don't need to go to war all the time but we do need a strong military for sure

    7. Thersites unfortunately welfare creates nice voting base for the democrats . I don't see why republicans don't have the guts to do these reforms being that base isn't going to vote for them anyway.

    8. I think that the stupidity of Compassionate Conservatism (2001-8) was in reality Republican Establishment code for "Don't do anything that might upset Democrats and prevent my Capital Gains Tax Cut from materializing"

    9. "Like the diet prescribed by doctors, which neither restores the strength of the patient nor allows him to succumb, so these doles that you are now distributing, neither suffice to ensure your safety nor allow you to renounce them and try something else."

      ~ Demosthenes (384-322 B. C.)

      Apparently, "there is nothing new under the sun," Thersites.

    10. Nope! Pretty soon they'll be using the vermillion rope to drive us to the voting booths (as Barack hinted the other day).

      Aristophanes, "The Acharnians"

      DICAEOPOLIS[147] (alone). What cares have not gnawed at my heart and how few have been the pleasures in my life! Four, to be exact, while my troubles have been as countless as the grains of sand on the shore! Let me see of what value to me have been these few pleasures? Ah! I remember that I was delighted in soul when Cleon had to disgorge those five talents;[148] I was in ecstasy and I love the Knights for this deed; 'it is an honour to Greece.'[149] But the day when I was impatiently awaiting a piece by Aeschylus,[150] what tragic despair it caused me when the herald called, "Theognis,[151] introduce your Chorus!" Just imagine how this blow struck straight at my heart! On the other hand, what joy Dexitheus caused me at the musical competition, when he played a Boeotian melody on the lyre! But this year by contrast! Oh! what deadly torture to hear Chaeris[152] perform the prelude in the Orthian mode![153]—Never, however, since I began to bathe, has the dust hurt my eyes as it does to-day. Still it is the day of assembly; all should be here at daybreak, and yet the Pnyx[154] is still deserted. They are gossiping in the market-place, slipping hither and thither to avoid the vermilioned rope.[155] The Prytanes[156] even do not come; they will be late, but when they come they will push and fight each other for a seat in the front row. They will never trouble themselves with the question of peace. Oh! Athens! Athens! As for myself, I do not fail to come here before all the rest, and now, finding myself alone, I groan, yawn, stretch, break wind, and know not what to do; I make sketches in the dust, pull out my loose hairs, muse, think of my fields, long for peace, curse town life and regret my dear country home,[157] which never told me to 'buy fuel, vinegar or oil'; there the word 'buy,' which cuts me in two, was unknown; I harvested everything at will. Therefore I have come to the assembly fully prepared to bawl, interrupt and abuse the speakers, if they talk of aught but peace. But here come the Prytanes, and high time too, for it is midday! As I foretold, hah! is it not so? They are pushing and fighting for the front seats.

      [147] A name invented by Aristophanes and signifying 'a just citizen.'

      [148] Cleon had received five talents from the islanders subject to Athens, on condition that he should get the tribute payable by them reduced; when informed of this transaction, the Knights compelled him to return the money.

      [149] A hemistich borrowed from Euripides' 'Telephus.'

      [150] The tragedies of Aeschylus continued to be played even after the poet's death, which occurred in 436 B.C., ten years before the production of the Acharnians.

      [151] A tragic poet, whose pieces were so devoid of warmth and life that he was nicknamed [Greek: chi_on], i.e. snow.

      [152] A bad musician, frequently ridiculed by Aristophanes; he played both the lyre and the flute.

      [153] A lively and elevated method.

      [154] A hill near the Acropolis, where the Assemblies were held.

      [155] Several means were used to force citizens to attend the assemblies; the shops were closed; circulation was only permitted in those streets which led to the Pnyx; finally, a rope covered with vermilion was drawn round those who dallied in the Agora (the marketplace), and the late-comers, ear-marked by the imprint of the rope, were fined.

      [156] Magistrates who, with the Archons and the Epistatae, shared the care of holding and directing the assemblies of the people; they were fifty in number.

      [157] The Peloponnesian War had already, at the date of the representation of the 'Acharnians,' lasted five years, 431-426 B.C.; driven from their lands by the successive Lacedaemonian invasions, the people throughout the country had been compelled to seek shelter behind the walls of Athens.

    11. A despot shall ever be ever cursed
      By those who know they've been coerced.
      Rather would I lose a billion
      Than be stain-ed by rope vermilion,
      For we'd be better dead than Red.
      For tyrants no tear shall be shed.

      ~ Another spontaneous eruption from FreeThinke

  22. Just a short note to say that after reading the post made by the putz Octopussy , I now think that he's a bigger Idiot than I first thought.

  23. I can second that thought
    But then again, I already knew that.

  24. By the way Bill, why do you read that assholes bull-shit.
    He or she is a total moron. And an Obsma ass licker

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Still getting residuals from "To catch a predator"?


  26. Come on RR,cut Rational Nancy a bit of slack. He's lost, he has no where to go. Boston Piggy's slop trough is closed, Octo's jew hating rants are old and no one go's to Nancy's idiotic mess.
    The poor boy is wandering around lost.

    1. Please don't give that filthy Peice of Shit Octopussy any mentions here, he's or she's not worth the toilet paper that I just flushed.

    2. We get it, Pantyhose (Octo)(Scum) You're a Jew-hater. Now move along and defecate somewhere else..
      You posts are so steeped in ignorance they do not warrant response.

      So just move alog, preferly to Germany or to Iran and go hange your underwear!
      The Nazies would be very proud of you..

    3. Octoscum could use a makeover. I'm sure he'd look much more dashing with "Louisville Slugger" imprinted on his bulbous forehead!

  27. Replies
    1. typical AOW ,the left always spews in support of Dear Leader,right or wrong

    2. Lisa,
      Will BHO pardon Bowe Bergdahl? We shouldn't be surprised if such a thing happened -- the court martial be damned.

  28. Like they say, the danger to America is not Barack Obama, but the citizenry like OCTOPUS who are capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can, and will survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as OCTOPUS who made him their president (Fuehrer), TWICE!

    Nazi Germany of the 1930's showed us what happens when the State becomes a God!

    I am seldom surprised by NAZI Propaganda from people like this moron or the lies of the Left-Wingers, let’s face it, they have been responsible for some really great whoppers , especially during the last six years.
    So just remember, when fascism comes to America, it will called Liberalism, and will be carrying a communist manifesto... You can see it in the crap that the ignorant retard OCTOPUS writes today.

    There are many common landmarks among the many roads to hell, this CREEPS blog is truly one of them.

  29. This is why Americans have to stop voting for these Left-wing sell-outs... . Remember, Nazi's were extreme left wing Socialists...... stop supporting Nazis: stop supporting the extreme Left wing. There is actually no difference between Liberal's and Socialist's.

    Left wingers are anti-capitalists, re-distributionists, socialists who generally believe that individuals should be forced to serve the greater good of their communities. Remind you of anyone you might know?
    Today’s libtard’s are Socialist/Communists who had to disguise the name of their party, but that’s who they really are. Their whole foundation is a lie and a fraud. They are actually not liberals, as we knew the term “Liberal” before, they are Socialist Fascist just like Mussolini was...
    The problem being that these narrow-minded, delusional, brainwashed idiots like the one mentioned above can't see the truth in front of their faces.

    These are the same lefties who believed in Obama’s swapping Bowe Bergdahl for those 5 terrorists, and then they returned to the battlefield. Was anyone surprised? Not me, I wasn’t. It was to be expected. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! What a crock that was!!
    And Yes, we also don't negotiate with terrorists, especially for 5 high ranking Taliban Terrorists. We may not leave any man behind, but when that man left on his own free will, and wanted no part of the military (with reports of him trying to seek out the enemy, for whatever his reason), exchanging 5 high profile Taliban leaders was wrong

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Great job of saying...absolutely nothing.

      Now, tell us why it's such a good thing that 5 terrorists we had neutered are back killing Americans.

  30. I hate to break it to you folks, but the asswipe known as by (O)CT(O)PUS isn't only ignorant liberal on theseboards.

    PS, I am a member of the TEA Party and proud of it!

    1. WOW! That certainly qualifies for, nevermind.

  31. Off topic but, Is John Kerry really that deceitful or is he just plain stupid, or beyond just plain stupid?
    Despite his sonorous delivery, John Kerry's recent challenge to opponents of his Iran negotiations to come up with a better deal contains fundamental flaws as to facts and logic. So I ask you, Is John Kerry as stupid as he sounds? Lets face it, a bad deal is worse than no deal at all. For example, if a seller insists on a price greater than the value of the item being offered, it is better not to purchase that item. Secondly, "deal or no deal" implies a false limitation of alternatives. His opponents already have proposed the re-imposition of increasingly harsh economic sanctions as an alternative to caving into Iranian demands.
    He can't he be deliberately deceitful and stupid as well... can he? The answer is, yes he is as stupid as he sounds. And probably even more stupid.
    The question is whether he is an active co-conspirator in this nefarious scheme or actually believes his own nonsense. I don't know which is worse.
    But then again he’s brokering a deal with developing nuclear weapons with Iran with the USA's blessing. So you figure it out!
    When I first heard Kerry's speech or should I say babble, all I could think of was that old phrase "Don't Piss on My Leg and Tell Me That It's Raining".

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. To an idiot.

      We knew you'd understand it!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Yawn....

    What the Right Wing Gets Wrong About Bowe Bergdahl


    1. Rolling Stone? You might want to consider a more "reliable" source... one that actually practices journalistic ethics!

    2. What, like Fox News,? Lol! You stepped right into that one, moron.

    3. Fox News is the top rated cables news channel in the country. Evidently, integrity pays off over lies and speculation (CNN/MSNBC). :)

    4. Rolling Stone, MSNBC, CNN... the truth is out. They WISH they had Fox News' integrity. :)

  34. It makes me SICK just looking at Bowe Bergdah's picture.

    1. And here the right was screaming for Obama to intercede on his behalf when he was captured. The hypocrisy is laughable.

    2. Really? Source please. The Right was calling him a deserter shortly after he disappeared. The Left was AWOL on his record, as usual.