Friday, May 29, 2015



  1. Those voters that voted for Obama will vote for Hillary, there are very few that care anything other than she is a democrat and will (or so they believe) push through their agenda. The vast majority of democrat voters do not care that she is a rich 1%er, which they claim to despise. They don't care that we lost Ambassador Stevens on her watch. They wont care about her age, the numerous women of Bill's improprieties that she personally destroyed. THEY DON'T CARE, they will vote for her anyway. Almost a full 50% of the voting public are so devoted to vote for a democrat that they have already elected Obama, who is and was at the time so unqualified and under qualified for the position it defies logic.
    For example, lets look at Hillary’s (possible involvement with Bengazhi, AND the deleted e-mails) and lets compare that with the media’s constant coverage of Chris Christie and his (possible involvement with George Washington Bridge scandal), he has been proven to had nothing to do with it what so even... And yet the media can’t seem to get his name out of the story whenever the story is written!
    In my eyes Madam Hillary is as Guilty as can be and she has been guilty time afte time in one scandal after another scandal .
    If you don't believe Hillary is in violation of this through the Clinton Foundation you've got your head up your anus.
    If you progressive Libs, can’t get yourselves to buy her involvement in the Bengazhi scandal. The you must believe at least one or tow of the other scandals she’s involved with, like the e-mail scandal, and certainly the story of the Clinton “Foundation”scandal!! According to the Washington Post The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from Foreign Governments in violation of ethics rules and Hillary's written agreement to the Obama Administration to cease taking for foreign money while she was Secretary of State. Don’t believe that? Well then how about the absolute LIE about the Bosnia scandal. Brian Williams got caught in a lie you and was fired for lying, and Madam Hillary got caught in a lie and it gets swept under the rug by her saying, “I miss-spoke”! She didn’t “miss-speak, she LIED! HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND BE A DOCUMENTED LIAR?

  2. *Part Two*
    What does it say about her Character to tell a bold face lie, th the country and the world knowing that the event was recorded and there were witnesses there? Yet the liberal media will make it seem as if She Walks on Water. Hillary Clinton has never had “Character.” She comes from a “Characterless family.”
    And the double standard media has yet conduct an interview with hard hitting questions about the Clinton Foundation, the foreign donations and now transparency. Also, why doesn’t the press ask where she stands on Obama’s Iran “deal” It's the most important foreign policy decision of our time and when it’s time to discuss it, she’s absent.
    Try to visit Liberal / Progressive web-site and ask these questions and you’ll be blocked, and banned from commenting, and you’ll be called a “Troll”..
    This women is an utter disgrace and does NOT deserve to even be considered to be the nomination of any party for this position.
    I do not see anyway she survives these scandals. Sorry...Hillary is toas
    Hillary is almost a shoe in, and the democrat machine are recruiting more and more democrat voters by any means possible to make up for the few that they lose when they come to their senses. Just look at the push to get ex-felons to vote, the amnesty programs and so on. The fact that Hillary is a viable candidate for the democrat party is so unconscionable to anyone that is smarter than a rock is the ultimate proof that the electorate has been corrupted beyond repair.
    But I fear that I am wasting my time even trying to explain the idiocy of these useful Idiots. The same Idiots who criticized and called Condoleezza Rice all those vile names!
    This coming from the same party that says, there is no such thing as "Radical Islam"
    But I guess this is the world we live in these days!

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    Hope all is well with you.

  4. Sorry FT that is such an inconvenience. All is well thanks for asking
    Hope all is well with you too,other than your Fash Player

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