Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Was A Police Officer

Today, I will not answer the radio call that
 your boyfriend has come home drunk and
 is beating you again.
Today I will not answer the radio call that
 your 16 year old daughter, who is very
responsible, is four hours late coming
 home from school.
Today I will not answer the radio call
 that your store has been robbed or
your house has been burglarized.
Today I will not stop a drunk driver from
 killing someone.
Today I will not catch a rapist or a
murderer or a car thief.
Today I will not answer the radio call that
 a man has a gun or tried to abduct a
child or that someone has been stabbed
or has been in a terrible accident.
Today I will not save your child that
you locked in a car or the child you
were to busy to watch who went outside
 and fell into the swimming pool, but that
I revived.
No, today I will not do that.
Because Today I was killed by a drunk driver
 while I was helping push a disabled car off
the highway.
Today I was shot and killed during a routine
traffic stop to simply tell someone that they had a taillight out.
Today I was killed in a traffic accident rushing
to help a citizen.
Today I was shot and killed serving a warrant
 on a known drug dealer.
Today I was killed by a man when I came by
to do a welfare check because his family
was to busy.
Today I was killed trying to stop a bank
robbery or a grocery store robbery.
Today I was killed doing my job.

A chaplain and an officer will go to a
house and tell a mom and dad or a
wife or husband or a child that their
 son or daughter or husband or wife or
father or mother won’t be coming home
The flags at many police stations were
flown at half-mast today but most people
won’t know why.
There will be a funeral and my fellow
officers will come, a twenty-one-gun
salute will be given, and taps will be
played as I am laid to rest.
My name will be put on a plaque, on a wall
, in a building, in a city somewhere.
A folded flag will be placed on a mantel
or a bookcase in a home somewhere
 and a family will mourn.
There will be no cries for justice.
There will be no riots in the streets.
There will be no officers marching,
screaming “no justice, no peace.”
No citizens will scream that something
must be done.
No windows will be smashed, no cars burned,
 no stones thrown, no names called.
Only someone crying themselves to sleep
tonight will be the only sign that I was cared about.
I was a police officer.


  1. The best and brightest will no longer serve. They will not be willing victims for the New Left's Thargelia. From now on, only fools and scoundrels will serve.

    1. You can carry that concept across many professions. Next up good doctors beaten to hell by obammycare. Hey libtards there are still the same amount of people without insurance than we this whole thing started. Just like we told you would happen. And it's going to get much worse yet.

    2. Yes, it's the fault of the left that racially motivated deaths by a few bad cops are exposed by cell phone videos. Idiot.

    3. Liberalmann, where is the proof of "racially motivated deaths"? That is the LEFTIST meme.

    4. Joe- I'm afraid that will be the future Corrupt Govt and a corrupt police force,somewhat like Mexico.
      Kid- that is pretty profound. The road to hell is paved with good intentions although I do believe these intentions were deliberate.
      Lib-Take your nonsense somewhere else. The fault is the communities the left has created. Why arent Chicagoans out in the protest against their social injustices?. Baltimore was not a race thing. Sorry to inform you but in minority areas usually the criminals will be just that.
      Glen-I couldn't agree more. They create the problem and then pull out the tired old race card. They can't help it. Makes them feel less white guilt

    5. Glenn, the proof is in the statistics. More blacks are pulled over, harassed and beaten. Now go stick you head back in the sand like a good little tbagger.

    6. Hey Lib if you drive through there wanna bet you won't be pulled over for "being out of place?"

    7. Chicagoans are supposed to protest because the social safety net isn't weak enough? That is an "injustice"? What??

    8. More blacks are pulled over, harassed and beaten.

      Not Nearly enough!

    9. Thanks for proving my point, Shaw. Moron.

  2. A very touching piece that makes an excellent point. Thanks for posting it, Lisa.

    Most will disregard this piece and all sentiments related to it, because the enemedia will continue to do nothing to provide balance of any kind. THEIR aim is only sensationalize while fostering as much anger, resentment, belligerence, disgust and fear they can muster.

  3. Not so. Unless you are referencing FOX News. AKA, All Screech All the Time.

    But back to the piece. Certainly much to contemplate. By ALL sides as we ALL have a great deal at stake.

    1. Obviously RN you only watch one FOX show

  4. The call for federal control and DOJ OCR oversight of police departments nation wide are just around the corner. They will grow, and grow, and GROW. For the Gestapo-SS need to be in control of the Wehrmacht and SA units. Political Commissars must be assigned to monitor all operational units.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sounds a bit like the Patriot Act and TSA. Which is coming up for renewal. Perhaps the republican congress will tack this on as well. Calling it a domestic violence control rider.

  5. Baltimore proved that this has NOTHING to do with race, and EVERYTHING to do with "control".

    1. Eggs over easy or over hard?

      Is egg-zack-lee anything like Eggs Benedict?

  6. WHEN the Baltimore cops all get acquitted it will be the dead Trayvon fiasco x 1,000. It's all exactly the same: a vile, reprehensible prosecutor overcharges to the hilt, to the mindless joy of the weak-minded, then any half competent defense atty. will convince a righteous jury to throw out the abomination. Then the weak-minded, with delusions of revenge shattered, will react the only way they can - like screeching baboons.

    RN USSR and all you slugs - will you still be slapping your 1" when Baltimore plays out in EVERY city in a few short months? Dozens of riots simultaneously.

    Fecal brained fools.

    1. "Democracies are most commonly corrupted by the insolence of demagogues."

      ~ Aristotle (382- 322 B. C.)

    2. Wake everyone PLEASE when radical racist shit for brains redass has something even remotely intelligent to say.

      His flaming hyperbole and inflated demagoguery is typical reactionary boilerplate.

      Slosh on in the political red tinged muck.

    3. Even you can't deny that's exactly what will happen.

    4. I agree RR. It's hard to deny

    5. Acquitted because the police should be allowed to kill people? That would be a vile and reprehensible verdict.

    6. ^What is it like to have been born without a brain?^

    7. No aquitted if therewas no intent,unlike the cop in NYC today and the other 36 killed this year so far in the country

    8. Depraved indifference. They did not intend to kill him. They just didn't care that their brutality might result in his death.

  7. Lisa, linked this post at RN USA. Hope you don't mind.

    1. Not at all RN, It's worth sharing.

  8. Lisa, Yea, many more good than bad cops. Probably the 80-20 rule.
    It's hard to imagine who of the good ones will continue to work in places like Baltimore or any of the other democrat breeding spots.

    1. I agree Kid who would even want to be a cop today as my Dr said he can't see why anyone would want to be a Dr Today

  9. The only "flaming Ass hole" here is you RN

    1. Mirror mirror on the wall,
      Who's the dumbest dick of all?

      Why that's easy said the mirror,
      Next to RR you'rs the dumbest of them all!

  10. Dear Liberals, Socialists and Assorted Idiots,

    We tried to tell you but YOU, and we tried to warn YOU and we told you that Elections have consequences, but you told US that we were crazy.

    WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you that your Messiah was lying again when he told you that YOU could “Keep” your Health plan and Keep YOUR doctor if your Congressman voted for Obamacare.

    WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you that your Messiah was lying again when he told you that he ONLY wanted to stick it to the “rich” and hike THEIR taxes, and not yours.

    WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you that your Messiah was lying when he toldYOU that he knew nothing about the attack on Benghazi, yet he watched the entire Attack on Benghazi and did nothing to help them!

    WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you what many Democrats have believed for years that Michelle Obama was NOT Jesus reincarnated.

    And WE trid to tell YOU that Barack Obama was NOT the MESSIAH, but YOU wouldn't believe that either!

    WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you that the leftist media is useless as far as reporting the truth.

    YOU told us that WE had NO IDEA what we were talking about.

    YOU called US crazy. You called US names. YOU said WE were lying. Well, now I’m here to tell YOU that yes, Elections DO have Consequences

    1. And YOU have your tin foil hat on tight tonight!

    2. Whoopee! Feel better now? Cause that rant and a buck might get you a cup of coffee.

    3. WE Conservatives, TRIED to tell you what many Democrats refused to believe for years that Michelle Obama was NOT...Human.

    4. Nice Try Fury but unfortunately love is blind and some ears have walls,but I agree 100%

    5. The music means you've entered the Alex Jones Zone.


  11. Go ahead and Get Your ANGRIES Out RN, But at the risk of changing the topic, I’d like to express my gratitude to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo! NOT!

    Yeah Right! Aside from another excuse for getting Stinko Drunk Why should we Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo? And do you even know what Cinco de Mayo is all about?

    Most of us Americans believe that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, but they are wrong, it’s nothing of the kind, not even close. . Mexican Independence Day is actually September 16, not May 5.

    Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it..

    Cinco de Mayo is the date commemorating the Mexican Army victory over French troops at the Battle of Puebla way back in 1862.

    So why has Cinco de Mayo become such a large event and a reason to have a celebration here in the USA? to do with our Nation and doesn't even commemorate the independence of Mexico. Besides drinking Beer and making the Mexican Restaurants busy!
    Who makes up these stupid these holidays? It’s really the Beer companies who do.
    Halloween is an excuse to dress like a Ghost, or a Monster and based on what I see every night at the clubs nobody needs an excuse for that either.
    The people at the greeting Card companies make up “Happy Secretary Day”, “Happy Plummer’s Day”, and “Happy Grandparents” day. .

    Cinco de Mayo is really just another day for Americans to celebrate and have a reason to Drink beer by the Keg and Margarita’s until they get plastered., and for the Beer makers to sell more Beer. Cinco de Mayo is a day manufactured by the Beer companies to get drunk

    Personally, I would rather celebrate Mexico by having a "Sinko de Mayo" day

    1. Go ahead and Get Your ANGRIES Out RN,...

      What angries TDDW? You need to talk with TDR, Rambo, Radical Racist Redneck, FreeThinkea, and a few others here that have major anger management issues.

      But I do appreciate your concern, however misplaced it is.

  12. Thanks for that DD, You said it best, I’m glad that someone is here to stand up for America.. . Lord knows it's not going to be these worthless democrat. These grubby Mexicans are getting away with enough here, we don’t need no Stinkin Cinco di mayo to drink their beer and eat their Guacamole and chips. These illegal’s need to go back to Mexico. go home, los Mexicanos. Learn to speak English, and become American citizens. And then MAYBE, I’ll eat your crappy Tacos. and a purpose to get drunk

    1. hanks for that DD, You said it best, I’m glad that someone is here to stand up for America.. . Lord knows it's not going to be these worthless democrat..

      Tell the hundreds of thousands of democrats of all ethic backgrounds that wore the uniform and stood up and fought for America. Tell that to the family members of the fighting democrats that lost their lives standing up and fighting for America.

      You are really too much. Your blanket statements indicting ALL with a political difference of opinion as worthless simply belies your ignorance.

      What a shame.

    2. We will. Whenever the first one exists.


  13. Dr. Ben Carson says he wants to be president...
    However I think that Obama ruined it for any other Black to become President.
    Obama is the one President who has done the most damage to this country, and the votes won’t forget that.

    He has overseen the weakest recovery from a recession in modern American history
    His Internal Revenue Service used its unparalleled power to stymie political dissent. No one has been held accountable. His ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. No one has been blamed. When every America knows that it was HIS Sec. of State who was to blame and who covered it up and LIED through her teeth about it. The only blame the Obama administration has leveled was on a videomaker in California who had nothing to do with the assault. In this president’s White House the buck stops nowhere.
    He is the most decisive President in our history, race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
    Think Rev. Wright,Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and all the rase baiting things that obama has bone like The Harvard Professor, Trayvon Martin, Baltimore, Furganson and the list goes on and on.
    The Most Anti-Israel President in American History
    The Path to Citizenship
    Social Security and Driver's Licenses for Illegals.

    1. WTF does Oops supposed to mean?

    2. Click on it, enlarge the picture when you get there, read and repeat.

    3. Nah, I really don't care enough to be bothered .

    4. I wonder if there is going to be any RIOTS in New York today as the White Cop that was shot by a Black THUG . Just Died

    5. And I wonder if the progressive blogs are going to even mention it?

    6. Lets see if the press gives him the same amount of coverage because of his skin color as they gave Obama. Oh wait...this guy's a conservative!!

    7. I guess you're referring to Dr. Carson!

    8. Don; Oh stfu you moron. You give no concrete examples only rumor, conjecture and lies. Obama will be known as one of the most accomplished President in recent history:


    9. Don't you know how to link something? Nobody wants to copy and paste your stupid links

    10. Lisa, you can't teach a Dunbass new tricks

    11. Obama will be known as one of the most accomplished President in recent history:


    12. Tell that to the people who have dropped to the poverty level since 2009 and all the boarded up businesses around the country.
      That I will give Obama credit for

    13. We know Rambo. You obviously haven't learned anything new since your first bowel movement.

    14. ^"I know you are but what am I?" - part 17,223^

  14. Replies
    1. Wigger deBlackio got his first hard-on since Kwanzaa!

  15. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    People make statistics out to be actual scientific evidence. What the statistics DON'T show is the reason for such stops, always assuming it is due to skin color.

    1. They can't really believe that .I think they just do it so they can pretend to care

  16. Well, I think the situation in Baltimore is just awful. What is never even mentioned is what an upstanding citizen Freddie Gray was.

    Do you realize Mr.Gray was such a role model to other young men in Baltimore.Freddie was so concerned about his carbon footprint he wouldn't drive a car,choosing to ride a bicycle as to not add to pollution.

    The morning Freddie Gray was stopped by the police he was on his way home from working all night at Johns Hopkins,were he put in untold hours as an intern in the Cancer Research Dept.

    Just prior to his arrest that morning Freddie had stopped at a homeless shelter to help hand out the breakfast meal to needy folks.

    Yes my friends....Freddie Gray was an outstanding benefit to society.


  17. .....and if you believe that shit, I'll tell you about the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny....

  18. Related: Anyone watching TV this PM understands what Obama BLEW as president.

    A must-read!

    I happened to be watching when the lying neighborhood eyewitness put on a show. Damned near got Baltimore ramped up for another round of destruction.

  19. And, Shepard Smith has apologized for Fox New's erroneous false report. Police have arrested a man whose firearm was discharged while he was running away for illegal possession of a firearm.

    Fox has egg on its face. Again.

    1. Better than the SNOT that YOU have on your face.

    2. RN,
      I saw the entire segment when it aired.

      Yes, Shepard Smith made an allegation about having seen the whole event transpire.

      But what about that lying, whining woman? She put on quite a show and got the bystanders agitated. The city could have again devolved to looting and burning.

      Baltimore is simmering right now. One mistake by anyone could set things off again -- and not only in Baltimore. Furthermore, the police cannot possibly be perfect when dealing with THUGS. Yes, THUGS. Ignore that reality at your own peril.

      As for the shot that was heard, it is believe that the round fired when the fleeing black man dropped the gun he had. The police appear not to have fired a single shot -- never mind what that LYING black woman swore to up and down in front of the cameras yesterday.

    3. It a good article AOW, thanks for the link.

      Business and jobs never materialized. Again pointing to thee reality that poor economies drive increase in crime.

      The condition and issues in Baltimore are complex and there is no easy solution. If there is a solution to be found a good start would be to stop vilifying cops and entire communities.

      I'm not hopeful.

    4. RN,
      Business and jobs never materialized.

      And this, too, which is a serious problem in Baltimore (and elsewhere):

      “A lot of people around here got caught up,” said Harlee, noting that his addiction to crack cost him his family and a series of good jobs — as a corrections officer, a firearms instructor and a long-haul truck driver. Harlee went to prison for five years for slamming his truck into a car and killing the driver after an all-night crack binge.

      BTW, there are jobs in Baltimore -- or were, anyway. Major employers who hire unskilled or barely-skilled people: Convention Center, Camden Yards, Johns Hopkins, Inner Harbor, and many more. However, dealing drugs pays more -- a lot more.

      Furthermore, many of the above jobs in Baltimore have been filled by whites and immigrants.

      I know quite a bit about Baltimore, which is about 50 miles from Northern Virginia (where I live).

      In fact, Mr. AOW and I were planning a two-or-three-day trip to Baltimore this summer. Not now! Can't take the chance that something would happen to our handicapped van. Handicapped-taxi fare would cost us nearly $500!

    5. Fair enough. Honestly AOW I do not see anything changing anytime soon. Vesting too much in ideology precludes people from seeing all alternatives. I mean that as a nonpartisan statement. All sides share in this problem IMO. Nowhere is it more noticeable than on the internet.

  20. The point I guess is irresponsible reporting by the enemedia. This irresponsible reporting by a Fox News reporter could very well ignited more unrest.

    The curfew has been lifted and as of last night it appeared hopeful. But I'm thinking the usual sy suspects and Fox will push it as far as possible down a dead end road.

  21. What we have seen and what are seeing in Baltimore today is an example of decay and literacy from a culture akin to animals that goes back to decades of liberal progressive policies.
    And by calling these Baltimore Rioters Thugs Does Not Make You a Racist, It Describes Those People Exactly What They Are THUGS!

    Blaming the cops for this is only giving credibility to these THUGS. These people don't care about what really went on regarding Freddy Gray, they only care about getting all the handouts, and Free-Stuff they think they deserve.

    One of the problem is that we have a president who keeps inciting these riots.
    Are we supposed to ignore those Thugs and Criminals and just look the other way. Is that going to solve the problems? Is that going to keep them from burning Baltimore down? Is that going to give them Hope & Change?
    This country has given the Blacks all the advantages and Affinitive Action has helped those who want to be helped more than any other country has. The Mayor is black. The council is almost two-thirds black. The School Superintendent is black. The Police Chief is black, and a majority of his officers are black, and our president is Black..
    The city of Baltimore has been anything but a racist City, and has not been a racist city long ago, and yet nonetheless it has had as much chaos this week as we have seen for decades! And sill the African American protesters took to the streets to express their grievances instead of expressing it with intelligence, and reasoning. There is NO way to condone the behavior we have seen in these “Protests’” but to call the Rioters THUGS!

    Just yesterday, A Black thug shot and Killed a White New York City Cop! Did you hear Obama or Sharpton say even ONE WORD about it? The New York Progressive mayor didn’t even go to visit him in he Hospital!
    Heres the story..
    A plainclothes New York City police officer was shot in the head and critically injured while in an unmarked police car Saturday as he and his partner attempted to stop and question a man they suspected of carrying a gun, officials said.

    Officer Brian Moore and his partner, Erik Jansen, noticed Demetrius Blackwell "walking and adjusting an object in his waistband" when they pulled up on him in their car, exchanging words with him before he turned and suddenly fired at least two rounds into the car, police Commissioner William Bratton said.

    "The man immediately removed the firearm from his waistband and turned in the direction of the officers and deliberately fired several times at the vehicle, striking Officer Moore in the head," Commissioner Bratton said at a press conference at a Queens hospital. The 25-year-old Moore was undergoing surgery but listed in stable condition.

    Blackwell was arrested inside a house about 90 minutes after the early-evening shooting on a block he resided on near the crime scene, Commissioner Bratton said. The weapon has been found.
    This is what happens to Cops that attempt to enforce liberal gun laws

    1. That didn't take long. THERE WILL BE NO WAY OUT.

      Certainly not until hyperbole, half truths and lies, character vilification (Obama as described in the above comment), and partisan agendas die.

      It ain't gonna happen anytime soon. That is glaringly obvious.

  22. As they say "We get what we deserve" the idiot Progressive's voted for these creeps ( Obsma and Di Blasio ) in big numbers , we got them and we are Screwed, as expected!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Today my thoughts and prayers go out to officer Moore and his family. I thank each and everyone of you Police Officer’s for what you every day and every night. Please make it home safe after your shift.
    Police Officer’s LIVES MATTER! you all matter.
    God bless and watch over you all.
    I can't imaging what officer Moore’s family is going trough , my deepest condolences to them and God bless all of you guys in blue out there.

    And in response to that mantra, or slogan “Black Lives Matters” well let me clarify that by saying All Lives Matter!
    This Black racist movement who are running around saying that “Black Lives Matter” is specifically saying that Cop’s Lives Don’t Matter, and that’s disgusting.. These people are actually trying to belittle Police Offices and White people and use it for their own agenda!

    And as for Obama and his latest remarks, trying to blame what had happened in Baltimore on the Cops, The facts speak for themselves, and cannot be argued. The looters who were responsible for the destruction of property, destroying police cars, , burning, looting, stealing, and rioting, were arrested for good reason. Hopefully, he will finish his term of office without further damage to this country and we can get someone in the White House who can set this country back on the right path.
    Sorry, but that facts are what they are.

  25. Not that i was happy about the way Freddy Gray died and that the died at all, But, it was about time that they arrested Freddie Gray, a known drug dealer and user with an extensive rap sheet. There are different descriptions of the manner of his death, but the details of the autopsy are still obscure beyond a reference to having received a blow to his spine. Yes, they attributed to having been placed in the police van, shackled hand and foot, but not having a safety belt applied, but who really know if that was really the case or was that excuse made to shift the blame to the cops and put an end to the riots! .

    That doesn’t excuse the response from the black community of Baltimoreans, and to give them a reason to loot, vandalize, burn down private business’s like what they did to the CVS store, and set fire to their own neighborhoods by way of protesting alleged police brutality. The Mayor’s response was to tell the police to stand down and let the protesters have their way, no matter what their “way” was.
    So, what now? Baltimore and all their politicians from Obama on down who keep telling us the police are the problem, not the actions and the past behavior of Freddie Gray and the Freddy Gray’s to come, who aways blame someone else including the Police for their problems and their behavior. Lets not forget the rap sheet of Freddie Gray was 10 miles long ..

  26. What we see happening in Baltimore is typical of the result of liberal /progressive failed policies.
    If you listen and believe what you now hear about Baltimore, they say that Blacks were kept down and the lack of jobs, opportunity, good schools is why they become involved in crime.. Well if this is true, then why do these blacks keep voting for the same DEMOCRATIC people? And why, is this problem only isolated to Baltimore?
    Don’t blame what happened with Freddie Gray, on Baltimore’s lack of jobs, or lack of education, or poverty, or even their strict gun control policy, or anything else that Obama and his gang will say.
    We have and have had a large about of unemployment for a long time and in lots of other cities, and yet we don’t see riots there.
    Freddy Gray had a long criminal record, and this was well known to all of the police officers, as well as the other local politicians in the community. He was known to engage in unlawful criminal activity that would in any other city be considered evidence of a trouble maker. He had at about 20 arrests and his arrest record started way back as a juvenile trouble maker. In fact his early arrests were apparently confined to drug offenses, in later years he began to be charged with acts of violence, including several charges on differing dates of second-degree assault, as well as burglary.

    In addition, the neighborhood where the arrest occurred is known more generally for being a high-crime area, and so the police would be expected to be particularly attuned for indications of criminal conduct.

    In this context the police observe well-known criminal Gray acting in a manner that they perceive as noteworthy. The police begin to approach Gray, a form of police conduct that requires no particular legal justification at least until an actual interaction has begun. Observing the police approach, Gray substantially increases the suspiciousness of his conduct by fleeing the officers."

    1. Duck,
      Wife beating?

      Not so sure about that part.

      The article mentions the mother of Rice’s young son and a fellow Baltimore police officer. Did he have an affair with his police partner, the mother of a love child? Sounds like Peyton Place!

      Re-read the article. Clear as mud.

      Lt. Brian Rice does have a history of being unable to sustain relationships. No doubt about that. That inability to sustain relationships is quite common among officers of the law. Lots of reasons for that problem.

  27. Who would think that the Old Hag Hillary would be a frighten Crook at her age.
    One would think that she'd be to old to go to jail!

  28. Something will be done.

    The entire force will be after the perp who will be caught and sentenced harshly. Although it's worth pointing out that most police die in their squad cars in traffic accidents. Until they stopped high speed pursuits in Mass. the cops were killing civilians at a pretty good clip.

    However, when a cop kills an innocent civilian ther whole department will cover for him and do all in their power to prevent trial or punishment.
    Poor people eventually get fed up and here we are.

  29. Wow, a new trial was just decreed for the guy convicted of shooting this fine public servant.

    "The 52-year-old Boston detective was shot in the face with a .25-caliber pistol while working a uniformed, paid detail at a Walgreens pharmacy on American Legion Highway in Roslindale in the early morning of Sept. 26, 1993.

    Mulligan was sitting in his rented sport utility vehicle in front of the store, apparently sleeping, when he was murdered. His 9mm Glock service pistol was stolen; prosecutors said Ellis had wanted the gun as a trophy.

    Despite evidence that Ellis had the murder weapon and Mulligan’s service pistol in his possession after the killing, his first two trials ended in hung juries. Ellis was convicted of first-degree murder in the third.

    In seeking a new trial, Scapicchio argued in 2014 that recently discovered evidence linked Mulligan to a conspiracy in which Boston officers allegedly robbed drug dealers. This connection, she said at the time, revealed a new motive for the murder and perhaps a different killer ..."

  30. This should make a gutter snipe like the Duck happy with glee...

    1. Do you really give a CRAP about "Duck"? Or what he thinks or says?
      I don't . So why do you even give him the satisfaction of answering that Prick?

  31. The last paragraph from Did Baltimore’s Prosecutor See Freddie Gray’s ‘Legal’ Knife? (Daily Beast):

    Furthermore, by saying the arrest was illegal, Mosby has made the case to the public that cops should have never begun what ended with Gray’s death. Cops surely had no right to kill Freddie Gray, but they may have had the right to arrest him. All of that—and what happens next in Baltimore—may now hinge on a single spring.

  32. Related:

    Anyone watching TV this PM understands what Obama BLEW as president

    About 2:45PM today right where the CVS in Baltimore was burned out last week, Cable news broke out of their normal action to show a man laying on the street. A black man. They also showed a gun on the street nearby. The 2 second view the cameras showed actually had ME convinced the man had been shot.

    Fox immediately and to their CREDIT as an impartial witness themselves, had eyewitness live testimony from one of their reporters, and a witness in the street, who lives in the neighborhood.

    The FOX reporter said he heard a shot, ONE SHOT, and saw the man laying on the street, and another cop standing over a weapon, which was clearly a revolver and no snub nose. The man was removed within 10 minutes though it was not clear where he was taken. Crowds began to gather.

    The neighborhood eyewitness gave her view. She witnessed that the man who she said was shot in the back, was sitting on a stoop talking with friends when the cops singles him out, gave chase and a white cop shot the man.

    Crowds were getting loud around the police and the reporters. This witness then told the reporter that there was no question about what happened and if the police came out with a different story, they were just ‘covering their ass’ and she would never believe anything the cops had to say.
    In this, she made no distinction about the color of the cops. Thus giving truth to the narrative growing in the last week, that the cops were not really black, but invested in the white mans dominance, and were BLUE. This narrative was new to me and one I had heard only a few hours earlier from a social critic whose color I don’t know and don’t want to know....

    Read the rest HERE -- including the comments.

    It's a wonder that big trouble didn't break out!

  33. Do you really give a CRAP about "Duck"? Or what he thinks or says?
    I don't . So why do you even give him the satisfaction of answering that Prick?

  34. Food Stamp Suspension for Rioters? Baltimore Legislative Efforts Start

    Let's see what the legislature does and passes along to the governor for signature or veto.

  35. After seeing all these THUGS in Baltimore burn down their own neighborhoods, jump allover and destroy Police cars, and literally destroy stores like CVS and Rite Aid stores to get their free cigarettes, Cell-phones, toilet paper, and whatever else they could get their hands on and then hear the so called Pastors, their Governor and other national leaders, and even the president of the United States tell the rest of the Nation to understand the youths' anger? And that we should try to understand their “frustration” for being poor and for not having the things that other folks have, make me want to PUKE!
    Maybe Al Sharpton and their Governor would like to pay for rebuilding the CVS and the rest of the City?
    And then we are TOLD not to call these Rat Bastard’s “Thugs”.
    Well then, what else should we call them, “A DESPICABLE PERSON” “A SCOUNDREL”?
    Well lets see now, what is a “THUG”? An Italian? Plenty of Italians have been called Thugs and so have Jews and Irish. A THUG is a criminal who thinks for himself, is a motivated by easy, theft, crime.

    They don't care about justice, they just want free Beer, Liquor, free Cigarettes, Prescription Drugs from CVS, Cell-Phones, and other Electronics to sell to the local Pawn Shop. These “Black Leaders” say No, they are simply acting out of their own wants and desires, because they had a “hard life” because they came from a "Single Parent Home". I say Bull-Shit! The riot is just a cover to get their Free-Stuff and to run wild in the Streets, like Wild Animals! Freddy Gray’s death is just an excuse to get their freebies and fulfill their desire for instant gratification.

    Baltimore and on all the politicians from the President on down who keep telling us the Police are the problem, not the Michael Brown’s or the 400-pound “I can’t breathe!” asthmatic "Gentle Giant" Eric Garner, or the Freddie Gray’s who are roaming our city’s streets.
    Or the unarmed black youth Trayvon Martin who was just walking around eating Skittles and drinking "Iced Tea"?
    This was the cause of the Ferguson, Missouri, and the Baltimore riots
    I can remember back when these Black Thugs had resentment of police authority, way back to the 1960's when they called the Police “PIGS.”
    These people never had the traditional respect and regard we have had for our Police, or our Fire-Fighters either for that matter.

    So, our first black President has failed, and failed badly, so many of the are Black Leaders who are Thugs as well as the local and National Politicians and National Race Hustlers who cut them a Free- pass are the ones to blame for the troubles in the Black communities. The thugs and the race hustlers and appeasing Politicians are to blame for setting back Blacks and Black Politicians.
    I don't, and can’t believe that these THUGS and looters give a crap about Freddie Gray or any one else besides themselves.
    We've coddled these Hoodlums, these Thugs, these Spoiled Street Bums, these Delinquent Rats, for too long, it's time to take these cities back and to quit rewarding this kind of behavior by giving them hand-outs!

  36. They make barf gags don't they?

    Rioting, looting, destruction of property, endangering others, ect. Is madness, unethical, and unjustified.

    So is the failure to look beyond the obvious.

    1. Well, There You Have It, Proof Positive That Libertarians are as Dumb as Liberals...And Mentally Disturbed People
      Thank You Rational Nation USA!

    2. You're welcome. Always happy to point out in subtle ways the absolute ignorance and idiot tendencies of reactionary conservatives that foster fear, lies, and hypocrisy.

      Did I mention your delusional hallucinating condition? Oh, that's right, it is on full display for all to see..

  37. There are several posters here that are genuine Nuts, Disgruntled Liberals, and the rest of the imbeciles are that want the government to legislate their morals are Pure Idiotic Progressives. And then there are the Libertarians, who are Psychopaths/Sociopaths, Communists - Maoists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, etc. and yes, have very serious mental defects that leaves them without a concept of morally right or wrong, like Mr. Rational Nation USA.

    1. What a bunch of bullshit and hypocrisy from a fool that has no idea what a liberal, libertarian, conservative, Marxist, fascist, centrist, socialist, anarchist, monarchist, oligarch, plutocrat, or any other variation that exists.

      As to the concept of right and wrong, morality and ethics, you sir know little if anything about therm. You sir are a pinhead, a malcontent that whines because your cherish paradigms are being shattered daily and you sir are too ignorant to understand the broader picture of why it is happening.

      What would be laughable were it not so unfortunate is your, and your fellow travelers, willful inability to discus or consider anything in a rational sensible way that doesn't fit into your narrow box agenda, That sir make you a large part of the problem.

      Have a god day sir. All anyone with any sense can do is to pity you,.

  38. I'm waiting with baited breath for you to start using your filthy disgusting curse words because your feelings have been hurt by the Dude telling it like it is.
    You little pipsqueak drama Queen.

    1. Projection is your game; you do it well no name.

  39. There are several posters here that are genuine Nuts, Disgruntled Liberals, and the rest of S d by the way, I agree with the Dude, you ARE an Idiotic Progressives. Libertarian, Psychopaths/Sociopaths, Communists - Maoists, Stalinists, Trotskyite ass- hole that has very serious mental defects, without a concept of morally right or wrong, Mr. Rational Nation USA...........
    How do you like those apples?

    1. Glad you finally recognized and admitted what you are.

      How do you like those apples?

    2. ^"I know you are but what am I?" - part 16,554^

  40. And by the way, I for one second the remarks of The Debonair Dude, the remarks of RN are just plain stupid and way out of line. He is a product of the friends he Hangs with!

    One more thing, to get back to commenting on the rioting in Baltimore and the comments by our First Black President.
    Our First Black President had spent his entire first term blaming George W. Bush for the bad state of the economy he inherited, while he was the one that damaged the economy.
    And for those “POOR” unemployed, young blacks, who were denied and deprived of privileges, so they just had to steal, burn, and riot to get them anyway. That was no surprise, we have seen this happen many times before and everytime it’s another piss poor excuse.
    Do we dare and put the blame on our First Black President that millions of all Americans were out of work, including White American’s who weren’t rioting? While the First Black President had programs after programs to provide any jobs that were available to Non-Americans!!
    Did it matter to you that our debt has grown by $7.3 trillion when Our First Black President entered office? The national debt was under $11 trillion then. Now it’s more than $18 trillion…and it will be $19 trillion when Our First Black President leaves office.
    In today’s poll, it shows that only 27% of the public think the nation is headed in the right direction.

    Let the record speak for itself. Americans are way worse off today than when our First Black President took office. In the 11 years since then he has totally failed to lead the nation into recovery, and lead us out of recession. He has failed to initiate anyway to stimulate investment and expansion.

    The nation’s First Black President has failed in every way as far as the interests of the African-American community is concerned. And they are worse off today, then they were under the Bush administration.. . He has hurt the younger workers, woman, and everyone else who had not been able unable to afford college or for young married couples to afford to purchase a home . These will be the legacy of our First Black President. To put it simply in one word “FAILURE”. And now the Democratic Party is offering us Hillary Clinton who just 25% of HER OWN supporters think she's honest?

    1. when Our First Black President leaves office.

      Oh, how I long, long, long, long for that glorious day!

      And for a first lady that walks on her hind legs!

    2. You are certainly entitled to your ppinion, as stupid as it is. You are a product of the friends you hang with Rotty Totty.

  41. If the young people of Ferguson had not rebelled, Mike Brown’s name would have been forgotten, and the word would have never gotten out. . The town would still have the same mayor and police chief. The cops would still be fining and arresting Black people for every conceivable thing, including “Their Manner of Walking in the Road,” “ Grass and Weeds,” and even getting beat up during a traffic stop. There would have been no Justice Department investigations or presidential commissions. If the young people of Ferguson had not rebelled, the city would be, for most of the country, just another dot on the map; just another forgotten impoverished Black community. And the world would have gone on as it did in the past. Now the whole world knows Ferguson. The people who rose up declare their hometown with pride. Yes, this is what Protests do. And now the whole world knows Baltimore and they will remember Freddie Gray’s name.
    They are destroying their own neighborhoods!” the news anchors shout, and the headlines read. . Yes, and Nat Turner destroyed “his own” plantation. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of his associates first ransacked the cupboards either.
    Was Baltimore not destroyed before yesterday? Who really tore up its neighborhoods? Who split the city’s spine? Which 9th graders at Forest Park or Fredrick Douglass high school boarded up the city’s 47,000 vacant properties? Was it the Bloods or the Crips that eliminated or outsourced 100,000 manufacturing jobs? Which teenagers let the city’s streets and services erode? Was it the kid with the red or black bandanna that cut the after-school programs? Which one recently settled lawsuits for the brutal beatings of Jerriel Lyles, Venus Green and Starr Brown? Or was it the Rich White guys who wanted the land to erect those high priced Condo’s? Or to build more of those Luxury apartment building thatl have separate doors for poor and low-income tenants, and the Section 8er’s
    And which one severed Freddie Gray’s spine?

  42. Take a 5-minute walk through any of these neighborhoods where yesterday’s clashes took place. From every angle society is telling these young people, but don’t tell us that we don’t care! Or that we do not give a damn about you, if you come from a poor family! The first rule of the streets and every police brutality activist, is that you cannot trust the media to tell the real story and give the people’s perspective. The retelling of Saturday’s violence near Camden Yards left out the fact that thousands had marched powerfully and without incident until they came into contact with groups of drunk white racists who provoked and assaulted them. Photos of white protesters coming to the assistance of their Black counterparts were portrayed as the opposite, as if there was a “race riot” initiated by aggressive Black people. A elderly white woman photographed who was supposedly being robbed was actually being helped by a Black man who was carrying her bag.
    Then came the lie about the Bloods, Crips and Black Guerrilla Family – the claim that they had signed a truce to jointly kill cops. In fact, their truce was aimed at unifying the city’s young Black men at a critical time of struggle. These organizations have been in the streets along with the Nation of Islam and other community groups trying to minimize looting and refocus the youth’s righteous militancy.
    That militancy has to be understood and accepted. It is not going away. The young people in the streets are tired of hearing that they must work within the very system that is brutalizing them – the same system that keeps letting killer cops walk. And although many tactics have displayed the people’s unity and power, from die-ins to mass marches, these have not materially changed conditions on the ground, nor stopped the epidemic of police terror. Even with a Black Mayor, Attorney General and President, there has been no justice. President Obama called those on the streets “thugs” who need to “be treated like criminals.” So when the politicians and community misleaders say “this violence accomplishes nothing,” many young people rightfully wonder, “and what has your way accomplished?”
    As the young people came to feel their collective power, they have first gone after the easiest targets, the retail stores in their own neighborhoods. The police and the politicians above them were of course perfectly willing to let this happen.
    When state authority appears to collapse, people go after the things they have long been denied or cannot normally afford. For many in Baltimore, that includes basic household items, food, cleaning supplies and diapers – which is what one could see being taken from CVS.
    But the phenomenon of property destruction and looting is common to all rebellions and revolutions throughout history. The American Revolution’s Sons of Liberty, who we’re taught to admire and who today’s Tea Party claims to follow, sacked the wine cellars of their enemies, broke their windows and dragged them out of their homes to humiliate them in the streets. Of course, this was not the conduct of the most serious and dedicated rebels, but no one teaches that such excesses and drunken revelry invalidated the American Revolution. That event is understood for its deeper social causes.
    In fact, revolutionary action and violence is upheld as a righteous thing as long as it happened over 200 years ago and was led by rich white men and slave-holders!
    So now the story is about the riots, rather than about a DEAD GUY WITH A BROKEN NECK, and SPINE. Congratulations, you undermined your cause on the first day.

    1. How is Freddy Gray doing these days Chaw? Or, for that matter, Trayvon? Trayvon must have found religion since he is quite Holey these days

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Who Is Pamela Geller? Pamela Geller is a Brave young lady and the head of an organization called the American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose mission, is to act against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

    Through websites, ad campaigns and public events, Pamela Geller has been warning us for years about the “Islamic machine” that she says threatens to destroy the U.S.A.
    Let me clear something up and stop some back-channel talk regarding the incident in Garland, Texas on Sunday night.

    Pamela Geller has every right to be as stupid, antagonistic, arrogant, manipulative and self-serving as she wants to be in her persecution of Islam, I have no issue with that in and of itself, as a matter of fact, there are *some* points that I agree with 100%, It don’t matter at all whether I agree or disagree with her. It’s her right, an action to answer for at some time in the future, but she has the RIGHT to say whatever she wants. And if she winds up Killing the two jihadi bastards. Then so be it, they deserved to be put down like the dogs they are. They were only two Muslim scum POS who are now taking a dirt nap

    I for one detest Islam and every last member of that cult of hate, persecution and murder. I didn’t declare war on Islam, and I know that you didn’t either, they declared war on you and on me, you and everyone else not of their persuasion.
    And I believe that if we’re going to fight a war with Islam, well, by God, let’s fight a war and get on with it. We don’t need a histrionic, headline worshiping Drama Queen like Barack Obama starting little *pissing contests* and then running back Washington,or to play Golf as he has don in the past. . If Pamela Geller wants to provoke these sons of bitches, and start the war in Texas she needs to STAY in Texas and fight the damned battle.. All we need is a President who is a leader with the guts to declare war on Islam in Texas and lead a rampage to run them OUT of Texas or to kill each and every last one of the sorry SOBs. We don’t need to *bait* Muslims into attacking, hoping for some horrendous action on their part that would give way to many headlines and interviews on FOX News for Pamela Geller and her army.

    That is, IN MY OPINION, all that Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative wanted, an *ATTACK* similar to those in Europe recently, but she was denied the writing of that vitriol filled screed when a Texas Police Officer showed these Muslim bastards how we take care of business here in Texas..

    Just sayin’.

  45. IN MY OPINION you are a hate filled hypocrite frightened that your world is changing.

    BTW, Geller is far from a young lady.

    1. Hey ass hole any Gentelnan calls any lady a "young Lady"

    2. Hey, dipshit, I ain't from the antebellum south or Texss. Brave women is more appropriate. 1) see ain't young, 2) lady is a judgemental term (she may or may not be). What we know is she is a women and she is brave.

    3. Are we supposed to respond to your ignorance?

    4. Einstein, rather your useless question why not specifically point out where I am wrong on this and why. That affords the opportunity for for enlighten discussion.

  46. Anonymous., said

    "Hey ass hole any Gentelnan calls any lady a "young Lady"

    That leaves RN OUT!

  47. So let me get this right, If you live in the hood it is not your fault if you do not take school serious, it is not your fault if you join a gang and start committing crimes and murders, it is not your fault if you refuse to look for work and dress like a slob. It’s not your fault is you don’t take responsibility for your actions? All those things are just not anyone's fault, right?
    If this is true, then you're simply making pathetic excuses for the failures of black people!

  48. Good news folks, nothing bad can ever come out of "Black Lives Matter". Trust us...

    1. Think it's time for your glycerin suppository?

  49. Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray? Can't the negroes come up with a martyr that ISN'T a ner'do'well, felon scumbag? Their priorities are slighly askew. Find better people to mourn!

    C'mon negroes, YOU'RE #2 - try harder!

    1. We know if you had anything to do with it you certainly would keep them second class citizens. You've no doubt been working to insure it your entire adult life.

      Look around yourself scumbag, there have been and continue to be many exemplary black role models.

    2. I said martyrs jizz face.

      I OWN YOU!

  50. April is the cruellest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain.
    Winter kept us warm, covering
    Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
    A little life with dried tubers.
    Summer surprised us, coming over the Starnbergersee
    With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade,
    And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten,
    And drank coffee, and talked for an hour.
    Bin gar keine Russin, stamm’ aus Litauen, echt deutsch.
    And when we were children, staying at the archduke’s,
    My cousin’s, he took me out on a sled,
    And I was frightened. He said, Marie,
    Marie, hold on tight. And down we went.
    In the mountains, there you feel free.
    I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter ...

  51. As far as PAMELA GELLER'S Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest is conserned...
    Are we as Americans supposed to alter our events, and our beliefs so as not to offend these muslim terroists? It may be that muslims are getting more comfortable in OUR country and are emboldened by their increasing numbers to start attacks like these anywhere there is a protest, march or any events ... Texas may be the first of many of these types of assaults on our way of life. Now, I am not defending Pam Geller here, but if I was to pick a fight with some towel heads, . I would do it in the Great State of Texas.
    I detest Islam and every last member of that cult of hate.
    When are we going to stand up on our own two legs and SHOUT, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!.

    1. RetiredGy Sgt,
      Are we as Americans supposed to alter our events, and our beliefs so as not to offend these muslim terroists?

      Well, I am not going to alter my beliefs and I'm going to keep running my mouth, too. If it costs me my job, so be it. I'm getting close to retirement age anyway.

    2. I detest organized religion PERIOD. Religion has been responsible for more carnage and human suffering throughout history than anything else.

      Spirituality is personal, it is internal, and generally it is good. Organized religion is about control and power as a result of the control. Religions throughout history have justified the evil they have perpetuated in the name of one God or another.

      Yeah, I'm pissed and I ain't gonna take it anymore.I' m going to keep running my mouth too. Truth is truth and it WILL prevail.

  52. I agree with AOW I'm not going to give those sons of bitches one inch!

  53. This NUT wants to be President!!

    Hilderbeast Klintoon.
    The Progressive (iDIOT'S) choice.

  54. So do Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and maybe Rick Santorum. So what?

    As they say there is a seat for every ass and you've certainly found yours.

  55. Ted Cruz is an Einstein compared to Hilda Von Clinton

  56. He is? Is that your personal bias talking or do you have some actual data comparing each individuals intelligent quotient? If so it would be Interesting, although irrelevant really. What is important is problem solving skills, the ability to find consensus through effective leadership skills, and the ability to put together a team of top notch qualified advisors.

    It remains to be seen if either has what it takes to do so.

    But thanks for your rather shallow hyperbolic observation Anonymous.

    1. What is important is problem solving skills, the ability to find consensus through effective leadership skills, and the ability to put together a team of top notch qualified advisors.

      Notice how jizz boy left out ANY mention of honesty, character, integrity, morality, ethics, etc, etc, etc...

      A PERFECT look inside the leftist so-called mind.

    2. oh yeah RN and we can see those wonderful qualities in Obama ,Reid and Pelosi. I would call it more of arm twisting.

      "What is important is problem solving skills, the ability to find consensus through effective leadership skills, and the ability to put together a team of top notch qualified advisers."
      Similar to what Ben Carson did as head Of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.. Or do you think a community organizing s---- stirrer is more of the leadership you prefer?

    3. Hey dufus, I was referring to skill sets required to be an effective leader. Being an Einstein does not assure effective leadership skills.

      As for those qualities of character and ethics, it was a given.

      But coming from a racist, pornographer, and liar such as yourself RR words mean shit.

    4. Lisa, I did not say Obama, Reid, or Pelosi were great leaders. Nor did I vote for Obama, either time. But we were not talking about that trio.

      Ben Carson was a brilliant and accomplished neurosurgeon and dealing with other medical scientists in a hospital may or may not effectively dovetail with being president. An actor became governor became president. It remains to be seen if Carson can parlay his skills and convince enough people he ought to be the GOP nominee and then the general electorate he should be president.

      Time will tell and the GOP circus car is quite large. He has a lot of completion.

    5. I think he is a diamond in the rough. He is very knowledgeable,don't be so quick to count him out

  57. As for Lying her ASS off, she has him beat!

  58. ♫2 gay mooselimbs sitting in a tree,

    K. I. S. S. I. N. G.!

    First came lust
    Then gay marriage
    And NO boys in
    Allah's virgin carriage!♫

  59. 2 Moochies sitting on a tree.
    One went to Spain and on a spending spree

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
    Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man,
    You cannot say, or guess, for you know only
    A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
    And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
    And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
    There is shadow under this red rock,
    (Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
    And I will show you something different from either
    Your shadow at morning striding behind you
    Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
    I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
    Frisch weht der Wind
    Der Heimat zu,
    Mein Irisch Kind,
    Wo weilest du?
    “You gave me hyacinths first a year ago;
    They called me the hyacinth girl.”
    Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
    Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
    Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
    Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
    Looking into the heart of light, the silence.
    Öd’ und leer das Meer.

  62. Madame Sosostris, famous clairvoyante,
    Had a bad cold, nevertheless
    Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe,
    With a wicked pack of cards. Here, said she,
    Is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor,
    (Those are pearls that were his eyes. Look!)
    Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks,
    The lady of situations.
    Here is the man with three staves, and here the Wheel,
    And here is the one-eyed merchant, and this card,
    Which is blank, is something he carries on his back,
    Which I am forbidden to see. I do not find
    The Hanged Man. Fear death by water.
    I see crowds of people, walking round in a ring.
    Thank you. If you see dear Mrs. Equitone,
    Tell her I bring the horoscope myself:
    One must be so careful these days. ...