Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thank You Dr Carson

Once again Dr Carson has the uniting and healing words we need so much now.
He hits on so many points that divides us and words that can unite us.
After listening to what he said tonite, there is no doubt in my mind he always was and is still my #1 choice hands down.


  1. Carson is a very fine, dignified man. That befuddles a lot of people.
    Unity is what we need....it'll never happen. We were closer before Obama/Holder/Sharpton. What a shame.

    1. What's wrong with those three?

    2. Racist white power advocate walks in and shoots up a church and you find a way to blame Obama.

      You're beyond impaired.

    3. a sick and demented idiot shot up the church. Keep piling on the hate Ducky. We know he is a racist but anyone who could do what he did has more loose marbles up there than racism .
      Maybe if the dems and the left wingers in the media would stop using division ,we would all be coming together. But it is blame whitey,blame rich people,war on woman,war on income.
      This admin and it's media cohorts, not FOX are the ones turning people against each other. Typical way socialists rule. Right up there with China

    4. He's a racist psychopath.

      Ditto for the republicans, it's blame poor people, blame immigrants, etc.

    5. Ducky, again...reading the comments clearly helps. You just can't rush into your agenda not having understood the comment.
      After you've read it, let me know where I blame Obama for this shooting.
      Rational...your comment's not worth a response.

    6. Seriously Z , Def not worth responding to a worthless comment

  2. by the way , that HL Mencken quote ROCKS. Talk about pertinent today....

  3. Let's do something the media won't do and that is look at the facts.
    The first thing the media does is inject race, and gun control, and the RIGHT-WINGER’S into. Sure there was a racial motivation but there is more to it and I suspect that this has many of the elements of other recent massacres.
    Anti Gun Nuts, go Wild, as Obama Preaches to the Whites!
    The shooters are SICKO’S.
    In nearly every shooting like this psychiatric medications are part of the equation.
    The shooters have always gotten their guns from their parents..

    Let's do something the media won't do and that is look at the facts. As you know the left leaning media will blame either the “right” or guns and cry for stricter gun laws but here are the facts. About 11,000 Americans are killed by criminals with guns. Over 1 million Americans are killed by the medical industry. Doctors alone kill at least 440,000 through medical blunders. There are 80 million gun owners in the US and only 700,000 doctors. Who's more deadly?

    The media will be screaming racism and gun control as they exploit this tragedy for all they can milk from it. The fact is 9 people are dead because some mentally unbalanced whack job full of racist red state talking points thought it might be a good idea to see how many Black people he could kill. The media will run with this story and feign shock and outrage until the next thing comes along like slightly deflated footballs or another NFL quarter killing some dogs

    1. Anything but admit the motive was racial. Can't have that because it would threaten the whole right wing house of cards.

      In a state that has poles by the side of the road flying the confederate flag you fringe right loons probably think it's just someone expressing cultural pride. Yeah, white pride.

      They still refusing to lower the confederate flag to half mast.
      All this in a state where a cop shoots an unarmed man several times in the back and gets caught on tape trying to plant a weapon.
      But race has nothing to do with it in South Carolina.

      They have a black elected senator. Their own Ben Carson.
      Race relations are fine.

      The fringe right is diseased.

    2. Politics in general is diseased Ducky.

    3. The kid said he was going to kill some black people. Racist enough for you fuckwad?

    4. Racism,hate,evil all one in the same. Someone sick ,demented shoots innocent people and this is the first time you want a reason for it
      As disgusting as this was the left acts like there is systematic violence against black people


  4. The Navy Shipyard Massacre, killer: Aaron Alexis, September 16, 2013. Killed 12 and injured three others. And HE WAS BLACK!
    The Fort Hood massacre, November 5, 2009, killer: Nidal Malik Hasan. Killed 13 and wounded 30 others. AND HE WAS A MUSLIM, NOT a Right-Winger.
    Virginia Tech massacre, April 6, 2007, killer: Seung Hui Cho. Killed 32 and injured 17 others. And he was Asian, who knows what kind?
    If you add Aaron Alexis, Nidal Hassan, and Seung Hui Cho to your list, only four out of seven are white, one was Palestinian, one was black, and the other was of Asian descent. Six of them had drug or mental health issues, and one was a religious terrorist. Alexis, Lanza, Loughner, Storm, Holmes and Cho had no previous religious histories. Hasan was the only one who acted based on his religious beliefs.
    There is a lot of blame to go around in the case of this massacre. The shooter was a nut case and probably has been on psychiatric meds for years. The father who is probably drenching of Southern culture and racism bought his nut case of a kid a gun. Same as the right wing nut mother of Adam Lanza.
    So......if you murder someone....who cares why you did it....you just murdered someone.....you should be executed.....

    How stupid is it that the Justice Dept. has opened a hate crime investigation into this monster who murdered 9 people.....?
    He murdered 9 people......why on earth are they wasting the money....?
    Hate crime laws have always had one purpose...as an extra tool to target enemies of the left......now you can see how absurd they are with this shooting.
    Ever see a black charged with a hate crime...Ever hear of the “Knockout Game”? Well thats a prime example
    The loony left thinks that a Black should never be charged with a hate crime! Well, lets see, how many times have blacks committed crimes on Jews, and on Jewish Synagogues? The answer is HUNDREDS of times. Or Kazillionaire’s of times. I'm just not seeing racist black mobs being punished with Hate crimes.

    1. How stupid is it that the Justice Dept. has opened a hate crime investigation into this monster who murdered 9 people.....?

      Hmm.... Because hate was involved? A psychotic hatred fueled by this psychopath's belief black folks ruin everything for good white folks?


  5. I’m about as far right and Conservative as it gets and I AM a gun owner, but I advocate gun owner’s responsibility, that includes the parents!!
    As much as I am in favor of gun ownership I am firmly convinced that there are some people that need to be denied access to ANY guns, even a rubber band gun. Because they are SICKO’s
    I am also an advocate for responsible friends and family doing whatever it takes to get attention for those that are unbalanced and in need of help in order to try and keep guns out of their hands.
    This punk-assed was given, GIVEN the gun by his father. What kind of parent GIVES an obviously *nutty as a fruitcake* kid a gun? That man is as responsible for this travesty as is the kid himself.
    HUNDREDS of dead blacks in Chicago and hundreds more in different cities around the Country and not a peep from the President, why? Because they were killed by fellow blacks. But a white man kills 9 blacks and suddenly it is an epidemic and killings must be stopped. Remind when was the last time the President got upset about Chicago or any other inner city where the death toll is in the hundreds? But whenever a Black is murdered, Obama goes on Television preaching like he's some Saint of all mankind, finger pointing at us white’s.

    1. You're a gun owner eh? Well LOOK there's a fly in your temple! Please do society a favor.


  6. I’m getting Sick and Tired of these Progressive Morons Preaching their hate to us Conservatives’s every time some sick moron shoots a black. Stop with your sickening preaching and blaming!

    Your shit smells a mile away. When are you going to bitch and moan like that when a black shots and Kills a White?

    Where the Hell were you Idiots when those New York Police officers Wenjian Lieu and Rafael Ramos officers were Targeted and MURDERED "Execution Style"? As you CREEPS would say “CRICKETS” .. Is anyone surprised?
    Time for these leftist ass-wipes Obama, Holder,De Blasio and Sharpton to STFU . Along with those Liberal bloggers who don’t know their ass’s from their elbows.
    Time and time again we see situations such as Baltimore, Ferguson , and New York referred to as "racial tension." In fact, it is caused by lack of character. Character defines your attitude and, likewise, attitude defines your character. It is "thug grandstanding" at its finest
    95% of blacks voted for the Obamessiah, that should tell you something about black racism. Black America belongs to the race hucksters, like Sharpton and Jackson, the front men for Obama and Holder..

    1. You really are dumb aren't you TDF? You know it, just admit it.

    2. Talk about being dumb, RN is the poster boy for it.

    3. And, You're stupid to boot Chowderhead.

  7. Today's news says he purchased the gun himself.

    1. Why wouldn't he.

      If for some miracle he was denied in South Carolina he could just drive a short distance to Georgia. Those morons will sell to toddlers.

  8. Replies
    1. Eight decent people get gunned down by a racist punk.

      Isn't it time for you or Rusty Chucklenuts to post some racist photo of Michelle Obama you sick clown?

    2. RR and ChuckleNutz are seriously racist; it's only a matter of time before the ladies get back to it Ducky.

  9. Barak Hussien Obama forced brokeback mountain on the boyscouts , has pushy gays harrassing good folks of Chic Fill A trying to silence thier opinions of morals and freedom of speech with gay mob tactics , Freed more of his brothers from Gitmo Bay as if the Bergdal Swap wasnt Obvious enough , Obama freed the ISIS leader from Gitmo Bay in 2009 , Susan Rice that is from Iran that lied about thier planned Benghazi 911 attack , Lynch is a muslim too , Kerry stated he knows the Quran better than anyone and recently said " wished we had a leader like Irans " ..Obama had himself a million muslim march in D.C. on the 911th day of 2013 , D.C. refused the american bikers a rally permit that shown up anyway and foiled that , Obama's benvolent tyrant king father Hussien Obama that wrecked Kenya into bloodshed in the 60s was dethroned and runout of Kenya for the same riegn of tyrany Obama is doing , look at his lapdog hostile socialist #$%$ propagandas , Obama is also throwing Israel under a bus again cause he hates Israelites , probably more than Barak Hussien Obama hates americans , Obama really hasnt been tough on terrorist like he has been on americans ..Obama appeases and pleases islamist terrorist .

    1. Oh stfu you stupid shithead.

    2. Nah, let him rant.

      You usually have to go to Gateway Pundit to find this level of stupidity.

  10. It is illegal in South Carolina to murder, and it is illegal in South Carolina to have a gun in a church. Yet Obamantion rants about the need for more gun control. If there was someone in the church carrying a gun, perhaps he could have stopped the slaughter. But since no one in that church would violate the law, they were defenseless. THAT is what stupid gun control laws cause.

    For Obama to make this an example for needing more gun control is totally irresponsible. The man was a racist, and if he didn't have a gun he would have made a bomb. Obama needs to get off his high horse.

    1. The pastor and the congregation did not want guns in their church.

      There are many reasons for that desire and certainly not the least is the understanding that guns beget violence.

      And they didn't want their church turned into an armed camp.
      Maybe they had some sick ideas about being peacemakers, eh Glenn.

      Yes, it's true that if there had been armed individuals there some lives might have been saved but you skirt the larger framing of the issue of gun violence as you usually do.

      Pitch till you win, Glenn. It's all so simple in your world. Just arm everyone home and abroad, right?

  11. How predictable...the leftwingnuts are running around like their hair's on fire.
    A misguided nut gun's down innocent people at a church and the world as we know it has ended. A very sad situation indeed but I think the country might just survive.
    Let see who the left has blamed so far.....guns...racism...FOX....Nikki Haley...the people of South Carolina...the Confederate Flag......there may be a few more by day's end.

    A few of the dipshits from Boston are just sickened and more then likely will be having many fitful nights because the Star's and Bar's in the South Carolina capital haven't been lowered to half staff. Poor thing's will be chocking on their chowder over this most serious issue.

    Having lived in Greenville S.C. for a few years my impression of the state is different then the Boston dolts. I found the people of S.C, to be extremely friendly,the states beaches and mountain area's are second to none.
    So,I'd tell the Boston bleeding hearts...if you want to denigrate South Carolina do it from the shit hole you live in,dont vist the beautiful beach's on Hilton Head Island....don't visit historic Charleston.....don't visit Ashville, but if you are ever driving through on I-95 and see the Star's and Bar's flying....give a quick salute.

    1. I could never be comfortable in a state that doesn't have a decent college or art museum.

      I'll stick to the Vineyard, assrack.

    2. Head lady ChuckleNutz just checked in I see.

      Speaking of dipshits.

  12. Hey Ducky,

    Whether the pastor wanted or didn't want guns in his church is irrelevant. THE LAW in S.C. says no one can have a gun in church. Just because a pastor doesn't want it, that doesn't make a difference to a legal carrier.

    1. It wouldn't matter, Glenn. The history of the church in the black south is rooted in non violence. That isn't going to change.

      Do you think South Carolina whites are going to let blacks arm themselves? Bore me later.
      The founders denied gun ownership to free blacks (and a lot of others).

      Then there is the history of Saint Ronnie Raygun going heavy for gun control when the Black Panthers started packing in public. Yes sir, 'ol Raygun was quite the gun control advocate as soon as he saw blacks getting serious about arming themselves.

      The racist roots of this tragedy won't change if the whites start showing up for their gay hating sessions strapped. They lose nothing but those of us who don't want to live in an armed camp still have something to lose. Not much and your kind will try to chip away but there is still hope.


  13. Clemson,,,,,,USC....S.C. State.....Furman.....Bob Jones University

    A right to work state......Business's there....BMW...Boeing...Volvo...Michelin..... a very,very business friendly state

    1. Bob Jones University? Are you on drugs?


  14. If a student desires a faith based education Bob Jones is perfect......of course the small mind of a non believer has a difficult time accepting that concept.

    1. Head Lady ChuckleNutz with more drips of drab.

      Speaking of small minds.

    2. Bob Joes is perfect?

      Yeah, so are madrasas.

  15. Ducky is a typical liberal. Brings up racism past to claim it is the same today. STUPID.

    1. It's not the same and we largely have liberals to thank for the progress.
      I'll admit there were very principled Republican allies back in the day but the Republican party has become the party of the insane.

      I get a kick out of the fringe right trying to pretend the left hasn't been the driving force behind important progress in this nation.

      You're sense of history is laughable, Glenn.
      But let me know how the freaks flying the Confederate flag in South Carolina are making a progressive contribution to race relations.

  16. The whole idea of "hate crime" is ludicrous. It is nothing less than thought crime. EVERY crime has hate involved. IT's just a way to punish someone more for committing a crime against a protected class of people. Just like animal farm - some people are more equal than others.

    1. Racism is racism; period. Talk about stupid.

  17. Has anyone thought about going back to the topic of the post rather than just bringing up more issues not relevant?

  18. Lindsay Graham is standing behind the Confederate Flag. Gee, what a surprise. It's only harmless heritage after all. Must continue to fly that baby high. Forget what it stood for.

    1. Must continue to fly that baby high. Forget what it stood for.

      Yeah like liberty, self-determination, the sanctity of local governments and keeping out a dictatorial feral gubmint. You know all the things you insist on blathering you stand for.

      Unless you are a completely mendacious liar, you should have the ol' stars and bars on your avatar.

  19. Ducky's hereJune 19, 2015 at 10:13 AM...Eight decent people get gunned down by a racist punk.

    It was 9 you low functioning dipshit

    And, WHAT THE FUCK would you ever know about decent you snide, slimy worm?

    1. Gee, my bad, Radical Redass.

      Now post an insulting photo of the first lady you racist pig.
      Say hi to Rusty.

    2. Next time I go by the Empire State Building I'll take one of her climbing the outside. Then I'll post it.

      Happy now paste eater?

  20. Ducky's here June 19, 2015 at 11:45 AM...I could never be comfortable in a state that doesn't have a decent college or art museum.

    Is the Louvre now disguised as a titty bar in Everett, MA? Which of the goombah mayor's donut shops is the accredited University of Everett?

    And who the fuck ever wants you to be comfortable? Anywhere?

    1. I'm a short subway ride from MFA, Isabella gardner, Fogg and Museum of Contemporary Art.

      I can drive a bit out to Worcester.
      The Cowper Madonna is on loan at the moment.

  21. So telling when something as clearly racist like this happens (and this seem to be a record year for this type of heinous crap) wingnuts always reveal themselves to be the biggest loses in their discussions like this one. Give them enough rope.....their stupidity and racism always shows up.

    1. Give them enough rope.....their stupidity and racism always shows up.

      Sure does. Your fellow Dhimmicruds in the KKK sure used rope to end racial issues didn't they?

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well, at least women are still alive. Some of them anyway.

  23. Ducky, it is YOUR sense of history which is laughable. Your ilk always wants to keep the victim card going.

    The problem with this blog is that there is really no moderation, and commenters rarely stay on topic. And with both sides of the aisle there is way too much name-calling and foul language. None of this is allowed on my blog because i require an intelligent conversation.

    Because the the junior high actions of commenters, me e-mail inbox gets hammered every time I engage with the topic. I Need to unsubscribe from this comment string, and in the future if I comment I will do so only what is needed and then not subscribe to the comment string.

    I think you should seriously consider moderating.

    1. I agree, of course, Mr. Chatfield, but why didn't you have the courtesy to make your point by responding to my last post by saying, "YOU'RE RIGHT," and then go on to elaborate on your own?

      The basic trouble with today's world is RUDENESS.


    2. I'm sorry you get mail bombed, Glenn. Not my style.

      However, a couple of dicks from right here at the Smut Hut have spoofed my screen name to post some really vulgar racist crap.

      You don't post on this site unless you want to roll in the mud.


  24. Stuff it FreeThinke....your babble is growing tedious.


  25. .....and to the leftwingnuts sooooooo concerned about the Confederate Flag....its really none of your GD business what the people of South Carolina do....its their way of remembering their past history and seem to be quite proud of it and I doubt very much if they give much of a shit what a few dolts from Baastan have to say about it.In fact tonight when those backward Carolinians sit down for their dinner of cornpone...grits and gravy they may very well be having a good chuckle about how they pissed off some dumb Yankee's.

    1. Chucklenuts, why was the flag absent for decades and only reinstated when the civil rights era started in the mid 50's.
      Makes you wonder what history you want to remember.
      Of course in your case we know.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What do you want for comments?

      Ben Carson, not in the Republican top 10, polishes off a few bromides and adds little insight to what he might do to respond to this tragedy.


  27. ....here's a news flash FT.....it's not your blog and if you don't like the tone,subject matter or direction of the comments....don't come here.

  28. The flag was in the cleaners Ducky. You should get one painted on your car...like the Duke's of Hazzard, might be a big hit in that shit hole Everett.

    1. The General Lee! I (heart) the General Lee. Bubba Watson is my favorite golfer - he drives a General Lee

    2. Love this from Charleston's permanent collection

      You've got your own Serrano, Budgie Boy.
      Only not as talented, figures.

  29. Lady boy ChuckleNutz continuing to be the clueless skirt she is.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. FT
      I alo saw much of the same on your blog and much of it was written by you yourself, so get off of your High Horse, and lighten up.
      Most of those comments that you are referring to are rebuttals to comments written by the liberal invaders or so called Trolls from the left.

  31. Damn Ducky.....I was reading about Everett Mass., do you really force your family to live in that cesspool. Surely you have enough dough to move them out of that third world town,I would hope anyway. And you being anti-gun,christ, if I lived there I'd be carrying an AK-47 when I went grocery shopping.
    Ducky,you had the audacity to denigrate South Carolina while forcing your poor family to live in a snakepit.
    BTW Duck....Urban Dictionary said Everett was the best place to get a donut,submarine sandwich or a funeral.........classy place.

    1. Rusty about 3/4 of the "city" is taken up by a gigantic cemetery. Extremely appropriate

  32. FT....I think you are an older chap...you may want to think about doubling up on the Metamucil, you seem to be out of sorts.

  33. FT
    I alo saw much of the same on your blog and much of it was written by you yourself, so get off of your High Horse, and lighten up.
    Most of those comments that you are referring to are rebuttals to comments written by the liberal invaders or so called Trolls from the left.


    Actor George Clooney called Obama “the best candidate I've ever seen,” a man who “possesses the one quality you cannot teach, you cannot learn, which is he is a leader.”
    The rapper Chris Brown wore an “Obama or Die!” t-shirt to make his own sentiments clear.
    Actress Halle Berry pledged, “I'll do whatever he says to do” in order to get Obama elected. “I'll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear,” she said with utmost humility.
    Actress Scarlett Johansson cooed, “My heart belongs to Barack.”
    Comedian Chris Rock warned prior to the 2008 election, “You'll be real embarrassed if he won and you wasn't down with it.”
    Filmmaker Spike Lee has called Obama “a historic figure” who “changes how the world looks at the United States” and ushers in the dawn of “a new day, a better day.”
    Comedienne and television host Ellen DeGeneres danced free-style with Obama in front of her live studio audience.
    Actress Alfe Woodard compared Obama to a cool, refreshing drink: “If you take orange juice and mix it with a little seltzer you get then same effect and it's good for you. And that's Obama—he's good for this country.”
    Actors Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas opened their home to co-host, with Eva Longoria, the first-ever national Latino fundraiser for Obama's candidacy, which cost between $5,000 and $35,800 to attend.
    Comedian George Lopez helped launch the website Latinos for Obama.
    Basketball legend Magic Johnson has called Obama “wise beyond his years,” “very intelligent,” “very capable,” “a winner,” and “truly unbelievable.”
    Another iconic athlete, Lebron James, said, “He's an unbelievable guy, honestly. He's very smart. He's very cool.”
    The rapper Drake said, “I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama's life soon because I could play him. That's the goal. I watch all the addresses. Any time I see him on TV, I don't change the channel. I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice.”
    Rapper Jay-Z says Obama is a better choice for president than Mitt Romney “by leaps and bounds.”
    Singer-songwriter James Taylor says, “I really love this president. I love what it says about America, that we were able to elect this man.”
    Singer Paul McCartney says, “I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy ... he’s doing great.”
    Madonna, shouting to her audience at a September 2012 concert, likened Obama to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.—depicting Obama as someone who has “fought for our freedoms, not just African Americans, but for all people of color, okay, or people who are different, unconventional, or people who want to believe in what they want to believe.... So y’all better vote for fu--in’ Obama, okay?”
    Oprah Winfrey put it more succinctly in 2008, when she said, simply: “He is the One.”
    Soon after Obama's 2012 re-election victory, actor Jamie Foxx shouted to his audience at the annual Soul Train Awards: “It’s like church over here! First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Y'all stand up ...” He then led the crowd in chanting the President’s name

  35. EIGHTY so-called "comments" now, and STILL only TWO of them just barely MENTION the subject of the post!

    SAD –– DREARY –– STUPID –– UGLY –– DEGENERATE and every other negative thing you can imagine.

    It's OVER. There is NO HOPE. We are DEAD MEN WALKING –– and WORSE we are DEAD MEN TALKING –– and saying NOTHING worth either hearing or remembering. PATHETIC!

    I like you, Lisa, and know your heart is in the right place, BUT YOUR BLOG HAS BECOME NOTHING BUT A CESSPOOL, because, apparently, you are UNWILLING, or possibly UNABLE, to FLUSH AWAY the CRAP.

    1. What you call "crap", are the comments, remarks from the lefty idiots like RN, Ducky, liberalidiot, and other occasional sock puppets from the Progressive Blog.

    2. Certainly, TMIMITW, but "crap" is ALSO irrelevant commentary that fails to address the subject of the post or deliberately distracts readers from the purpose of the post.

      I think Lisa is a great gal with a very good heart, BUT I think she is much too tolerant of the CRAP that infests her blog and makes genuine conversation all but impossible.

    3. You and your sock puppets are part of the crap.

      Stop playing it small, FT.

    4. SHUT UP, CANARDO, you lie through your slimy borwn teeth.

      The rot within you gives you chronic halitosis. All by yourself you've made a noxious green cloud over Greater Boston.

      It's a wonder you can stand to be in your own company. God help you –– and anyone unlucky enough to be with you –– should you ever get stuck in an elevator. It's a wonder you haven't asphyxiated yourself long ago.

      Insulting Dr. Carson, which is ALL you do whenever his name comes up, is an illegitimate tactic for proper debate.

      I have reservations about him, myself, because I'm afraid he may not be forceful and dynamic enough to win a campaign. OTOH, it's refreshing to hear a "still small voice" from a person of GENUINE, highly SIGNIFICANT accomplishment speak reasonably against tumult and the din.

    5. Small Ducky? More like tiny don't ya think?

    6. I'm no lefty PeeThinke, except to pea brains like you, Radical Racist Redneck, Rust Brain Chucklenutz, and the other reactionary riff raff that infest the extreme right wing cesspool.

    7. Hmmm, Radical Racist or Radical Redass?

  36. I know that some, and maybe many conservatives admire Ben Carson and want him to run for President. BUT is this the Ben Carson you want to elect?
    The same Dr. Ben Carson, who is author of “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future” argued that while Officer Darren Wilson did nothing wrong in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, police should be better trained in non-lethal force such as shooting aggressors in the legs..

    Ben Carson recently said on a radio talk show, “First of all, I don’t think that the police officer did anything wrong. Nevertheless, there are probably additional techniques and knowledge that he could have been given. So all along, we probably need to beef up the instructions for police officers in general so that they don’t place themselves in such dangerous situations” he stated.

    Carson continued, “he [Wilson] had every right to protect his life. But I do think that there are probably other techniques that could have been used.”

    He specified “for instance, in a lot of places, police officers aren’t even allowed to go into the more dangerous areas by themselves. They’re always paired. Or you know, people use tasers, people learn how to shoot people in the legs to stop them from charging, things of that nature. And I seriously doubt that he’d been given that information.”

    Dr. Ben Carson may be a strong Conservative in the eyes of some, he is quite likely a fine doctor and a great American, but when it comes to Law Enforcement, guns, their use and the Second Amendment, Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t know his hand from his foot and he just cost himself any support he may have gotten from me.

    “Why couldn’t they just shoot him in the leg” is the cry of the dumber than dirt anti-gun Libbers, not solid Conservatives and knowledgeable gun people and 2A supporters, at least not in MY opinion.

    Carson may indeed be a marvelous person but where guns are concerned, he is ignorant!
    Ben Carson said he changed his mind and was against gun registration because “sinister internal forces” could surface in that scenario. He “used to think they needed to be registered, but if you register them they just come and find you and take your guns.” He said, “I would never advocate anything to interfere with Second Amendment rights; however, I do think we have to be intelligent and address situations where people with AK-47s are mowing people down. We need to discuss, ‘Is there something we can do?’ We have to keep in mind that law-abiding American citizens absolutely should have gun rights.
    Let me tell you this:
    Any time someone says, “Why yes, I DO support the Second Amendment” … and then follows that statement up with “BUT”, or “However*, you are about to hear the words of someone that is NOT a TRUE supporter of the Second Amendment, NOT in ANY way.

    It’s that simple; Dr. Ben Carson is NOT an ideal candidate for POTUS, there may be NO SUCH THING as an *ideal candidate*, but in MY eyes, I knew right then and then, that there may be more issues more important then the Second Amendment. But when you start amending the Constitution to please a group, the entire Constitution becomes fair game, to anyone who may disagree with any of it, and the rest of it (The Constitution) is just useless.

    I have said for a long time; the GOP needs to run the hardest Republican Hard-Ass they can find, we don’t need some uber-polite, uninformed, weak and ineffectual person in the White House, we already have one there now.. We need a fire breathing, God fearing, America Loving Conservative in there, and as it stands right now that is a very short list.

    1. I'm very glad to see someone venture an opinion about Dr. Carson at LAST, even though i disagree with much of your statement.

      To focus SOLELY on a candidate's position on a SINGLE issue to the exclusion of all else seems unwise to me. It reminds me of my Roman Catholic cousin who looks at everything through the prism of ABORTION. Never mind Defense, the Middle East, China, Unemployment, the Economy, Creeping Sharia, Conservation, Crumbling Infrastructure, the Global Warming Hoax, Inner City Violence, or any of the rest of it, if a candidate does not come out foursquare against Abortion and loudly proclaim a determination to overturn Roe versus Wade, my cousin will not CONSIDER voting for him, her or it.

      Just between you and me, I think my cousin is a FOOL to be so narrow-minded.

  37. Obama lowered the bar for any future inept black to be elected and his moronic progressive supporters put him over. So I blame them for his being elected twice....
    What we need is a bona fide, experienced and proven leader. No more, celebrity wannabes BS, who are so in awe of Basketball Players,Golfers, and Rappers.
    And skin color is unimportant to me.
    I love it when Moron Progressive’s like Michael Moore and Bill Maher give their support to unqualified, inept, springless, gutless people and support the notion that the American Sniper is based upon a coward and a psychopath.
    This after they help elect President killer drone boy, not once, but twice.

    Those miserable jackass’s should be ashamed, but that would take a brain and/or conscience.

    Incidentally, Al Sharpton and Holder should both be tried as domestic terrorists for drumming up and encouraging the rioting in Ferguson, especially after the DOJ found that the officer in question was innocent.

    1. Yes. Yes, Yes, but don't you think Dr. CARSON might be JUST the right figure to star the ball rolling to break the death grip those filthy bastards have on such a huge segment of society?

    2. So other filthy bastards can control everyone.

  38. I knew this was coming Lisa, “never let a crisis go to waste”. This jerkoff we have for a pres.is so happy this kid is white he’s pering in his pants. He and the other communists are in their glory. Finally, a bonified white terrorist.

    1. Okay, but have you nothing POSITIVE to say about Dr. Carson –– or anyone ELSE who might help pull us out of the Communist Quicksand?

      Who could we BELIEVE? Who do you LIKE? Who would you SUPPORT?

    2. Positive? The effort he made to become an excellent neurosurgeon is exceptionally admirable.

      However, those skills don't translate well to the requirements for sound governance.

      The normals in America (the majority) don't want an extreme religious freak.
      He's Hillary's dream opponent. Are you too dumb to figure that out?

    3. Perhaps he is. Blind ideology impairs ones ability to see things realistically.

      As a result the nation will end up with a person who is untrustworthy and a phoney.

  39. Replies
    1. Although I could support Dr. Carson. If he would get the nomination .

    2. Walker has been my favorite so far too, but I great admire Carly Fiorina's feisty, dynamic approach. She's the most articulate candidate we have right now, and her presence as a woman on the Republican ticket could do a LOT to neutralize some of Her Royal Thighness's supposed "advantage."

      A Walker-Fiorina ticket, a Fiorina-Walker ticket, a Walker-Carson, or a Fiorina-Carson, ticket might be just what we need.

      The last would get both a black AND a woman on a REPUBLICAN ticket. I'd love to sit back and just watch the show, if we did that. The D'Rats wouldn't know whether to throw up or go blind. };-)>

    3. LMAO!!!

      Just what the party of stupid needs to indeed PROVE it is the party of STUPID.

    4. Well then maybe Hillary the Butchet of Bengazhi and Champion of the Progressive's would be better, at least she would continue to lead us down the path of Socialism

    5. Well no, but BS smells like sh*t regardless of which political party or ideology it originates in.

  40. Ben Carson: good man....great doctor...excellent conservative values....doesn't have the salt for politics

  41. He's right:
    Bill Maher Blames Right-Wing Media For Charleston: They Present a Really Twisted View:


  42. LOL!

    Ben Carson Made Millions Sitting On Board Of Company Whose Founder Lobbied For Obamacare


  43. Liberalmann..do you actually think that anyone but you really gives a flying fuck what Bill Maher thinks?

    Was Hillary on the same board as Dr.Carson?

  44. Zing! Nice deflection asswipe. Or should I say Radical Redneck?

    Dr. Ben Carson: 'The Heart of the Matter Is Not Guns...'


    1. Political anf governance Looneyville for sure.

  45. Was the Confederate Flag a contributing factor to the Shooting In Charleston, South Carolina, as the progressives ar ranting and Raving about “NOW”!

    The Confederate Flag is no more responsible for what happened in Charleston as is the gun that was used to shoot the two Police Officers in New York City, while they were sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn when that KILLER walked up to the passenger-side window and shot several rounds into their heads!
    Their KILLER had a long rap sheet that included robbery and carrying a concealed gun, also shot his former girlfriend and made remarks on social media saying that he planned to kill police officers because he was angered about the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases.
    So just who killed those two police Officers? The Gun? Or the deranged Racist Killer?
    Guns and flags are only objects, they can’t think for themselves, they can’t act on their own; they are at the mercy of the person holding them, and therein lies the problem.

    Morons exist in ALL Parties, and in all races, religions, and even in political groups. Their actions should NOT be used to judge every member of a Party or group, no more than the actions of ONE drunk driver should be used as an excuse to remove all cars, or all alcohol, the car didn’t cause the wreck and neither did the booze. The individual that drank the alcohol caused it. We can’t ban all knives because a homeless man stabbed someone in Central Park last year.

    Remove the morons, remove the mentally unsound, remove the know killers and potential killers from the streets, we must have the courts and the judges to assume responsibility for the actions of the people that they set free and stop given out these light sentences when they do commit crimes. and demand that our elected officials do the same.

    Politicians are entitled to their opinions, I would never deny any of them the chance to speak out or stifle their opinions either, but they must represent their community, and their constituency, and I am as entitled to speak mine as well as he or she is.
    Is the logic here that if we ban the Confederate Flag, less hatred and shootings will occur? I personally think that’s a major leap.
    Where once the Confederate movement symbolized Southern pride, now, by an effort by the left it is going to be associated with domestic terrorist, racists, and a whole slew of bad actions from bad people! It does not represent White Supremacy
    No! That flag represents "Southern Heritage" .
    I can think of a lot more offensive things here in America than the Confederate Flag.

  46. The Confederate Battle Flag represents what white racists rally around. Check out Roof's own website and read the racist manifesto posted there. Presumably written by him.

  47. During an interview on Thursday, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton practically blamed Donald Trump for the Charleston massacre by implying that his “inflammatory” rhetoric “could trigger someone who is less than stable.”

    “Like, for example, a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans,” she argued. “Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.”

    Trump fired back on Friday in a video he posted to Instagram.

    “Wow, it’s pretty pathetic that Hillary Clinton just blamed me for the horrendous attack that took place in South Carolina,” Trump said. “This is why politicians are just no good. Our country’s in trouble. Hillary Clinton reaches new low.”

    For the record, Trump never said anything inflammatory about Mexicans. He merely pointed out that a large number of illegal immigrants are criminals and “rapists.” That’s a fact.
    Furthermore, Trump canceled a sold-out campaign event in South Carolina immediately after the Charleston massacre. Meanwhile, Clinton decided to continue fundraising in California.

    “At this time of national sorrow, a responsible leader should be focused on uniting and healing the country,” Trump’s spokesperson, San Nunberg, pointed out to reporters.

    Nunberg also slammed Clinton for her complete lack of credibility when it came to violence.

    “This is the same politician who lied to the world after she failed to take proper steps to secure the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and falsely blamed the radical Islamic attack on a YouTube video,” he said.

    According to Newsmax, Nunberg also noted how “inappropriate” it was for Clinton to try to politicize the massacre — and how the fact that she chose to attack Trump indicated that “she must be nervous about something.”

    The reason she is nervous is likely because she knows deep inside that Donald Trump is everything that she’s not and never will be.

    In short, he’s a leader — and a highly successful one.

  48. I agree with what the cowboy wrote..

  49. When will the left, the liberal, the Leftist's, the progressive, etc. educate themselves beyond a second grade level so that they may understand clear, concise, simple sentences?

    Just because you don't like a law like the Right to Bear Arms, doesn't mean you get to violate it. I thank God every day that our founders protected Our Right to Arms.
    The beauty of the Constitution is that it can be amended. So go through the proper and legal amendment process and change it. Except that, you can't because the American people don't agree with you or your unhinged, Leftist, radical views. And that pisses you off. Well...sorry my friend, but you just can’t have it your way.

    1. Hey jackass, the 2nd amendment was written as a way to address the desire of Jefferson and others not to have a standing army in America.

      If blacks started to open carry en masse in the south there would be control laws enacted so quickly your head would spin.
      They'd enact them as quickly as Saint Ronnie Raygun did when the Black Panthers started carrying in Oakland.

      Look up the Mulford Act you ignorant sock puppet.

      And if you think the train wreck of a sentence we call the 2nd Amendment is clear and concise then you're dumber than Rusty Chucklenuts.

    2. Whatever you say pookums. It ain't ever going away. REAL Americans will always make sure we have it.

      Now head off to N Korea (must be nicer than Everett, MA). There only your beloved jackboots can have them *eeeeeeeeeeevil* bang toys!

  50. Straight out of conservative boiletplate central.

    Christ, do conservatives bother to think for themselves anymore?

    Do they question things because they realize that things are often different than they appear on the surface?

    Do conservatives realize that it's the 21st century, that demographics are changing, that science and technology are changing the world, that what worked well in the 19th and 20th century no longer do?

    America is changing and opinions are changing with it. Get with the idea or be left behind. Creating your own realities and the world you want to live in won't work forever.

    Get with the discussion and find the truth. Or, you can continue to stick with your boilerplate and find yourself left behind, even more disillusioned and angry.

    Choice is yours. Make the most of it.

  51. Rational Nation USA June 21, 2015 at 6:41 AM...The Confederate Battle Flag represents what white racists rally around. Check out Roof's own website and read the racist manifesto posted there.

    So one disturbed individual adds an image as part of a deranged rant and the symbol must now go away forever? No matter how irrelevant to the act?

    Maybe weak-assed pansies like you are that weak and delicate but not REAL Americans.

    Che' Guevera was a first class piece of shit. Mass-murderer, fuckup and *gasp* racist. I DON'T SEE YOU JETTISONING ANY OF YOUR CHE T-SHIRTS (different color for each day eh?)

    1. You compare personal ownership of a T-shirt to state sponsored endorsement of a racist symbol?

      You're as dumb as Rottweiler.

    2. The battle flag flies over a monument to confederate soldiers, not a monument to "whiteness"/racism. Should SC NOT honor the men and women who fought and died for their State? And if they don't, I would recommend that every active serviceman from SC resign from the Armed Forces, because their service is unappreciated by those who can't see anything beyond race in the history of the United States flag, one that in 1776 institutionalized the racism eliminated in 1865.

      Want a true perspective on the issue. It's this, not the "intentionally cropped and distorted perspective" of this.

    3. Correction Ducky; he is way dumber than Rottweiler. Probably a bigger racist too.

      Only question is when RR is finally going to lose it and go bang, bang, bang...

    4. How many miles does your rustbucket hybrid get from the petroleum comprising your shirt?

    5. For the bad link, above under 'It's this'.

  52. Liberalturd, who has the longer tail - Mooch-Hell Ubunga or your wife?

    1. Cesspool keeper; you have no shame do you?

      Of course not. All decent folk know that about you RR.

      What a POS you are.

  53. Ducky do us all a favor and take the Gas Pipe tonight.
    And we will all have a better day tomarrow .

  54. The sales of Confederate Flag's are up %64 from two weeks ago in South Carolina. I guess the merchants can thank the leftwingnuts.

    1. Council of Conservative Citizens making bulk buys to pass out at their next lynching, you cheap bigot?

  55. For the Union Dead
    Robert Lowell, 1917 - 1977

    “Relinquunt Omnia Servare Rem Publicam.”

    The old South Boston Aquarium stands
    in a Sahara of snow now. Its broken windows are boarded.
    The bronze weathervane cod has lost half its scales.
    The airy tanks are dry.

    Once my nose crawled like a snail on the glass;
    my hand tingled
    to burst the bubbles
    drifting from the noses of the cowed, compliant fish.

    My hand draws back. I often sigh still
    for the dark downward and vegetating kingdom
    of the fish and reptile. One morning last March,
    I pressed against the new barbed and galvanized

    fence on the Boston Common. Behind their cage,
    yellow dinosaur steamshovels were grunting
    as they cropped up tons of mush and grass
    to gouge their underworld garage.

    Parking spaces luxuriate like civic
    sandpiles in the heart of Boston.
    A girdle of orange, Puritan-pumpkin colored girders
    braces the tingling Statehouse,

    shaking over the excavations, as it faces Colonel Shaw
    and his bell-cheeked Negro infantry
    on St. Gaudens’ shaking Civil War relief,
    propped by a plank splint against the garage’s earthquake.

    Two months after marching through Boston,
    half the regiment was dead;
    at the dedication,
    William James could almost hear the bronze Negroes breathe.

    Their monument sticks like a fishbone
    in the city’s throat.
    Its Colonel is as lean
    as a compass-needle.

    He has an angry wrenlike vigilance,
    a greyhound’s gentle tautness;
    he seems to wince at pleasure,
    and suffocate for privacy.

    He is out of bounds now. He rejoices in man’s lovely,
    peculiar power to choose life and die--
    when he leads his black soldiers to death,
    he cannot bend his back.

    On a thousand small town New England greens,
    the old white churches hold their air
    of sparse, sincere rebellion; frayed flags
    quilt the graveyards of the Grand Army of the Republic.

    The stone statues of the abstract Union Soldier
    grow slimmer and younger each year--
    wasp-waisted, they doze over muskets
    and muse through their sideburns . . .

    Shaw’s father wanted no monument
    except the ditch,
    where his son’s body was thrown
    and lost with his “niggers.”

    The ditch is nearer.
    There are no statues for the last war here;
    on Boylston Street, a commercial photograph
    shows Hiroshima boiling

    over a Mosler Safe, the “Rock of Ages”
    that survived the blast. Space is nearer.
    When I crouch to my television set,
    the drained faces of Negro school-children rise like balloons.

    Colonel Shaw
    is riding on his bubble,
    he waits
    for the blessèd break.

    The Aquarium is gone. Everywhere,
    giant finned cars nose forward like fish;
    a savage servility
    slides by on grease.

    1. Why don't you pack up your shoe shoe box an go where you're wanted!

    2. Freethinke, what's a shoe shoe box ?

  56. Sorry Duck....you've lost all credibility. All this time you portrayed yourself as some sort of Boston elite,a patron of the arts,in with the in crowd. Hell,for sure I thought you'd have a loft somewhere on the Freedom Trail or a three story townhouse in Back Bay. But nooooo...turns out the ever impressive Ducky resides in a hovel in Shitsville USA a.k.a. Everett Mass.,acknowledged as one of the worst hellholes between Portland ME. and D.C..
    I find myself feeling a bit embarrassed for you Duck but I now understand your anger....for what ever reason you missed out on the American dream and for your own good reasons detest any sort of success in others.

    Keep buying those lottery tickets.

    1. That's great about the increase in demand for the Stars and Bars Rusty. Like everything the left attempt blows up in their pinched, hateful, angry faces.

      The Stars and Bars never get lowered. Ever.

      Not that it has a chance of happening: it takes a 2/3'rds majority to remove a flag in SC and their legislature is heavily non-moonbat.

      And to you feral trolls, yes what happened there is a tragedy - my Popeye's stock went down.

    2. Once a racist always a racist RR and you just finished proving it.

      What a POS you are. But we all know you're a damn proud POS. Just like your friend ChuckleNutz.

    3. Really. What does your tiny mind consider racism above? REAL Americans want to know

    4. RN, what do you think Radical Redass's and Rusty's reactions will be to Walmart removing the "Star and Bars" from the shelves?

      Maybe Redass will comment.

      I think Rottweiler's on suicide watch.

  57. RN's kids gave him a membership to Hair Club for Men for Fathers Day.

    1. Too high end (they use natural hair). I see RN USSR as more a clip on polyester rug guy.

  58. Useless racist POS like you two ladies do VERY well defining conservatives and republicans these days. Keep up the good work. The shrinking circus tent is proud of ya.

  59. Unfortunately, liberal policy has forced 15 million Americans into being uninsured (not to mention poverty). It has also forced millions of physicians into either barely being able to survive (thus no time to volunteer) or into closing their doors.

    When the day comes that we return to Consitutional government and the freedom that the founders built this great nation on, all of these problems will go away. But as long as the government continues to impose millions of costly, devastating regulations on society while taking 60% of what everybody earns, jobs will continue to be scarce, charity and donations will continue to suffer, and poverty & misry will continue to abound (it always does with communism).

    1. Would you please explain how liberal policy has resulted in lost health insurance?

      I imagine it has something to do with companies cutting of workers from benefits as if they hadn't been doing that long before the ACA but let us know.

      The physicians who leave medicine because they are barely able to survive, do they take lucrative jobs like Walmart greeter?

      Let us know.

      Say Hi! to Rusty and Redass.

  60. More boilerplate BS, at least get the facts straight if you're going to post boilerplate. But then again facts have never been a high priority for the low information posters in far right blogistan. Likely never will be.

    At least you got the part about totalitarian Communism right. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. The shrinking circus tent is proud of ya.

    Sure. Shrinking like having:


    And, soon to retake the (once again) White House.

    Plus controlling about 2/3 the State Houses and state legislatures, etc, etc, etc

    WE. OWN. YOU.

    Mrs RN USSR must REALLY hate herself.

    1. Hey, Radical Redass, Graham and Haley caved.

      Say goodbye to that stinkin' rag.

    2. stinkin' rag

      What? Everett, MA?

    3. That's a wicked non sequitur sugar buns.

    4. Stings don't it?

      BTW Just a regular ol' weaselly politician move by Haley. All she can order is a vote, and let the anonymous state congress shoot it down. And she knows that is exactly what will happen.

      Now you'll have one less contrived issue to demagogue any high profile Republicans.

      Nothing will change - and you festering simps once again have blown your meager load over nothing!


    5. Exactly RR ,The left had to find a way to blame republicans do they hung the confederate flag around their necks
      Now they have to go hurry and find something else to hang on them

  63. Sorry Ducky......the flag will continue to fly....the state legislature will debate and vote on it when back in session and unfortunately for the leftwingnuts making this the issue of the year, they are a little closer to the S.C. general population then you.

    So....if the state votes to keep the flag whats your next step.....more crying and moaning.....

  64. What flag do they fly in Everett? Do they even have a flag pole,or did someone cut it down and sell it for scrap.

    1. My guess is a threadbare old hammer and sickle nailed to the top of a rotting beam yanked from one of their many condemned buildings.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.