Thursday, March 17, 2016

What a Sleezebag!


  1. Yep. An unsolicited $50K gift to a family in desperate need.

    Yes. One awful guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111ONE

  2. I wonder how much Bernie would give?

  3. What am I saying? I wonder how much Bernie would take?

  4. I've never been a fan of Maury Povich, a vulgarian sensationalist on daytime TV second only to Jerry Springer. Maury married the obnoxious Connie Chung, and that finished him off for me.

    HOWEVER, I really loved the little girl with brittle bone disease. She's charming, smart, very well spoken, unspoiled, unaffected and seems to have a good sense of humor.

    I am very glad Donald Trump took notice of the child and did something nice for her.

    Do we know the actual amount of the check he gave? I couldn't get it from the video. I hope it was more than fifty-thousand dollars, because that is only chump change for The Donald, and not enough to provide the lifetime of ease, comfort and good care the child and her family deserve.

    Even so, the look on Donald Trump's face showed a genuine sweetness and sense of empathy we rarely see in his tough, brash demeanor at the debates.

    Good for Maury! Good for Donald! And may that dear child enjoy the best future possible she could hope to have.

    Thanks, Lisa, and God bless. This is a very welcome "change from potatoes."

  5. At the very worst, one could view this as a 50k Campaign ad. At the very worst. Yet, has a democrat done something like this? Ever? Hell no.

    Once again, I love your header pic. Yes, I can't wait for all of these assholes who have threatened to leave to leave. But of course they won't.

  6. Have you noticed the liberal wackobirds haven't said anything on this post yet? This is the real Donald Trump the lefties don't want to show to the public. I bet Connie and Maury will be voting for him this November. I remember what Connie was curious about, back in 1992…does this jog some memories, guys?

    1. It's a shame the blogging community has become so negatively oriented that most live only to insult, scold, badger and bedevil everyone and everything in sight.

      I hope Blogistan is not a microcosm of the "real world," but fear it might be, because of what-we-are-permitted-to-see by the enemedia, and hear on call-in shows.

      It's true enough that an excess of sympathy enervates those who receive it, but surely the cloud of selfish, insensitive, harsh, condemnatory rhetoric, mockery, and endless complaint is a great deal worse than that.

      It's very sad, indeed, when a NICE story receives little or no attention, but that's where we, apparently, are today.

      It's pathetic.

    2. Oh, fuck you all, lol! Idiots.