Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bigotry, Misogyny, Racism, Brown People, Islamaphobia, and those Dirty Meskins.

This is the lovely picture the left paints of all conservatives and republicans .  They will tell you no they don’t but they always have and it’s just that since Trump entered the race they added a new word to their expansive vocabulary the word ‘Misogyny”
Ever notice they all repeat the same things? From Obama to Hillary and her supporters and coursing through the vines of the left wing media?

This is the same group who also labeled anyone in the Tea Party with these same labels while not admitting we have a Radical Islamic Terror Problem in the world.

The democrat party has really become such a party of substance.

The latest display of sheer ignorance was the Blues Sisters Hillary and Warren up on the stage screeching like they were gong to cry at any moment beating their republican war drum.

Nothing on the economy. No plans on immigration except to let thousands more come through. The left are the biggest hypocrites going. They love that the stock market went down after the Brexit vote and now that it has recovered ….crickets.
They call Englanders racists because they don’t want ‘would be ‘terrorists entering their country anymore. Yet these same people will cheer when Michael Savage and Donald Trump were banned from England.

The pretend to support the middle class yet during the debates when Hillary was asked about the unaffordable health care increases her answer was pretty much “That’s too bad for you”. As always the end justifies the means.

I am waiting for the dumbed down Americans who support this name calling of their fellow Americans to wake up and realize you reap what you sow


  1. I can't disagree with what you posted here today. I also appreciate the irony of your header or topper whatever you want to call it. It's too bad the democrats refuse to look at themselves with honesty, and just make a lot of stupid noise bashing the right. The worst thing, of course, is that more than half the voters support the democrats, despite their obvious hypocrisy and dirty-minded dishonesty.

    Does anybody know why?

    1. Because the American people are easily duped. As Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute. Why do people sucker for the lies of Shaw and RN? They are stupid!

    2. TOM is correct, and also, the radical left wing extremist atheists have lobbied to get morality taken out of schools, accusing people with morality who try to teach children right from wrong as a bunch of hatemongers.

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    1. God you people are dim. But Radical Redass is the dimmest and most clueless of the clueless.

      That report is ONE poll out of 10.

      Fox has Hillary up by SIX, and ABC's poll has her up by TWELVE.


      Now go back to playing with yourself, RR.

    2. Wow, Peter R! Using your real name, Quackobyrd? Way to go Ducky! Showing your gayness publicly?

  3. In other words: to hell with you dimwit progressive assholes

  4. This is the lovely picture the left paints of all conservatives and republicans .

    No Lisa, it is not all conservatives and republicans, just the ones that are and thus deserved to be painted as such.

  5. To equate what Bill Clinton said, which included zero racist or bigoted commentary, with what Drumpf said, which did, is to say the very least exposing many on right as either having drank too much Kool Aid or else their just stupid.

    1. Meanwhile Bill referred to black people as n-----s and played golf at a whites only golf course
      Defend that!

    2. If you only listened to yourself Lisa you would realize just how shallow you sound.

    3. That is just your opinion,we all have one

  6. I guess RN means the kind of bigotry he wrote on his blog,

    "The Jew went willingly to the gas chambers."

    The oldest, worse slur that came out of WW II. Bigots have been saying it since 1946.

  7. Replies
    1. Regardless of what fake Peter said, I think that was pretty funny

  8. So RR has been reduced to mocking women's clothing. Wow! You're really relevant and your stupid taunts about a woman's dress are really incisive. Bwahahahahahahaha! Oh that's gonna hurt the Obamas! NOT!

  9. The liberal loony left’s response to ALL mass shooting incidents is always blaming gun control, their montra is always "there's just too easy access to guns" , and the availability of the wrong kind of guns. More recently the subject has broadened to include keeping certain types of people from buying guns, an aspect that at least contains a degree of rationality.

    Last week President Barack Obama went to Orlando, FL to offer condolences , hugs, and love to the families of victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, but could not resist turning the subject from the victims and their suffering in this tragedy into an opportunity talk about guns.
    Hopefully those "hugs" will stop the violance.

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  11. PETER is a well-established nickname for PENIS, hence "Peter" in truth is a real PRICK.

    Before you get all het up with indignation at my colossal effrontery please remember this:


    Neither is it a dirty word.

  12. Truth is often subjective. For many ones on truth is always the "real" truth. Facts notwithstanding.

    1. What does a lying asshole like you know about truth RN/JMJ

    2. Individual Facts are to Truth what a single tile or marble chip is to an entire mosaic.

    3. Is Lester Crapenter Jersey McJones? Jersey may be liberal, but appears different from Crapenter.

    4. Oh RN: truth is not subjective, relative or any other label you and other liberals slap it with.

  13. Truth is often subjective. For many ones on truth is always the "real" truth. Facts notwithstanding.

  14. What a couple of bats out of hell. Make pochantas take a DNA test.

  15. At the corner of Evil Street and Stupid Boulevard.

  16. Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

    RN's crazy remark about the Holocaust was jaw-droppingly horrid!
    He accused ME of spinning when I told him the FACT that American Jewish voters overwhelmingly support President Obama.
    And his slur against the victims of Hitler's slaughter was his explanation of why this is so.
    Between RN's slander, and Free Thinke calling President Obama a "half man, half savage," I'm beginning to believe that they truly have lost all reason and have gone over the Crazy Cliff.


    Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...
    RN: "How dare one express a different view than that which the hide bound extreme leftist ideologues ordain as historically "factual."
    You wrote, in response to my factual statement that American Jews overwhelmingly support Mr. Obama, that "American Jews are the offspring of the pacifists that willing were led to the gas chambers in Hitlers Holocaust."
    That's NOT a "different view" that's an egregious LIE and a reprehensible slur on any Jewish person who favors a Democrat.
    That you are blind to how stupid and callous that remark is and that you blithely dismiss my astonishment at it shows YOU don't know what you're talking about.

    RN: "How dare one question the correct interpretation of the leftist dogma?" Stating that American Jews overwhelmingly prefer Mr. Obama is not "dogma," it is FACT. And if you don't know this, you're uninformed.
    RN: "Yikes folks, so much for free and independent thought and interpretation."
    Again, you are deliberately misdirecting here. Your bigoted and slanderous statement about American Jews has nothing to do with independent thought or interpretation. Your statement has to do with your own personal bigotry against American Jews who favor Mr. Obama.
    RN: "Rainbows and Unicorns."
    You need to either apologize for that outrageous slander on American Jews, or find another place to spread your lies and hatred.
    I'm a bit touchy on this subject, since two of my grandsons have a Jewish father whose European relatives were slaughtered in WWII.
    Oh, and both he and his parents vote Democratic. I'd like to see you tell them to their faces that their relatives were pacifists who "willing" were led to the gas chambers.
    July 30, 2012 at 8:25 AM

  17. Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...
    RN's reply IN HIS OWN WORDS:
    Rational Nation USASun Jul 29, 10:03:00 PM EDT
    Twisting, spinning, and turning in your perverse desire to be foolish are ya s. Shaw?
    American Jews are the offspring of the pacifists that willing were led to the gas chambers in Hitlers Holocaust.
    Your naivete is so transparent it is amusing Ms. Shaw.
    If Iran acts out it's puppet Presidents declared intent to "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth" I hope so.
    I agree with Johnson completely, in so long as Iran acts in a aggressive manner towards our ally Israel.
    Do not confuse self defense with aggression Ms.Shaw nor underestimate the ties between ourselves and the only true democracy (republic) in the Mid East.
    Unfortunately your apparent hatred form anything non democratic party related (their leftist ideology) or Obama and company colors your ability to think logically.
    ut of course this is of little surprise as it affects thinking ability in both the extreme right as well as the extreme left.
    Have a wonderful evening Ms. Shaw, and thanks for stopping by.
    July 29, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...
    How in the hell am I "misrepresenting" anything, when I copied and pasted your horrid comment?
    It's yours; you own it.
    I misrepresented nothing.
    In fact, to prove that, I will post my comment and your ENTIRE answer to me.
    July 29, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...
    RN, you also commented on Free Thinke's blog where he called the first bi-racial president a "half savage," and nary a word of protest on that racial slur from you or any other person on that thread.
    Silence means assent. That's not a generalization, it's a comment, IMO, on the character of the people you cozy up to, as well as yourself.

    July 29, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...
    Holy crap! RN's reply to my comment that American Jews overwhelmingly support President Obama:
    RN-USA: "American Jews are the offspring of the pacifists that willing were led to the gas chambers in Hitlers Holocaust."
    Tonight I read on one conservative blog that President Obama is "half man, half savage" and on RN's conservative blog that American Jews are the offspring of pacifists who WILLINGLY were led to the gas chamber in Hitlers Holocaust!"
    Dear Gawd, they have all lost whatever was left of their minds.
    That last one by RN is even more unforgivable and stupid than what the FT blog wrote about Mr. Obama.
    Who would want to associate with these people????
    July 29, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    TOM said,

    But Shaw loves RN? Which is the bigger lying, slimy hypocrite? These sick fuckers have been lying, faking ID's and pissing people off for years. Deeply sick.

  18. I guess Tom the Troublemaker must be Jew, ya think?


    I told him he was not welcome at my blog, but that is not because he may be a Jew, but because he is an ill-tempered, troublemaking, all around dirty-minded son-of-a-bitch who never has anything encouraging, pleasant, complimentary, or constructive to say about ANYTHING or ANYONE.

    1. Yep, that's RN.
      Now RN, Shaw, and the rest of their sickos are attacking Luke and claiming he is 5 different people. There is no pity for those so intentionally, assholes.

    2. TOM, I have the latest picture of RN posted on my blog Liberalmann Is A Dingbat