Wednesday, November 10, 2010


And you're all invited.

Not to be confused with the party Nancy Pelosi is throwing to celebrate herself and how she screwed the rest of us. No doubt to be payed for with tax payer money like the dozens of other parties the elitists had the past 2 years.

This party is for all patriots who voted against this administration and their whacked out agenda.

There will be fun and games for all.

There will be Pin the Tail on the Donkey (either end)

We will have miniature golf . A "hole in one" will be if you hit the ball in the statue of Nancy Pelosi (either end.)

We will have kick the can(the can being our debt),set up like a football field but instead of yards it will have years and the object is to see who can kick the can the furthest amount of years down the road/field.

We will have a basketball game dedicated to our president so we can finally call it a slam dunk in 2012.

And we will top the end off with a raffle.

Third place will be 500.00 donation to your favorite republican candidate in 2012..

2nd place will be $1000.00 to help pay for your increased health care costs.

And first place we all win because that's when in 2012 we take the country back from the Marxists and back into the hands of the American People.

Looking Forward to seeing you all there.


  1. YOU are the delusional wackjob! The country HAS spoken, it wants Obama to be more progressive and stop caving to the THUGS! But the voters are idiots and voted dems out, out of anger nothing else. They are too STUPID to see the consequences of their actions just yet. Give them another year and those fuckin thugs will have us right back in the fuckin DITCH!!!

  2. sorry Sue you are the delusional one who will smile all the way to your rationed health care.
    The country is in denial with your fictional savior who is chuckling as he watches all you supporting him unconditionally.
    It's not even rational

  3. Count me in Lisa, I'll be there. And I see that the Obama Ass-Kisser above is following you.
    Is that the Donkey we are going to pin the tail on?

  4. Love to have you Mal. lmao!!!!!

  5. Congrats - Sue found you on your very first post! Gotta love an angry leftist who can't even have the courtesy to refrain from filth-mouth when commenting on another person's blog!

    Well done... keep blogging the good word!

  6. Wow, this Sue, must really be a lonely miserable Bitch.