Monday, January 31, 2011

Spoiled Brats

I have come to a conclusion that liberals don't want Americans to be working. Instead they just want more for doing less.
They want more money by raising the debt ceiling like a bunch of crack heads.
If we raise the debt ceiling every year why not just raise it 100 trillion this year and be done with it?
They want more Union waivers from healthcare,they want higher taxes for more wasteful programs.
They act like all this spending will have no consequence like spoiled children with their parents credit cards.
They are like a bunch of 5 year olds in denial. Is that a good example for their own 5 year olds? Are they going to tell them that they deserve free stuff or are they going to teach thm the value of money and that it doesn't grow on trees?
Or will they just blame Bush and Sarah Palin?


  1. I'll never understand how they claim to want more freedom for everyone to do what they want, yet want the government to control more.

  2. You are so MEAN and SELFISH for not giving them their way! So what if their way is flawed and doomed to failure?
    Funny story...my daughter ran away from home when she was five. She told me she was going to leave so I did what any mom in that situation should never do. I said "don't forget to pack your stuff!"
    Ten minutes later the house was silent. I thought she was hiding. My fear mounted as I realized that she actually left! I ran into the snow barefoot yeling her name louder and louder until I was screeching! As I was on the phone with the police, hysterically trying to explain course of events, out walks my neighbor holding my daughter's hand. His daughter is the same age and Gracie was going to "be her new sister!"
    Well, the police came, (my husband among them). We decided to let another officer speak to her, to give her the kind of "scare" that Daddy could not.
    The officer knelt down in front of my daughter, he wanted to make her understand how frightened I was when I could not find her.
    "What is something that scares you? I mean really, really scares you?" he asked.
    She looked him in the eye and without a moment's hesitation she countered, "Barack Obama".
    Thank God there are not too many leftie police officers (except for the affirmative action hires)! He took several steps back and covered his face so she could not see how hard he was laughing!

  3. That's for sure Tammy. I'll never understand their flawed reasoning .

    serious Divine? That is fabulous. Glad you taught her well,lol!!!!