Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tea Party Racism

In light of my previous post I thought this may "enlighten" some of those who throw the term "racist" around so loosley

It's 10 minutes but worth the listen


and if you like that one you will like this one too:



  1. This was good. I'm so tired of progressives using the race card. How hard is it for them to understand you can dislike someone regardless of their skin color? Oh maybe they're the ones who are racist.

  2. So if we happen to get a black president that's Republican, do we get to call all the liberals racist when they don't support him?

  3. Me too Tammy I think they use it to shut down the opposite side. I really don't believe thaey are as compassionate as they claim to be.

    CS I am waitng and hoping for that day. They don't like black conservatives because they don't toe their agenda or follow what the liberal massa wants them to do.

  4. BULLSHIT! It's only racism when it happens to white folks only. Mexicans hunted down and arrested even though they are American citizens. Answer me one question , WHY DID THE TEA PARTY BRING LOADED GUNS TO MANY OF THE PRESIDENTS HEALTH CARE RALLIES?

  5. Kid - because they can.

    And what do guns have to do with racism?

  6. Hey Lisa how many more little white girls have to be murdered by Tea Baggers before Republicans stop being racist? Martin Luther King never pulled a chainsaw out on a rabbit like Glenn Beck. Dr. King never shot up the Tides Foundation. Dr. King never killed three policemen in Pittsburgh like a Beck fan did. Where that FEMA Camp black people are suppose to take white people and take their guns

    To answer common sense question being a Black Republican is like being a Jewish Nazi, or a Hispanic member of the Minutemen bigot group. To quote J.C. Watts father "a black person voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders".

  7. So Kid just accused me of being a racist on my blog. Guess that means I don't love my nephews and nieces who are all adopted and are black, part Mexican and part Asian. Guess that means I also don't like my friend's husband who is black, or my neighbor who is married to a Mexican.

    You don't know me Kid, so shut up.

  8. http://blog.afroconservative.com/

  9. Well SoSueMe, racist usually settle their differences with handguns, just ask the Aryan Nation, the Klan, or Stormfront.

    They usually use them on people like Dr. King, Medgar Evers,little white girls born on 9/11. They even killed a Senator and a President.

  10. Hey Kid the idiot in Tuscon was a Marxist loving leftist like you. Painful to admit I know but true just the same.
    Was it the Tea Party's fault that MLK and JFK were assassinated? And who's fault was it that there was an attempt on Regan's' life?
    Cops are killed alot and to blame Beck is ridiculous when you should be blaming the liberal left who are quick to blame cops and protect the criminals.

  11. Tammy I GUESS THE HELL YOU DON'T! the first thing a racist says is everybody "most of my friends are Black". I let my friends speak for themselves.Watch a You Tube called "Jesse Lee Peterson thanks white people for slavery".You neices and nephews shouldn't have to live in a world line that. Do you want them to grow up to hate themselves and be Uncle Toms? Of course you do!

  12. No the idiot was a libertarian just like Bill Oreilly. The Sheriff in Arizona has plenty of information on him.

  13. Did I say most of my friends are black? I said you don't know me or my life.

  14. Amazing how others are so quick to judge.

  15. Hey Kid I found a You Tube Video for you:


  16. So ironic how anyone who disagrees with BO is called a racist. OH THE IRONY!!

  17. that's right SSM it' easier to just be angry all the time and point fingers like a bunch of cry babies.

  18. And I mean in which liberals do so well. Don't want to get called a racist again.

  19. Well Lisa stop being angry. Stop bringing posters with the N****r on them to Tea Bagger rallies. Leave the loaded guns at home. Is Beck going to chainsaw a bunny today?

  20. Well SoSue Me stop supporting a party that supported by Stormfront, the Klan, and the Aryan Nation.

  21. Wrong again Kid - http://www.theblaze.com/stories/becks-matthews-mocked-conspiracy-confirmed-video-of-us-communists-socialists-unions-working-with-muslim-brotherhood-assoc-groups/

  22. Kid I don't like to use personal attacks on people as a rule but may I just say "You are an ass".

    and this is for you and all your ignorant liberal buddies:


  23. that's the problem your liberal race baiters lie and the rest of you sign on to it.

    I bet you didn't even watch the videos in my post because you might have to actually have to comment on them with an intellectual response instead of letting your anger get in the way of your thinking. Because when [people like Shaw tell you that you are a victim and Tea Baggers are racist you just better go along with it and make sure you just keep playing your proper role in society.

  24. Liberal psychopathology at it's best.

  25. they all live in the past,they can't move forward because they keep going backwards.

  26. Maybe Kid's right. There are all kinds of racists at this Tea Party.


  27. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never inspired people to go out and kill. From Oreilly screaming Tiller/Baby Killer, to Beck and the Tides Foundation, to the five policemen getting killed in Pittsburgh, to the little white girl that was killed , it's only going to get worst with your "Second Admendment" solutions. After the Tea Party "telegraphed" getting their guns, some blacks may be inclined to get theirs and they won't post it on the internet. Knowing white racist bigots as I do I know that during the election it's going to get worst. Buring Mosques, Korans, and maybe people. Republicans don't know how to act.

  28. Kid you should get your head out of the dems butts they are giving you tunnel vision: But being you can't see around yourself I will refresh your memory:

    Al Sharpton is a professional bigot. During his long career the Reverend has incited two anti-Semitic pogroms; the Crown Heights riot and the firebombing of the Jewish-owned Freddy’a Fashion Mart in Harlem. Each of the Sharpton-incited pogroms resulted in deaths, but now for some unknown reason Reverend Al believes he is the caretaker of religious tolerance in the country, as well as the protector of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy of peaceful protest.

  29. Hey ssm thanks for that You Tube. I like it

  30. Kid, the majority of terrorist acts in the last century, up to and including this yer have been committed by LEFTISTS! Check it out for yourself, silly girl!

  31. Terry McVeigh, Byron DelaBeckwith, James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Name a person a Original (or for that matter) New Black Panther killed. You can't. Membership in White Racist organization went up 400%. There are shortages of bullets. Now imagine you're Black or Hispanic. On some of the Tea Bagger sites I seen N***er and Hispanic "Hunting" licenses. We're all out of Dr. Kings. Some white people treat their dogs and pets better than Black people. The Tea Party has declared war on minorities. I'm not Jesse Lee Peterson thanking white America for slavery.We're not quisslings. Those so called Black Republicans that are your "friends" do it for the money. the whole Right keep saying there will be riots,we're aren't.

  32. Those Black Republicans that want to kiss your ass do it only for the money. What do you call someone who you pay to be you friend? Miss one payment and see what happens Any man that celebrates their own demise is a FOOL! You can always buy a Michael Steele or a Clarence Thomas but not a Nat Turner or a Toussaint L'ouverture.

  33. Kid- Stop letting Democrats tell you what to think and listen for a change. Research whites in the South under segregation and then come back telling me this BS because the vast majority of southern whites under segregation were extremely poor, had little or no education and in every way were then what blacks are now. Sure there were whites who made something of themselves just as there are blacks who are making something of themselves now while most aren't.

    In fact, it was the Liberals fighting to end segregation that brought an end to that because for almost a century, racist Democrats had been using the myth that the Civil War was fought over slavery to give poor southern whites a scapegoat to blame for everything wrong in their lives instead of their leaders... take away segregation which was the political system that imposed this, and you force southern whites to blame their leaders instead of blaming blacks... thus, the average white persons life and living circumstances improved.

    But is that true for blacks? No it's not and if you really look at it honestly,these racist Democrats simply reversed everything which is where the idea of reverse racism came about.

    As white on black crime dropped, black on black crime exploded to a point where year after year you can find blacks killing more of their own people than an entire century of whites killing blacks equal. Do the research. Did those white racist Democrats switch sides or did they just stop manipulating whites to harm blacks when it became political suicide to do that and instead revise their strategy to manipulate blacks to do these things to themselves? Even things like Affirmative Action are being implemented like the old Jim Crow laws providing opportunities to blacks based on race alone rather than being qualified or having tenure which is how Jim Crow operated while AA was supposed to only tear down barriers to allow qualified blacks equal access to opportunities and the power to sue if they feel the decision not to give them an opportunity was based on race.

  34. Think about it... some white guy comes here from the middle of Europe from a family that never left his homeland and knows nothing about the African slave trade. He comes here and is attacked leaving the airport by a black carjacker who gets caught and tries to excuse what he did because of racism and slavery to which many in the black community support him. Yet, this white mans ancestors not only didn't partake in this, they knew nothing about it. That means the attack and support for the attacker is based entirely on the race of the victim and nothing he or his ancestors did.

    Essentially put, just like these racist Democrats used slavery to scapegoat blacks for why millions of whites lived in poverty across the South, slavery has been used for the last 50 years to scapegoat whites for the problems of the black community with all forms of ways to do it where often no white people were involved at all. Look at how the race card was used in the case of OJ Simpson who until Johnny Cochran came along was seen as an Uncle Tom who rejected the black community living his life like a white man and even marrying a white woman. But when Cochran made OJ look like a victim of racism helping to free him, black Americans cheered because there was finally a black man who beat the system because he had the money to fight back... nevermind that his wealth and celebrity were what got him out of trouble repeatedly for beating his wife leading to a night where OJ eventually killed her and another person who was an eye witness. Whites during segregation were just as blind when a white man was accused of lynching a black man and we call that racism, so why isn't it racism when black Americans cheered when OJ got away with murder.

    Tell me something, and be brutally honest here, does it matter to a white supremist who causes harm to a black man as long as harm happens to a black man?

  35. You will always be taken for granted as a people as long as you primarily vote for Democrats. Martin Luther King jr made the sacrifice switching parties trying to get other blacks to follow him and convince racist Democrats they would vote for them if they supported the Civil Rights Act. The very fact that so many were lied to so often that King was a lifelong Democrat and the Republicans opposed the CVA should be proof enough about the lies Democrats have been telling us.

    Consider one moment that to gain any real support, you have to vote for Republicans as well, split the black vote between the two parties so you can pit both sides against one another if they want your votes. You are not voting for the Republican Party, you would be voting for Republican leaders as individuals and one by one... they will support black issues to get your vote.

    But in the black community every community leader, every preacher and almost all civil rights leaders tell you to vote Democrat... end result, Democrats manipulate you and take you for granted which is why the civil rights movement basically died in the 70's. Become a Republican and see the difference in how your own people treat you... see if they won't start calling you an Oreo, an Uncle Tom and a race traitor. Remember something, that almost everyone these days has forgotten, if you were white and supported civil rights, you were a ni**er lover which was a powerful way to stop most whites from supporting civil rights for decades and the same people who did that are now using Uncle Tom in the exact same way.

    In every way, it's the same old Democratic Party which fought to deny your people not just equality... but to deny you your humanity, is playing the same stupid intellectual mind games they used to manipulate whites for a century.

  36. You damn right blacks cheered during the OJ trial and it was wrong, just like the Scottboro Boys or other pogroms that happen to us. All Mark Furhman had to do was admit that he ues the N-word like most cops do.

    Bringing up the origin of the Democratic Party well from the 30's to the 60's the parties switched sides. WHO DOES THE KKK, ARYAN NATION, AND STORMFRONT SUPPORT NOW ?


    BTW, Dr. King called himself a Social Democrat much like Sen Bernie Sanders. Go to Stormfront Website and you will see people that agree with you.

  37. Liberals are irony impaired. Listen to a "Valley Girl" tell you that the "racist" Tea Party makes her ashamed to be an American, right before the racist progressive says that Clarence Thomas should be impeached and then "sent back to the fields".


  38. In your America 60% of the population are Opressed by 12.5% of the population. Racism only happens to whites. Let me tell you something Affirmative Action laws weren't enforced when Reagan became President. As a matter of fact, St.Ronnie of the Raygun got rid of them.

    BTw, why do the Right only like Blacks that kiss their ass? Much like Stepin Fetchit or Hop Sing, Clarence Thomas name can be used as a verb or a noun.

  39. BTW, since you don't know our jargon I'll esxplain something to you. First that You Tube was by Andrew Breitbart. Second a "real" black person wanted to be in the fields not in the house servin' massa. Basically you insulted Clarence Uncle Thom-ass by putting him in the house with all the other "good" negros. Nat Turner and Toussaint L'ouverture was "Field Negros"

  40. Death threats that don't make the nightly news:


  41. Liberal DEMOCRATS are the ones that tell us we can't get ahead without government handouts.


  42. Excuse me SoSueMe,

    Didn't Michelle Malkin "stalked" a little boy's home that had a metal plate in his head and he got death threats because he was pro-S-chip? Then there was the teacher that "retired" because she taught some kids a song about the President? Michelle, Michael Gallagher, and Limbaugh were responsible for that.

    Zooeymama you are extremely ignorant with your insistance dog whistle of black folks want a handout. The only black people that beg white poeple for money are, Juan Williams, Jesse Lee Peterson, LaShawn Barber, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steel, J.Kenneth Blackwell and others of that ilk. I don't think anyone here ever gave Jesse Jackson a check, we help Jesse. The black people I associate with work. Most of those unemployed are WHITE! You need to stop watching Beck play with rabbits and chainsaws. You can keep repeating over and over that I don't want to work or that i'm lazy. Say that in a black person's face that's not Republican or your employee and see what happens. Remember black Republicans are like hookers, they are paid to tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. That's where you got your talking points and sterotypes from.

  43. The only people that get Government handouts ,ARE THE RICH! People PAY into Unemployment, people PAY into Social Security, people PAY into medicare. What the hell have the Koch Brothers or Murdoch payed into?

  44. well nice to see you all playing well together.
    Kid the rich are not the only people who get government handouts so do the politicians in more ways than one.
    And to say that poor people don't get government handouts is another crock of crap. Mostly though it's knowing how to game the system.
    What have the Democrats given you other than an illusion . What about Soros using his money to manipulate. But you give billionaires like him a pass because he has you thinking he's doing things for you when he actually makes his money by betting against failing economies. And the better our economy is the better for everyone rich and poor.

  45. Soros helps the poor, the Koch's help themselves. Soros Gave Lech Walesa $5,000,000.00 to start Solarity,doesn't sound like a Socialist to me. The Koch gave money to a Museum for a phony anti Globial Warming exhibit so they can pollute and make more money.In 2009 they were the 9th riches men in the Us, now the Koch's are tied for 5th.

  46. For the record, Glenn Beck never pulled a chainsaw on a bunny either, so quit bringing that up. He had a bunny in an episode and a chainsaw as props to prove a point that had nothing to do with harming anyone. But nevermind with the facts. Just go along with what Huffpo tells you.

    Kid, you can't even see that you are doing some of the same things you're accusing all whites/conservatives/teapartiers of doing. Oh the irony!

  47. Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    To comemorate the president that is revered by conservatives, we remember this:

    "In 1980 Reagan said the Voting Rights Act was 'humiliating to the South.' "

    "Reagan did not support federal initiatives to provide blacks with civil rights. He opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 signed into law by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson."

    "Reagan gave a States' Rights speech[34] in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the town where three civil rights workers were murdered in 1964,[35] when running for president in 1980 and said (while campaigning in Georgia) that Confederate President Jefferson Davis was 'a hero of mine.' "

    That's right. one of Mr. Reagan's "heroes," Jefferson Davis, committed treason against the United States.

    "In the last years of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life, many mainstream journalists and conservative politicians treated him with fear and derision. In 1967, Life magazine (4/21/67) dubbed King's prophetic anti-war address "demagogic slander" and "a script for Radio Hanoi." Even years later, Ronald Reagan described King as a 'near-Communist'."

    "At first Reagan opposed the Martin Luther King holiday, and signed it only after an overwhelming veto-proof majority (338 to 90 in the House of Representatives and 78 to 22 in the Senate) voted in favor of it."

    "Throughout his presidency, Reagan supported the apartheid government in South Africa and even labeled Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress a notorious terrorist organization."

    These are facts.

    Why would any minority feel welcome in a party that lionizes a man who opposed civil rights?

  48. Even MLK himself was no Reagan fan. Here is a excerpt from a speech he gave in 1967. I think the way MLK defines Reagan and today's right wing is even relevant today.

    "Now what are some of the domestic consequences of the war in Vietnam? It has made the Great Society a myth and replaced it with a troubled and confused society. The war has strengthened domestic reaction. It has given the extreme right, the anti-labor, anti-Negro, and anti-humanistic forces a weapon of spurious patriotism to galvanize its supporters into reaching for power, right up to the White House. It hopes to use national frustration to take control and restore the America of social insecurity and power for the privileged. When a Hollywood performer, lacking distinction even as an actor can become a leading war hawk candidate for the Presidency, only the irrationalities induced by a war psychosis can explain such a melancholy turn of events."-MLK November 1967 National Labor Leadership Assembly

    Yes those last few sentences are refering to Reagan. Will Glenn Beck still call Dr. King one of his heros? Will Alveda King his niece(and Tom) say anything bad about Reagan?

  49. The conservatives have tried for years to claim Dr. King was a Republican. Listen to his speeches (they haven't) and tell me how they can claim such a ridiculous assertion.

    "The exploitation of King's name, the distortion of his teachings for political gain, is an ugly development. The term "affirmative action" did not come into currency until after King's death "but it was King himself, as chair of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, who initiated the first successful national affirmative action campaign: "Operation Breadbasket."

    In Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities, King staffers gathered data on the hiring patterns of corporations doing business in black communities, and called on companies to rectify disparities. "At present, SCLC has Operation Breadbasket functioning in some 12 cities, and the results have been remarkable," King wrote (quoted in Testament of Hope, James Washington, ed.), boasting of "800 new and upgraded jobs [and] several covenants with major industries."

    King was well aware of the arguments used against affirmative action policies. As far back as 1964, he was writing in Why We Can't Wait: "Whenever the issue of compensatory treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree; but he should ask nothing more. On the surface, this appears reasonable, but it is not realistic.

    King supported affirmative action";type programs because he never confused the dream with American reality. As he put it, "A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for the Negro" to compete on a just and equal basis (quoted in Let the Trumpet Sound, by Stephen Oates)."

    So tell us, Lisa, how affirmative action is a conservative value? Dr. King promoted it as justice for African-Americans and conservatives have been raging against it ever since.

  50. We should all have equal opportunity but what has happened with Affirmative Action it is often used to give less qualified people at times opportunities over more qualified people.
    I know Shaw I am such a racist to dare even writing about it right?

  51. You said it Lisa,YOU ARE A RACIST! If George Bush being protrayed as a monkey is racist to you and 500 years of blacks isn't, it shows what is called Cognitive Dissonance. The proof is in your face and yet you don't want to acknowledge it.

    One thing Affirmative Action for blacks ENDED in the early 80's. Ronald Reagan's friend , the head of the EEOC Clarence Thomas made sure of that.

    Here's another term for you Lisa, Arrested Development. Yes somebody has to get their home swindled from them. Someone has to go to prison, not the white kid with powder cocaine, but the black guy with crack. We have shorter life expectancy,very little inherited income,low pay , and the list goes on and on. We are the MOST loyal Americans around too,after 500 years we don't bitch, not elect a black President and whites burn flags and hang them upside down.Tea Bagger Ron Paul wants toget rid of the 1964 and 1965 Voting and Civil Rights laws that Dr. King DIED for. Did anyone in your family DIE for the right to vote? Weere they beaten for it? Sorry the Koch Brother, the Coors family, the Murdoch family, need to go to the back of the line. They got theirs.

  52. LISA: "We should all have equal opportunity but what has happened with Affirmative Action it is often used to give less qualified people at times opportunities over more qualified people."

    Lisa, do you know what legacy enrollments are? They're affirmative action for wealthy white children.

    It's interesting how I've heard so much about affirmative action for African-Americans, but legacy entrollments at Ivy League schools have been going on for decades and decades, and I've never heard anyone complain that scions of wealthy families bought their way into prestigious schools. Only when AAs participate in affirmative action do I hear that it's racial discrimination.

    Have you ever heard of athletes, black and white, who are accepted into colleges and universities based on their ability to play a sport and not their academic creds? Happens all the time. But I never hear whining when a school gets a top performing athlete who isn't academically qualified to attend that school, but whose athletic performance enhances the college or university's endowment.

  53. agree with you there Shaw about the athletes. So in other words if someone gets in based on their athletic abilities they can get in ahead of someone who is academically qualified.
    But it works with women too . Some companies are required to buy from women and or/minority owned companies based on race or gender.
    Now companies can even change all their light bulbs to those dangerous mercruy energy saving bulbs and because they are considered "green" they get an advantage. But the good news is they give Hazmat people employmnet.

  54. Although I have heard some people accuse the Tea Party as being racist, I don't think a majority of the Tea Party critics are doing it. What I and many others see is a racist element within the Tea Party. That's different than saying the entire movement is racist. Even Tea Party supporters (if they are being honest) have to admit that there has been racially charged rhetoric and some questionable signs held up at rallies by some members. The following clip is another example of what we mean by elements of racism within the Tea Party:


    Let me also add that conservatives/Republicans don't have clean hands when it comes to playing the race card. If you need me to, I will gladly provide examples.

    I watched both of the clips that you linked to in your post. One question I and others ask is this: If the Tea Party is all about protesting government spending, taxes, etc., where was the movement during the George W. Bush administration? At approx. the 4 minute mark of the 2nd clip, a man even says that he's afraid President Obama is continuing Bush legislation.

  55. well the 2nd man also said he wasn't affiliated with the Tea Party.
    But what they all said is they see their freedoms being taken away.
    And the Tea Party started when Bush bailed out the banks but that was just before the election and Obama put the spending on steroids so it would only make sens to protest him although they were also protesting Pelosi,Reid and Frank,Universal Health Care and Cap and Trade all democrat legislation.

  56. that You Tube was 2nd hand info plus it had no reference to the Tea Party.
    who was that guy anyway,never heard of him.

  57. The clip I linked to had no reference to the Tea Party?! Come on now Lisa. Cenk Uygur mentioned the Tea Party at approximately 35 seconds into the clip. You can call it 2nd hand info if you want, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Since the clip isn’t sufficient enough for you, here is a link to a news story about the incident:


    The first time I heard this story was via the clip I posted. The story probably didn’t get a lot of coverage because Anthony Miller was a district chairman. However, that doesn’t make the story any less important.

  58. Lisa: In one of your replies you mentioned the people in the clips all said they see their freedoms being taken away. I guess that means they, you and other conservatives must have really been upset with President Bush in regards to some elements of The Patriot Act and this story:


  59. Malcom you post some far fetched things. Do you actually believe those people were there to discuss SS or to disrupt or possibly even throw some shoes? Haven't you seen the nastiness toward Bush for 8 years? I am sure they were probably some code Pinkos or something.
    And if you don't think any of Obama's meetings aren't planned and orchestrated and by invite only then you are only kidding yourself.
    And to answer your previous comment while I do not like what was done to Miller and it did say 'Alleged" I believe you are intelligent enough to know that that is not representative of the Tea Party movement regardless of what your liberal Friends say.
    And I wouldn't put it passed an angry liberal to send threats just in order to blame those white racist Tea Partiers.

  60. Malcolm, some people within the tea party may be racist, but most of them aren't. I've been to enough Tea Party rallies to see for myself. And the reason there is a Tea Party has nothing to do with what color our president's skin is. It has to do with enough people finally waking up and paying attention to politics and what they see happening in our country.

    And for the record, I don't agree with The Patriot Act and some of the things Bush implemented.

    What I don't understand, is why "Kid" gets to call everyone that's white a racist, just because they don't agree with our president. Why does race always have to be thrown into every disagreement?

  61. And, Anthony Miller alleges "he was the target of relentless attacks from Tea Party supporters". And whites in public office are also the target of attacks from people who have ties to the ACLU, ACORN, hispanics, etc.

    Sherrif Joe Arpaio receives death threats all the time just because he upholds the law in AZ.

    Glenn Beck receives death threats all the time from the left.

    So does Michelle Malkin and many others.

    It happens everywhere, on both sides.

  62. Thanks ssm. I am sure Malcolm will take a week to have to research that in order to come up with an appropriate response and construct it in such a way that takes the facts and rearranges them until it sounds logical.
    He will have to try and make sense out of why it is OK to be the target of an attack if you are a conservative and come up with a reason that makes sense to him that is is racist to to do anyone else even if they engage in honor killings and gang murders because that is the democrat's voting base. The criminal degenerates that they attract.

  63. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. We don't know what the intentions were of the people ousted from the Bush town hall meeting. However, I would hope you'd be objective enough to see that removing them before they did anything was wrong. I never said President Obama doesn't have speeches that are invite only. He had one just yesterday when he was in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. However, have you ever heard of people being removed from any of his meetings just because they shared a different point of view? I have seen instances of him addressing his hecklers during speeches.

    Even though I've said it previously, it still isn't getting through to you so I will say it again. I don't think that the incident involving Anthony Miller is representative of the Tea Party. I am starting to think you conservatives actually want liberals to paint the Tea Party with a broad brush just so you can play the victim and say, "See, I told you the lefties were intolerant!" Sorry, but you're gonna have to stop banging that drum because I don't think the Tea Party is racist as a whole and many other liberals feel the same way. Also, are you really going to try turning the Anthony Miller incident around by suggesting that a liberal was behind this? Please. Unless you have some evidence to back up such a statement (which you don't), you are venturing into black helicopter territory. When a member of Code Pink disrupts a conservative gathering, I take it for what it seems to be. I don't go around speculating that it's some angry conservative in disguise.

    SSM: When you some people within the tea party may be racist, but most of them aren't, you aren't telling me anything I don't already think. Also, I haven't heard "Kid" call everyone who disagrees with President Obama racist. If he is, that's something you should take up with him.

    And by the way Lisa, I don't need a week to come up with anything. The reason I saw these new comments today is because you commented on my blog and I clicked over to see if there were additional responses. You are using the same weak argument that I hear many conservatives use: We are being attacked because we are conservative, Christian, women, etc. There are some conservatives that I think have the capability to be reasonable (such as Joe Scarborough and David Krum). However, the far right element of the conservative/Republican movement seems to have no use for the Joes and Davids of the world... what a shame.