Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Party of "No"

So hear we are still waiting to hear the president's plan . Yep no plan but man is quick to say "no" to all 3 plans put forward by the republicans.
The democrats don't want a plan,they want a deal and the Republicans and the American people who put them there want a solution because they know this is unsustainable.

What are they waiting for ? The next Debt Limit in six months? If you ask most Americans in layman's terms they would be mortified. Try and ask them if they owed 14trillion dollars would they want to borrow another 2 trillion or would they try and get their house in order?

Amazing how the Democrats are driving the message yet secretly they know it's bogus.
Obama himself rejected his own debt commission's plan. The man is one big "NO".
So what is Reid's plan? Pass it so we can find out what's in it?

All I know is we need to fix our finances. The American people have been sacrificing big time and they want the same from Washington.It seems to me Obama is only interested in his re-election and needs his entitlement base for votes.

Yes I know republican presidents passed debt limits but not this many in 2 years and not without democrats voting against them with Obama himself saying it is unconstitutional to raise the debt limit when he was senator in 2006,remember lefties?

It's time we take a critical look and and figure out why it is we have to live on borrowed credit and face reality that it isn't going to last forever and not much longer.

It's easy to just say "No" but it's better to be in the "know" and get serious about our future before it's too late.


  1. Lts face it, these people are PATHETIC

  2. Lisa,

    My answer won't work for them, but I'm sticking by it.

    SSMM - Stop Spending My Money!

    ~ Will

  3. First of all, Obummer (R - Bankster tool) voted against raising the ceiling but didn't make the insane statement that raising the limit is unconstitutional.

    Second, the limit was raised at least 7 times during the Chucklenuts administration.

    I hope you don't have to draw on your portfolio immediately if they screw this up. Long term pain.

  4. oh Ducky so Bush did it right? Difference is there were budgets done whereas Obama just wants to keep piling on debt without preconditions.
    You know how it is is. Black unemployment highest under Obama yet if he had an R after his name that would be the liberal media's 24/7 story.
    Obama would be more than happy to let us default just so he can blame those evil republicans and tea party members.
    The Party of No and Doom and Gloom.
    Ducky try and google how many times Obama raised the debt limit. Even google is covering for him.
    Ditto will.

    Ducky you are correct about Obama bankster. At this point it doesn't matter what they do, we are going to have long term pain either way if they don't make some real reforms,but with the new health care bill going into affect in 2013 any amount of spending reductions will be minimal in comparison. I can't believe any follower of the left truly believes they care about our fiscal future.

  5. Thanks Ducky,I needed a good laugh after Obama's blathering BS speech about nonsense this morning.

  6. "would they want to borrow another 2 trillion or would they try and get their house in order?"

    Of course you're right..."Gee, we owe our max on our credit card, let's get the limit raised?" REALLY?

    Lisa...this is all about THEATRE. put the Senate Channel on and you'll actually laugh at the Dems...this is all about Republicans and filibustering (Though McConnell was called out of a mtg with Biden,HE's filibustering!?!!) and Reid's doing his best to 'show' Americans it's ALL THE FAULT OF THE REPUBLICANS when, really, it's about saving our economy. This is campaigning without having to pay for it.
    The Republicans are actually doing a fantastic job voicing their side; too bad we don't hear about it on the mainstream news. I was cheered after hearing it come out of their mouths and not through the lying sieve of the leftwing media.

  7. KKKayinsane is screaming the S&P is a racist, reich wing terrorist group that downgraded our rating only because her President is brown!

    the America-haters reared their ugly heads! The S&P on behalf of the tea party hate group has downgraded America’s credit rating before even doing the same for Italy, Spain, or France. See? They hate America!!!! This American company has downgraded America’s debt rating for the first time in our nation’s history, but they don’t want us to believe that this move has nothing to do with the skin color of our current president!!!!

    How much more can our nation take with these right wing fringers in charge???? SPIT!