Monday, August 8, 2011


H/t To Jenn at http://takeastandagainstliberals.blogspot.com/


  1. And a crashed economy!

    And two unpaid wars!

    And an unpaid Medicare drug program!

    And two unpaid tax cuts!

  2. Oh like an economy Bush inherited from Clinton.

    Glad to see Obama put all his spending and stimulus to good use.
    Oh wait he did he gave it to his union buddies.

    And if he didn't think he could handle it why did he take the job?
    Oh wait I think I know to take us to where we are now.
    Mission Accomplished.

  3. Jerry obviously you didn't see the below You Tube Video

  4. "Oh like an economy Bush inherited from Clinton."

    You mean the one with a budget surplus?

  5. A projected surplus thanks to the Republican congress and not to mention Clinton got "lucky" with the dot com boom there was alot of revenue coming in.
    Not to mention Bush has 9/11 and Katrina.
    All I can say is what Obama inherited will be a piece of cake compared to what the next one will inherit.

  6. We will see in 5 years what the cake looks like.

    Oh, and there is nothing about "projected" surpluses. The surpluses were real.

  7. Obama should have known what the economy was starting to look like when he came into office yet he campaigned on reducing the deficit but half...fancy that. How much debt has he put us into? That's Bush's fault? And where IS that stimulus money?....maybe we can build another railroad since Obama's hot on the idea; ya, because Amtrak's broke and being subsidized: "great idea" (not)

  8. Ditto that Z-The left's answer is "We didn't spend enough".
    Like they didn't squander enough money already.
    How can the American people trust the government to spend "our" money wisely when all we see is the waste and abuse they use it for.
    To me the democrats only seem to want to empower themselves even though they like to "act" compassionate. The more they continue to grow the government and make people dependent on it the more that secures power for them.
    Too bad they have some people fooled into thinking they are the party of "compassion"

  9. We will see in 5 years what the cake looks like

    Jerry we can't wait that long. Seeing were we are in the last 2.5 years I for one am not holding out any "Hope".
    We need to make the tax system more fair by doing a straight across tax rate. That is worth hoping for but I can't see Obama doing that because then governmnet also would have to be more honest.