Sunday, August 14, 2011


In the words of the ever insightful Ann Coulter of how republicans are treated. She compared them to the treatment of women. A woman has to prove themselves just to show they have what it takes. Republicans as well as women have to constantly prove they are smarter by doing and saying the right or smart thing. They have to be quicker to stay one step ahead of the critiques that know are about to come and they have to be better "in theory" because of the hostile environment and the attack dogs just sitting in wait for a gaffe or a misstep.
Unlike the treatment of democrats who are hailed as the intellects who know best and are so smart . Regardless of a democrat's blunders,inabilities or crazy shouting rants the adoring serve and protect media will always be on the side lines with their pom-poms.
So the next time the left wing media hawks call the republican candidates "shallow","clowns" or some other unfounded attack,we also know that 'they' are the only ones getting "thrills" up their legs for their democrat heroes, and that they are also chauvinist pigs~!


  1. Ann spoke a little about this Saturday, Lisa...the Republicans MUST be BETTER, MUCH better than the Lefty candidates. OR ELSE.
    I have to say I kind of cringe when I hear Palin describe situations as well as I COULD...that doesn't bode well for her regarding her knowledge on the economy, for example, of foreign wars.....when I know at least as much as a possible candidate does, she's not ready. Not that I'm a fan of hers anymore, but to make my point......

    The problem is, I don't believe Obama was a LICK better prepared than Palin is, because of her fantastic work in Alaska (which also gets mischaracterized and insulted by the left to this day despite the facts), for the presidency.
    And, of course, the results are in, aren't they.

  2. So true Z when I hear Palin too I cringe because like you say you know they are going to use that as ammo against her. They think speaking well translates into knowing more. The only thing that translates for me though is that speaking well means the ability to mince words better.
    And we know the left is all about mincing words.

  3. Boy, Lisa, all you have to do is see my video on "FLAKY OBAMA" from this morning to realize the lefty hero Obama does NOT speak well AND doesn't know more, right!? :-)

  4. So which of the clowns are you backing?

  5. whom ever is running against the clown Obama Ducky

  6. Lisa, great answer; I'm afraid we're stuck with whoever runs against just has to happen, holding our noses like we did for that jerk Mccain and hoping against hope that a leftwinger goes the way of the wind and stops the lies and the misinformation and continuous ruination of the country. NO candidate's going to be able to stop the nightmare soon, but at least we'll have someone lead us away from big government instead of being more and more sucked into its hideous vortex.

  7. That is so truE Z and I hope it isn't Huntsman because it would be like McCain redux