Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Tea Party Racist Myth

This is the real origin of the Tea Party:

So take that and stick it in your hooch pipe lefties.


  1. After listening to him last night and hearing that lame excuse of a plan,and after hearing about the latest threat of a another terror plot form the terrorists, I have come to the conclusion that Obama is a bigger threat to America than Al Qaida or the Taliban could ever dream of being.

  2. Tru Dat POI.I agree with Michael Savage that it was a "I Have a Scheme" Speech.

    Actually Obama is making Al Qaida's job easy for them because their goal is to bring down our economy. He's doing it without them.

  3. You knew it would be good. Our favorite moonbat screams the election was 100% won from brown people hate!

    Anthony Weiner’s seat NY-9: the Catholic beat the Jew using anti-Muslim rhetoric!

    Republicans enjoy pornography of all kinds and the one thing that excites them more than seeing a tea bag is hate against Muslims! Totally orgasm worthy and enough to get there neck drooling knuckle draggers to vote.

    these New Yorkers voted Turner in because he’s the guy to save the strip joint that was right directly next to the WTCs before seven of those buildings collapsed after two commercial airliners hit two of them! (uh-huh) The republicans would stand behind a pasty white christian pedophile pimpimg a naked-24/7 day care facility rather than allow Muslims to build an inlightined community center for all religions to enjoy! *SPIT*

  4. You know, we've all tried to remind the leftwingies that no racists would vote for Herman Cain or Alan West, yet the Conservatives would vote for them YESTERDAY.............where's the logic in ridiculous accusations?

  5. RR that girl is totally unhinged. I am so glad Obama has the support of loons like her. Kind of tilts the scale more left when they say how crazy conservatives are.

    I know Z everything they do is with a bottom line not for the reasons they claim. As long as the democrats keep saying "you need us" even when people are worse off ,they still continue to hang on to their "Hope". Or should I say their "False Hope"