Friday, December 9, 2011

Dedicated to The Hypocrites!

I'd like to take the opportunity to add those who did not make the list who have no problem spending other people's money. I won't list them being we already know who they are and who they are associated with.


  1. Oh my!! Interesting video. The point was made, though.

  2. Pardon my being repetitious, but look at the tittle of this post Spotted in the Snake Pit.

    "Fuck You Republicans!!
    After this week, and all those evil GOP'ers spewing their hate and throwing around the APPEASEMENT word, I wanna throw around the Fuck word with this beloved song...enjoy!!"

  3. That was the inspiration for this post Bacon. I couldn't resist!

  4. I love the snake pit analogy,lol!!!

  5. The worlds most sleazy, scuzzball, dirtbag,slimeball, neanderthals.

    1. Jeneane Garofalo Oy!
    2. Joy Behar with her big filthy mouth
    3. Whoopi Goldberg with her Big Ass.
    4. Bill Maher with is anti American Bull-shit
    5. Piers Morgan POMPUS JERK.
    6. Alec Baldwin a total idiot and psychopath
    7. Charlie Sheen OFF HIS ROCKER.
    8. Chaz Bono freak-job.
    9. Kanye West ASS HOLE PERIOD.
    10. Rosie O'Donnell a total waste of a ton of flesh.
    11. Michael Moore BLUBBER FUCKARD.
    12.Mel Gibson A pretentious douch-bag

    13. Michelle Obama hypocritical douche-bag

    14. Chris Brown No explanation needed.

  6. Can I add a few more to that list?
    I nominate
    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Van Jones, and Anthony Weiner .

  7. Obama Speech in Kansas was the same load of crap that was in every speech he’s given since he was elected. It had the same ideas with the same socialist agenda only the words were different . I guess he just plays scramble with his Teleprompter.
    Talking about hypocrites, Obama is not about jobs any more.
    Obama is about a fat slush fund ridden agenda and crippling the military.Obama's hatred of capitalism is just an extension of his hatred of America.
    Thankfully I missed his hypocritical *Speech^ in Kansas, or was it Texas where he lambasted the rich and millionaires, like a good little Commie should.
    This bozo can say any stupid thing and the media never calls him on it. Fully expected, but still unbelievable to watch.
    And that's why I am planning to vote for Newt Gingrich. I think that Newt has the ability to beat Obama. Obama a two-faced, forked-tongued hypocrite, and the most corrupt and divisive and damaging president in my lifetime, and he has got to go.

  8. The reason the left like Obama is because they have the same agenda as the terrorist do. To bring down the country so we can all feel hopeless while adoring their dear leader living the life of royalty. It must give them a tingly feeling no just up their leg but in between them as well.

  9. Lisa said...

    The reason the left like Obama is because they have the same agenda as the terrorist do. To bring down the country.

    Lisa, the reason why the left loves him is because they are Brain Dead.

  10. There's enough idiocy on both sides, Lisa. I myself wouldn't give a plug-nickel for either party. Rump organizations - both of 'em.

  11. I like our idiocy better though Will,:)

  12. Lisa, I support the Simpson-Bowles/Domenici-Rivlin/gang of six approaches to deficit reduction; tax reform, entitlement reform, steep cuts in discretionary spending, and defense spending totally on the table. My progressive colleagues tell me to take a hike, do you?

  13. Any intelligent person knows that liberals are spoon fed Kool-Aid drinking, Politically Correct, uninformed, Muslim terrorist butt kissing, dysfunctional plantation door knobs, bobble-heads and federal teat-sucking parasites.!
    So why are you people even devoting a thread to them?

  14. No Will I believe in the Tea Party Sentiment which is just what you proposed,unfortunately the media polluted what they were about in order to protect their beloved leader.

  15. Bacon if that is really you,because they are like a car wreck, you just have to look.