Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go Mitt

Great Victory speech by Mitt Romney.

I can't wait for the inaugural adress.
Get out of the way Obama,real men are ready to lead.


  1. When Mitt goes up against Obama he needs to attack Barack with the same intensity As he did with Newt. We have too win this time!

  2. But Lisa, the most committed people in your party hate this guy ad consider him to be another John McCain...

    What makes you think the GOP will turn out in the masses needed to finally win a popular election in the US?

    Remember, by the popular vote, the last time the GOP had more votes was in 1988 when George H.W Bush beat Michael Dukakis.

    This is a very real weakness that GOP partisans are struggling to understand, much less address.

    While the base of the GOP remains strong, and let's not kid ourselves here, white, and older, the base of the democratic party is younger and much more diverse racially.

    As the baby boom generation dies out and our country becomes more diverse, what is the GOP going to do to reverse the demographic disadvantage they are looking at?

    I am pretty sure will get the nod from the GOP, but I do not see him beating Obama. His best chance will be to pick Rubio as his running mate so he can win Florida.

  3. I'm glad you like our former Massachusetts governor who promised, when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the US Senate, that he would never challenge a woman's right to choose.

    He also instituted great progressive health care reform in Massachusetts on which Mr. Obama fashioned the ACA.

    Mr. Romeny proved to be a very liberal and progressive Republican who was always on the progressive side of issues. He has, of course, flip-flopped on many of his promises and changed his policy positions in less than ten years so that he can convince people like you that he's a conservative.

    But the question is: What is Romney? A conservative who lied when he embraced progressive policies or a progressive who now embraces conservative policies for votes?

    Answer: He is both.

  4. Hey we can't,have it all. I am seeing someone who seems organized and knows how to get things accomplished that will help the economy in the long run.Hey I liked the speech and I liked Newt's too but I posted this before Newt spoke.
    And Dave all people are equal. Why do you guys always have to divide everyone up into groups. You're like Obama. I want to see someone who looks at everyone as one,not you have money and you don't and you need us otherwise you can't achieve that.
    How can you use race as a crutch when we have a black president?
    Answer me this what advantage do the millions of white people who are out of work and can't find work and are in record numbers on food stamps and losing their homes have over Hispanics and black people? I think the diverse groups are even looking for someone who can get things going.
    I don't believe they approve of the job Obama is doing,how could they?
    Without a thriving economy all the rest of your divisive talk means nothing to the rest of us who are worried about what is going to happen with our jobs and our homes.
    And this is Obama's doing so I don't see how he is helping with "diversity". You think he is really helping matters?
    you think this is good?
    You thinks that OWS is a good thing with it's direction-less violence? This is Obama's inspiration. I think he wants this as a distraction to take the focus off of himself.

  5. SC I had this long comment to reply to you and I deleted it in error. I will reply tomorrow. It's 11:45 PM. I can't do that again. Nite!

  6. Well Lisa, it's called demographics and it is not race baiting or using race as a crutch.

    All I did was list a few public knowledge facts and state my opinion on Mitt Romney and his potential running mate Rubio, who the GOP has been touting because they believe he can help them win Florida because of his Cuban roots.

    I am sorry if the facts bother you.

    Now what follows will probably strike you as being racial too. And in this case, it is.

    As for seeing everyone as equal, perhaps you would have to have been denied a seat in a restaurant, had your wife walled a slut at a dinner table simply because she is a different color, been denied an apartment because you were not white enough, or have walked into a store or bar and had the place go totally silent to understand that there are many people still in our country who, when it comes to people who are not white, have no interest in equality.

    And from my personal experience, more of them tend to vote for name with the R by it than the one with the D.

    Why do you think that is?

  7. Dave Miller said
    But Lisa, the most committed people in your party hate this guy ad consider him to be another John McCain..

    Ever hear the term ABO?
    It means ANY BODY BUT OBAMA!


  8. And before you liberal bleeding hearts start with your taking Mitt's statement about the very poor our of contest,as you do with any other statement that any republican makes. I would say that it's time to look at what has happened to the poor who have really suffered from the years of Obama. Because of his failed policies. I understand very perfectly what he meant and I'd bet that you did as well.

  9. So Dave Miller's personal experience has been that more republicans are racist's, and tend to deny people of color an apartment, call your wife a "Slut" at a restaurant, and so on.

    Man you are one really sick puppy. Is it alright for me to use the word "puppy" or is that some sort of a code-word for being a racist also? And I'm republican, so "I must not care about poor people"
    I'm a republican, therefor I must be a Racist.
    But I'd bet that you are going to say that I'm also a "racist" by pointing out all this racist stuff anyway. You know if I wasn't a racist people who say these STUPID things as you are saying right now, might make me one.
    Who the hell are you to make such blanket statements like that? Your righteous liberals are so full of yourselves, it makes me want to puke. Grow up and take a shower. Maybe the world isn't fair, but it's not the fault of the republicans. It's people like you who spread these falsities and lies that make it bad for everyone.
    What has your party done for the blacks or for that matter for all of America?
    I'll tell you what, they have formed this radical bunch of anti-semitic anti establishment jerks that have destroyed personal, and public property and terrorized neighborhoods all over the country. What exactly are they doing and what are they trying to prove? All they have done by sleeping in the parks and making them a disgusting mess by littering, defecating in public, raping their own, harassing ordinary people who are only trying to take care for their families by working on the job they luckily still have, acting like a bunch of worthless potheads, and costing the cities millions of taxpayers dollars in police overtime and fixing the damage that they have done.
    And you have the nerve and the stupidity to call the republicans racists?
    The bottom line is that you liberals think that are always right and never look at other peoples side of things. The OWS protester are wonderful do good-ers and the Tea Party movement are a bunch of wacky troublemakers.
    I'm sorry but I must ask you, are you for real? I'm honestly so tired, sick and disgusted of listening to people like you.

    So tell us more about "Your personal experience's". They make great bedtime stories for the other bleeding hearts who come here

  10. Thanks Irishman. My sentiments exactly. The ones causing alot of this is the left. Dave you do tend to make these blanket statements. You are talking about the south. That's geography. There has been racism in the south for years and most of those people are/were democrats.
    Th democrats had Robert KKK Byrd and AL KKK Gore,Sr

  11. Dave have a listen tio these Uncle Toms as I m sure you would label them

  12. Lisa said
    The democrats had Robert KKK Byrd and AL KKK Gore,Sr.

    Right you are and also any of the things that Dave said happened in the South 65-70 years ago, when 90 percent of the black weren't even alive. And how can anyone forget George Wallace the democratic Governor of Alabama, who was the biggest racist of them all.
    The Republican Party has a far better record than the Democrats when it comes to race.

  13. Oh yes George Wallace thanks. I await Dave's pretzel twisting explanation of this.

  14. Irish, where exactly did I call anyone you, or anyone else racist? I have merely pointed out what demographers have shown for the last few years regarding trends in the US electorate.

    Now as far as my personal experience statement, again, I am not calling anyone a racist at all, just pointing out that none of those have happened to me or my family at the hands of people who self identify as Republican.

    Again, that is not to say all Republicans are racist at all, as I am speaking solely from my personal experiences.

    As for Mr. Byrd and Gore the Elder, yes, they were both part of the Conservative Southern wing of the Democratic Party. But what we have seen over the last 50 years has been a flip flop of the parties in the south.

    Whereas in the past the GOP was the more liberal/progressive party, witness Teddy Roosevelt and the Dems the more Conservative, today, that is just the opposite, with the Dems being much more liberal/progressive than the conservative Republicans.

    Finally, returning to the subject of race in this conversation, it was Lisa who was unable, or unwilling to respond to, or discuss my original question regarding the data of our demographics. She injected race into the conversation.

  15. Wallace is an interesting example... he tried twice to run as a Dem for president but was soundly rejected by his national party. So when that did not work out, he ran as an independent. George Wallace was a conservative segregationist.

    And in the election of 1968, GOP candidate Richard Nixon was very worried that Wallace would siphon conservative voters away from him and give the election to lineral Hubert Humphrey.

    Sun, I agree with you Mitt's statement will probably be taken out of context and used against him.

    Would you agree that when politicians do this to one another, it is wrong?

  16. What would you call this remark?

    "And from my personal experience, more of them tend to vote for name with the R by it than the one with the D."

  17. Dave just because you didn't bring up the word "race" you still referenced it by using the term "diverse"
    I know you weren't referring to men and women

  18. Not the point Lisa, what Dave Miller said was

    "Again, that is not to say all Republicans are racist at all, as I am speaking solely from my personal experiences."

    In other words he said "Not ALL Republicans are racist"
    Meaning that most of them are.

    I guess that we should be grateful that there are a few of us that aren't!

    1. Oh excuse me for misunderstanding,lol!!!!!

  19. Like Reagan used to say, "There you go again"

    Just like I predicted in my post above.

    What Romney said was: "I'm not concerned about the very poor; we have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I'll fix it. I'm not concerned about the very rich; they're doing fine."

    What a load of nonsense, these liberal's are such a bunch of crap that I'm almost ashamed to say that they are fellow countrymen of mine.

    That are such lying sacks of crap! They know it, I know it, we all know it, and they know that we know it.

    What part of this statement can't the Liberals understand?

    1. they are just so caught up in the deceit of tis administration that fro them there is no turning back.

  20. Irish, are all politicians who take statements out of context and use them for their own gain lying sacks of crap, to use your terms?

    A simple yes, or no will suffice, if you please...

  21. MILLER Said:


    A simple yes, or no will suffice, if you please?

    I'll be the one to decide if I wish to answer with "A simple yes, or no"
    And in this case, I don't wish to answer at all, because of your tone!

  22. Dave "What makes you think the GOP will turn out in the masses needed to finally win a popular election in the US?"