Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Harry's Solar Company

The Solar thing just got a little more interesting.......REALLY!

The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid's Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama's DOE.
The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
That's costing us just $16 million per job.
One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).
The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi, who is the brother to Nancy's husband.
He is the uncle of California 's Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome.

Don't ask any questions, just move along folks.....nuthin' crooked goin' on here.


  1. Well, this isn't at all surprising. Just watch, it'll fail just like everything Obama touches. And the taxpayer will foot the bill, again.

  2. yeah and according to the left he has the Midas touch. Too bad they can't tell the difference e between a pile of gold and a pile of dog doo-doo.