Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going off the Rails on a Crazy Train

Of course many of us already know this but worth sharing with your Obama-Zombie Friends and Family members,if you have any left.

Anyway here goes

Also Mitt Romney scored higher on economic issues. We have to make sure we also tell people it's time to vote with your head and not your emotions of "Hope and Change". If we don't educate the masses, this Nov may be our last chance to steer this Titanic away from the iceberg.


  1. http://www.theblogmocracy.com/2012/01/22/picture-of-obama-and-his-ex/

  2. You’ve been warned again America, don't make the same mistake again.
    Don't buy the Progressive's lies and propaganda.

  3. "....We have to make sure we also tell people it's time to vote with your head and not your emotions of "Hope and Change"....."

    The American public is deeply stupid. It is best they stick to emotions - the ruling class knows what's best.

  4. Sorry to change the subject, but have you seen the new photograph showing George Zimmerman's Bloodied Head? Very interesting new news.

  5. LMAO, "Obama-Zombie Friends"

    Great term for pathetic lefties.

  6. I think a book should be written about, "Obama-Zombie Friends meets conservatives slayers."

    Just a thought.

  7. Why is it OK for Liberals to attack Sarah Palin and her husband her children, her intelligence, her looks, her religious faith, even her voice/accent etc, and criticize Mitt Romney’s wife for being a “Stay at Home Wife” but if anyone criticizes Michelle Obama about her admission to CONTROL our behavior, and our eating habits we're all labeled as Haters and Racist.
    Why is it that the Liberals can say anything they want about Sarah Palin but anyone who criticizes MOO-C-HELL-E Obama all HELL breaks loose?
    Michelle needs to realize that she was NOT elected to anything, she has NO power to LEGISLATE anything let alone what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat. What we drive, and whatever we want to do. It's time that Michelle shuts her mouth and starts pushing herself away from the all you can buffet and starts controlling what she and her own children are munching down on and stop telling other parents how to raise their children.

  8. This is "Be Kind To Animals Week"

    So don't let your Dog anywhere near Barack Obama!

  9. Leticia I can't take all the credit ,did you ever hear of the book by Jason Matera called" Obama Zombies?"

    Dude I am not sure what t make of that picture although I know what to make of the media championing for the lynching of Zimmerman.

  10. "Why is it that the Liberals can say anything they want about Sarah Palin but anyone who criticizes MOO-C-HELL-E Obama all HELL breaks loose?" THE MEDIA.

    good post, Lisa.... we have to wake people up but we all have to admit that ANY candidate who has the guts to talk about stopping spending, tightening our belts, etc. (as one MUST) is not going to win. We have to educate KIDS...get them early, but the damage is done in the generation we've got now, I fear. Many (not all, but most) teachers, the media....rotten

  11. Good point Z, And they want 4 more years of this? Really?

    It’s hard to take Big Butt seriously!

  12. Isn't that a sad state of affairs Z that we can't even have a real conversation with the rainbow and unicorn crowd?
    I do believe the tide may be turning somewhat though. Of course we will always have those who live in an alternate reality thinking the money is forever but as the economy struggles people have to come to the realization that we need to take some drastic measures. It's feel the pain now or feel it much worse later. Definitely time to educate the kids . The left have been at that game for too long now.

  13. I haven't heard of that book. But I am reading "Night of the Living Trekkies." Hee....

    How about "Night of the Obama Zombies." Obama followers killing zombie Obama followers...nice plot. Anyone want a Twinkie?

  14. Now that is an idea Leticia. Just picturing a bunch of Obama Zombies and how to make them look as pathetic as they are.

    I think they should all have one thing in common ,they should all have a bandage wrapped around their heads where the lobotomies were performed.

    1. How about the RWNJ FOX babes...bleached blonde idiots spouting the same Rove-written stalking points for the week. Total IQ of the bunch is -13.

  15. My god you are stupid, sadly uninformed and quite the hater/racist. You are a Fox/Rush parrot.

    Your gun hero, Ted Nugent is a moron who publicly crapped his pants to get out of the draft. Is that what you call a patriot? Really?
    I tell you, I am going to miss being entertained nightly by the GOP clowns attacking each other. They are like little kids in a sandbox. So far, it has been a joke to watch how they can't find enough ugly remarks they can throw at each other.
    Despite the GOP's attempts to suppress the vote in the 2012 election by requiring ID, Obama will win big, very big.. I will vote for Obama because I think he is a good leader, he is intelligent and honest, and has the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY, in his heart. Funny how the loony wingnuts always throws the founding fathers in our faces when it serves them but when it comes to protecting the right to vote-one of their biggest causes-they throw them under the bus.
    And by the way, If the author of this blog is an example of your so-called Conservatives then thank God I’m a Liberal. Yes a Compassionate Liberal and Damn Proud of It

  16. Romeny couldn't tell the truth on ANY subject if he had to. The guy is only there because Grover Norquist (what a toad) needs somebody to sign on the dotted line. He probably can't even remember which bank ...Switzerland, the Camins, Dubai, Ireland or whatever....has the highest interest. Just as lone as HE doesn't have to pay his fair share of taxes.......and dear sweet Ann can afford he Dressage horses. What a miserable pair!!!