Monday, April 16, 2012

One more picture to Add


  1. Lisa, are you as angry with the GOP when they too engage in class warfare, or just the Dems?

  2. Oh Dave did I miss something? Enlighten me please.

  3. Dave Miller said on Apr 16, at 06:26 PM
    “Not really Lisa, I just happen to see the same post, from different people here and at Z-mans site, both of which I read daily...
    Darth, why? Because it is difficult to argue factually with someone like me? Someone who does not resort to name calling, childish taunting, and personal attacks, but instead asks questions to try and understand others thinking and prefers to post in a civil, adult manner?”
    In answer to your excessive and almost childish rant,my answer to you Mr Miller is, so what? Who the hell cares if someone, ANYONE copies a post that he or she likes and wants to post it on another blog? I think that I might do the same as well.
    Why in the world do YOU come here other then to taunt and belittle Lisa? I would think that if you didn't like what she says that you would stick to your Commie friend's blogs, where they enjoy insulting her!
    And you think that it’s DIFFICULT TO ARGUE FACTUALLY WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU? My answer to that is Bull-Shit! Who do you think you are “Newt Gingrich” who would CREAM your precious Muslim Dictator? Do you think that YOU have such conventional wisdom that us poor conservative slops are afraid to “ARGUE FACTUALLY WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU”? Well Mr. Miller, I think that you have over-rated yourself, and greatly so. So rhree cheers to the self aclaimed great debater!

    And lastly in your self righteous comment stating resorting to name calling, childish taunting, and personal attacks! I have read YOUR comments on some of your communist slanted, progressive blog friends, and many of them were DIRECTLY aimed to Lisa the author of this blog where YOU are given the kind of Freedom of speech by her without the vicious come-backs or deletions that your communist slanted, progressive blog friends do to her!!!!! So get off your progressive high horse, telling the rest of us your advice on free speech.
    I for one don’t give a horse’s ass about Lee's Page coping anything. Compared to the CRAP your vicious Progressive friends do that is of no interest at all. Their flaunting of this president who is the ruination of my beloved country bothers me a hell of a lot more that someone coping anothers comment, plagiarism or not. If that's the best you got, you ain't got shit!

    THIS IS NOT A COMMUNIST 'POLITICALLY CORRECT' Site: if you are looking for that, I know that you know where to go!

  4. Thank you Darth I appreciate that.Where shall I mail the check? lol!!!!

  5. Lisa, have you missed the many reports about how both Gingrich and Santorum have both attacked Romney for his wealth? have you missed the stories about how Santorum has burnished his poorer upbringing as compared to Romney?



    Darth, yes, I have been critical of Lisa elsewhere and here's why.

    1. She has stated that she uses both true and false facts when writing her blog and responding to others. I have repeatedly asked her to explain what a false fact is.

    2. She repeatedly goes on liberal blogs to post rants that are not based in fact, and then when questioned, refuses, or is unable to provide any evidence for her claims. All most people ever ask for are links to support what she claims to be factual statements. One time she even claimed that google had taken down her evidence.

    Finally, as an I assume, law and order Republican, I would think you would be against one person stealing the work of another and passing it off as their own work.

    None other than Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Denomination and a Christian Ethicist was caught doing the same thing this week and quickly acknowledged his error and pledged to do better. That's a conservative that deserves our respect. he did the right thing, something many, from both parties usually choose not to do.


  6. yeah Dave I heard it but they were trying to win a nomination. Obama does it to create anarchy. He puts people into more different classes to divide. He's going to have to start making up new ones soon. How about "women who like men who like boys" or perhaps "men who have mother issues" or "Men who like cats". Although I wouldn't want him to get any more big ideas.

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  9. Dave Miller made a half-witted attempt to try to justify his own childish behavior when he attempted to slam Lisa and me in his remark about my comment written both here and on other peoples blogs. He like his gang of fellow liberal bloggers seem to grow more hypocritical by the day. If there is one thing that I hate is when people try to justify their bad behavior by pointing out the other side’s exact same behavior. While Dave Miller continues to post his two-faced comments on the progressive blogs who use the most vile and disgusting language to put-down and slam people like Lisa and other republicans who constantly comments there.
    And as for your calling ME a troll etc, I think that whenever YOU post a comment YOU are primarily interested in being snippy, snarky, and condescending, and always are shooting for a sense of undeserved superiority, you act as if you are a prosecutor in a courtroom when you ask a commentor a question. Your comments are patronizing,and arrogant and you treat others with a superior attitude. So if you are looking for some advice and I know your going to have a wise-ass reply to this, but don't come into the lion's den and criticize with a chip under your tongue without expecting to be answered in kind. .

  10. The race baiter pimps on the left gang up on every single commentor who disagrees with them. And then they wonder why Conservatives think liberals are hypocrites.
    You people who still can’t stop blaming George Bush, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for everything that’s bad in America. But these liberal nutjob, uncivil hate mongers find nothing to say about the current administration who is so obviously a socialist and UnAmerican, in just about everything the get their dirty hands on. Liberals never till this day said anything critical about Ted Kennedy after he killed Mary Jo Kopechne, or the CROOK that is the Attorney General of the USA, or Al Sharpton when he starts race riots in the Streets of New York, or the Fort Hood massacre, or Obama’s treatment of Israel. These people have no credibility. The hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable.

  11. Lee, Darth, don’t you get it yet? It doesn’t matter what you say to these people such as Miller, on their blogs. I’ve learned to stay away from those blogs as it doesn’t do any good what so ever. You can try as hard as you can or want to, but they will NEVER get it. They will only respond by ridiculing you and insulting you and making you look foolish and the whole bunch of their “Comrades” will gang up on you and back up the blogger who hosts the 3 ring circus. And yes these folks are two faced. They will come here to your blog and will convince you that they are open to discussion, and that they are so open minded and then return to their Lion’s den and make fun of what you said. It’s all an act of deception. They Hate Us Period! Every time a republican expresses an opinion, they gang up and put him down and if they can’t answer they delete your post!

  12. Knuckle, obviously I can't speak for others, but for me, I have no issue with diverse and/or different opinions. I do have a problem when people refuse to acknowledge facts and present opinion as fact.


    I'd sure like to see the comments you call two faced that I have made. I have always tried to be civil, not resort to childish name calling as yes, some liberals, like some conservatives, do, and stick to facts. Because you can't argue against opinion as there is no basis for for argumentation.

    Here's a good example... Lisa is upset because she believes President Obama is guilty of using class warfare, which maybe he is. Yet when I point out that many, on both the right and the left, say Santorum and Gingrich have done the same, she finds a way to justify that.

    The facts are this... Both sides engage in class warfare. Their reasons do not matter, and it is wrong for either side to do so. To excuse one side, and slam the other for the same behavior, is disingenuous and inconsistent. It is the very thing conservatives criticize the liberals for doing.

    Finally Lee, if you've read much of what I've written over the years blogging, you'd know that I am no reflexively Pro left, or Anti right. I've praised President Bush and been critical of President Obama. I've even admitted my errors in print as Silverfiddle, a pretty conservative blogger can attest.

    Sorry I don't fit in your box...

  13. Dave Miller said:
    "Finally Lee, if you've read much of what I've written over the years blogging, you'd know that I am no reflexively Pro left, or Anti right."

    And I say........ LMAO
    Great post, I hope that someone here believes it...
    Actually, I use those same excuses all the time, when I want to convince my wife that I wasn't lying..

  14. Except in my case Knucks, it's true...

    And others will attest to it, from both sides of the political spectrum...

  15. What ever tickles your pickle!
    I'm glad that makes you happy, even though I buy it myself.

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  17. Dave Miller, said

    "Except in my case Knucks, it's true...

    And others will attest to it, from both sides of the political spectrum..."

    Dave Miller, Thank You For That Useless Post